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  • MERN Stack refers to the collection of technologies that fosters faster development. It gets used out by development proceedings worldwide. If we talk about the main motive of the MERN stack then it deals with the activities using JavaScript. The technologies get all based on JavaScript nature. If we know the framework of JavaScript then it is important to know the backend, and frontend which get operated easily. Additionally, MERN Stack Online Training in India Boosted up.
  • MongoDB which is the base of MERN Stack gets designed for identifying JSON data. Database management assists in handling multifarious activities going throughout the organization. It comes out with the variant by taking out flexibility in the software proceedings. The seamless flow of data across the organizational network evaporates the need for multiple verticals. Resultantly, MERN Stack Developer Online Training in India getting speed.

MERN Stack Online Training


  • The main emphasis of MERN Stack is to equip the students with knowledge of JavaScript. With the new technologies getting speed in the stack, it helps out in maintaining a clear picture of the MERN Stack Developer Course Online Go throughout the below-mentioned details carefully:
    • Understanding the syntax, semantics as well as idioms.

      Getting exposure to different designs & components.

      Manipulating out DOM elements by JavaScript.

      Understanding the advantages as well as disadvantages of React.

      Getting out the work following proceedings.

  • After completing the MERN Stack developer Online Training in India you can easily get out the salary of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh per annum. Moreover, with a continuous experience, the salary expectations get to rise to the mark of Rs 15 lakh per annum.

  • Many IT (Information Technology) professionals get out the well-paid jobs for enjoying good career opportunities. MERN Stack comes out in the list of most scalable technologies going towards the organizational structure. Moreover, before pursuing our MERN Stack Developer Course Training it is important to look out for career prospects:
    • As a MERN Stack developer in the IT (Information Technology) domain the full-stack development process can easily scale up the realms of work ethics.

      You can easily become a full-stack developer for handling multiple business processes. There must be basic knowledge for understanding new needs.

      After having the basic skills in particular areas in the Full Stack MERN Development Course you can learn about the different sources of the internet.

      Moreover, the database handling & continuous training to the proceedings of the organization.

      For handing out multiple JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, and the others who went out to the new proceedings of the organization.

  • With the sudden passing of the development industry, it is important to get the best deals on technologies. Moreover, the MERN Stack Online Course helps out in increasing popularity. We are considering the main reasons behind this:
    • The flexible model helps out in ensuring the data centers with good consistency.

      It supports the slave application for maintaining consistency in organizational structure.

      The flexible model with powerful GUI (Graphical User Interface) & command moves out tools for new developers.

      It permits the fast exchange of clients & stakeholders for effectively moving out beyond networks.

      They use the technologies like ReactJS which facilitate effective consistency for making collaboration.

  • The MERN Stack helps out with technology-friendly operations which are going on throughout the organizational network. Before going through the MERN Stack Developer Course Training it is important to go through the job responsibilities:
    • Responsible for maintaining complex technical designs.

      Active involvement in the client's communication to maintain good interaction.

      Adhere to industry rules & regulations.

      Maintaining effective communication between customers & stakeholders.

      Learning analytical & logical skills.

  • After completing our MERN Stack Developer Course Online multiple organizations hire out the employees like TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). IBM, Infosys, etc. Additionally, there are many start-up and small-scale organizations which hire professionals specialized in MERN Stack.

  • After completing the MERN Stack Online Training in India you can get out a 100% internationally recognized certificate. It gets available in both print as well as digital form. Thus, you can easily get out of the job in an international organization due to the increasing prospect of MERN Stack Development.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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MERN Certification Training

  • Learn to create web apps with MERN stack is a JavaScript technology. It is a bundle of technologies that include MongoDB, Express JS, React JS and Node JS.
    • React.JS Course Content: (An Open-Source JavaScript library for Building User Interfaces)

      MongoDB – No SQL Database

      Express JS – Web Application Framework

      Node.JS: (Node.JS Coding Standards & Best Practices)

      JavaScript with ECMAScript

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  • Introduction to JavaScript Framework
    • Exponentiation (**) (ECMA Script 2016)



      Default parameter values

      JavaScript Classes

      JavaScript Arrow Functions

      JavaScript const

      JavaScript let

      New Features in ES6



      Iterators and Iterables


      Static Properties and Methods




      Object Literal Improvements

      Spread and Rest Operators

      Arrow Functions

      Template Literals

      Block Scope, Let & Const

      A Word on Bable

      ES6 Module System

      What is ES6 (ECMAScript 6/JavaScript 6)

      History of JavaScript

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  • Application
    • Node and MongoDB Application

  • MongoDB
    • Documents Operations

      Collection Operations

      Database Creation, Drop

      Connecting Node and MongoDB

  • Scaling Application
    • Enter and Leave Animations

      Appear Animation

      Add a CSS File

      Install React CSS Transitions Group

  • Restful API
    • Other Components

      Root Component




      Create Files and Folders

      Install REDUX

  • Express Framework
    • Flux Elements

      Flux Props

      What is Flux

  • Web Modules
    • Create Components

      Add a Router

      Install a React Router

  • Utility Modules
    • Using Keys

      What is Keys

  • Global Objects
    • Using Refs

      What is Refs

  • File System
    • Child


  • Streams
    • Complex


  • Buffers
    • Lifecycle Methods

  • Event Emitter
    • Find DOM Node

      Force Update

      Set State

  • Event Loop
    • Validating Props

  • Call backs Concept
    • State and Props

      Default Props

      Using Props

  • Packager Manager (NPM)
    • Create a Module

      Searching Module

      Updating Module

      Uninstalling Module

      Attributes of packages.json

      Using packages.json

      Global vs Local Installation

      Installing Modules using NPM

  • REPL Terminal
    • Stopping REPL

      REPL Commands

      Starting REPL

      What is REPL

  • First Application
    • Creating a NodeJs Application

      Make a request to NodeJs Server

  • Environment Setup
    • Executing


      Download NodeJs

      NodeJs Run Time

      Text Editor

  • Introduction
    • Where not to use

      Where to use


      Who use Node


      Execute Node

      About Node



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  • Advanced Concepts of Express.JS
    • Debugging


      REST FUL API’s



      File Upload



      Form Data

      Static Files



      URL Building


      HTTP Methods





  • Express.JS Basics
    • Basic Application

      Environment Setup

      Introduction, Advantages

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  • Methods
    • Limit ()

      Sort ()

      Skip ()

  • CRUD Documents
    • Query Documents

      Delete Documents

      Update Documents

      Insert Documents

  • Collection
    • Drop Collection

      Create Collection

  • Database
    • Drop Database

      Create Database

  • Environment Setup
    • MongoDB Datatypes

      MongoDB Data Model

      MongoDB Shell

      Install MongoDB

  • MongoDB Basics
    • Advantages over RDBMS

      No SQL Databases

      History, Features

      Introduction, Advantages

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  • Props Validation
    • Validating Props

  • Component API
    • Set State

      Force Update

      Find DOM Node

  • Props Overview
    • Using Props

      Default Props

      State and Props

  • State
    • What is State


  • Components
    • State full


  • JSX
    • Naming Convention



      Nested Elements


      JavaScript Expressions

      What is JSX

      Using JSX

  • Environment Setup
    • Running the Server

      JSX and Main.js


      Set Compiler, Server and Loaders

      Create the Files

      Add Dependencies and Plugins

      Install Global Packages

      Create of Root Folder

  • Introduction of React.JS
    • Limitations



      About React



  • Component Life Cycle
    • Lifecycle Methods

  • Forms
    • Simple


  • Events
    • Simple


  • Refs
    • What is Refs

      Using Refs

  • Keys
    • What are Keys

      Using Keys

  • Router
    • Install a React Router

      Add a Router

      Create Components

  • Flux Concept
    • What is Flux

      Flux Elements

      Flux Props

  • Using Flux and REDUX
    • Install REDUX

      Creating Components

      Working with States

      Composing Components


      Event Handlers



      Root Component

      Other Components

      Unit Testing – Tools, React, REDUX

  • Animations
    • Install React CSS Transitions Group

      Add a CSS File

      Appear Animation

      Enter and Leave Animations

  • Higher-Order Components
    • What is Higher-Order Component

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Though at Croma Campus, you will understand everything comprehensively and the expert faculties would clear your doubts comprehensively, you will understand the concepts much quicker if you have prior knowledge about CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

MERN Stack is primarily used in web development and application development in worldwide industries. Furthermore, it can also be efficiently utilized in Full Stack Development as well, and thus, it provides enormous job prospects.

The certification course is a massive boost to your career upgradation. Furthermore, Croma Campus also provides assistance as well. However, to get a job, it is imperative to rigorously study the curriculum, get industry knowledge, and invest more time in live projects.

You will receive a certification after the completion of the course, which will validate the skillsets you have learned in the course. It has a high value in the market, and it will massively aid in getting you the interview calls from the top recruiters that you need.

Croma Campus is a prominent institute for MERN Stack Online Training in India and its flexibility level is quite high. It will give you options of choosing from 4+ batches that Croma Campus teaches every month. Furthermore, you can also opt for the classroom or online batch depending upon your time constraints and comfort level.

It is highly efficient for maintaining the new development of applications.

Yes, with the growing demand for software technologies MERN Stack is best for the future.

Java belongs to the language as MERN Stack goes to the framework.

  • An ISO Certified.
  • One-to-one doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Professionalized guidance.

It is booming due to the essentialities in the software industry.

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