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  • A stack is an assemblage of data shapes that stores gadgets in a Last-In/First-Out (LIFO) or First-In/Last-Out (FILO) manner. In stack, a new aspect is introduced at one end and an aspect is eliminated from that stop only. The insert and delete operations are regularly known as push and pop. To be precise, this specific course has been hugely in demand in the IT territory, and you should surely get acquainted with its accreditation if you want to establish your career in this line. And Croma Campus is the best place for you to acquire its professional training. Yes, here, you will not only receive theoretical information but its practical implementation as well.
    • Here, you will get an opportunity to acquire guidance from industry-experienced professionals holding several years of experience in the relevant fields.

      Furthermore, here, our trainers will guide you regarding its prerequisites as well.

      Along with training, we will also assure you of 100% placement.

      You will receive in-depth training as well.

  • Here, along with this specific course, you can acquire accreditation of other certifications as well. Yes, here, we provide 140+ courses, and you can make the best use of them.

Python Full Stack Development (With Django)


  • Our course content normally comprises of some the latest features, benefits, and implementations. So, you will be equipped with the latest specifications.
    • Our faculty members will thoroughly impart training regarding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

      They will also help you to know templating language.

      Along with these, you will also be given training concerning the Django rest framework.

      In a way, you will be told everything right from the beginning, like- you will receive sessions regarding its basics, advanced concepts, authentication, Django ORM, class-based views, deployment, etc.

      You will be provided with enough study material as well.

  • Getting commenced with our online certification will aid you to accumulate some hidden information and facts involving this course.
    • In a way, you will in addition reap its stipulations suitable from the scratch.

      With having this legit accreditation in hand, you will be profitable to proceed to be normal in this direction for a longer time.

      Our team will in addition assist you to get placed in a specific company.

      You will get a fair chance to earn nearly about INR 427,293 per annum, which is eventually good.

  • Well, Django, Python, and Full Stack three of them are in demand, and learning all of them will only uplift your career graph. Moreover, you will acquire your desired growth, and success respectively.
    • Furthermore, by means of imbibing its specific information, you will quickly turn into a seasoned in this field.

      By acquiring this legit certification in hand, your probability of getting settled into an employer will increase.

      Moreover, as a freelancer also, you will be capable to make a desirable respectable quantity of money.

      By obtaining this accreditation, you will be capable to work professionally as a Python Full Stack Developer and will get the hazard to remain in this subject in the lengthy run.

      In fact, your chances of getting settled into a multi-national company will increase.

  • There are numerous reasons to learn this course. One of the most significant reasons is its amalgamation of three technologies. Its' huge demand is also something to consider for.
    • Well, by enrolling in this course, you will get in-depth details regarding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and its various implementation as well.

      In fact, along with JavaScript frameworks, our trainers will also teach about Angular JS, React, Amber, etc.

      Moreover, you will also receive a detailed information concerning front-end languages.

      Our qualified trainers will try to equip you with its every minute details.

      Its high salary structure is also one of the significant reasons to opt for this course.

  • Working as a Full Stack Python Developer might indulge you in several tasks. So, you should have a gist of what you might need to perform in the reel world.
    • Your foremost duties will be to deliver a high-quality application.

      Your job role will also include integrating with front-end developers.

      Writing test-backed server-side code will also be one of the roles.

      Furthermore, you will also have to support and fix existing functionalities.

      Moreover, you might also get indulged in designing and building application layers.

      You will also have to take in your teammate's suggestions.

  • Here are some of the top organizations hiring for Python Full Stack Developer:
    • IBM, Wipro, Accenture, Cognizant, etc, are some of the topmost companies hiring skilled Python Full Stack Developer.

      Choosing this direction will be beneficial for your career as it will give you ample opportunities to learn new things concerning this technology.

      You will secure a highly designated position in this direction.

      Your skills will get validation.

      In fact, you will end up acquiring a quite heavy structure.

  • Advantages of getting Certification:
    • Graduating from our organization will assist you to get settled in a well-established company.

      You will discover our accreditations being extensively acknowledged in the industry widely.

      Moreover, right here at Croma Campus, you will get more than 140+ certifications, so aside from this course, you can collect hundreds of accreditations belonging to exceptional fields.

      In fact, here you will find numerous accreditations related to this certification as well. And you can acquire all of them as well.

      Your career graph will get uplifted automatically post imbibing this accreditation.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Python Django Full Stack Development Training

  • Python is a very powerful high-level, object-oriented programming language. Python is an interpreted language. Python interpreters are available for many operating systems, allowing Python code to run on a wide variety of systems.
  • Using third-party tools, such as Py2exe or Pyinstaller Python code can be packaged into stand-alone executable programs. Django is an extremely widely used framework, and because it’s open source. Django is a web framework which written in python & follows the MVC architectural pattern.
  • It is maintained by the Django software foundation, an independent organization. There are many other frameworks like Pyramid, web2py, Flask etc. which support developers in the design & maintenance of complex applications. Pyjamas & Iron Python can be used to develop the client-side of ajax-based applications.
  • In this program you will learn:
    • HTML

      HTML 5

      CSS 2.0

      CSS 3.0



      Bootstrap Framework Latest Version (HTML, CSS, and JS Library)

      Web Hosting & SEO Basics

      Python Training Curriculum

      Data Analysis and Visualization using NumPy, Pandas, and MatPlotLib,


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  • HTML
    • What is HTML

      What is a Web Browser

      What are Versions of HTML

      What can you Do with HTML

      HTML Development Environments

      Writing Code with a Text Editor

  • Review of HTML Elements
    • Rules of Syntax

      Making your Code Readable

      Building a Document

      Using Colors

      Adding Color to your Page

      Using Headings

      Using Paragraphs

      Aligning Block-Level Elements

  • Inserting Spaces and Line Breaks
    • Displaying Preformatted Text

      Formatting with Inline Elements

      Controlling Fonts

      Introducing List Elements

      Creating Unordered Lists

      Creating Ordered Lists

      Nesting Lists

  • What is an HTML Table
    • Building a Table

      Cell Padding and Cell Spacing

      Controlling Table and Cell Width

      Aligning a Table on the Page

      Aligning Tables and Text

      Aligning Table Data

      Spanning Columns and Rows

  • Creating a Hyperlink
    • Understanding and Using URLs

      Linking to a Web Document

      Linking to a Local Document

      Linking to Anchors

      Opening a New Browser Window

  • Image Formats
    • Inserting Inline Images

      Aligning Images

      Using Images to Anchor Links

      Sizing Images

      Using Transparent Images

      Using GIF Animation

  • Forms and Controls
    • Forms and Form Elements

      Form Actions, Form Methods, Form Design

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  • Introduction
    • Laying out a page with HTML5

      Page Structure

      New HTML5 Strutural Tags

      Page Simplification

  • HTML 5 - How we got here
    • New Features of HTML5

      The HTML5 Semantic Element

      Current State of Browser Support

    • The section Tag

      The article Tag

      The header Tag

      The Footer Tag

    • Supported Media Types

      The audio Element

      The video Element

    • New Input Types

    • autocomplete


    • required






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  • Introduction of CSS
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Comments
  • CSS Type
    • Inline



  • CSS Selector
    • ID





  • CSS Color
    • RGB Value

      Hex Value

      Color Name

  • Background
    • background-color



      background position



  • CSS Margin
    • Margin-top




  • CSS Padding
    • Padding -top

      Padding -bottom

      Padding -left

      Padding –Right

  • Outline
    • Outline-Style


      Outline Width


      Outline Shorthand Property

  • CSS Height and Width
  • CSS Display properties
  • CSS Position Properties
  • CSS Overflow
  • CSS Float and Clear
  • Pseudo Class and Element
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  • Introduction to CSS 3
    • Border


  • CSS Shadows
    • Text-shadow


  • Transitions
    • transition

      transition - delay

      transition - duration

      transition - property

  • 2D Transforms
    • transform

      matrix ()

      translate (x,y)



      Skew (x - angle, y-angle)

  • Animations
    • @keyframes





  • Selectors
    • CSS combinations

      Pseudo Elements

  • Gradients
    • Linear Gradients

      Radial Gradients

  • User Interface
    • resize



  • CSS Filters
    • Blur


  • Media Query
    • What is Responsive Web Design

      Intro to the Viewport

      The Viewport Tag

      Media Queries

      Tablet Styles

      Mobile Styles

      Making a Mobile Drop-down Menu

  • Web Fonts
    • @font-face

      font- family





  • Flexbox
    • flex - grow

      flex - shrink

      flex - basis


      flex - wrap

      flex - direction

      flex - flow

      justify - content



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  • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Syntaxt



  • Enabling in various browsers Popup Boxes
    • Alert



  • Variables
  • Operators
    • Arithmetic






  • Conditional Statements
    • If else

      if...else if...else

      nested if





      for Statement



  • Functions
    • User-defined Function

      Function Syntax

      Function with Arguments

      Returning Values from Functions

      Built-in Functions

  • Events
    • Introduction



      Keyboard Events

      Form Events

      Document/Window Events

  • Built-in Objects
    • Number





      Reg exp use in form validation

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  • JQuery
    • Getting Started with jQuery

      Selecting Elements

      Manipulating the Page

      Traversing the DOM and Chaining

      Handling Events

      Enhancing with Animation Effects

      jQuery Hide/Show

      jQuery toggle()

      jQuery Slide method

      jQuery Fade method

      jQuery Stop()

      jQuery Callback and chaining

      jQuery text(),html()and val()

      jQuery CSS()

      jQuery addClass(),removeClass(),toggleClass()

      jQuery Best Practices

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  • Introduction
    • Introduction of Bootstrap

      What needs for Bootstrap

      Our First Web Page

      What's Inside

      Scripts and Styles

      Bootstrap CDN Link


  • Layout with Bootstrap
    • Introduction

      Grip Layouts

      Simple Layouts

      Fixed Grids

      Responsive Design

      Responsive Utilities


  • Evaryday Bootstrap
    • Introduction





      Images and Icons


  • Bootstrap Component
    • Introductions

      Drop down Menu

      Buttons with Menus

      Tabs and Pill

      The Navbars



  • Bootstrap and JavaScript
    • Introduction

      More Buttons


      Tooltips and Popovers



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  • Web Hosting & SEO Basics
    • Fundamental of Web Hosting

      Types of Hosting Packages

      Linux and Windows Control Panel

      Using FTP Client

      Maintaining a Website

      Domain Names Registration

      What is SEO & its scope.

      Keyword Research and Analysis (Tools and implementation)

      Website Analysis

      Website Performance Monitoring

      Google Analysis/Webmaster

      XML Sitemap

      Use of Meta Tags

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  • Introduction To Python
    • Installation and Working with Python

      Understanding Python variables

      Python basic Operators

      Understanding the Python blocks.

  • Python Keyword and Identifiers
    • Python Keyword and Identifiers

      Python Comments, Multiline Comments.

      Python Indentation

      Understating the concepts of Operators

      • Arithmetic
      • Relational
      • Logical
      • Assignment
      • Membership
      • Identity
  • Introduction To Variables
    • Variables, expression condition and function

      Global and Local Variables in Python

      Packing and Unpacking Arguments

      Type Casting in Python

      Byte objects vs. string in Python

      Variable Scope

  • Python Data Type
    • Declaring and using Numeric data types

      Using string data type and string operations

      Understanding Non-numeric data types

      Understanding the concept of Casting and Boolean.






  • Control Structure & Flow
    • Statements – if, else, elif

      How to use nested IF and Else in Python


      Loops and Control Statements.

      Jumping Statements – Break, Continue, pass

      Looping techniques in Python

      How to use Range function in Loop

      Programs for printing Patterns in Python

      How to use if and else with Loop

      Use of Switch Function in Loop

      Elegant way of Python Iteration

      Generator in Python

      How to use nested Loop in Python

      Use If and Else in for and While Loop

      Examples of Looping with Break and Continue Statement

      How to use IN or NOT IN keyword in Python Loop.

  • Python Function, Modules and Packages
    • Python Syntax

      Function Call

      Return Statement

      Arguments in a function – Required, Default, Positional, Variable-length

      Write an Empty Function in Python –pass statement.

      Lamda/ Anonymous Function

      *args and **kwargs

      Help function in Python

      Scope and Life Time of Variable in Python Function

      Nested Loop in Python Function

      Recursive Function and Its Advantage and Disadvantage

      Organizing python codes using functions

      Organizing python projects into modules

      Importing own module as well as external modules

      Understanding Packages

      Random functions in python

      Programming using functions, modules & external packages

      Map, Filter and Reduce function with Lambda Function

      More example of Python Function

  • Python Date Time and Calendar
    • Day, Month, Year, Today, Weekday

      IsoWeek day

      Date Time

      Time, Hour, Minute, Sec, Microsec

      Time Delta and UTC

      StrfTime, Now

      Time stamp and Date Format

      Month Calendar


      Lots of Example on Python Calendar

      Create 12-month Calendar



      Format Code list of Data, Time and Cal

      Locale’s appropriate date and time

  • List
    • What is List.

      List Creation

      List Length

      List Append

      List Insert

      List Remove

      List Append & Extend using “+” and Keyword

      List Delete

      List related Keyword in Python

      List Revers

      List Sorting

      List having Multiple Reference

      String Split to create a List

      List Indexing

      List Slicing

      List count and Looping

      List Comprehension and Nested Comprehension

  • Tuple
    • What is Tuple

      Tuple Creation

      Accessing Elements in Tuple

      Changing a Tuple

      Tuple Deletion

      Tuple Count

      Tuple Index

      Tuple Membership

      TupleBuilt in Function (Length, Sort)

  • Dictionary
    • Dict Creation

      Dict Access (Accessing Dict Values)

      Dict Get Method

      Dict Add or Modify Elements

      Dict Copy

      Dict From Keys.

      Dict Items

      Dict Keys (Updating, Removing and Iterating)

      Dict Values

      Dict Comprehension

      Default Dictionaries

      Ordered Dictionaries

      Looping Dictionaries

      Dict useful methods (Pop, Pop Item, Str , Update etc.)

  • Sets
    • What is Set

      Set Creation

      Add element to a Set

      Remove elements from a Set

      PythonSet Operations

      Frozen Sets

  • Strings
    • What is Set

      Set Creation

      Add element to a Set

      Remove elements from a Set

      PythonSet Operations

  • Python Exception Handling
    • Python Errors and Built-in-Exceptions

      Exception handing Try, Except and Finally

      Catching Exceptions in Python

      Catching Specific Exception in Python

      Raising Exception

      Try and Finally

  • Python File Handling
    • Opening a File

      Python File Modes

      Closing File

      Writing to a File

      Reading from a File

      Renaming and Deleting Files in Python

      Python Directory and File Management

      List Directories and Files

      Making New Directory

      Changing Directory

  • Python Database Interaction
    • SQL Database connection using

      Creating and searching tables

      Reading and Storing config information on database

      Programming using database connections

  • Contacting user Through Emails Using Python
    • Installing SMTP Python Module

      Sending Email

      Reading from file and sending emails to all users

  • Reading an excel
    • Working With Excel

      Reading an excel file using Python

      Writing to an excel sheet using Python

      Python| Reading an excel file

      Python | Writing an excel file

      Adjusting Rows and Column using Python

      ArithmeticOperation in Excel file.

      Play with Workbook, Sheets and Cells in Excel using Python

      Creating and Removing Sheets

      Formatting the Excel File Data

      More example of Python Function

  • Complete Understanding of OS Module of Python
    • Check Dirs. (exist or not)

      How to split path and extension

      How to get user profile detail

      Get the path of Desktop, Documents, Downloads etc.

      Handle the File System Organization using OS

      How to get any files and folder’s details using OS

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  • NumPy
    • Introduction to NumPy: Numerical Python

      Importing NumPy and Its Properties

      NumPy Arrays

      Creating an Array from a CSV

      Operations an Array from aCSV

      Operations with NumPy Arrays

      Two-Dimensional Array

      Selecting Elements from 1-D Array

      Selecting Elements from 2-D Array

      Logical Operation with Array

  • Pandas
    • Working With Excel using Pandas

      Reading an excel & CSV file using Pandas

      Writing to an excel sheet using Pandas

      Adjusting Rows and Column using Pandas

      Arithmetic Operation in Excel file using Pandas.

      Play with Workbook, Sheets and Cells in Excel using Pandas

      Creating and Removing Sheets using Pandas

      Formatting the Excel File Data using Pandas

  • MatPlotLib
    • Bar Chart using Python MatPlotLib

      Column Chart using Python MatPlotLib

      Pie Chart using Python MatPlotLib

      Area Chart using Python MatPlotLib

      Scatter Plot Chart using Python MatPlotLib

      Export the Chart as Image

      Create Charts as Image

      Other Useful Properties of Charts.

      Plotting Different Charts, Labels, and Labels Alignment etc.

  • Introduction to Seaborn
    • Introduction to Seaborn

      Making a scatter plot with lists

      Making a count plot with a list

      Using Pandas with seaborn

  • Python Object Oriented Programming—Oops Concepts
    • Concept of Class, Object and Instances

      Constructor, Class attributes and Destructors

      Real time use of class in live projects

      Inheritance, Overlapping and Overloading operators

      Adding and retrieving dynamic attributes of classes

      Programming using Oops support

  • Django Web Framework
    • What is a Framework

      Introduction to Django

      Django – Design Philosophies

      History of Django

      Why Django and Features

      Environment setup

      Web Server

      MVC Pattern

      MVC Architecture vs MVT Architecture

      Django MVC – MVT Pattern

  • Getting Started with Django
    • Creating the first Project

      Integrating the Project to sublime text

      The Project Structure

      Running the server

      Solving the issues and Migrations

      Database Setup

      Setting Up Your Project.

  • Create an Application
    • What Django Follows

      Structure of Django framework

      Model Layer

      What are models

      Model fields

      Query sets

      Django – Admin Interface

      Starting the Admin Interface


      Views Layer

      Simple View

      Basic view (displaying hello world)

      Functional views, class based views

  • Django – URL Mapping
    • Organizing Your URLs

      Role of URLs in Django

      Working URLs


      Sending Parameters to Views

      Templates layer

      The Render Function

  • Django Template Language (DTL)
    • Role of template layer in Django

      Filters, Tags, Tag if, tag for, Block and Extend Tags

      Comment Tag, Usage of templates

      Extending base template

  • Django – Models
    • Creating a Model

      Manipulating Data (CRUD)

      Linking Models

      Django – Page Redirection

  • Django – Sending E-mails
    • Sending a Simple E-mail

      Sending Multiple Mails with send-mass-mail option

      Sending HTML E-mail

      Sending HTML E-mail with Attachments

  • Django – Form Processing/file handling/cooking handling
    • Using Form in a View

      Usage of forms

      Crud operations using forms

      Crispy forms in Django

      Django – File Uploading

      Uploading an Image

      Django – Apache Setup

      Django – Cookies Handling

      Django – Sessions

      Django – Comments

  • Django Admin
    • Creating Super User

      Using admin in Django

      Adding models to admin

      Adding model objects using admin

      Displaying in cmd using query sets

      Admin interface Customization

      Django ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

  • Django API (Application Program Interface)
    • Creating a serializer.

      Working with API views.

      Filtering back ends.

      Enabling pagination.

      Executing CRUD operations.

      Managing serializer fields.

      Testing API views

  • Static files
    • Loading CSS files into templates

      Loading JS files into templates

      Uploading image using models

      User authentication

      Sample Projects and websites

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  • Placement Guide
    • Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      Python Django Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Attempt for the related Global Certification Exam

      Earn Credentials and Start applying for Jobs

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