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All About Azure 305 Certification You Need To Know

Discover Azure 305 Certification: Master advanced Azure solutions with comprehensive training and validation of expertise. Enroll now!

All About Azure 305 Certification You Need To Know

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Discover Azure 305 Certification: Master advanced Azure solutions with comprehensive training and validation of expertise. Enroll now!

About Azure 305 Certification

AZ-305 is a Microsoft certification for Azure Solutions Architects. It tests your ability to design and set up solutions on Microsoft Azure. This includes stuff like security, networking, and storage. Passing this exam shows you're skilled in Azure architecture and services. It is great for people who make and advise on cloud solutions. This blog has all you need to know about the AZ-305 exam.


What is the Azure Solutions Architect Expert Exam Azure 305 Certification?


The Azure Solutions Architect Expert Exam AZ-305 is a certification exam offered by Microsoft. It assesses individuals' abilities to design and implement solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform.

The exam covers various aspects, including security, governance, identity, networking, storage, computing, and monitoring. Passing this exam demonstrates proficiency in Azure architecture, services, and best practices.


Who is an Azure Solutions Architect?


An Azure Solutions Architect is a professional responsible for designing and implementing solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. They have expertise in various areas such as cloud infrastructure, security, networking, storage, and application deployment.

Azure Solutions Architects work closely with stakeholders to understand business requirements and translate them into secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions.


Prerequisite for the Azure 305 Certification exam


While there are no specific prerequisites for taking the AZ-305 exam, candidates are expected to have a solid understanding of Azure fundamentals and experience working with Azure services and solutions. It is recommended that candidates have hands-on experience designing and implementing Azure solutions in a professional setting.


Path to earn Azure 305 Certification


To earn the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification, candidates must pass two exams: AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design.

The AZ-305 exam, also known as the Azure Solutions Architect Expert Exam, is an alternative path for candidates who have already completed the AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams.

Candidates can choose the path that best suits their skills and experience.


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Skills measured in Azure 305 Certification


The AZ-305 exam assesses candidates on a range of skills related to designing and implementing solutions on Microsoft Azure. These skills include:

  • Designing security and identity solutions
  • Implementing governance and compliance
  • Designing networking solutions
  • Designing storage solutions
  • Designing compute solutions
  • Designing monitoring and backup solutions


Design Identity, Governance, and Monitoring Solutions (25-30%)

This section focuses on designing robust solutions for managing identity, governance, and monitoring within Azure environments. Key aspects include:

  1. Design a Solution for Logging and Monitoring: Create strategies for collecting and analyzing logs and monitoring data to ensure the performance, availability, and security of Azure resources.
  2. Design Authentication and Authorization Solutions: Develop authentication and authorization mechanisms to control access to Azure resources, ensuring that only authorized users and applications can interact with sensitive data and functionalities.
  3. Design Governance: Establish governance policies and procedures to enforce compliance, manage costs, and maintain security standards across Azure environments, ensuring adherence to organizational guidelines and industry regulations.
  4. Design Identities and Access for Applications: Define identity management solutions to authenticate and authorize users and applications, integrating with Azure Active Directory and other identity providers to ensure secure access control.

Design Data Storage Solutions (25-30%)

In this section, candidates are tasked with designing efficient and scalable data storage solutions tailored to meet specific business needs. Key components include:

  1. Design a Data Storage Solution for Relational Data: Architect relational database solutions optimized for performance, scalability, and data integrity, considering factors such as data modeling, indexing, and partitioning.
  2. Design Data Integration: Develop strategies for integrating data from diverse sources, ensuring seamless data flow and compatibility across applications and services.
  3. Design a Data Storage Solution for Non-Relational Data: Recommend suitable storage solutions for non-relational data types, such as NoSQL databases or object storage, based on performance, scalability, and cost considerations.

Design Business Continuity Solutions (10-15%)

This section focuses on designing resilient solutions to ensure business continuity and minimize downtime in the event of disruptions. Key elements include:

  1. Create a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution: Develop comprehensive backup and recovery strategies to protect critical data and applications, including regular backups, replication, and failover mechanisms.
  2. Design for High Availability: Architect highly available solutions with redundancy and failover capabilities to maintain service uptime and minimize disruptions during planned maintenance or unexpected outages.

Design Infrastructure Solutions (25-30%)

Candidates are required to design scalable and efficient infrastructure solutions to support application workloads and business requirements. Core components include:

  1. Design a Compute Solution: Determine the optimal compute resources and configurations for hosting applications, considering factors such as performance, scalability, and cost efficiency.
  2. Design Application Architecture: Architect resilient and scalable application architectures, leveraging Azure services such as Azure App Service, Azure Functions, and containers to optimize performance and reliability.
  3. Design Migrations: Develop migration strategies for transitioning on-premises workloads and applications to Azure, ensuring minimal downtime and data loss while maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Design Network Solutions: Design secure and resilient network architectures to connect Azure resources, implementing network security groups, virtual networks, and connectivity options to ensure data privacy and network isolation.


Exam Details


The AZ-305 exam consists of multiple-choice questions and scenario-based questions. The exam duration is typically around 150 minutes. Candidates can take the exam at a Pearson VUE testing center or through online proctoring.


Azure 305 Certifications Benefits


  • Validation of expertise in Azure architecture and services
  • Recognition as a certified Azure Solutions Architect by Microsoft
  • Enhanced career opportunities and job prospects
  • Access to exclusive Microsoft resources and communities
  • Opportunity to contribute to the design and implementation of cloud solutions for organizations


Final Thoughts


To earn Azure 305 Certifications in 2024, join a training course at Croma Campus and give new heights to your career like never before.

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