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Microsoft Azure


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  • Microsoft Azure has its numerous sections and IT Security is an important section to know about. It plays a very integral role by implementing security controls, maintaining an organization's security posture, and identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities respectively. If your interest lies in this direction, then you should surely think of enrolling in its course legitimately. You can even think of settling in this direction as well. All you need to have is detailed information and a legitimate degree in hand. And, by enrolling in our course, you will gradually imbibe its highlighting details, skills, benefits, and drawbacks as well.
    • At, Croma Campus, you will get the possibility to have an interactive technique of the session by way of industry experts.

      Here, our trainers will furnish you with a targeted piece of data regarding this direction proper from the scratch.

      We will assist you to no longer solely imbibe theoretical statistics however sensible implementation as well.

      Post completion of your course, we will additionally assist you in getting positioned in a good workplace.

AZ 500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies


  • Course Objectives:
    • By getting started with our course, you will eventually be able to grab detailed information concerning Azure active directory identities. 

      Our qualified trainers will help you to also have an insight into the authentication process of its applications, containers, and virtual machines respectively. 

      Moreover, our high faculty member will also teach you to configure encryption in Azure. 

      Not only this, you will imbibe its prerequisites, relevant information, facts, and statistical information as well. 

      Here, trainers will help you to imbibe its latest features, specifications, and trends. 

      Here, you will also get the facility of placement post completion of the course. 

  • Salary Expectation for Fresher :
    • There is genuinely a demand for skilled Azure candidates, so by opting for this course, you will eventually get a fair chance to secure a valid position for yourself in this territory.

      Moreover, here, our trainers will indulge you in whole different types of learning. 

      By acquiring its details, and skills, you will get an opportunity to grab a salary of 6,06,830/yr at the beginning, which is quite good.

      Here, you will receive in-depth information on this course with reference to several study materials also.  

      Our trainers will also check your capability by indulging you in group discussions concerning this subject. 

  • Career Growth after the Course :
    • After completing this course from our institution, you will gradually receive more job opportunities 

      In fact, we will also help you appear in front of huge multi-national companies, and organizations, so that you can get settled in a good environment, and that too with a decent salary package.

       You will also get the chance to clear your doubts from your trainer at any time. 

      Our whole motive will be to equip you with adequate information, so that you could implement those and shine in this field. 

      By acquiring a legitimate certification from our institution, you will stay in this direction in the long run. 

  • To be precise, there are numerous benefits of learning this specific course. One of the significant benefits is that it will help you protect your connection.
    • By enrolling in this course, you will get the opportunity to safeguard your important secret documents, access, network, and systems respectively. 

      Here, our trainers will impart to you the latest methodologies to safeguard your organization's elements. 

      You will have a proper detailed insight of this course concerning numerous educational modules, videos, and tutorials as well. 

      Moreover, by attentively imbibing all the details, you will genuinely reach the top of your career graph by uplifting your organization. 

  • An Azure Security Engineer is accountable for executing loads of tasks. Mainly their roles and responsibilities vary from project to project also. But there are main duties which they have to follow blindly. Let's have a look at it.
    • Your foremost responsibility will be to implement some strong security implementation so that your information couldn't leak. 

      Furthermore, your job role will also include knowing, and implementing some effective tools to maintain the stability of your network. 

      Moreover, you will also have to visualize the layout and supply product delivery through the team as per described scope and requirements in a specific science. 

      Your responsibility will also include taking other team members' suggestions as well. 

      In fact, our trainers will help you to keep up with the newest features concerning this direction. 

      Here, we will help you thoroughly to clear the main AZ-500 certification exams and get placed in good establishments also. 

  • Top Hirings for Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer :
    • Accenture, TCS, and Microsoft are the topmost companies hiring skilled Azure Security engineers. 

      In the market, there is genuinely a massive demand for Security engineers, and the grant is low. So, in a way opting for this course will allow you to shine amongst your peers. 

      Moreover, as a freelancer also, you will make a good living out of this course. 

      By acquiring its skills, and detailed information, you will eventually grab the highest designation also. 

      Post entering this direction, you will experience global exposure and consistent growth as well. 

  • Training Certificate :
    • By getting associated with Croma Campus, you will get to know about several security courses, but as Azure is in huge demand, our trainers will guide you thoroughly concerning its prerequisites, and scope. 

      You will find our accreditation being accepted widely in the IT territory. 

      In fact, you will also get to know about more Azure accreditation. 

      Apart from Azure security certification, you can also opt for other courses, as here we have more than 140+ courses.

      Moreover, along with providing theoretical information, our trainers will also work on your communication skills which will help you get into a good company. 

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AZ 500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

  • Our AZ-500 “Microsoft Azure Security Technologies” certification Training will help you to gain subject matter expertise implementing security controls and threat protection, managing identity and access, and protecting data, applications, and networks in cloud and hybrid environments as part of an end-to-end infrastructure.
  • In this program you will learn :
    • Overview.

      Virtual Networks and Network Security.

      Manage Identities.

      Manage Access Control.

      Implement advanced network security.

      Configure advanced security for compute.

      Manage security operations.

      Secure data and applications.

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  • Overview :
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing

      Overview of Microsoft Azure

      Microsoft Azure Services

      Azure Subscriptions

      Management Groups

      Azure Resource Manager

      Azure Portal and PowerShell

      Azure Resource Manager Policies

      Azure Policy Definition Structure

      Resource Management Locks

      Organizing Azure Resources

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  • Virtual Networks and Network Security :
    • Introduction

      Azure Virtual Networks

      IP Addresses – Public & Private

      Classless Inter-domain Routing (CIDR)


      Network Interface Cards (NICs)

      Network Security Groups (NSGs)

      Network Security Group Rules

      Virtual Network Service Endpoints

      Service Endpoint Policies

      Azure Load Balancer

      Azure DNS

      Plan and Design Azure Virtual Networks

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  • Manage Azure Active Directory (AD) :
    • add custom domains

      Azure AD Join

      configure self-service password reset

      manage multiple directories

  • Manage Azure AD objects (users, groups, and devices) :
    • create users and groups

      manage user and group properties

      manage device settings

      perform bulk user updates

      manage guest accounts

  • Implement and manage hybrid identities :
    • install Azure AD Connect, including password hash and pass-through synchronization

      use Azure AD Connect to configure federation with on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

      manage Azure AD Connect

      manage password sync and password writeback

  • Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) :
    • configure user accounts for MFA

      enable MFA by using bulk update

      configure fraud alerts

      configure bypass options

      configure Trusted IPs

      configure verification methods

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  • Configure secure access by using Azure AD :
    • monitor privileged access for Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

      configure Access Reviews

      activate and configure PIM

      configure Azure AD identity protection

  • Manage application access :
    • create App Registration

      configure App Registration permission scopes

      manage App Registration permission consent

      manage API access to Azure subscriptions and resources

  • Manage access control :
    • configure subscription and resource permissions

      configure resource group permissions

      configure custom RBAC roles

      identify the appropriate role

      apply principle of least privilege

      interpret permissions

      check access

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  • Implement advanced network security :
    • Secure the connectivity of virtual networks (VPN authentication, Express Route


      Configure Network Security Groups (NSGs) and Application Security Groups (ASGs)

      Create and configure Azure Firewall

      Configure Azure Front Door service as an Application Gateway

      Configure a Web Application Firewall (WAF) on Azure Application Gateway

      Configure Azure Bastion

      Configure a firewall on a storage account, Azure SQL, KeyVault, or App Service

      Implement Service Endpoints

      Implement DDoS Protection

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  • Configure advanced security for compute :
    • Configure endpoint protection

      Configure and monitor system updates for VMs

      Configure authentication for Azure Container Registry

      Configure security for different types of containers

      Implement vulnerability management

      Configure isolation for AKS

      Configure security for container registry

      Implement Azure Disk Encryption

      Configure authentication and security for Azure App Service

      Configure SSL/TLS certs

      Configure authentication for Azure Kubernetes Service

      Configure automatic updates

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  • Manage security operations :
    • Monitor security by using Azure Monitor

      Create and customize alerts

      Monitor security logs by using Azure Monitor

      Configure diagnostic logging and log retention

      Monitor security by using Azure Security Center

      Evaluate vulnerability scans from Azure Security Center

      Configure Just in Time VM access by using Azure Security Center

      Configure centralized policy management by using Azure Security Center

      Configure compliance policies

      Evaluate for compliance by using Azure Security


      Monitor security by using Azure Sentinel

      create and customize alerts

      configure data sources to Azure Sentinel

      evaluate results from Azure Sentinel

      configure workflow automation by using Azure Sentinel

      Configure security policies

      configure security settings by using Azure Policy

      configure security settings by using Azure Blueprint

      configure a playbook by using Azure Sentinel

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  • Configure security for storage :
    • configure access control for storage accounts

      configure key management for storage accounts

      configure Azure AD authentication for Azure Storage

      configure Azure AD Domain Services authentication for Azure Files

      create and manage Shared Access Signatures (SAS)

      create a shared access policy for a blob or blob container

      configure Storage Service Encryption

  • Configure security for databases :
    • enable database authentication

      enable database auditing

      configure Azure SQL Database Advanced Threat Protection

      implement database encryption

      implement Azure SQL Database Always Encrypted

  • Configure and manage Key Vault :
    • manage access to Key Vault

      manage permissions to secrets, certificates, and keys

      configure RBAC usage in Azure Key Vault

      manage certificates

      manage secrets

      configure key rotation

      backup and restore of Key Vault items

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  • Our Placement Guide :
    • What is an Interview

      Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      AZ 500 Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Attempt for AZ 500 Global Certification Exam

      Start applying for Jobs

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An average Azure Security Engineer earns about $130,000 per year

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It's not a very costly course, normally it ranges between USD 165.00-USD 170.00.

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Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500)

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