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  • Scrum Alliance offers a certification called Certified Scrum Master. Certified Scrum Master is the most popular Scrum certification worldwide. By teaching you about the Scrum framework, principles, and values, our CSM training course in Delhi prepares you for the essential job of Scrum Master in a Scrum team. You'll be able to lead your team through Scrum's accountabilities, events, and artefacts as a Certified Scrum Master.
  • Croma Campus offers the best Certified ScrumMaster training course in Delhi also empowers you to successfully use the Scrum framework in the workplace, allowing you to steer any project in the proper path.
  • If you're just getting started with Agile and Scrum, Croma Campus’ Certified Scrum Master is a great place to start. Scrum Masters that have completed certified Scrum Master training are in higher demand and earn more money. In our Certified Scrum Master Workshop, which is the top CSM certification course in Delhi on the planet, you will learn a new method of leading teams. The role of a Scrum Master is both rewarding and satisfying. We believe in going above and beyond standard presentations by sharing our extensive and varied implementation experience. After registering for the course, you will immediately receive pre-reading study materials. It is advised that theory reading be completed before the Certified Scrum Master training course in Delhi so that participants may fully participate in all activities and discussions. Our CSM certification and exam session have a low CSM certification cost but a high value, making it a good value Scrum Workshop.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Training in Delhi


  • No matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, make sure you choose the best CSM certification training in Delhi and become a certified pro.
    • Understand the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum ideas and assist Scrum teams in efficiently implementing Scrum.

      Gain a thorough understanding of Scrum terms, principles, and the entire Scrum process.

      Recognize the various Scrum roles and the scope of the Scrum Master role in Scrum.

      Master important Scrum Master core competencies and safeguard the team against internal and external distractions.

      Describe how and why the Product Owner maintains product authority while collaborating with the Development Team and other stakeholders.

      Demonstrate how a Scrum Team will inspect and adapt at each Scrum event while increasing transparency.

  • In the United States, the maximum annual income for a CSM is 93,825 dollars. In the United States, the lowest annual compensation for a CSM is $24,622. You will find out more about the role, career path, and income trajectory of a CSM if you're thinking about becoming one or planning the next step in your career.
  • When you choose Croma Campus for your CSM training course in Delhi, you are likely to make Certified Scrum Masters can expect to make between $82,357 and $104,950 per year on average. Just keep in mind that if you're smart, you can enhance your income in a variety of ways. Based on 9 salaries, an entry-level Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) with less than 1 year of experience can expect to make an average total salary of 771,657 (including tips, bonus, and overtime pay). Based on 66 salaries, an early career Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) with 1-4 years of experience makes an average total salary of $801,697.

  • Professional Credibility - Having a qualified scrum professional in the team, particularly in new scrum teams, is extremely advantageous from a functional manager's perspective.
  • Expertise - Demonstrate your expertise with the CSM certification course in Delhi, as the certification displays your dedication to your field.
  • Salary Package - Most Certified Scrum Masters make much more than their non-certified counterparts, so expect more income for your work.
  • Job Search - Employers are always on the search for industry-specific expertise because it saves them money to train people. Get the Scrum Certification in Delhi to become the top choice of your potential employers.
  • Professional Development - Through CSM certification training in Delhi, you may advance your career by learning new skills and adopting an Agile mindset.

  • Why should you go for a CSM certification:
    • Scrum is used in 85 percent of the world's complex IT projects.

      With Scrum, 70% of professionals reported an increase in their work-life quality. The State of Scrum Report 2017-18 is the source for this information.

      CSM® Certification is preferred by 80% of Scrum Professionals. The State of Scrum Report 2017-18 is the source for this information.

  • If you're just getting started with Agile and Scrum, the Scrum Alliance's Certified Scrum Master is a great place to start. Scrum Masters that have completed certified Scrum Master training courses in Delhi are in higher demand and earn more money.

  • There are no prerequisites for our CSM certification course in Delhi, and it may be taken by beginners or experts who want to:
    • Advance their career in project management.

      Gain a deeper understanding of Scrum.

  • Our qualified CSTs provide training for both rookie and experienced professionals. However, you should have a basic understanding of how to apply Scrum in a real-world scenario to get the most out of the training.

  • Step 1: Sign up for Croma Campus in a quick and easy method.
  • Step 2: Attend the CSM training course in Delhi for two days and learn from Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs).
  • Step 3: After completing the course successfully, you will be sent a link to create login credentials.
  • Step 4: Using the link supplied by Scrum Alliance, create your login credentials.
  • Step 5: Using those credentials, take the 50 multiple-choice CSM test, which takes an hour.
  • Step 6: You must pass the CSM test with a minimum score of 74 percent after completing the CSM certification course in Delhi.
  • Step 7: You'll be prompted to accept a licensing agreement after completing the exam.
  • Step 8: You will receive the CSM designation as well as a two-year membership upon acceptance.

  • You may easily become a CSM pro after completing your CSM course in Delhi, regardless of whether you are a developer, product manager, business analyst, Scrum Masters, or Team Leads.
  • When you complete an advanced-level course, you will acquire the designations of A-CSM, CSP-SM, and CTC professionals. As a result, you'll be able to negotiate bigger pay packages.

  • The scrum master is the team member that is in charge of overseeing the process and nothing else. They are not involved in decision-making but instead serve as a compass for the team, guiding them through the scrum process with their knowledge and experience.
  • After the completion of your CSM training course in Delhi, you are likely to perform a multitude of job roles and responsibilities.
    • As needed, facilitate daily standups (or the daily scrum).

      Prevent over-commitment and scope creep on the team. Assist with the estimation and creation of subtasks.

      Make a list of areas where you can improve and action items for future sprints.

      Analyze burndown charts and other portfolio planning tools regularly to see what gets built.

      The scrum master assists the team by removing external bottlenecks and controlling internal roadblocks by improving processes and workflows.

      Assisting employees and stakeholders in gaining a better understanding of Scrum and empirical product development.

      Bringing about change that boosts the Scrum Team's productivity

      Collaborating with other Scrum Masters to improve Scrum's effectiveness in the organization

  • Organizations throughout the world have realized the value of having Certified Scrum Masters on project teams. A Certified Scrum Master can bring many advantages:
  • Job Essentials - Keeping up with industry trends and aiding your teams in delivering high-quality goods is always useful, given the rapid rate at which technology and businesses advance.
  • Filling Skill Gaps - You'll be able to spot talent shortages in teams across the board and design imaginative and agile solutions, enhancing the organization's total potential with a CSM training in Delhi.
  • Increased Involvement - By boosting the value of your communication with people higher up the corporate ladder, the skills obtained through the Certified Scrum Master certification course in Delhi will help you to participate in crucial decision-making processes.
  • Continuous Improvement - This course will show you how to use key motivators to urge yourself and your team to actively participate in creating an environment that fosters continuous deployment.

  • You'll be able to quickly establish yourself as a worldwide sought-after expert and easily outperform other applicants in interviews if you take our Certified Scrum Master course in Delhi. You may establish yourself as a skilled professional and boost your market value by completing the CMS training course in Delhi. Our accreditation is recognized throughout the world, allowing you to work from anywhere, including abroad.
  • As the usage of Scrum has spread around the world, Scrum Masters are becoming more in demand in fields other than IT, therefore enrolling in a Certified Scrum Master training institute in Delhi is worthwhile.
  • Enroll in the best Certified Scrum Master training institute in Delhi and earn a significant salary package.

Why should you learn CSM?

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Training

  • Want to stay ahead in your career and earn a huge salary package If so, your search ends here! Croma Campus offers the best Scrum Master online training course to give a detailed overview of Scrum and allows you to gain paramount potential.
    • General Knowledge

      Scrum Roles

      Scrum Meetings

      Scrum Artifacts

      Scaling Scrum

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  • General Knowledge
    • Agile Manifesto

      Scrum Foundations

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  • Scrum Roles
    • Overview


      Product Owner

      The Team

      Impact on Traditional Roles

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  • Scrum Meetings
    • Sprint Planning Meeting

      Daily Scrum Meeting

      Sprint Review Meeting

      Sprint Retrospective Meeting

      Release Planning Meeting

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  • Scrum Artifacts
    • Product Backlog

      Product Increment and the Definition of Done

      Sprint Backlog

      Burn down Charts

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  • Scaling Scrum
    • Working with Multiple Scrum Teams

      Working with Distributed Scrum Teams

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Validate your skills and knowledge by working on industry-based projects that includes significant real-time use cases.Gain hands-on expertize in Top IT skills and become industry-ready after completing our project works and assessments.Our projects are perfectly aligned with the modules given in the curriculum and they are picked up based on latest industry standards. Add some meaningful project works in your resume, get noticed by top industries and start earning huge salary lumps right away.
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Croma Campus is the leading CSM Training Institute in Delhi institute in the entire Delhi-NCR region. It provides effective training, and revamped curriculum as per the industry standards. Furthermore, after the training, you will also get plenty of placement opportunities to kickstart your career.

It is a challenging field since the professional has to look after a lot of roles and responsibilities. However, after CSM Training in Delhi, candidates learn a lot of skills such as removing external bottlenecks, enhancing productivity, and important tools that help in the day-to-day activities.

You will get multifarious options such as Live Online, Self-Placed, and Classroom for completing your CSM Training in Delhi.

It is much preferable to sign up for CSM certification for entry-level roles since it is much easier. If you select Croma Campus CSM Training Institute in Delhi, you can understand the concepts easily and expedite your learning process.

It provides placement help after every course. It also tunes your knowledge as per the industry standards in such a way that you will get trained to seek lucrative job openings yourself.

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