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  • Power BI is a business intelligence tool useful for converting data from different data sources to interactive dashboards and BI reports. It is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Croma Campus is a recognized leader in providing Power BI Online Training in Qatar. We have working professionals as trainers who on average have more than 7 years of industry teaching experience.
  • This course offers you a rich teaching style to help aspiring learners to master the art of managing data and creating powerful dashboards. This Power BI Online Course in Qatar will guide you step by step on gaining Power BI Skills.

Power BI Online Training in Qatar


  • In Power BI Online Training in Qatar, you will learn how to build professional-quality business intelligence reports from the ground up. Power BI Online Course in Qatar will teach you to how to blend and transform raw data into beautiful interactive dashboards. It will help in designing and implementing the same B.I. tools used by professional analysts and data scientists. Furthermore, Power BI Online Training in Qatar will develop your skills so that you can showcase them with two full-scale course projects (with step-by-step solutions).
  • Power BI Online Course in Qatar will help you understand the business intelligence workflow from end-to-end. Above all, you will learn new things from a professional BI developer who is working in a big MNC. Apart from these, this Power BI Course will teach you the following things:
    • Types of Power BI Data Connectors

      Basic Table Transformations

      Text, Number & Date Tools

      Index & Conditional Columns

      Grouping & Aggregating Data

      Pivoting & Unpivoting

      Modifying, Merging & Appending Queries

      Connecting to Folders

      Defining Hierarchies & Categories

      Query Editing & Power BI Best Practices

      Intro to Database Normalization

      Data ("Fact") Tables vs. Lookup ("Dimension") Tables

      Creating Power BI Table Relationships

      "Star" vs. "Snowflake" Schemas

      Active vs. Inactive Relationships

      Relationship Cardinality

      Connecting Multiple Data Tables

      Filtering & Cross-Filtering

      Hiding Fields from the Power BI Report View

      Data Modeling & Power BI best Practices

      Intro to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

      Calculated Columns vs. Measures

      Row Context vs. Filter Context in Power BI

      DAX Syntax & Operators

      Common Power BI Functions

      Basic Date & Time Formulas

      Logical & Conditional Statements

      Text, Math & Stats Functions

      Joining Data with RELATED

      CALCULATE, ALL & FILTER Functions

      DAX Iterators (SUMX, AVERAGEX)

      Time Intelligence Formulas

      DAX & Power BI Best Practices

      Introduction to the Power BI Report View

      Adding Basic Charts to Power BI Reports

      Formatting & Filtering Options

      Matrix Visuals

      Slicers & Timelines

      Cards & KPIs

      Power BI Map Visuals (Basic, Fill, ArcGIS)

      Tree maps, Lines, Areas & Gauges

      Editing Report interactions

      Adding Drill through Filters

      Linking to Report Bookmarks

      Using "What-If" Parameters

      Managing & Viewing Roles

  • As per a report, the average starting salary for a Power BI Developer in India is around 4.1 Lakhs per year. However , if you are skilled enough and have Power BI Online Certification in Qatar, then this starting package can be much higher. As this tool has a great scope, you can get a job as Power BI Developer even as a Fresher. Power BI Online Training in Qatar teaches you various skills to start a career in it.
  • Apart from these, given below are average salaries of Power BI professionals.
    • Power BI Data Analyst Rs. 4,42,864

      Power BI Developer Rs. 4,78,587

      Power BI Software Engineer Rs. 4,42,373

      Power BI Analyst Rs. 4,94,000

      Senior Software Engineer Rs. 7,85,636

      Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Rs. 9,28,556

      Power BI Business Analyst (IT) Rs. 3,93,054

  • Business Intelligence is a highly trending domain in the current market and Power BI is one of the most popular tools for it. Gradually business operations are becoming more and more complex, therefore many firms are adopting technologies that can visualize data in real-time and get meaningful data insights. Due to this reason, there is a high demand for Power BI skilled professionals in almost every type of industry such as software, retail, healthcare, etc.
  • Power BI Online Training in Qatar offers you with bright career option which allows you to apply for various job profiles such as:
    • Power BI Project Manager

      Power BI Developer

      SQL Server Power BI Developer

      Power BI Semantic Model Developer

      Power BI Administrator

      Power BI Manager

      Power BI Consultant

  • Power BI developers have all the knowledge of the BI system. In addition, they are responsible for the development and administration of BI tools. They are primarily responsible for transforming raw data into meaningful insights through interactive and user-friendly dashboards and reports. These professionals are very significant in businesses because of their executive, strategic, and managerial roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, they need to manage reporting, building dashboards, building data models, analyzing datasets, and administration of Power BI tools. To further know about it, one can visit Power BI Course Offline.
  • Apart from these, given below are some of the roles & responsibilities of a Power BI Developer.
    • They are responsible for developing operational reports.

      Need to build automated reports and dashboards with the help of Power BI.

      Understanding business requirements to set functional specifications for reporting applications.

      Should have experience in tools like Power Query, MDX, PowerBI, and DAX.

      Quickly shaping data into reporting and analytics solutions.

      Responsible for creating functional reporting.

      Should be aware of multidimensional database design, and relational database design.

  • Microsoft Power BI is a leading platform in terms of providing Business Intelligence. It has more than 115 million users and the count is continuously increasing. Furthermore, it is estimated that the power BI market is of more than $20 billion and can double by 2026.
  • Due to this huge demand, the careers in data analysis, business analysis, and business intelligence have been booming continuously. Learning this tool allows you to find jobs in pretty much any field because most companies need data professionals to help them make better-informed decisions. You can have a visit at Power BI Online Course in Qatar to learn the skills to become a Power BI developer.
  • Apart from these, here are some of the reasons why you should learn Power BI.
    • It is easy to share

      It is easy to use

      This is a incredibly powerful tool.

      This tool is easy to understand

      Provides multiple career opportunities.

      Work with leading companies

      Improves your employability and salary.

  • Power BI helps a business in creating deeper and helpful insights. Furthermore, it connects, combines, and analyzes your entire data to provide you a competitive advantage. Using this tool gives you access to real-time information and updates your dashboards in real-time. It helps in turning insights into action and connects with multiple data sources. Due to these benefits, many companies use this tool for business insights and look towards hiring professionals in it. Here are some of the top leading companies that hire skilled professionals in Power BI.
    • Accenture


      Hexaware Technologies

      Ernst & Young


      Dell International

      Wipro BPS



      Syngene International

      Infosys BPO

      HCL Technologies

  • Power BI is a tool by Microsoft, which has always been renowned for making world-class powerful commercial software. Power BI Certification provides you with hands-on experience generating new data models and optimizing the existing ones. Furthermore, Power BI Online Certification in Qatar also equips you with scales to create well-calculated tables and columns. Furthermore, it helps in managing custom reporting solutions, and builds hierarchies in an organization.
  • Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of getting certifications in Power BI.
    • Data Transformation Using Power BI Desktop

      Configure Reports, Dashboards, and Apps in the Power Service

      No memory and speed limitations

      Supports Advanced Data services

      No specialized technical support required

      Extracting business intelligence rapidly and accurately

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Microsoft Power BI Training

  • Power BI stands tall for users with its significant features like minimal license cost, easy to use operations and high-end product performance. Industry insights specify significant growth in Power BIusers and thus provides a greater number of jobs to the next generations. Microsoft being one among top software providers, with a vision to make this power BI to lead the business intelligence sector started updating with new features to attract more clients in the market.
  • In this program you will learn :
    • Introduction to Power BI

      Power BI Desktop

      Modelling with Power BI

      Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

      Modelling with Power BI

      Power BI Desktop Visualisations

      Introduction to Power BI Q&A and Data Insights

      Direct Connectivity

      BI and Azure ML Integrating Power

      Publishing and Sharing

      Refreshing Datasets

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  • Introduction to Power BI:
    • Overview of BI concepts

      Why we need BI

      Introduction to SSBI

      SSBI Tools

      Why Power BI

      What is Power BI

      Building Blocks of Power BI

      Getting started with Power BI Desktop

      Get Power BI Tools

      Introduction to Tools and Terminology

      Dashboard in Minutes

      Refreshing Power BI Service Data

      Interacting with your Dashboards

      Sharing Dashboards and Reports

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  • Power BI Desktop:
    • Power BI Desktop

      Extracting data from various sources

      Workspaces in Power BI

      Data Transformation

      Measures and Calculated Columns

      Query Editor

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  • Modelling with Power BI:
    • Introduction to Modelling

      Modelling Data

      Manage Data Relationship

      Optimize Data Models

      Cardinality and Cross Filtering

      Default Summarization & Sort by

      Creating Calculated Columns

      Creating Measures & Quick Measures

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  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX):
    • What is DAX

      Data Types in DAX

      Calculation Types

      Syntax, Functions, Context Options

      DAX Functions

      Date and Time

      Time Intelligence





      Text and Aggregate

      • Measures in DAX
        • ROW Context and Filter Context in DAX
          • Operators in DAX -Real-time Usage
            • Quick Measures in DAX -Auto validations
              • PowerPivot xVelocity & Vertipaq Store
                • In-Memory Processing: DAX Performance
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              • Modelling with Power BI:
                • Introduction to Modelling

                  Optimize Data Models

                  Setup and Manage Relationships

                  Cardinality and Cross Filtering

                  Default Summarization & Sort by

                  Creating Calculated Columns

                  Creating Measures & Quick Measures

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              • Power BI Desktop Visualisations:
                • How to use Visual in Power BI

                  What Are Custom Visuals

                  Creating Visualisations and Colour Formatting

                  Setting Sort Order

                  Scatter & Bubble Charts & Play Axis

                  Tooltips and Slicers, Timeline Slicers & Sync Slicers

                  Cross Filtering and Highlighting

                  Visual, Page and Report Level Filters

                  Drill Down/Up

                  Hierarchies and Reference/Constant Lines

                  Tables, Matrices & Conditional Formatting

                  KPI's, Cards & Gauges

                  Map Visualizations

                  Custom Visuals

                  Managing and Arranging

                  Drill through and Custom Report Themes

                  Grouping and Binning and Selection Pane, Bookmarks & Buttons

                  Data Binding and Power BI Report Server

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              • Introduction to Power BI Q&A and Data Insights:
                • Why Dashboard and Dashboard vs Reports

                  Creating Dashboards

                  Configuring a Dashboard: Dashboard Tiles, Pinning Tiles

                  Power BI Q&A

                  Quick Insights in Power BI

                  Power BI embedded and REST API

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              • Direct Connectivity:
                • Custom Data Gateways

                  Exploring live connections to data with Power BI

                  Connecting directly to SQL Azure, HD Spark, and SQL Server Analysis Services/ My SQL

                  Introduction to Power BI Development API

                  Excel with Power BI: Connect Excel to Power BI, Power BI Publisher for Excel

                  Content packs

                  Update content packs

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              • BI and Azure ML Integrating Power:
                • Extracting data out of Azure SQL using R

                  Using R, call the Azure ML web service and send it the unscored data

                  Writing the output of the Azure ML model back into SQL

                  read scored data into Power BI using R

                  Publishing the Power BI file to the Power BI service

                  Scheduling a refresh of the data using the Personal Gateway

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              • Publishing and Sharing:
                • Introduction andSharing Options Overview

                  Publish from Power BI Desktop and Publish to Web

                  Share Dashboard with Power BI Service

                  Workspaces and Apps (Power BI Pro) and Content Packs (Power BI Pro)

                  Print or Save as PDF and Row Level Security (Power BI Pro)

                  Export Data from a Visualization and Publishing for Mobile Apps

                  Export to PowerPoint and Sharing Options Summary

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              • Refreshing Datasets:
                • Understanding Data Refresh

                  Personal Gateway (Power BI Pro and 64-bit Windows)

                  Replacing a Dataset and Troubleshooting Refreshing

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              Power BI offers pre-built dashboards and reports for SaaS Solutions. In addition, it allows real-time dashboard updates and offers Secure and reliable connection to your data sources in the cloud or on-premises. Power BI facilitates fast deployment, hybrid configuration, and secure environment.

              DAX refers to a formula expression language called useful for various visualization tools like Power BI. It is also known as a functional language as it keeps the full code inside a function.

              • Power Query is a data mash up and transformation tool.
              • Power Pivot is a memory tabular data modeling tool.
              • Power View is a data visualization tool.
              • Power Map is a 3D geospatial data visualization tool.

              • PMO – Project Management Office
              • Business & Data Analyst
              • Developer & Database Administrator
              • IT Team, IT Professional
              • Consumer for End User Report
              • Data Scientist

              The Power BI Online Certification in Qatar exam lasts 90 minutes, and it costs $165. Furthermore it's available in several languages, such as English, Japanese, German, and Arabic.

              You should have proficiency or familiarity with data science, business intelligence, and data analytics. You should also be aware of data integration, data warehousing, modeling, along with presentation tactics and concepts.

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