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SAP Course Syllabus And Modules

Explore comprehensive SAP course modules for expert training in ERP, covering finance, HR, logistics, and more. Master SAP skills for success!!

SAP Course Syllabus And Modules

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Explore comprehensive SAP course modules for expert training in ERP, covering finance, HR, logistics, and more. Master SAP skills for success!!

SAP Course Syllabus And Modules

SAP is a very popular ERP software tool that provides numerous modules for managing all kinds of business functions. These modules cover all the aspects of business management. SAP is a highly adopted platform with more than 140,000 installations worldwide and 75,000 customers in 120 countries.

Why Enroll in the SAP Course?

SAP is one of the best jobs an individual can explore in the IT domain. SAP professionals are highly required in numerous businesses all across the globe. Learning SAP through enrolling in the SAP course can help you explore numerous high-grade job possibilities in the SAP domain. There is a huge demand for SAP solutions in most Indian and international organizations. Moreover, the demands are increasing even more as numerous organizations are adopting it gradually. SAP professionals are rewarded with good salaries and always earn an advantage when it comes to paying packages.

Furthermore, SAP certification enhances your career prospects and salary even more. Both government and private companies hire SAP professionals and they are required in industries such as consultancies, ERP systems, CRM solutions, manufacturing, logistics, production, distribution, and many other industries. Furthermore, a career in SAP offers you honor and reputation along with ensuring better designation and paychecks. Above all, the SAP Course provides you with appreciation and recognition and makes an impression among recruiters and employers.

Where do I start SAP training?

Candidates who have a strong background in IT with a degree in CS are good to go with SAP Training in Delhi. SAP consists of numerous modules such as SAP MM, SAP FI, SAP CO, SAP HANA, SAP QM, SAP ABAP, SAP CRM, and many more. SAP modules are divided into two types which are functional and the other being more technical. Both types present similar authorization and transaction codes related to your educational background. Many institutes provide the SAP S4 HANA Course and enrolling in them can help you start a career in this domain. Here are the eligibility criteria according to different SAP modules.

  • SAP FICO - It's preferred to have a background in finance, accounting, or business administration. It's beneficial to have experience in finance, accounting, or related fields.
  • SAP MM - It is necessary to have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any discipline. It is beneficial to have business knowledge and working experience in procurement, material handling, inventory etc.
  • SAP HANA - It is necessary to have at least the minimum educational qualification which is either a bachelor's degree or a university degree from a recognized university.
  • SAP ABAP - The eligibility criteria for SAP ABAP is at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, or a related field. It's beneficial to know programming concepts and complete an internship.
  • SAP PP - This course requires knowing the area of Production Planning and manufacturing. Along with this, you should have experience in Production planning / Manufacturing along with a graduate degree.
  • SAP PM - It's beneficial to know about Plant Operation, Maintenance, and Services. Furthermore, having domain experience of at least 2 years is beneficial along with good communication skills.
  • SAP HR - Candidates need to have at least a graduation degree from any relevant subject such as BTech, B.Sc., or B.Com. Having a master's degree can be even more beneficial for higher-level job positions.


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SAP Course Syllabus & Duration

SAP offers numerous modules divided into two bases which are functional and technical. The objectives of functional modules are to manage finance, human resources, supply management, production, and sales. On the other hand, technical modules focus on the technicalities such as programming, application development, and troubleshooting. Etc. Here are some of the common topics in the SAP syllabus.

  • Introduction to the history of SAP and ERP
  • Banking & Accounting
  • Warehouse management
  • Commodity
  • Billing
  • Investment management.
  • Inventory and Delivery process

Here is the time duration of the SAP courses.

25-90 Days
25-90 Days
45-60 Days
30-60 Days
25-45 Days
30-90 Days
SAP NetWeaver
20-60 Days


SAP is a widely used ERP software program that offers a wide range of modules for handling various corporate operations. One of the greatest careers in the IT industry is working at SAP. Many modules, including SAP MM, SAP FI, SAP CO, SAP HANA, SAP QM, SAP ABAP, SAP CRM, and many more, make up SAP. Enrolling in SAP courses is a strategic investment for career growth and organizational efficiency.

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