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Embarking on a New Partnership with Deloitte

Innovating Together: Embarking On A New Partnership With Deloitte


Noida, India - One of the top organizations offering technical and professional training options is Croma Campus. With great pride, Croma Campus announces its strategic business alliance with the global professional services network Deloitte. This partnership represents a significant turning point in both organizations' efforts to advance digital transformation and enable people and businesses to prosper in the digital era.The necessity for upskilling and reskilling has never been more urgent as...

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Collaboration and Partnership with EXL

5 Years Of Collaboration: Reflections On Our Partnership With EXL


New Delhi, India - One of the best IT preparation institutes in North India is Croma Campus. Croma Campus is pleased to announce that the five-year collaboration with EXL Services has been highly successful. Both companies have benefited tremendously from the collaboration, which has led to significant results. For the past five years, Croma Campus and EXL Services have worked closely to offer their employees world-class training and certification programs. This IT training center has significan...

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Artificial Intelligence and Importance of AI

What Is Artificial Intelligence And Importance Of AI


One of today's most revolutionary technologies is artificial intelligence, or AI. It includes building smart computers that can carry out operations that traditionally call for human intelligence. From advancing healthcare to advancing transportation systems, this technology has the ability to significantly alter the globe. It is imperative that we comprehend the ramifications of AI and take advantage of its capacity for the good of society. The relevance of AI cannot be emphasized. Enroll...

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Certified Member of NASSCOM

Croma Campus Is Now A Certified Member Of NASSCOM


About NASSCOMNASSCOM stands for National Association of Software and Service Companies. It is a non-profit trade association representing the Indian IT (Information Technology) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industries. It was founded in 1988 and currently has over 3000 member companies, including Indian and multinational companies. NASSCOM's primary objective is to promote the growth of the Indian IT and BPO industries by providing strategic direction to the sector. It facilitates indus...

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Ultimate Guide to Introduction to Data Science

The Ultimate Guide To Introduction To Data Science


In today's world, data science has become one of the most in-demand fields in the job market. With the exponential growth of data and the need to extract insights and value from it, data science has become a crucial skill set for any professional or individual interested in building a career in technology. However, the vastness and complexity of the field can be overwhelming for beginners who are just starting. Croma Campus, a leading provider of professional training and certification courses, ...

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Importance of Software Quality Testing

What Is Software Quality Testing & Its Importance And How Does It Work?


In today's digital world, the software has become an essential part of our daily lives. From the applications, we use on our smartphones to the programs we rely on at work. Software has become an integral part of how we live and work. But it is necessary to ensure that it works correctly and meets the expectations of users. This is where software quality testing comes in.Software quality testing is the process of evaluating a software application or system. In addition, it determines whether the...

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Perfect Way to Learn Data Analytics

The Perfect Way To Learn Data Analytics Step-by-Step


Data analytics has become an essential tool for organizations of all sizes, as businesses strive to stay competitive and make informed decisions. However, many companies are unsure of how to begin their data analytics journey. They are unaware of how to make the most of the data they have. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide to Data Analytics Training, giving businesses the knowledge, they need.Step 1: Define Your Goals and ObjectivesBefore you begin analyzing data, it’s esse...

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Croma Campus Sports Day 2023

Fun & Excitement Marks The End Of The Croma Campus Sports Day 2023


Sports are essential for developing an athletic spirit in youngsters and are a crucial part of every student's life. Yet, there is one more aspect that many people overlook. It helps the organizational employees demonstrate their sporting skills and make them stress-free from their daily schedule. It also allows for building the sporting spirit among individuals.Keeping all this in mind, Croma Campus, a premier institute in providing quality IT training courses, celebrated its Sports Day on 23rd...

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Everything About the Croma Campus Placement Drive Day

Everything About The Croma Campus Placement Drive Day


IntroductionCroma Campus is Noida's most prominent institute that provides excellent training in the IT domain and foreign language courses to students at a reasonable cost. It has been in this sector for quite some time.Though multiple educational institutes provide extensive training in a similar domain, no one has the same quality training and trainers that Croma Campus equip. We have been in the industry for the past 12 years now. Also, we have established a reputation for providing modest I...

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Croma Campus Annual Meet

Bidding Adieu 2022 - Croma Campus Annual Meet


The year 2022 has been exciting for Croma Campus Training & Development Pvt. Ltd. by the simple fact that it has made excellent profits and a placed large number of candidates in various IT companies. Thus, to celebrate this occasion and say goodbye to the most astonishing year, Croma Campus celebrated the New Year in style at #3 Bros Restaurant and Party Hall, Noida. Over 100+ people came together to celebrate this achievement. The vibe of such people was so infectious that we had an unbeli...

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