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  • Embarking on our Microsoft Power BI course online immerses you in the world of Power BI by Microsoft, a potent data visualization tool. This comprehensive course focuses on leveraging Microsoft Power BI to transform raw data into actionable insights. It's designed to empower you to craft interactive reports, design dynamic dashboards, and analyze data trends proficiently.
  • Course Highlights:
    • Mastery in Data Visualization: Gain expertise in presenting complex data through captivating visualizations, enabling clearer communication of insights.

      Integration of Microsoft Power BI: Explore its seamless integration with various Microsoft tools, ensuring efficient data connections and transformations.

      SQL Server Expertise: Acquire skills in integrating Power BI with SQL Server, covering data modeling concepts, data preparation, and executing SQL queries for effective data retrieval.

  • This comprehensive Microsoft Power BI course online includes practical projects and real-world case studies, vital for applying the learned concepts. Upon completion of the Power BI online course, you'll possess sought-after proficiency in data visualization, essential for diverse career opportunities in data-driven roles.
  • The course ensures a thorough understanding of Power BI's capabilities. You'll extract invaluable insights, empowering informed decision-making within professional settings. Enroll now in our specialized Power BI online course to master one of the powerful Microsoft tools. Elevate your expertise in data visualization and analysis today!
  • This dynamic learning experience propels you into the world of Power BI, unlocking its full potential!

Power BI Course Online


  • In our comprehensive Microsoft Power BI course offline & online, you'll explore a range of essential topics designed to enhance your understanding of this powerful tool. Emphasizing hands-on learning, the course covers various aspects, including:
  • Power BI Online Course Objectives:
    • Introduction to Power BI: An overview of Power BI's interface, functionalities, and its significance in data analysis.

      Data Connectivity: Exploring data connections, transforming and integrating data from diverse sources within Power BI.

      Data Modeling: Understanding data modeling concepts, creating relationships, and optimizing data models for analysis.

      Visualizations: Utilizing Power BI's visualization tools to create compelling and insightful reports and dashboards.

      DAX (Data Analysis Expressions): Learning DAX language for advanced calculations and data manipulation within Power BI.

      Publishing and Sharing: Exploring methods to publish and share reports securely using Power BI services.

      Integration with Microsoft Tools: Leveraging Power BI's integration with other Microsoft applications for enhanced analytics.

      Advanced Analytics: Delving into advanced features like predictive analytics and machine learning within Power BI.

  • This Microsoft Power BI course online ensures a comprehensive understanding of Power BI's capabilities, empowering you to harness its functionalities effectively for data analysis and visualization. Dive into the world of Microsoft Power BI and elevate your skills in data-driven decision-making!Top of Form

  • Upon completing a Power BI online course, freshers can anticipate promising salary prospects in roles such as Power BI Developer, Senior Analyst - VBA & Power BI Developer, and Power BI SSIS Developer. Entry-level positions for those proficient in Power BI often offer competitive remuneration, with starting salaries varying based on location, industry, and individual skill sets.
  • Salary Expectations after Microsoft Power BI course online:
    • Power BI Developer: Freshers entering as Power BI Developers can expect initial salaries commensurate with their knowledge and expertise, typically ranging from entry-level to mid-level pay scales.

      Senior Analyst - VBA & Power BI Developer: For those specializing in this role, salaries may exceed those of entry-level positions, reflecting the combined skills in VBA and Power BI development.

      Power BI SSIS Developer: As a specialized role, the Power BI SSIS Developer role commands competitive compensation, with fresher-level salaries reflecting the technical proficiency required.

  • Salary expectations for freshers after completing a Microsoft Power BI course online can vary significantly based on specific job roles, geographic location, and the demand for Power BI skills within the industry. Continuous learning, skill enhancement, and practical application of Power BI knowledge can further elevate earning potential in these roles.
  • For aspiring professionals, a Power BI Certification and hands-on experience gained through projects or internships can significantly impact their starting salaries. As the demand for skilled Power BI professionals continues to rise, freshers can anticipate attractive remuneration packages upon completing their Power BI training in Noida.

  • Upon completing a Power BI online course that ensures job placement or guarantees employment, a multitude of job prospects emerge, catering to diverse skill sets in roles such as Power BI Developer, Senior Analyst - VBA & Power BI Developer, and Power BI SSIS Developer.
  • Exploring Job Prospects:
    • Power BI Developer: Graduates are poised to explore roles as Power BI Developers, responsible for crafting interactive dashboards, and reports, and employing Power BI's robust analytical features.

      Senior Analyst - VBA & Power BI Developer: This role combines expertise in VBA and Power BI, enabling professionals to delve into complex data solutions, and offering crucial insights to organizations.

      Power BI SSIS Developer: Specializing in SSIS and Power BI integration opens opportunities to integrate SSIS packages seamlessly with Power BI, streamlining data workflows.

  • A Power BI course with placement or job guarantees ensures a favorable landscape for graduates, increasing their prospects of securing roles such as Power BI Developers, Analysts, or specialized positions like SSIS Developers.
  • Post-Course Advantages:
    • The assurance of job placement or guarantees following a Power BI course not only instills confidence in graduates but also paves the way for roles aligning with their expertise.

      These job opportunities are well-suited for individuals seeking diverse career paths in data analysis, visualization, and integration, catering to different interests within the data-driven landscape.

  • Completing a Power BI course with guaranteed job prospects not only equips individuals with essential skills but also positions them favorably in the competitive job market, ensuring a smoother transition into impactful roles within the data analysis domain

  • The fee for a Microsoft Power BI course varies based on multiple factors, including the course format, duration, and the institution providing the training. On average, a comprehensive Power BI online course offering in-depth modules and practical learning experiences might range from moderate to higher fees, typically reflecting the quality and depth of the curriculum.
  • Understanding the Cost:
    • Course Formats: The fees vary between online, in-person, or blended formats. Online courses might be more cost-effective due to reduced overheads.

      Duration and Curriculum: Longer-duration courses covering extensive Power BI modules tend to have higher fees compared to shorter, focused programs.

      Institution Reputation: Renowned institutions or platforms offering certification programs might charge higher fees, ensuring quality education and recognized certifications.

      Additional Resources: Some courses include access to supplementary materials, hands-on projects, or certification exams, affecting the overall fee structure.

  • The Power BI course fee for an online program range widely and can vary from a few hundred to several thousand units of the respective currency. It's advisable to explore various course offerings, and compare their contents, duration, and added value before making a decision.
  • When considering the Microsoft Power BI course fee, it's crucial to weigh the educational benefits, practical experiences, and industry recognition offered against the cost of making an informed investment in advancing your Power BI skills.
  • Microsoft Power Bi Certification List :Check Here

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Microsoft Power BI Training

  • Power BI stands tall for users with its significant features like minimal license cost, easy to use operations and high-end product performance. Industry insights specify significant growth in Power BIusers and thus provides a greater number of jobs to the next generations. Microsoft being one among top software providers, with a vision to make this power BI to lead the business intelligence sector started updating with new features to attract more clients in the market.
  • In this program you will learn :
    • Introduction to Power BI

      Power BI Desktop

      Modelling with Power BI

      Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

      Modelling with Power BI

      Power BI Desktop Visualisations

      Introduction to Power BI Q&A and Data Insights

      Direct Connectivity

      BI and Azure ML Integrating Power

      Publishing and Sharing

      Refreshing Datasets

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  • Introduction to Power BI:
    • Overview of BI concepts

      Why we need BI

      Introduction to SSBI

      SSBI Tools

      Why Power BI

      What is Power BI

      Building Blocks of Power BI

      Getting started with Power BI Desktop

      Get Power BI Tools

      Introduction to Tools and Terminology

      Dashboard in Minutes

      Refreshing Power BI Service Data

      Interacting with your Dashboards

      Sharing Dashboards and Reports

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  • Power BI Desktop:
    • Power BI Desktop

      Extracting data from various sources

      Workspaces in Power BI

      Data Transformation

      Measures and Calculated Columns

      Query Editor

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  • Modelling with Power BI:
    • Introduction to Modelling

      Modelling Data

      Manage Data Relationship

      Optimize Data Models

      Cardinality and Cross Filtering

      Default Summarization & Sort by

      Creating Calculated Columns

      Creating Measures & Quick Measures

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  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX):
    • What is DAX

      Data Types in DAX

      Calculation Types

      Syntax, Functions, Context Options

      DAX Functions

      Date and Time

      Time Intelligence





      Text and Aggregate

      • Measures in DAX
        • ROW Context and Filter Context in DAX
          • Operators in DAX -Real-time Usage
            • Quick Measures in DAX -Auto validations
              • PowerPivot xVelocity & Vertipaq Store
                • In-Memory Processing: DAX Performance
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              • Modelling with Power BI:
                • Introduction to Modelling

                  Optimize Data Models

                  Setup and Manage Relationships

                  Cardinality and Cross Filtering

                  Default Summarization & Sort by

                  Creating Calculated Columns

                  Creating Measures & Quick Measures

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              • Power BI Desktop Visualisations:
                • How to use Visual in Power BI

                  What Are Custom Visuals

                  Creating Visualisations and Colour Formatting

                  Setting Sort Order

                  Scatter & Bubble Charts & Play Axis

                  Tooltips and Slicers, Timeline Slicers & Sync Slicers

                  Cross Filtering and Highlighting

                  Visual, Page and Report Level Filters

                  Drill Down/Up

                  Hierarchies and Reference/Constant Lines

                  Tables, Matrices & Conditional Formatting

                  KPI's, Cards & Gauges

                  Map Visualizations

                  Custom Visuals

                  Managing and Arranging

                  Drill through and Custom Report Themes

                  Grouping and Binning and Selection Pane, Bookmarks & Buttons

                  Data Binding and Power BI Report Server

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              • Introduction to Power BI Q&A and Data Insights:
                • Why Dashboard and Dashboard vs Reports

                  Creating Dashboards

                  Configuring a Dashboard: Dashboard Tiles, Pinning Tiles

                  Power BI Q&A

                  Quick Insights in Power BI

                  Power BI embedded and REST API

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              • Direct Connectivity:
                • Custom Data Gateways

                  Exploring live connections to data with Power BI

                  Connecting directly to SQL Azure, HD Spark, and SQL Server Analysis Services/ My SQL

                  Introduction to Power BI Development API

                  Excel with Power BI: Connect Excel to Power BI, Power BI Publisher for Excel

                  Content packs

                  Update content packs

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              • BI and Azure ML Integrating Power:
                • Extracting data out of Azure SQL using R

                  Using R, call the Azure ML web service and send it the unscored data

                  Writing the output of the Azure ML model back into SQL

                  read scored data into Power BI using R

                  Publishing the Power BI file to the Power BI service

                  Scheduling a refresh of the data using the Personal Gateway

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              • Publishing and Sharing:
                • Introduction andSharing Options Overview

                  Publish from Power BI Desktop and Publish to Web

                  Share Dashboard with Power BI Service

                  Workspaces and Apps (Power BI Pro) and Content Packs (Power BI Pro)

                  Print or Save as PDF and Row Level Security (Power BI Pro)

                  Export Data from a Visualization and Publishing for Mobile Apps

                  Export to PowerPoint and Sharing Options Summary

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              • Refreshing Datasets:
                • Understanding Data Refresh

                  Personal Gateway (Power BI Pro and 64-bit Windows)

                  Replacing a Dataset and Troubleshooting Refreshing

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              Croma Campus structured Power BI Online Training will help you remember things more effectively. You can enroll for online training where expert trainers will help you learn about Power BI. You need to enroll now to enjoy an excellent learning experience at Croma Campus.

              Croma Campus Microsoft Power BI course will introduce to Power BI desktop and how Power Pivot is used for Data Modelling. In addition, the course will also teach you about Data Analysis Expressions, Power View, Power Map, and Data Visualization using Power BI Desktop.

              Croma Campus has become the leader of Power BI Online Training in India providing the best Business Intelligence courses. Here, you will get to work on real-time projects that have high relevance in the corporate world. In addition, it has professional trainers having years of experience in the field of Business Intelligence.

              Croma Campus offers training for popular courses such as Salesforce, Selenium, SQL, Tableau, and many more.

              There is no prior technical knowledge required for the Power BI certification course. However, you must have basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel, R, and Python scripts. Croma Campus has proven to be the most popular training institute in Noida.

              Power BI Online Training helps you gain expertise in Business Analytics.

              Power BI Course will take about 1 month.

              Yes, by getting associated with Croma Campus, after completing 70% of your course, our placement team will help you crack the interview. They will thoroughly suggest tips to answer every question confidently.

              To provide the right job for the right student in the right place at the right time. To ensure our students start their careers and move forward on the adequate path for better living. Here, we also concentrate on offering ultimate satisfaction to our valuable students by providing the companies of their choice according to their eligibility.

              Important steps involved here are as follows: -

              • Pre-placement Talk. (The companies arrange the pre-placement talks for all the candidates sitting for the campus drive)
              • Educational Qualification
              • Written Test
              • Group Discussion
              • HR Interview/Formal Interview
              • Post-Placement Talk

              While some platforms offer free introductory courses, comprehensive Power BI courses often involve a fee for in-depth learning and certification.

              Power BI tools encompass a suite of software applications by Microsoft facilitating data preparation, analysis, and visualization for actionable insights.

              Yes, Power BI is employed extensively in Data Science for its robust data analysis, visualization capabilities, and integration features.

              Certifications in Power BI courses online include Microsoft's official certifications such as DA-100: Analyzing Data with Power BI, validating proficiency in Power BI skills.

              Data Visualization in Power BI refers to the process of presenting data in graphical or visual formats, enhancing its clarity and aiding better comprehension.

              Utilizing Data Management in Power BI involves organizing, transforming, and cleaning data to ensure its accuracy and relevance for analysis and visualization.

              DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) in Power BI is a formula language enabling data modeling and creating calculated columns and measures for analysis.

              Passing the Power BI certification exam requires thorough preparation, understanding of Power BI tools, data manipulation, visualization, and familiarity with exam topics outlined by Microsoft.

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