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  • Salesforce is a renowned American cloud-based software company based in San Francisco, California. It basically offers customer relationship management software and applications targeted at sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development respectively. In the past few years, Salesforce has made a quite remarkable place for itself, as it offers an exceptionally wide range of services like no other contemporaries.
  • So, if you want to know this course in a detailed manner, signing up for the Salesforce Exam Centre in Gurgaon will be suitable for your career. And to acquire qualitative training that will make your base knowledge stronger, you must approach Croma Campus. Here, along with training, you will get placement assistance as well. So, let's get started with us.

Salesforce Certification Exam Center in Gurgaon


  • By enrolling in our Salesforce Certification Exam Centre in Gurgaon, you will get the chance to acquire some valuable information from numerous examples, study material, etc.
    • Right at the beginning of the Salesforce Certification Training in Gurgaon, you will receive sessions concerning its fundamentals & basics.

      Further, you will receive sessions concerning Salesforce Full-Stack Development, apex development, writing Triggers in Apex, SOQL & SOSL, apex unit testing, etc.

      Our trainers will also help you know code bulkification, order Of Execution in Salesforce, Salesforce Apex Governor Limits, etc.

      You will also receive full-fledged training on Web Application Development Architecture, Apex Programming Fundamentals, Lightning Component Development, Async Apex - Batch Apex, Queueable Apex, Schedule Apex, Future Methods, etc.

      In short, you will receive every minute detail of this course in a much-explained manner.

  • Salesforce-certified candidates earn quite well. So, if you also want to pursue this field, acquiring Salesforce Exam Centre in Gurgaon will be beneficial for your career, as it will help you grab a higher salary package than others.
  • Scroll down a bit to know the exact salary structure of a fresher.
    • A fresher Salesforce Developer earns between Rs. 3.8 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Lakhs in India.

      Likewise, an experienced Salesforce Developer earns around Rs. 10.5 Lakhs, which is quite impressive in this field.

      Further, by imbibing more work experience, and skills, you will end up earning more.

      Post acquiring this valuable accreditation of this course from the Salesforce Certification Exam Centre in Gurgaon, you will receive numerous international job opportunities as well.

  • Well, there's no doubt that Salesforce has a vibrant scope ahead. If you also want to explore this platform, acquiring Salesforce Certification Training in Gurgaon will help you have positive growth in this industry.
    • By associating with Salesforce Exam Centre in Gurgaon, you will turn into a knowledgeable Salesforce Developer.

      Its attractive salary structure is one of the significant factors to approach this field.

      You will learn a lot in this field.

      Ample opportunities to learn.

      You can work from anywhere.

      High job opportunities.

  • At the moment, numerous businesses are implementing and making the best use of Salesforce extensively, and in this case, taking up the Salesforce Certification Exam Centre in Gurgaon will be useful for you, as it will help you analyse this procedure in a much better way.
  • Refer to the listed points below to know the highlighting reasons to learn this process.
    • You will get a higher salary package.

      Numerous job opportunities in big companies.

      Vibrant future.

      New trends, and updates.

      Opportunity to know about different Salesforce job roles.

      Enough opportunities to expand your knowledge and know new skills.

  • A Salesforce Developer is accountable to execute a wide range of tasks. And to execute those tasks, you will have to imbibe the necessary skills as well. And here, at Croma Campus, our qualified trainers will help you know each skill, and information in a much more detailed manner. If you also aspire to turn into a Salesforce Developer, taking up the Salesforce Certification Training in Gurgaon will be an add-on skill that will validate your knowledge concerning this field, and will also help you get placed in well-established companies.
  • Refer to the points listed below, to know the role of a Salesforce Developer.
    • You will have to boost the business requirements and deal with all the CRM needs of the client.

      Your role will also indulge you in providing customized solutions utilizing the Salesforce platform.

      You will also have to keep up with the requirement gatherings, produce functional analysis and facilitate customer workshops, etc.

      Communicating with different project managers, clients, and technicians and assuring efficient participation in all the different phases of development from testing to maintenance will also be counted as your main role.

      You will also be responsible for modifying and making changes to existing applications or making new ones as per the client's needs.

      You will have to troubleshoot any bugs or attacks in the system.

      Likewise, creating numerous timelines and development goals will also be your main role.

  • Presently, various companies are looking for Salesforce Developer, yet the production of skilled developers is low, and their want is relatively high. So, if you want to turn into a skilled Salesforce Developer, you must get started with its professional Salesforce Certification Exam Centre in Gurgaon progressively.
    • Salesforce, Cognizant, Deloitte, etc are some of the established companies hiring Salesforce Developers.

      Our qualified trainers will also help you in clearing the interview by often organizing a mock test.

      The main agenda of the Salesforce Certification Training in Gurgaon is to help you to get placed in a well-established organization.

      Various top companies hire people according to their skills and knowledge, experience, etc.

  • For the past few years, Croma Campus has been referred to as the best Salesforce Exam Centre in Gurgaon. This is so, because, we target delivering qualitative training along with various instances. So, if you are also looking to obtain detailed information regarding Salesforce, getting associated with Croma Campus will be a smarter move toward your career.
    • Here, along with a legit certification in hand, you will also get enough chances to brush up on your existing skills, and imbibe new ones regarding Salesforce Certification Exam Centre in Gurgaon respectively.

      Here, you will accumulate information concerning its related course as well.

      Croma Campus will offer you placement assistance.

      Well, right from the initial level, our trainers will give you suggestive tips to clear the interview process.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Salesforce Certification Program

  • Master the Salesforce Administration concepts comprehensively.The course we offer ensures job success and acquire all related skills.Clear the certification exam with all the skills that have been gathered during the course.Learn to configure and setup the Salesforce account so that you can collect, retrieve, or analyze the data related to your customer base, precisely.
  • In this Program you will learn
    • Overview Database Configuration

      Workflows in Salesforce

      Formula Fields and Validation rules

      Record Types/Page Layouts

      SFDC Security Model

      Data Management

      Reports & Dashboard

      App Design

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  • Cloud Computing Overview
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing

      Introduction to IAAS, PAAS, SAAS

      Deployment Models

      Introduction to CRM

      How can CRM help

      Evolution of CRM

      Advantages of CRM

      A view of available of CRM Products

  • Introduction to Salesforce CRM
    • What is

      Salesforce CRM Overview

      Why Salesforce

      Understanding Salesforce Architecture

      Services Provided by Salesforce

      Salesforce Vs Other Cloud

      Market Demand for Salesforce CRM.

      Job Market and growth in CMR industry.

      Salesforce Editions, Licenses and Pricing

      Salesforce Sandboxes (Dev, QA, Full, Prod.)

      Creating First SFDC Dev Account CRM Editions Navigation – Overview

      Creating Salesforce Developer Account

  • Salesforce Applications
    • Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Custom Cloud

      Rapid application Development, Cost Reduction & Quality Products

  • Salesforce Certifications
    • Certified Administration (201)

      Certified Advanced Administration (211)

      Salesforce certified platform developer 1 (PD1 401)

      Salesforce certified platform developer 2 (PD2 501)

  • Organization Setup
    • Salesforce Quick Navigation Walk Through

      Popular Std. Objects and their purpose

      Set up Menu Intro (Various OOB and Dev Options)

      Popular in different other objects

      Organization prole, Currency etc.

      Salesforce User Interface Overview

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  • Objects in Salesforce
    • Types of objects available in salesforce

      Standard Objects

      Custom Objects

      Use of Standard Objects and Custom Objects in Salesforce

      Difference between standard and custom object

      Limitations of Standard Objects

  • Tabs in Salesforce
    • Introduction to tab

      Assigning tab to object

      Types of Tab - Custom Object Tabs, Visualforce, Web tab, Lightning Page tabs

  • Intro on various Data Types/Fields
    • Various data type fields creation

      Standard Data types

      Read only Data types

      Relational Data types

      Roll-Up Summary Fields and its features.

      Limitations of Roll-up Summary Fields

      Required, External Id, Default Value and Unique fields

  • Object Relationships
    • Introduction to Relationships

      Need of Relationships in salesforce

      Brief on Types of relationship

      Master-Details, Lookup, Self-relationship, External lookup relationship, Indirect lookup relationship, Many-to-many relationships (Junction object), Hierarchical relationship

      Deep in to Junction object

      Use of Junction object.

      Difference between master-detail and lookup relationship

      How to convert lookup to master details and vice Versa.

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  • Workflows in Salesforce
    • Defining Workflows

      Workow Rules

      Types of evaluation criteria in Workow rules

      Introduction to Approval Process

      Understanding Approval steps, Approval actions, Rejection actions

      Introduction to process builder and its action

      What is the difference between workow and process builder

      Workflow Actions

      • Email Alert
        • Task Create
          • Field Update
            • Outbound Message

              Difference between Evaluation Criteria and Rule Criteria

              Workflow Vs Trigger

              Email Templates Overview

              Email Templates for Email Notications

              Sending Email Templates

              • Sending Single emails
                • Sending Mass emails.

                  Types of Templates

                  • HTML (Using Letter Head)
                    • Custom HTML (without using letter head)
                      • Visual force Email Templates
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                    • Formula Fields and Validation rules
                      • Understanding of formula fields

                        Purpose of formula field

                        Types of formula field in salesforce

                        Text/Logic/Math/Date functions & Other popular functions

                        Introduction to cross object formula

                        What is the need for object formula

                        Introduction to validation rule, Need, and Various popular functions

                        What is the difference between the formula field and Rollup summary in Salesforce

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                    • Page Layouts
                      • Defining Page layouts

                        Field order changes

                        Adding custom buttons and links

                        Defining required and read only fields

                        Adding related list

                        Adding Sections in Detail page

                    • Record Types
                      • To create and maintain record types for your organization.

                        Display different page layouts and picklist values based on record types.

                        Uses of Record Types

                    • Field Dependencies
                      • Controlling field/Dependent field

                        Making dependent pick list fields


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                    • SFDC Security Model
                      • Introduction to User Management, User Object

                        Different types of user licenses available - Salesforce, Salesforce Platform

                        Roles and Proles

                        Creating Users

                        Permission Sets

                        Profile Vs Permissions Sets

                        Password Policy

                        IP Address security

                        Login hours & Session settings

                        OWD -Public Read/Write, Public Read, private only

                        Manage record access with the role hierarchy

                        Sharing record-Manual and owner based

                        Manage field-level security

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                    • Data Management
                      • Introduction to Data migration

                        Overview to Data loader and its installation process

                        Data Loader Action-Insert, Update, Delete, hard delete

                        Configure the Data Loader via command line

                        Attachment upload with Data loader

                        Data Loader Vs Other Third Party ETL Tools

                        Introduction to salesforce import wizard

                        Mass Transfer Records and Delete of Records

                        Difference between Data loader and import wizard

                        Mass Transfer Records and Delete of Records

                        Back up data with a weekly export

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                    • Reports & Dashboard
                      • Introduction to Data Visualization-Reports and Dashboard

                        Introducing Reports and Custom Reports

                        Types of report-Tabular, summary, Matrix, and joint report

                        Understanding the formula field and bucket field.

                        Add a chart and a few other features like highlighting

                        Understanding -Reporting Snapshots, Report types

                        Overview to the dashboard and its types

                        What is a dynamic dashboard

                        Adding Dashboard Snapshots to Home Page

                        Understanding Sharing & Security of Reports-Dashboards

                    Get full course syllabus in your inbox

                    • App Design
                      • What is AppExchange

                        Installation of an App

                        Uninstall an App

                        Create a custom app

                        Service Cloud Console

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                    + More Lessons

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                    Salesforce Administrator (ADM-201) Exam

                    The Salesforce Administrator exam has been built for people holding experience with Salesforce. The Salesforce Administrator exam covers the breadth of applications, the features and functions available to a user, and therefore the configuration and management options available to an administrator across the Sales, Service, and Collaboration Clouds.


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