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  • MEAN is a legit free and open-source JavaScript software stack for developing dynamic websites and web applications respectively. It describes- "MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. Well, Mean Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon has been specifically designed for those who want to construct their career as programmers, and developers. By getting started with this course, you will learn about utilizing MongoDB with NodeJS and developing applications with NodeJS and Express, get an overview of coding, and Angular as well.
  • If you genuinely want to step into this field, and don't know where to start, then you must get in touch with us as we have been considered one of the best institutions offering Mean Stack Development Training in Gurgaon respectively. Along with imparting theoretical and practical information, we also assure you 100% placement. And, in fact, our past-out candidates have also got placed in well-established MNCs. So, getting related with us will help you obtain adequate information concerning this subject.

MEAN Stack Training in Gurgaon


  • Our Mean Stack Developer Course in Gurgaon will help you imbibe loads of skills that will help you in executing tasks smoothly.
  • Let’s now have a look at what you will end up learning post enrolling in our Mean Stack Training Institute in Gurgaon respectively.
    • In the beginning, you will know the basic information about this course.

      Further, you will receive sessions concerning Installing and setting up your MEAN development environment.

      You will also receive sessions regarding developing a MEAN Stack application.

      You will also get the opportunity to know how to create a new Angular 6 Project.

      Our trainers will also help you to utilize no demon to manager node server.

      Further, you will also accumulate information on how to create a JSON file and numerous HTTP methods.

      You will also know how to create a new Angular 6 Component, edit a Component, and create a MongoDB database.

      To be precise, you will accumulate information concerning every section.

  • People often get confused regarding its salary structure. But, it's truly one of the most decently paid fields. A skilled MEAN Developer earns hugely well post acquiring a certification of Mean Stack Training in Gurgaon in hand.
  • So, if you also want to construct your career in this field, it's better to obtain your skills beforehand, and then get associated with a well-known provider of MEAN Stack Developer course.
    • Right at the beginning of your career, you will earn around Rs. 5.5 Lakhs-Rs. 6.5 Lakhs annually. Well, this structure is quite decent for starters.

      Experienced candidates earn up to Rs. 12- Rs. 15.5 Lakhs a year.

      By acquiring more work experience, and skills, your salary structure will get better.

      You might get some international job offers as well.

  • A MEAN-Stack Developer is more likely to experience lots of new processes, and skills. Whereas its career growth is concerned, then it's evolving day by day. If you want to turn into a MEAN Stack Developer, opting for Mean Stack Course in Gurgaon will be a wise step for your career.
    • By having a licit certification of Mean Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon in hand, you will turn into a knowledgeable MEAN Stack Developer.

      Later, by obtaining more work experience in this field, you can turn into a Technical Lead or a Product Manager.

      Withholding a certified accreditation in hand, you will also be offered a higher salary package than other employees.

      Later, in your career, you can also turn into a freelancer, and earn even more additional income.

  • There are multi-faceted advantages of learning MEAN Stack. One of the highlighting benefits is its huge scope and increasing demand. By getting associated with a decent institution offering Mean Stack Development Training in Gurgaon, you will end up obtaining some valid reasons to get started with this course.
  • Other highlighting reasons are listed below.
    • You will obtain in-depth information concerning HTML and CSS.

      Your concepts regarding JavaScript will also get strengthened.

      Your information concerning MongoDB, AngularJS, NodeJS, and ExpressJS, will get uplifted.

      You will end up grabbing a higher salary package.

      You will come across lots of hidden and unknown facts regarding Mean Stack Developer Course in Gurgaon respectively.

  • A MEAN Stack Developer has to execute several tasks on a daily basis and to execute those tasks, you need to imbibe the necessary skills. And by joining Mean Stack Training Institute in Gurgaon, you will also get the chance to know about its roles and responsibilities in detail.
    • You will have to build test, and deploy fast and scalable web apps.

      You will also have to design and maintenance of fully functional large relational and non-relational databases respectively.

      You will also have to fix the errors and test your respective application/web.

      Moreover, you will also have to create features in applications that have a mobile responsive design.

      Developing interactive consumer data will also be counted as your main role.

  • In the present scenario, you will find various top-notch companies hiring skilled, and experienced MEAN Stack Developers. In a way, there's genuine space for skilled candidates as well. So, by obtaining Mean Stack Training in Gurgaon, you will surely end up getting into a decent organization.
  • Some of the well-known companies hiring MEAN Stack Developers are mentioned below.
    • IBM, Cognizant, HCL, TCS, etc. are some of the well-known companies hiring MEAN Stack Developers.

      Moreover, at Croma Campus, our trainers will thoroughly help you to pass the interview by suggesting some effective tips.

      You will get the opportunity to know some unknown and hidden facts about the Mean Stack Course in Gurgaon respectively.

      You will get the chance to enhance your personal skills.

  • Over the years, Croma Campus has been referred one of the best educational foundations offering a standard Mean Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon. It is so because it consists qualified trainers, and offers 100% placement.
    • Here, you will find courses belonging to numerous industries.

      You will also get the opportunity to know about advanced, and higher-level courses.

      Our trainers will thoroughly guide you to choose a proper certification as per your interest, and industry’s trends.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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More Suitable for working professionals who cannot join in weekdays

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MEAN Certification Training

  • MEAN is a popular open-source technology that helps to create cloud-based apps that are extensible and flexible. Croma Campus offers the best MEAN stack training course that would let you start your career as an expert full-stack developer.
    • Placement Guide

      Angular JS Course Content

      MongoDB – No SQL Database

      Node.JS: (Node.JS Coding Standards & Best Practices)

      Express JS – Web Application Framework

      Introduction to JavaScript Framework

      JavaScript with ECMAScript

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  • JavaScript with ECMAScript
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  • Introduction to JavaScript Framework
    • Exponentiation (**) (ECMA Script 2016)



      Default parameter values

      JavaScript Classes

      JavaScript Arrow Functions

      JavaScript const

      JavaScript let

      JavaScript let

      New Features in ES6

      Iterators and Iterables




      Static Properties and Methods




      Object Literal Improvements

      Template Literals

      Arrow Functions

      Spread and Rest Operators

      Block Scope, Let & Const

      A Word on Bable

      ES6 Module System

      What is ES6 (ECMAScript 6/JavaScript 6)

      History of JavaScript

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  • Application
    • Node and MongoDB Application

  • MongoDB
    • Documents Operations

      Collection Operations

      Database Creation, Drop

      Connecting Node and MongoDB

  • Scaling Application
    • Enter and Leave Animations

      Appear Animation

      Add a CSS File

      Install React CSS Transitions Group

  • Restful API
    • Other Components



      Root Component


      Create Files and Folders

      Install REDUX

  • Express Framework
    • Flux Props

      Flux Elements

      What is Flux

  • Web Modules
    • Create Components

      Add a Router

      Install a React Router

  • Utility Modules
    • What is Keys

      Using Keys

  • Global Objects
    • Using Refs

      What is Refs

  • File System
    • Child


  • Streams
    • Complex


  • Buffers
    • Lifecycle Methods

  • Event Emitter
    • Find Dom Node

      Force Update

      Set State

  • Event Loop
    • Validating Props

  • Call backs Concept
    • State and Props

      Using Props

      Default Props

  • Packager Manager (NPM)
    • Create a Module

      Searching Module

      Updating Module

      Using packages.json

      Attributes of packages.json

      Uninstalling Module

      Global vs Local Installation

      Installing Modules using NPM

  • REPL Terminal
    • Stopping REPL

      REPL Commands

      Starting REPL

      What is REPL

  • First Application
    • Creating a NodeJs Application

      Make a request to NodeJs Server

  • Environment Setup
    • Installation


      Download NodeJs

      Text Editor

      NodeJs Run Time

  • Node.JS: (Node.JS Coding Standards & Best Practices)
  • Introduction
    • Where to use

      Where not to use


      Who use Node


      About Node

      Execute Node



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  • Advanced Concepts of Express.JS
    • Debugging


      REST FUL API’s


      File Upload




      Form Data

      Static Files



      URL Building

      HTTP Methods






  • Express.JS Basics
    • Basic Application

      Environment Setup

      Introduction, Advantages

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  • Event Emitter
    • Force Update

      Set State

  • Methods
    • Skip ()

      Sort ()

      Limit ()

  • CRUD Documents
    • Query Documents

      Delete Documents

      Update Documents

      Insert Documents

  • Collection
    • Create Collection

      Drop Collection

  • Database
    • Drop Database

      Create Database

  • Environment Setup
    • MongoDB Datatypes

      MongoDB Data Model

      MongoDB Shell

      Install MongoDB

  • MongoDB Basics
    • Advantages over RDBMS

      History, Features

      No SQL Databases

      Introduction, Advantages

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  • Back-end services, HTTP Client
    • Setup installing the module

      Making a request for JSON data

      Type checking the response

      Error handling

      Sending data to the server

      Making a POST request

      Configuring other parts of the request

  • RxJs Primer
    • Schedulers





      Observable interface

      Why RxJs


  • Angular Routing with Guards
    • Prefetching Data for a Component using Resolve

      CanActivate and CanActivateChild Guards in Angular

      CanDeactivate Guard in Angular

      Introduction to Route Guards in Angular

      Path Match and Route Types

      Implementing Child Routes

      Abstracting the user link to a separate component

      Implementing Routing in an Angular App

  • Dependency Injections
    • Value



      Provider Types

      Registering the service with Ng Module using providers key

      Custom service development

      @Injectable decorator

      Why DI


  • Angular Forms
    • Resetting the value of a form

      Adding Asynchronous Custom Validations to your Reactive Form

      Adding Synchronous Custom Validations to your Reactive Form

      Form Array(s)

      Dynamically Adding or Removing Form Control (s) or Form Group (s) using

      Reactive form in Angular

      Types of Form in Angular

  • Angular Directive and Pipes
    • Pure and Impure Pipes in Angular

      Creating Custom Pipes in Angular

      Introduction to Pipes in Angular

      Using Built-in Pipes

      Building Custom Structural Directives

      Building Custom Attribute Directives

      Built in Attribute Directives

      Introduction to Directives

      Built in Structural Directives

  • Data binding
    • uses and examples

      Event binding

      Property binding

      two-way binding


  • Templates in Angular
    • Safe navigation operator

      Template reference variables

      @Input ()


      Attribute, class, and style bindings

      Template syntax

      Template expressions

      HTML basic syntax

  • Components in Angular
    • Angular Elements



      Component with Styles


      Component with templates


      Component configuration object

      Custom components

      @Component decorator


  • Angular Modules
    • feature module

      Root Module

      Built-in modules

      How to create modules

      Why modules

  • Angular building blocks
    • Angular Ivy


      Dependency injection




      Data binding



  • Angular CLI
    • Using the Angular Language Service with Microsoft VS Code

      Debugging Angular apps

      Working with Augury

      Adding support for external libraries using ng add

      Updating Angular apps using ng update

      Angular CLI

      Anatomy of the project

      Setting up a workspace

  • All about TypeScript
    • Decorators


      Introduction to Modules

      Import / Export

      Implementing interface

      Extending interface

      Optional properties and methods

      Strict structural contract

      Getters and setters

      Read-only & static

      Introduction to Interfaces

      Introduction to Classes


      Access modifiers

      Arrow functions

      Using types in functions

      Function as types

      Optional and default parameters

      Introduction to Functions


      Null and Undefined









      Type Annotations

      Type inference

      Introduction to Types

      Rest and Spread Parameters (ES6)

      De-structuring (ES6)

      Template Literals (ES6)

      Scoping using let and const Keywords (ES6)

      Different typescript versions

      Typescripts 3.8 for Angular 10

      IDE support

      Setup and installation

      What is Typescript

      Why Typescript


  • Angular Overview
    • Platform for Targeting Native Mobile not just Web Browsers

      Supported Browsers (Angular 10)


      Full-featured Framework


      Desktop Application class User Experience

      Productivity and Tooling

      Angular 10 vs Angular 9

      The leap from AngularJS to Angular

      What’s new in Angular 10

      History of Angular

  • Angular Advanced Features
    • Creating Libraries

      Angular Material Essentials

      Lazy Loading

      Customizing the Angular CLI using the Builder API

      Server Side Rendering with Angular Universal

      Working with Service Workers

      Building a Progressive Web App

  • Testing
    • Creating Libraries

      Angular Material Essentials

      Lazy Loading

      Customizing the Angular CLI using the Builder API

      Server Side Rendering with Angular Universal

      Working with Service Workers

      Building a Progressive Web App

  • Learn Deployment
    • Manually

      Using the Angular CLI with ahead-of-time (AOT) Compilation and

      Tree-Shaking (removing unused library code)

      Deployment Platforms for Angular Apps

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  • Placement Guide
    • Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      Angular Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Attempt for Angular Global Certification Exam

      Earn Credentials and Start applying for Jobs

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Croma Campus has become the best MEAN Stack Training Institute in Gurgaon as they offer an excellent learning experience to the students. In addition, they are present in this field for more than 10 years now shaping the future of many young aspirants. It ensures students get great career opportunities and understand the course.

Yes, Croma Campus provides placement assistance to the students. In addition, they will give students with regular updates on various job openings.

Croma Campus provides the best MEAN Stack Training in Gurgaon as they provide hands-on training and knowledge about the concepts. Moreover, they offer live industry projects and get trained by industry-based trainers having years of experience.

After completing the MEAN Stack Training, Croma Campus will provide you with a Mean Stack Certification as a course completion certificate.

Croma Campus provides aspirants with excellent education facilities making it the most popular MEAN Stack Training Institute in Gurgaon. It offers both online and offline mediums to choose from as per your requirements.

In India, a Mean Stack Developer makes around Rs. 15.5 Lakhs yearly.

To be honest, the scope of Mean Stack Development is quite excellent in India. It is one of the most popular frameworks based on JavaScript and holds the ability to develop dynamic web applications.

It's quite easy, and interesting to learn. And here, at Croma Campus, our trainers will thoroughly help you to understand each section of this course in a much better manner.

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