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  • The Docker Course in Noida at Croma Campus is designed to fulfil the needs of both new learners and professionals interested in taking the Docker Training course. Before moving on to designing and deploying your own containerized apps, you'll learn about the history of containerization. Learn how to leverage different storage strategies, how to use Docker Compose to develop multi-container applications, and how to use Docker Swarm to manage container clusters. During this Instructor-led Docker Certification class, you will be working on real-world industrial use cases.
  • The fundamentals of installation and architecture, as well as a full evaluation of Docker's use cases and advanced features, will be covered in our Docker training in Noida. By grasping the fundamental ideas of Docker, you'll be able to understand how data can be containerized into a single or several containers. Learn how to work with Docker networks and how to use tools that make application deployment and continuous integration easier. By the end of the course, you will be able to instal and maintain container-based applications on the cloud after completing course from Docker training institute in Noida.

Docker Training in Noida


  • When you choose us for your Docker training in Noida, you will learn a range of concepts and skills that would help you become a certified professional.
    • You'll discover how to run containerized apps from existing images, deploy images to a cluster, and set up, maintain, and use the Docker platform.

      You will be able to pass the Docker Certified Associate certification test.

      This course covers Docker containerization, running containers, image generation, orchestration, and security best practises.

      Learn how to create a Dockerfile that will allow Docker to automatically build the image for you.

      Learn how to utilise Docker Compose to construct multi-container apps in greater depth.

      Acquire a detailed understanding of how to set up public and private repositories using Docker Hub.

  • Software Engineer salaries at Docker vary from $192,329 to $209,363 for a Senior Software Engineer. Docker employees rate the company's overall wage and benefit package 3.6/5. The highest-paying job at Docker is Senior Software Engineer, which pays $209,363 per year.
  • The lowest-paying job at Docker is Software Engineer, which pays $192,329 per year after completing course from Docker training institute in Noida. Your compensation will improve as you gain knowledge and skill after completing your Docker training in Noida.

  • Docker has been hailed as the next-generation virtualization technology. Thanks to companies like Netflix, Spotify, PayPal, and Uber, who adopt the containerization strategy, its popularity is on the rise.
  • Docker is popular among developers because it eliminates the need for them to worry about software conflicts on the workstation, they're delivering apps from. Docker provides a stable testing environment because everything is configured within the container.
  • Developers that work with Docker have a bright future ahead of them. Docker's popularity is skyrocketing. Technology is huge, and students are flocking to Docker training in Noida to become certified professionals. As new tools and technologies are developed, Docker approaches evolve. It's a big area that's growing fast. Docker is well-paid, but you must be a Docker master in order to work there. As a result, students are seeking Docker certification courses in order to obtain a well-paying career.
  • It has recently been colonised, and Docker is in high demand compared to other available jobs. In the field of software development, there are numerous career routes to choose from. Companies are now taking a programmatic approach to app security, Docker development, and Containerization automation, incorporating security into the early stages of the software development lifecycle.

  • Docker is a platform for developing, distributing, and running distributed applications that is free and open source. Docker Hub is a cloud service for sharing programmes and automating activities, whereas Docker Engine is a lightweight, portable runtime and packaging technology. Docker makes it simple to build software from components, which reduces friction between development, testing, and production environments.
  • Developers may use Docker to create any app in any language using any toolchain. Apps that have been "Dockerized" are totally portable and can run on a variety of platforms, including colleagues' OS X and Windows laptops, cloud-based QA servers, and so on.
  • Developers can get up and running quickly by starting with one of the 13,000+ apps available on Docker Hub. Docker manages and tracks changes and dependencies, allowing system managers to better understand how developers' projects operate. Docker Hub also allows developers to automate their build workflows and share artefacts with collaborators via public or private repositories.

  • Upon the completion of the Docker training in Noida, you will then need to perform a multitude of job roles and responsibilities at work. Let’s discuss a few of them.
    • Concentrate on growing product brands and small businesses.

      Product architecture and new feature development.

      It is necessary to implement and improve monitors and alarms.

      Create and maintain highly available systems with Kubernetes.

      CI/CD pipelines must be set up and maintained.

      Shifts on-call should be rotated.

      Implement an auto-scaling technique for our Kubernetes nodes.

  • You will be able to appear for interviews and get placed in renowned sectors after completing your Docker training in Noida. Google, TCS, IBM, Cognizant Technology, Accenture, and other major design organisations around the world are among the top employers.

  • You'll be able to quickly establish yourself as a worldwide sought-after embedded engineer expert and effortlessly outperform other applicants in interviews with our Docker certification training course. You may establish yourself as a skilled professional and boost your value in the cutthroat world by completing the Docker training in Noida. Our certification is recognised all around the world, allowing you to work from any location be it abroad.
  • Enroll in the top Docker training course and become a certified expert for a fraction of the cost.

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Docker Certification Training

  • Are you looking for the best Terraform course that may help you get a well-paid job If so, your search ends here! Croma Campus is a leading Terraform Course Institute that will help you to understand the concepts and terms of Terraform by offering you real-time understanding and exposure.
  • Course Objectives
    • Containerization Overview

      The Docker Engine

      Image Management & Registry

      Storage in Docker

      Orchestration in Docker

      Networking and Security

      Docker EE and Monitoring

      Docker with Kubernetes

      Docker with Microservices

      Placement Guide

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  • Containerization Overview
    • Containerization

      History of Containers

      Namespaces and C Groups

      Containers vs Virtual Machines

      Types of Containers

      Introduction to Docker

      Docker Architecture

      Container Lifecycle

      Docker CE vs Docker EE

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  • The Docker Engine
    • Docker Engine

      • Setting up Docker Engine
        • Upgrading Docker Engine

          Setting up logging drivers in Docker

          Configuring Logging Drivers

          Docker Terminology

          Port Binding

          Detached vs Foreground Mode

          Starting Containers in different modes

          Docker CLI Commands

          Docker Exec Commands

          Restart Policy in Docker

          Removing Containers

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      • Image Management & Registry
        • Docker-file

          Write a Docker-file to create an Image

          Docker-file Instructions

          Docker Registry

          Configuring Local Registry

          Build Context

          Docker Image Tags

          Setting up Docker Hub

          Removing Images from the Registry

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      • Storage in Docker
        • Docker Storage

          Types of Persistent Storage


          Bind Mounts

          TMPFs Mount

          Storage Drivers

          Device Mapper

          Docker Clean Up

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      • Orchestration in Docker
        • Docker Compose

          Deploy a Multi-container Application using Compose

          Docker Swarm

          Running Docker in Swarm mode

          Docker Service

          Deploying a Service in Swarm

          Service Placement

          Scale Services

          Rolling Update and Rollback

          Docker Stack

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      • Networking and Security
        • Docker Networking

          Network Drivers

          Bridge Network

          Overlay Network

          Host and Macvlan

          Docker Security

          Docker Content Trust

          Securing the Docker Daemon

          Create and use a User-defined Bridge Network

          Create and use an Overlay Network

          Use Host and Macvlan Network

          Configure Docker to use External DNS

          Signing images using DCT

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      • Docker EE and Monitoring
        • Docker Enterprise

          Universal Control Plane (UCP)

          UCP Architecture

          Access Control in UCP

          Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)

          Monitoring using Prometheus

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      • Docker with Kubernetes
        • Kubernetes Core Concepts

          Setup Kubernetes cluster using GKE

          Kubernetes Common Commands

          Pods - Deploy a Pod

          Deployments - Use a Deployment for pod management

          Labels, Selectors, and Annotations

          Services - Deploy different Services

          Persistent Volumes and Persistent Volume Claims

          Use Persistent Storage in Kubernetes

          Storage Classes

          Use Storage Classes

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      • Docker with Microservices
        • What are Microservices

          Understanding Microservices and Docket together

          Using Docker for Microservices

          Advantages of using Docker for Microservices

          Design Microservices Architecture with Docker Containers

          Extending the Architecture of a Microservices-Based App with Docker

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      • Placement Guide
        • Tips to clear an Interview

          Common Interview questions and answers

          Docker Interview Questions and Answers

          Resume Building Guide

          Career roadmap and certifications

          Attempt for related Global Certification Exam

          Start applying for Jobs

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      Croma Campus is one of the excellent Docker Training Institute in Noida that offers hands-on practical knowledge, practical implementation on live projects and will ensure the job with the help of Docker Training Courses, Croma Campus provides Docker Training by industrial experts, they have 8+ years working experience in top organization.

      Croma Campus associated with top organizations like HCL, Wipro, Dell, BirlaSoft, Tech Mahindra, TCS, IBM, etc. make us capable to place our students in top MNCs across the globe. Our training curriculum is approved by our placement partners.

      Croma Campus in Noida mentored more than 3000+ candidates with Docker Certification Training in Noida at a very reasonable fee. The course curriculum is customized as per the requirement of candidates/corporates. You will get study material in the form of E-Books, Online Videos, Certification Handbooks, Certification and 500 Interview Questions along with Project Source material.

      Croma Campus is a well-equipped Docker Training Institute in Noida. Candidates will implement the following concepts under the Docker : - Linear Regression with One Variable, Linear Algebra Review, Linear Regression with Multiple Variables, Octave/Matlab Tutorial, Logistic Regression, Regularization, Neural Networks: Representation, Neural Networks: Learning, Docker System Design, Support Vector Machines on real-time projects along with Docker Placement Training modules like aptitude test preparation etc.

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