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How Many Types Of AWS Certification Are There And Their Cost?

This is the most trending and preferred course today and many candidates around the world are after this course as the pay is good and also you get professional certifi

How Many Types Of AWS Certification Are There And Their Cost?

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This is the most trending and preferred course today and many candidates around the world are after this course as the pay is good and also you get professional certification to provide your capabilities.

AWS Training

The cloud industry is the leading industry today. With the advent of digitalization and the growth of industrialization, the reach of the organizations has increased making it easy for the organizations to gather the required data. Let’s take a small example to help you understand it better. We all have seen websites and web applications that provide movies and tv show well that data is stored on the cloud and through it, we are able to quickly access our desired content.

What is Cloud Computing With AWS?

The cloud era is a recent technology that is showing huge growth as digitalization is affecting around. The AWS or amazon web service in it is offering various services counting around 175 and these services in all are helping the organizations to grow more and more. Well, today this career has opened up many doors and one can opt for the perfect certification with AWS Training Institute in Gurgaon providing its different levels of certification. Choosing the perfect one according to your need and experience is the primary task that you need to research on. So here we going to be discussing all the certification courses and learning benefits to help you select the best according to your respective domain. Let’s dive deep in and know the certifications and their cost.

Why Enroll for the AWS Certification?

As you know from above that AWS provides 175 cloud-based services that provide complete power to the organization to secure their database, maintain the storage, and much more. Being a leader in cloud services the Amazon today is successfully providing these unaffordable services to the organization helping them to be able to use them and control their business activity online. So, let's understand how learning it will help you to upgrade your career and also how important is certification in it.

1.)   You will be able to advance your skills to prove to the recruiter

With a valid certification, you will be able to prove your skills. With it, the employer will easily understand your worth and also will understand your proficiency in maintaining the work through the cloud services of AWS.

2.)   Open up various opportunities

after getting trained in AWS certification you will become eligible to perform any task related to it. it will validate your skills and will explain the potential you have and also tells the eagerness to learn to the recruiter.

3.)   Attain the global certification

As amazon is not just in limited countries but is all over the world, therefore, this certification will provide you wings to fly in any organization around the world to process and bring in the additional support required by them. This global certification will add up in your profile which automatically will prove your skills and performance.

4.)   Add up authorized professional in AWS in your Resume

The training in AWS is easy but learning and understanding this course is a bit difficult. Those who complete the training and get the certificate automatically gets their value increased. it provides a credential to your profile indicating your skills and techniques.

These are the benefits that prove that the certification in AWS can easily stabilize your career and boost your self-esteem. So, let’s now directly dive in to know the certification courses available for you to learn and its features.

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Here are the standard types of amazon certification you can get

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

This course is best for freshers. It provides complete basic knowledge to understand AWS Course Online architectural principles. From this certification, you will easily understand the cloud technology methods and roles and also provide basic knowledge to better understand the AWS domains.

For this course, you need to have minimum experience of AWS cloud experience and the certification cost around 10,000/-

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

It helps in gaining knowledge of designing and maintaining AWS based applications. With this certification, you will gain the skills related to development. Designing. And deploying a secure and cost-effective application. You will understand the AWS APIs, basic services architecture practices, and development of applications such as DynamoDB, SQS, SWS, SNS, CloudFormation.

To get enrollment in this course you need to have one year of experience in designing and maintaining the AWS application with complete knowledge in the programming languages. The certification cost for this course is 20,000/-

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

This certification helps you to learn complete control over the system administration and operation. With this, you will learn the method to send and receive data between AWS and data centers. Skills such as Managing, monitoring, maintaining, securing, and provisioning systems of AWS architecture.

This certification needs eligibility of having experience over the operating system such as Linux and Windows. The certification cost for this course is 20,000/-

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Cloud architecting space is a process that just not involve using the cloud space for storage and networking but also it uses it in schematic designing and project management. With this, you will understand the networking technologies, disaster recovery methods. With this, you will understand the deployment of the hybrid system on the data centers and AWS components

This certification requires knowledge and experience in designing the applications. The certification cost of this certification will be 16,000/-

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

It is the professional or higher version of the previous certification the work process involves the same processing but it also helps in calculating the demands of the organization and develop the architectural plan. You will understand the method of migrating complex application systems to AWS and be able to analyze the perfect service of AWS for the desired application. It also helps in getting the estimated cost and provide cost-saving optimization.

The course requires the certification in the AWS certified solution architect associate and also a minimum of two years of experience in designing and deploying the cloud architecture over AWS. The cost of this certification is 21,000/-

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

It is a DevOps engineer certification that focuses on the operating, building, and management of the AWS platform. the course explains the concepts of developers and modern CD methodologies along with technique.

The eligibility required for this course is based on the associate level certification and five years of relevant hands-on experience over it. the cost of this certification is 18,000/-

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty

If you are looking to upgrade your data analytics and designing big data solutions then this certification is for you. In this, you will learn to implement big data services with automated data analysis. You cover the services including Athena, Quick sight, recognition, and Kinesis.

The eligibility required to learn this certification claims minimum of two years of hands-on experience with AWS and managing and securing the big data.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

This AWS Certification totally concentrates upon the complex networking tasks with additional knowledge related to the design, development, and deployment of AWS solutions. You will be able to provide automation for network deployments and provide security and agreement to design and implementation.

AWS Certified Security – Specialty

Classification and data protection are the main the most necessary work that every organization needs to take care of. This certification will help you to manage teams for master security fundamentals. It provides core knowledge in topics related to encryption and protection, infrastructure security, and access management. Learning this will help you too understand the data encryption methods and will be able to secure the internet protocols and AWS mechanism.

The course needs eligibility of at least two years in AWS workloads along with its security protocols. And more than 4 years in designing and understanding security solutions.

Now that you know various certification courses that are available to learn from the AWS Training Institute in Noida. This is the most trending and preferred course today and many candidates around the world are after this course as the pay is good and also you get professional certification to provide your capabilities.

So, it is important to learn it from the proper institute so that you can gain hands-on experience from the real-time-based projects and assignments that will add up in your profile. In India, the average salary for the AWS certified professional falls around 15 to 20 lacs annually making it a high pay job.

So, it's time where you should start preparing for the best future ahead with the perfect AWS certification to grow your career more making it easy for you to get a job from the prestigious and fortunate organization around the world. For any other information that you seek, you can freely opt for the free demo classes as they will help you to understand the perfect certification that you needed.

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