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  • Looking for the most up-to-date AWS developer associate training If that's the case, your quest is over! Croma Campus is a well-known institute that provides the best AWS Developer training. This course expands on the abilities taught in the AWS Technical Essentials course :
    • This Amazon Web Services SysOps Administrator course will prepare systems administrators to take the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator exam.

      You'll be prepared to take the associate-level AWS Certified SysOps Administrator exam, which is now accessible.

      We'll practise using and maintaining Amazon Web Services (AWS) systems.

      This Amazon Web Services course is completely compatible with the AWS Certified Architect Exam.

      The sessions will be led by industry specialists.

AWS Certified Developer - Associate


  • Ability to identify key features of AWS services and use the AWS service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs to write applications. Ability to apply a basic understanding of cloud-native applications to write code. Ability to author, maintain, and debug code modules on AWS :
    • Acquire the AWS Certified Developer Associate credential (DVA-C01)

      Use the appropriate AWS services for your future AWS projects.

      Fully automate the deployment of an application utilising Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CICD tools.

      Learn how to use AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, and Cognito to create serverless APIs.

      Use AWS CloudFormation to write infrastructure as code.

      Use AWS SQS, SNS, and Kinesis to implement messaging and integration patterns.

      Become an expert in EC2's CLI, SDK, and IAM security best practices.

      Using CloudWatch, X-Ray, and CloudTrail, you can monitor, trace, and audit your microservices.

      Use KMS, Encryption SDK, IAM Policies, and SSM to secure your entire AWS Cloud

  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate Salary Expectations :
    • According to ZipRecruiter, they make an average of US$154,156 each year in the United States.

      This amount might be anywhere from US$131,500 and US$208,000 per year.

      According to Glassdoor, AWS Cloud Architects in India earn roughly $1,128,117 per year.

      According to Glassdoor, their annual income in India is around 528,322. It starts at 200,000 dollars per year and can go up to 1,500,000 dollars per year.

  • AWS-certified developers are in high demand globally, so the short answer is a resounding yes! If you are already developing web and cloud-based applications, then AWS Developer – Associate is a great way to learn how AWS works and how you can align your applications :
    • This course is for software engineers who want to learn how to build cloud apps using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

      This certification gives code-level knowledge and comprehension of AWS application design, development, and maintenance to IT professionals.

      It is suggested that you have at least two years of hands-on experience provisioning and administering on AWS before attempting this certification.

      According to recent research, AWS-related skills are required for around 60% of cloud computing job posts.

  • AWS Developer Associate Training so Popular :
    • Individuals that hold AWS qualifications are among the highest-paid professionals.

      Furthermore, the global public cloud services industry is predicted to grow by 17.5 percent.

      Obtaining an AWS certification in 2021 will provide IT professionals with a secure career path.

      There is a lot of money to be made.

  • Using extremely advanced Amazon CloudWatch, build metrics and closely monitor the use of AWS resources on a large scale :
    • Another crucial task is to keep a backup of the materials. By use AWS services extensively, the administrator must backup AWS on-premise resources.

      Streamline resources and focus on resource tagging to better distribute expenses and manage budgeting, governance, and reporting.

      Amazon Web Services (AWS) includes Commercial Cloud Services (C2S). AWS Administrator is responsible for creating effective presentations that support C2S overviews.

      Creating and administering virtual private clouds (VPCs), URL proxies, and Bastion Hosts.

      Work with the NISP network team to finalise the network connections for the clients' VPCs.

      Keep a close eye on billing and devise cost-cutting solutions.

      To keep track of availability and determine the level of performance.

      To oversee the recovery process in the event of a calamity.

      Using the AWS application platform to maintain data integrity and access control.

  • Now that you have already explored the main reason to learn and the responsibilities that AWS Developer Associate here are the top organization and their needs that explain the reason to get trained in this certification :
    • You'll get the opportunity to attend job interviews and be placed in well-known industries.

      TCS, IBM, Cognizant Technology, Accenture, and other significant corporations around the world are continually looking for AWS developer associate certification training.

      We have a team of professionals who can assist you with CV writing and interview preparation.

      Look for a position in a reputable company with a competitive compensation plan.

  • The training certificates are the best way that helps you prove your skills and explains to the organization the reason to choose you. Here are some of the main advantages of a certificate from Croma Campus:
    • You can establish yourself as a skilled professional and boost your value in today's tech-dominated industry.

      You effortlessly outshine other candidates in interviews.

      Our certification is recognized all around the world.

      You have the freedom to work from anywhere.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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AWS Certified Developer - Associate

  • Overview
  • User Sign Up
  • Overview Amazon Management Console
  • Management Activity and Billing overview
  • Amazon Pricing
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  • An Overview of AWS
  • EC2- An overview
  • EBS- An Overview
  • Security Group-An Overview
  • Elastic IP- An overview
  • Cloud Front-An Overview
  • S3- An overview
  • Glacier- An overview
  • IAM An Overview
  • RDS- AN overview
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  • Launch Windows server 2012 Instance
  • Decrypt Password and download RDP shortcut client
  • Connect to the EC2 Windows 2012 instance
  • Terminate the Windows server 2012 Instance
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  • Creating Security Groups
  • Modify Security Groups
  • Delete Security Groups
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  • Create Standard Volume
  • Create and delete snapshots
  • Create Provisioned I/o Volume
  • Assign volumes to Windows server 2012 and Ubuntu 14.04 server
  • Disassociate and Delete volumes
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  • Launch Two Ubuntu EC2 Instances- apache web servers with user data
  • Edit HTML files to both the servers
  • Test your web Servers through internet
  • Create Elastic Load Balancer
  • Add both the Ubuntu servers to ELB
  • Test your Elastic Load Balancer
  • Delete your Elastic Load Balancer
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  • What is Route53
  • Route-53 demo integration with ELB you created
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  • AWS S3- Overview and pricing
  • Create Bucket and Folder
  • Upload, download, share and delete object
  • Delete Bucket
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  • Launch the EC2 Ubuntu cloud server
  • Using User-data of web-server
  • Validate user data is executed successfully
  • Fetch information about VM from metadata URL
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  • EC2- Advanced theory ec2 EBS vs instance store
  • EC2- Operations (Status checks)
  • EC2 Creating your own AMI
  • EC2 Launching instance using own AMI
  • EC2 copy snapshot across region and share across accounts
  • EBS Snapshot
  • EBS- creating volume using snapshot
  • EBS copy EBS snapshot across region and share across accounts
  • EBS - upgrade volume types
  • Security groups - create, edit and modify rules
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  • AWS elastic File System Overview and pricing
  • Create EFS share and mount to an ec2 instance
  • Store and retrieve from EFS
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  • AWS S3- Overview and pricing
  • Create Bucket and Folder
  • Upload, download, share and delete object
  • Delete Bucket
  • File Versioning (S3 version control)
  • Create a static website on s3
  • Create a server less webpage
  • Cross Region replication
  • CORS configuration
  • S3 Life cycle management
  • S3 security and encryption
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  • Cloud Front overview and pricing
  • Create an origin bucket for Cloud Front
  • Upload file to origin bucket
  • Create CDN distribution and use origin bucket
  • Access files through Cloud Front distribution
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  • Storage Gateway Overview and pricing
  • Snowball Overview and Pricing
  • Glacier Overview and pricing
  • Glacier Live demo by instructor using fast glacier client
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  • What is IAM A comprehensive introduction
  • AWS federation with Active directory- Theory only
  • Web Identity Federation - Theory Only
  • Security Token Service Theory only
  • Getting started with IAM
  • IAM user- groups
    • Creating a user and group

      Adding a user to the group

      Password policy setup for users

      Attaching policy to users

      Enabling dual /Multifactor authentication to the users

  • IAM roles (Hands on lab by students)
    • Creating a role

      Launching a EC2 instance using a S3 full access role

      Deleting a role

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  • Working with the AWS CLI
  • Launch instance with s3 and ec2 full access
  • Configure AWS cli client
  • Create a security group using cli
  • Create a key pair using cli
  • Launch an ec2 instance using cli
  • Stop an ec2 instance using cli
  • Terminate an ec2 instance using cli
  • Create an s3 bucket using cli
  • Upload and download an object from your local machine to s3 through cli
  • List buckets through cli
  • Delete buckets through cli
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  • AWS Database options: RDS and DynamoDB DB differences
  • Describe Amazon DynamoDB
  • DynamoDB Provisioned throughput
  • Sung web identity to connect to authenticate with DynamoDB - Overview
  • DynamoDB Indexes
  • Aspects of DynamoDB
  • Lab: Configure python SDK to access to DynamoDB
  • Create tables using python SDK
  • Put item in using SDK
  • Scan and Query API call using python SDK
  • Delete item using SDK
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  • Route 53 - routing options
  • Simple routing Hand-on lab
  • W eighted routing policy lab
  • latency based routing lab
  • Geolocation based routing lab
  • Failover routing lab
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  • What is VPC A comprehensive introduction
  • Networking bottlenecks
  • Understanding VPC configurations
    • VPC with single public subnet

      VPC with public and private subnet

      VPC Peering

      Access control List

  • Configuring VPC Instances (Hands on lab by students)
    • Creating a VPC


      Internet Gateway


      Configuring a NAT Gateway

      Creating security groups

      Launching instances in public and private subnets

  • NAT vs Bastions
  • VPC Flow Logs
  • VPC clean up
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  • Infrastructure as Code using Cloud Formation
  • Cloud formation Create a new stack
  • Create and deploy sample template in JSON format
  • Use existing templates and deploy
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  • Bash Scripting
  • Lambda
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  • Application deployment using AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Deploy java beanstalk environment
  • Deploy web application to environment
  • Terminate beanstalk environment
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  • Simple Notification Service (SNS) Overview and use case
  • Create SNS notification
  • Subscribe for notification
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  • Simple Queue Service (SQS) Overview and use case
  • Simple Workflow (SWF) - Overview and use case
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