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Top GCP Certification For Beginners To Consider In 2024

Start with Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification for beginners. Covers fundamental GCP skills and sets foundation for advanced tracks.

Top GCP Certification For Beginners To Consider In 2024

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Start with Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification for beginners. Covers fundamental GCP skills and sets foundation for advanced tracks.

Top GCP certification for beginners

Cloud computing, booming from $25 billion in 2010 to a projected $150 billion in 2021, is the fastest-growing tech sector. Cisco predicts 94% of global workloads will be on the cloud by 2021, while Gartner foresees a 33% surge in the global public cloud services market to $354 billion by 2022.

These stats highlight the pivotal role of cloud technology in our future. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with an 8.5% market share, offers top-tier cloud services. Google's range of Cloud Engineer Certifications, from entry to advanced levels, caters to diverse career paths.

Whether you're a student venturing into cloud computing or a seasoned professional honing your skills, GCP certifications provide a pathway to success. Explore the most sought-after GCP certification courses, their career implications, and strategies for achieving your professional goals in this guide.


Google Cloud for Students


  • U-M Google account holders can access the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Students in computer science-related disciplines may be eligible for education grants.
  • Students can register for a $300 free credit valid for 12 months. Afterward, they can utilize the free tier, requiring a credit card for continued usage.
  • Student-led projects are not included in the U-M enterprise agreement.

However, students contributing to faculty or staff-led projects are covered by the U-M enterprise agreement.


Why Pursue a Google Cloud Certification?


In today's IT landscape, certifications play a crucial role in showcasing skills and expertise. According to a 2019 report by Global Knowledge, 52% of IT organizations prioritize certified individuals, with 93% considering certification a key factor in hiring decisions. Here's why obtaining a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification can benefit you:

  1. Establish Credibility: GCP certification demonstrates your commitment to cloud computing and adherence to industry standards. It enhances your credibility in the eyes of employers and peers, showcasing your expertise as a cloud technologist.
  2. Gain Industry Recognition: Certification validates your expertise to employers and the professional community. It serves as proof of your proficiency in cloud computing, earning recognition for your achievements in the field.
  3. Propel Career Growth: In a competitive job market, certification sets you apart and enhances your career prospects. With advanced skills and recognized expertise, you become more desirable to employers, increasing opportunities for promotion and salary negotiation.
  4. Foster Personal Development: Combining a bachelor's degree with professional certification leads to higher earning potential and career advancement. Certification opens doors to lucrative opportunities and contributes to personal growth and professional success.


Are Google Cloud Certifications Worth It?


In today's cloud computing landscape, certifications are key for career advancement and personal growth. With Google Cloud being a leading provider, GCP certifications hold significant value.

According to Gartner, there's a shortage of cloud computing skills, which could delay cloud adoption by two years. Google Cloud Certifications aim to address this gap by focusing on native-cloud skills crucial for modernization.

Google offers various courses and tests for obtaining certifications, ranging from beginner-level associates to advanced professional certifications. With Google consistently recognized as a leader in cloud services, GCP certification has become a highly sought-after credential in the job market.

Glassdoor estimates that certified Google Cloud Platform Engineers earn between $160,000 and $175,000 annually. Whether you're new to cloud computing or a seasoned professional, earning a Google Cloud certification can boost your career prospects.

Statistics show that 80% of certified individuals receive job offers, with one in three receiving a raise or a higher-paying job. Additionally, 70% say GCP certifications have helped them grow in their careers.


GCP certification for Beginners - Top Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certifications Explained


Associate Certificates

  • Suitable for daily cloud operations like deployment and maintenance.
  • Cost: $125 (plus tax).
  • Associate Cloud Engineer: Focuses on setting up, configuring, and managing cloud solutions.
    • Recommended Experience: 6+ months with Google Cloud.

Professional Certificates

  • Designed for experienced cloud engineers.
  • Cost: $200 (plus tax).
  • Cloud Architect: Centers on designing, managing, and optimizing cloud solutions.
    • Recommended Experience: 3+ years, including 1+ year with GCP.
  • Cloud Developer: Concentrates on designing, building, and deploying cloud-native applications.
    • Recommended Experience: 3+ years, including 1+ year with GCP.
  • Data Engineer: Focuses on designing and operationalizing data processing systems.
    • Recommended Experience: 3+ years, including 1+ year with GCP.
  • DevOps Engineer: Covers optimizing service performance and implementing CI/CD pipelines.
    • Recommended Experience: 3+ years, including 1+ year with GCP.
  • Security Engineer: Concentrates on configuring access and ensuring data protection.
    • Recommended Experience: 3+ years, including 1+ year with GCP.
  • Network Engineer: Focuses on designing and implementing GCP networks.
    • Recommended Experience: 3+ years, including 1+ year with GCP.
  • Collaboration Engineer: Centers on planning and implementing Google Workspace authorization and access.
    • Recommended Experience: 3+ years, including 1+ year Google Workspace administration.

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Focuses on framing ML problems and developing ML models.
  • Recommended Experience: 3+ years, including 1+ year with GCP.

Recommended GCP Certification for Beginners

  • Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide: Covers GCP fundamentals and Big Data technologies.
  • Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform: Teaches designing, developing, and deploying applications on GCP.
  • Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification: Prepares for the Associate Cloud Engineer and Architect exams.

These courses provide essential knowledge and practice for aspiring Google Cloud professionals.

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Preparing for a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Exam


Google Cloud Platform Certification exams are tough, so it's important to prepare well.  Here are five steps to help you pass:

  1. Start with a Learning Path: Choose a course from Cloud Guru, Udemy, or Coursera to build foundational knowledge.
  2. Practice Sample Questions: Google provides sample questions to get familiar with exam formats and content.
  3. Review Exam Outlines: Check Google's exam outlines to understand the required learning objectives and identify any gaps.
  4. Take Practice Exams: Google offers practice exams for all certifications. Use them to assess your readiness.
  5. Study Weak Areas: After each practice exam, focus on topics where you didn't perform well. Research more and retake the practice exams.


  1. Are GCP Certifications Free?

No, there's a fee. Associate Certifications cost $125, while Professional Certifications cost $200.

  1. Do GCP Certifications Expire?

Yes, they're valid for two years unless stated otherwise. Recertification is required afterward.

  1. How to Verify GCP Certification for Beginners?

Google has a directory called Google Cloud Credential Holder Directory where certified individuals are listed.

  1. Which is Better, AWS or GCP?

It depends on your career goals. AWS has more job opportunities, but fewer people are certified in GCP, making you stand out more.

  1. Where should I learn skills for GCP cloud certification?

Croma Campus is a leading IT training industry to learn GCP certification skills either online or offline 

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