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Top 6 Data Science Certifications In 2021

To learn Data Science Training in Gurgaon as it is the perfect way to understand data science in the proper format along with the practical implementation of the indust

Top 6 Data Science Certifications In 2021

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To learn Data Science Training in Gurgaon as it is the perfect way to understand data science in the proper format along with the practical implementation of the industrial tools.

Data Science Training

The boom of technology is serving humankind most effectively. No doubt you are experiencing the same. Today the technology has driven so many effective results that it has become the best way to reach any individual or group of people within few seconds. This change has brought convenience and along with it has opened up many career opportunities for the aspirants who seek to develop their career in technology helping with the new development of the techniques, tools, software, and application to assist the customers. Here we are discussing the courses that today carry a lot of importance and help in getting perfect job opportunities.

Why Data Science?

Data is a source that helps the organization to understand the need for development and to implement the changes for success. Data is a complicated task and with the traditional method today it will take a lot of time to analyze and that’s where data science barges in. Data science is a technique to handle and store the data for further development. This technology has helped in bringing in faster methods to extract the relevant information from the data making it the utmost important technology that organizations are after.

How to Learn?

Today to learn and grow your career with this technology you need to learn Data Science Training in Gurgaon as it is the perfect way to understand data science in the proper format along with the practical implementation of the industrial tools. There is no doubt in saying that data science is currently the hottest career approach that one can gain to gain perfect job opportunities in your endless career path.

Well, Here Are the Top 6 Data Science Certification Programs:

  • Certified analytics professional
  • Google professional data engineer certification
  • Amazon AWS data analytics
  • SAS certified data scientist
  • Microsoft certified Azure data scientist associate
  • Croma Campus certified associate data analyst

Let’s know the features and the prerequisites needed for each certification

Certified Analytics Professional

It is first on the list as the reason behind it is that is the most preferred course with global recognition. The CAP is the best certification for the lucrative career opportunity.

Features of CAP:

  • Helps in showcasing the credibility with the enhanced skillset
  • Helps with business problem framing
  • Analyze the data and develop the models
  • Easily deploy the data and manage the lifecycle with proper methodology selection


  • Graduation with 5 years of professional analytic experience
  • Master degree with 3 years of experience

Google Professional Data Engineer Certification

The google cloud data engineer is an expert who can easily build the data drive solutions with the google cloud. As the organizations are engaged in collecting data to obtain more resources that skilled google cloud professionals help to extract the relevant solutions from the data.


  • Easily design and develop the data processing system
  • Helps in optimizing the results by operating with the data processing system
  • Work with machine learning models
  • Provide proper solutions to the data quality with knowledge handling the data


  • SQL
  • Data modeling
  • Python
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning

Amazon AWS Data Analytics

This tool is based on the AWS platform that is intended for those who seek to grow their career-focused upon data analytics helping with the designing, building, securing, and providing proper analytics solution from the data.


  • Collect store and manage the data effectively
  • Processing and analysis along with the visualization will be the skills
  • Will provide complete data security
  • Attain the eligibility to get a high salary and digital badge


  • Experience in working with the common data analytic tools
  • Hands-on experience over AWS platform
  • Good control over designing, securing and maintaining the analytics

SAS Certified Data Scientist

This course simply provides a complete understanding of data for those who know how to gain insights from big data and manipulate it. with the SAS one can grow these skills to implement over the machine learning models that can be deployed over the SAS environment.


  • Get knowledge to curate the data
  • Gain the skills to advance your analytics
  • Get exposure to working with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Learn to forecast and optimize with the data patterns
  • Explore big data with statistics along with visualized formats


  • Have working experience with SAS basics and data manipulation
  • Skilled to handle the SQL processing
  • Great command over the mathematics and statistics

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate-

This course basically concentrates upon the knowledge related to data science and machine learning that is focused upon machine learning workloads for the Azure platform. the Azure platform is from Microsoft and this course will help you to learn the use of the azure machine learning stack of cloud services using the data.


  • Will be able to build the azure machine learning workspace
  • Become the main entity to run experiments and train models
  • Will easily be able to optimize models
  • Understand the perfect way to consume and deploy the models


You just need to clear the azure exam - DP -100: designing and implementing a data science solution.

Croma Campus Certified Associate Data Analyst

This course module will help you to gain the skills related to the preparation, structuring, and analyzing the data with the help of the trained professionals from eminent organizations. The training will be based over the real time-based examples helping you to gain practical exposure to gain the skills.


  • Get flexibility in learning the course with online and offline methods
  • Attain the certificate of eligibility to work with the eminent organization
  • Dedicated mentors will assist you with every query during and after the course
  • Get the placement opportunities and interview training sessions

So, to start your training you can start with learning from the institute. In case you have questions related to Data Science Certification Cost 24999* with 18% GST you can register yourself for the data science demo sessions that are free sessions aimed to provide complete insights about the certification and to help the aspirant to gain a close insight into the course content and the corporate trainers who will assist you with each step of your training. the aspirants can also clear their doubts to choose the perfect certification based on their qualifications.

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