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Why Should You Learn Python? Step By Step Guide

Python is an excellent tool to include in your toolbox as a programmer, data scientist, or software engineer. It has massive use across different industries with excell

Why Should You Learn Python? Step By Step Guide

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Python is an excellent tool to include in your toolbox as a programmer, data scientist, or software engineer. It has massive use across different industries with excellent job opportunities.

Python is a general-purpose skill and learning it provides you with numerous career opportunities and salary growth. In addition, there are numerous big and renowned companies that are looking towards hiring skilled professionals in Python. Along with this, the demand for Python Programming is increasing dramatically and learning it can be a beneficial choice for a career. This programming language comes with a wide range of libraries, packages, frameworks, and modules. It supports various testing frameworks and helps in debugging and speeding up workflows. Along with this, Python is a highly portable and extensible framework and it can be integrated with Java, .NET components, or C/C++ libraries. To further know about it, one can visit the Advanced Python Programming Course. Here are some of the necessary concepts you will learn in the Python training course.

·         Enrolling in the Python course will teach you how to leverage the power of Python to solve tasks.

·         Along with this, you will also learn how to build games and programs that use Python libraries.

·         You will be able to create a portfolio of Python-based projects you can share.

·         The Python course will teach you how to use Python professionally.

·         Along with this, you will also be able to create games with Python.

·         You will be able to learn advanced Python features such as the module.

·         The Python training will help you use object-oriented programming with classes.

·         Above all, you will be able to understand complex topics, like decorators.


Career Opportunities in Python


Python skills provide you with a secure and rewarding career path along with excellent growth potential. It is a great language to learn for those interested in coding and tackling diverse projects. Python is a thriving career choice in today's tech landscape and learning it can be highly beneficial for your career. There is a high demand for skilled professionals in Python due to the high versatility and readability of this language.

Numerous businesses all around different domains look towards hiring Python professionals. This job offers lucrative salaries and promising job positions in the company. Python development is rapidly evolving, offering great career growth opportunities for professional development and career advancement. Above all, it is a secure job opportunity as the demand for Python developers is expected to remain strong for years to come. Many institutes provide Python Online Classes and enroll in them to start a career in this domain. Here are some of the leading career opportunities you can explore after learning Python.


Introduction To Python:


·         Installation and Working with Python

·         Understanding Python variables

·         Python basic Operators

·         Understanding the Python blocks.


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Python Keyword and Identifiers


·         Python Comments, Multiline Comments.

·         Python Indentation

·         Understating the concepts of Operators

·         Arithmetic

·         Relational

·         Logical

·         Assignment

·         Membership

·         Identity


Introduction To Variables

·         Variables, expression conditions and function

·         Global and Local Variables in Python

·         Packing and Unpacking Arguments

·         Type Casting in Python

·         Byte objects vs. string in Python

·         Variable Scope


Python Data Type


·         Declaring and using Numeric data types

·         Using string data type and string operations

·         Understanding Non-numeric data types

·         Understanding the concept of Casting and Boolean.

·         Strings

·         List

·         Tuples

·         Dictionary

·         Sets


Control Structure & Flow

·         Statements – if, else, elif

·         How to use nested IF and Else in Python

·         Loops

·         Loops and Control Statements.

·         Jumping Statements – Break, Continue, pass

·         Looping techniques in Python

·         How to use the Range function in Loop?

·         Programs for printing Patterns in Python


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Python Date Time and Calendar


·         Day, Month, Year, Today, Weekday

·         IsoWeek day

·         Date Time

·         Time, Hour, Minute, Sec, Microsec

·         Time Delta and UTC

·         StrfTime, Now

·         Timestamp and Date Format

·         Month Calendar

·         Itermonthdates

·         Lots of Examples on Python Calendar

·         Create 12-month Calendar

·         Strftime

·         Strptime

·         Format Code list of Data, Time and Cal

·         Locale’s appropriate date and time




·         What is a List?

·         List Creation

·         List Length

·         List Append

·         List Insert

·         List Remove

·         List Append & Extend using “+” and Keyword

·         List Delete

·         List related Keyword in Python

·         List Revers

·         List Sorting

·         A list having Multiple Reference

·         String Split to create a List

·         List Indexing

·         List Slicing

·         List count and Looping

·         List Comprehension and Nested Comprehension


Python Exception Handling


·         Python Errors and Built-in-Exceptions

·         Exception handing Try, Except and Finally

·         Catching Exceptions in Python

·         Catching Specific Exception in Python

·         Raising Exception

·         Try and Finally


Python File Handling

·         Opening a File

·         Python File Modes

·         Closing File

·         Writing to a File

·         Reading from a File

·         Renaming and Deleting Files in Python

·         Python Directory and File Management

·         List Directories and Files

·         Making a New Directory

·         Changing Directory


Python Database Interaction


·         SQL Database connection using

·         Creating and searching tables

·         Reading and Storing config information on the database

·         Programming using database connections


Reading an excel


·         Working with Excel

·         Reading an Excel file using Python

·         Writing to an Excel sheet using Python

·         Python| Reading an Excel file

·         Python | Writing an Excel file

·         Adjusting Rows and Columns using Python

·         Arithmetic Operation in Excel file.

·         Play with Workbook, Sheets and Cells in Excel using Python

·         Creating and Removing Sheets

·         Formatting the Excel File Data

·         More examples of Python Function

Complete Understanding of OS Module of Python


·         Check Dirs. (exist or not)

·         How to split path and extension?

·         How to get user profile details?

·         Get the path of the Desktop, Documents, Downloads etc.

·         Handle the File System Organization using OS

·         How do you get any files and folder details using OS?


Data Analysis and Visualization


·         NumPy

·         NumPy Arrays

·         Creating an Array from a CSV

·         Operations an Array from a CSV

·         Operations with NumPy Arrays

·         Two-Dimensional Array




·         Working With Excel using Pandas

·         Reading an Excel & CSV file using Pandas

·         Writing to an excel sheet using Pandas

·         Adjusting Rows and Column using Pandas

·         Arithmetic Operation in Excel file using Pandas.

·         Play with Workbook, Sheets and Cells in Excel using Pandas

·         Creating and Removing Sheets using Pandas

·         Formatting the Excel File Data using Pandas




·         Bar Chart using Python MatPlotLib

·         Column Chart using Python MatPlotLib

·         Pie Chart using Python MatPlotLib

·         Area Chart using Python MatPlotLib

·         Scatter Plot Chart using Python MatPlotLib

·         Export the Chart as an Image

·         Create Charts as Image

·         Other Useful Properties of Charts.

·         Plotting Different Charts, Labels, and Labels Alignment etc.


Introduction to Seaborn


·         Introduction to Seaborn

·         Making a scatter plot with lists

·         Making a count plot with a list

·         Using Pandas with seaborn


Python Object Oriented Programming—Oops Concepts


·         Concept of Class, Object and Instances

·         Constructor, Class attributes and Destructors

·         Real time use of class in live projects

·         Inheritance, Overlapping and Overloading operators

·         Adding and retrieving dynamic attributes of classes

·         Programming using Oops support.




In conclusion, this Python course equips you with a robust understanding of the language's fundamentals, including data types, control flow, functions, and object-oriented programming principles. You'll gain practical experience in writing Python code for various applications, from basic scripts to more complex projects. Additionally, you'll explore key libraries and tools commonly used in Python development, such as NumPy, pandas, and matplotlib for data analysis and visualization. By completing this course, you'll be well-prepared to tackle real-world programming challenges and pursue further learning in Python development.

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