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  • UI-UX has recently come out in the trend as more things are going online. Moreover, with the help of the Internet of Things, it is also adapting according to the needs of user experience. Moreover, both of the concepts emphasized putting user experience into design If we talk about UX design then it emphasizes human interaction. Resultantly, the demand for UI-UX training in Noida boosting up.
  • However, in the current scenario, many people emphasize the interaction of products & services and drastically improving it. You may get spent time handling digital & physical technologies throughout the organization. Moreover, it encompasses all forms of human interaction. Additionally, UI-UX Training Institute in Noida getting acceleration.

UI-UX Training in Noida


  • The main goal of the UI-UX course relates to offering adequate knowledge to the students in a user-centric way. But before enrolling in UI-UX Training institute in Noida it is important to look at the course curriculum:
    • Proper knowledge of user-centered technology.

      Learning out graphics, design, or screens.

      Handling out interface design.

      Managing out the corporate perspectives.

      Learning out simulation as well as prototyping techniques.

  • After completing the course at UI-UX training institute in Noida you can easily expect a salary in the range of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh. Moreover, with getting simultaneous experience in this domain your salary gets increased out to the range of Rs 15 lakh per annum.

  • As we all are aware of the fact that Nodejs comes in the list of mostly used technologies revolving across the organizational structure. But before enrolling in UI-UX training in Noida it is important to check out its prospects;
    • As UX designers gain experience it gets out common for expanding their responsibilities.

      It can eventually lead to managerial positions like the UX manager, UX director as well as creative director.

      To getting progress in the UX Career you have to maintain your skillsets and continue to polish them.

      Moreover, the UX designers for advanced professionals might mean continuing hands-on work as a UX designer.

      UX consultants work with a consultancy company. They work as a freelance consultant for growing their organizational prospects.

  • UI-UX get out of popularity due to its unique features related to the website. There is no better time of becoming a UX designer which is gaining out the global demand, and countless job openings. Before enrolling in the UI-UX training institute in Noida it is important to check out the reasons for its popularity:
    • As a UX designer, you get to solve real-world problems as well as the tiny day-to-day issues which are going on throughout the organization.

      When we hear out the concept of “UX Design” we get to think about business customers, communications as well as its handling.

      The same principles of UX design get related to maintaining the overall efficiency throughout the organization.

      One of the most appealing as well as unique aspects is the synergy between creativity & logic.

      It’s never too late for changing our careers with evolving of society with exciting features coming up. Moreover, there are many reasons for becoming a UX designer.

  • UX design embraces out both of the soft & hard skills. But there are some skills needed to consider for gaining organizational excellence. After completing our course UI-UX training institute in Noida it is important to follow out below-mentioned responsibilities in the organization:
    • Openness to new ideas as well as eye detail.

      Ability to mentor junior technologists for working independently.

      Willingness to understand the key collaboration.

      Participating in an agile team using modern tools.

      Solid grasp of fundamentals related to programming.

  • After completing the course from the UI-UX training institute in Noida you can easily get hired by TCS, Infosys, IBM, DELL, HP, etc. Moreover, many small organizations hire out Node.js developers.

  • After the completion of UI-UX training in Noida, you get out the 100% internationally recognized certificate which can get easily used for getting jobs in the future. The certificate gets provided in both PDF as well as physically.

Why should you learn UI-UX?

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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More Suitable for working professionals who cannot join in weekdays

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UI-UX Certification Training

  • Our UI/UX Design Course is great for people with absolutely no design experience or experienced designers who want to get up to speed quickly with mobile app design. We'll introduce you to the art of making beautiful apps. We'll explore key UI and UX concepts that are essential to building good looking and easy to use apps that are loved by users.
  • In this program you will learn:
    • HTML

      HTML 5

      CSS 2.0

      CSS 3.0



      Bootstrap Framework Latest Version (HTML, CSS, and JS Library)

      Research & Analysis

      UX Design Process / Law / Strategy / Improvement

      UX Projects

      Application and Tools

      Responsive Layouts


      UI Testing

      Project Work

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  • HTML
    • What is HTML

      What is a Web Browser

      What are Versions of HTML

      What can you Do with HTML

      HTML Development Environments

      Writing Code with a Text Editor

  • Review of HTML Elements
    • Rules of Syntax

      Making your Code Readable

      Building a Document

      Using Colors

      Adding Color to your Page

      Using Headings

      Using Paragraphs

      Aligning Block-Level Elements

  • Inserting Spaces and Line Breaks
    • Displaying Preformatted Text

      Formatting with Inline Elements

      Controlling Fonts

      Introducing List Elements

      Creating Unordered Lists

      Creating Ordered Lists

      Nesting Lists

  • What is an HTML Table
    • Building a Table

      Cell Padding and Cell Spacing

      Controlling Table and Cell Width

      Aligning a Table on the Page

      Aligning Tables and Text

      Aligning Table Data

      Spanning Columns and Rows

  • Creating a Hyperlink
    • Understanding and Using URLs

      Linking to a Web Document

      Linking to a Local Document

      Linking to Anchors

      Opening a New Browser Window

  • Image Formats
    • Inserting Inline Images

      Aligning Images

      Using Images to Anchor Links

      Sizing Images

      Using Transparent Images

      Using GIF Animation

  • Forms and Controls
    • Forms and Form Elements

      Form Actions, Form Methods, Form Design

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  • Introduction
    • Laying out a page with HTML5

      Page Structure

      New HTML5 Structural Tags

      Page Simplification

  • HTML 5 - How we got here
    • New Features of HTML5

      The HTML5 Semantic Element

      Current State of Browser Support

    • The section Tag

      The article Tag

      The header Tag

      The Footer Tag

    • Supported Media Types

      The audio Element

      The video Element

    • New Input Types

    • Autocomplete


    • Required






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  • CSS 2.0
    • Introduction of CSS

      CSS Syntax

      CSS Comments

      CSS Types

      • Inline
      • Internal
      • External

      CSS Selector

      • ID
      • Class
      • Attribute
      • Grouping
      • Universal

      CSS Color

      • RGB Value
      • Hex Value
      • Color Name


      • Background-color
      • Background-repeat
      • Background-attachement
      • Background position
      • Background-size
      • Background-image

      CSS Margin

      • Margin-top
      • Margin-bottom
      • Margin-left
      • Margin-Right

      CSS Padding

      • Padding -top
      • Padding -bottom
      • Padding -left
      • Padding –Right


      • Outline-style
      • Outline-color
      • Outline Width
      • Outline-Offset
      • Outline Shorthand Property

      CSS Height and Width

      CSS Display properties

      CSS Position Properties

      CSS Overflow

      CSS Float and Clear

      Pseudo Class and Element

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  • Introduction to CSS 3
    • Border


  • CSS Shadows
    • Text-shadow


  • Transitions
    • transition




  • 2D Transforms
    • transform

      matrix ()

      translate (x, y)

      scale (x, y)


      skew (x-angle, y-angle)

  • Animations
    • @keyframes





  • Selectors
    • CSS combinations

      Pseudo Elements

  • Gradients
    • Linear Gradients

      Radial Gradients

  • User Interface
    • resize



  • CSS Filters
    • Blur


  • Media Query
    • What is Responsive Web Design

      Intro to the Viewport

      The Viewport Tag

      Media Queries

      Tablet Styles

      Mobile Styles

      Making a Mobile Drop-down Menu

  • Web Fonts
    • @font-face






  • Flexbox
    • flex-grow










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  • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Syntax



  • Enabling in various browsers Popup Boxes
    • Alert



  • Variables
    • Variables

  • Operators
    • Arithmetic






  • Conditional Statements
    • If else

      if...else if...else

      nested if





      for Statement



  • Functions
    • User-defined Functions

      Function Syntax

      Function with Arguments

      Returning Values from Functions

      Built-in Functions

  • Events
    • Introduction



      Keyboard Events

      Form Events

      Document/Window Events

  • Built-in Objects
    • Number





      Reg exp use in form validation

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  • JQuery
    • Getting Started with jQuery

      Selecting Elements

      Manipulating the Page

      Traversing the DOM and Chaining

      Handling Events

      Enhancing with Animation Effects

      JQuery Hide/show

      jQuery toggle()

      jQuery Slide method

      jQuery Fade method

      jQuery stop()

      jQuery Callback and Chaining

      jQuery text(),html() and val()

      jQuery css()

      jQuery addClass(),removeClass(),toggleClass()

      jQuery Best Practices

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  • Introduction
    • Introduction of Bootstrap

      What needs for Bootstrap

      Our First Web Page

      What's Inside

      Scripts and Styles

      Bootstrap CDN Link


  • Layout with Bootstrap
    • Introduction

      Grid Layouts

      Simple Layout

      Fixed Grids

      Responsive Design

      Responsive Utilities


  • Everyday Bootstrap
    • Introduction





      Images and Icons


  • Bootstrap Component
    • Introductions

      Drop down Menu

      Buttons with Menus

      Tabs and Pill

      The Navbars



  • Bootstrap and JavaScript
    • Introduction

      More Buttons


      Tooltips and Popovers



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  • Introduction to User Experience
    • Design Thinking

      User Cantered Design Principle

      Role, Requirement & ROI

      Feature Prioritization

  • Research
    • User personas.

      creating scenarios.

      Empathy mapping

      What is Big Picture

  • Analysis
    • Competitor analysis

      User centred analysis

      Data analysis

      Heuristic analysis

      Human computer interaction

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  • UX Design Process / Law / Strategy / Improvement
    • Aesthetic Usability Effect

      Doherty Threshold

      Fitts’s Law

      Hick’s Law

      Jakob’s Law

      Law of Common Region

      Law of Prägnanz

      Law of Proximity

      Law of Similarity

      Law of Uniform Connectedness

      Miller’s Law

      Occam’s Razor

      Pareto Principle (80/20 ratio)

      Parkinson’s Law

      Peak-End Rule

      Postel’s Law

      Serial Position Effect

      Tesler’s Law

      Von Restorff Effect

      Zeigarnik Effect

      Hands-on Assignments and Quiz

      UX Improvement Process

      Understanding the Usability Test findings

      Applying the Usability Test feedback in

      Improving the design

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  • UX Projects
    • Web Projects

      Android and IOS


      POS System

      Interface and Product Design


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  • Adobe XD (Experience Design) (most))
    • Creating New Files & Designing on a Grid

      Adjusting the Layout for Tablets & Mobile Phones

      Importing & Cropping Photos

      Importing Vector Graphics, Color Swatches, Shadows, & More

      Character Styles

      Turning a Design into a Clickable Prototype

      Exporting Assets for Web: SVG, JPEG, & PNG

  • Invision (most)
    • Overview


      Exporting and importing element

  • Photoshop
    • Photoshop Tools

      Image Editing,


      Adding effects

      Layers concepts

      How to Create Web Templates

  • Illustrator
    • Illustrator tools

      Logo Creating

      Layers Concept



  • Zeplin
    • Creating projects

      Linked with Photoshop

      Importing and exporting assets

      Project Sharing with team

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  • Responsive Layouts
    • Understanding Responsive Behaviour

      12 Grid layout (1200px) For Large Screen Desktop.

      12 Grid layout (960px) For Medium Screen Desktop.

      12 Grid layout (768px) For Tablets & iPad.

      6 Grid layouts (100%) For Smartphones.

      Create responsive Layouts using CSS Media Query.

      Responsive Layouts Debug and Testing

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  • Angular
    • What is Angular

      Advantage of Angular

      Setup Angular Environment

      Angular 2 Vs 10


      What is MVC Architecture

      Angular Directives

      Angular Controllers

      Angular Form Validation

      Angular Filters

      Angular Module



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  • UI Testing
    • W3C Validations

      Cross Browser Testing

      Up to IE8 Testing

      UI Testing for Android and IOS Devices

      Android Remote USB Debugging

      Page Speed and Performance Testing

      User Experience Testing

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  • Project Work
    • Create Layout in Photoshop

      Start Designing the Website

      Manual testing Process to test your website

      Uploading website on server

      Project on web designing

      Project on UI Development

      Project on Bootstrap Framework

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  • Placement Guide
    • What is an Interview

      Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and Answers

      UI UX Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Attempt for UI/UX Global Certification Exam

      Start applying for Jobs

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UX is not going anyway it is just changing out characteristics.

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