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SAP SD Certification Cost In India

SAP Sales and Distribution module is a key module of SAP ERP solutions, it is responsible for managing customer relationships from the start to the end of service.

SAP SD Certification Cost In India

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SAP Sales and Distribution module is a key module of SAP ERP solutions, it is responsible for managing customer relationships from the start to the end of service.

SAP SD Certification Cost


SAP ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system includes multiple modules. Every module looks after a specific business section of a company that works with SAP. These different modules can be Production Planning, Finance Accounting, Human Resources, Materials Management, etc. Further SAP SD or Sales and Distribution module is one crucial module of SAP ERP solution. To acquire more knowledge of this module, start with SAP SD Training in Noida. It looks after organizing all necessary information about customers and services. It mainly looks after shipping, selling, and the movement of goods and services. Look for an SAP SD Certification Cost in India and start your training now. Since most product-based organizations prefer to implement SAP SD solutions in their organization. This eventually becomes a great option to start your career. There is an increasing demand for such professionals who can efficiently implement this solution on behalf of the organization.

What is the Role of SAP SD in an Organization?

SAP SD is particularly made to implement the following business processes in an organization:

        Customer Master and Material Master data

        Sales Orders




        Credit Management

SAP ERP Sales and Distribution is a key component of the logistics module. It is responsible for assisting customers with issues relating to quotations, sales orders, and billing purposes. Additionally, it works in collaboration with other MM and PP modules. It even allows organizations to upgrade their sales price, and look after open orders and other forecasts. Moreover, it looks after every activity involving the movement of the product from the start till it reaches the customers. Actually, it is an intelligent solution that simplifies the transaction process in the organization. SAP SD Certification Cost is easily accessible for all individuals. The average cost of SAP MM Certification ranges from Rs. 30,000*  to Rs. 2,70,000* in India. Therefore, get a certification and mark your credibility in this domain.

Different SAP SD Modules

Sales & Distribution (SD) is one crucial module of SAP R/3 services. This module includes multiple sections: 

SAP-SD-MD (Master Data)

SAP SD user keeps master data that monitors each and every transaction happening within the data. The SD master data includes both customer and material data, with a record of price conditions, and necessary credit management. This module consists of processes involving order and cash.

SAP-SD-BF (Basic Functions)

Its basic function is to allow efficient processes of all basic functions in sales and distribution areas. These basic functions can include pricing, output, and more. The amount of pricing useful for a specific sale and the output resulting from the same and more. To grow in this field, get through an SAP SD Certification Cost in India and start your learning journey now.

SAP-SD-SLS (Sales)

SAP SD is responsible for handling the key details of every sale that is happening. Starting from recording the product to moving to customer details, pricing features, feedback, and other sales processes, everything is monitored in this module.

SAP-SD-SHP (Shipping)

Sales is always a key component of shipping and delivery. Product shipping and its delivery is the necessary requirement of the business. There can be various methods of shipping and this module monitors every product usage for each delivery. The complete process is monitored from shipping to delivery or even return back in this module. With SAP SD Training in Noida, you can better understand this flow of business.

SAP-SD-TBA (Transportation)

This component works together with the shipping module. The mode of transportation for every product differs in the medium. So, this module is responsible for keeping track of all transportation data.

SAP-SD-FTT (Foreign Trade)

This section helps a department in handling the data relating to foreign trade with both import and export products. This module is additionally useful for enterprises involving trade across countries. SAP SD Certification is a reasonable affair and anyone gets this dedication and raining.

SAP-SD-BIL (Billing)

Billing is a necessary part happening in any transaction. Consumers make the choice of payment according to their preferences. It can be through online media or even by cash on delivery. This specific module monitors all billing data in an accurate manner.

SAP-SD-CAS (Sales Support)

Starting from selling a product to further maintaining it for a process, customers regularly interact with the sales team. The data exchange that takes place between the sales team and customers while giving support for a product is monitored through this module.

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These are some components in SAP SD that offer effective process work within the sales and distribution area.

Below are some key areas that the above module monitors:

        Pre-sales actions, including Inquiry and Quotation creation.

        Sales Order processing, that is Sales Order (SO) creation.

        Shipping, consisting of outbound delivery document creation.

         Billing, monitoring both billing documents and invoice creation.

The key features of SD include:

Implementing business processes useful in selling, and further billing of goods and services.

Adds data flow to the rest different types of sap modules.


It can work with multiple languages. Conversion happening between currencies is indeed automatic and connects to SAP’s real-time database for operational use. SAP SD Certification cost in India is a minimal affair and is easy to obtain for all individuals.

Adaptable functionality: The R/3 feature further customizes the product by using the IMG function.

Pricing Flexibility: While working in SD, you can develop complex pricing schemes that are indeed dependent on customers, selling goods, special promotions, and more. Additionally, rebate processing options are usually sophisticated and comprehensive.

Simple Order Entry: Generally, the user enters some basic order details in one window. Now from this window, there is indeed simple access to all other levels of the order. 

Comprehensive Reporting: Additionally, the Sales Information System (SIS) enables data storing, consolidating, and reporting by users in multiple formats.

Allows effective batch processing of orders, necessary shipments, and other sales documents on the basis of order types, customers, or material.


SAP SD is indeed a useful field. If you are looking to make a career in this, then you certainly making the right decision. With a dedicated training process and under the guidance of professionals you can easily master this expertise. SAP SD Certification cost in India is a minimal affair and any individual can take it with any other thoughts. Since the market is in demand for these professionals, a career in this field will be a great decision. Hence, go through SAP course training and prepare yourselves to work on this platform.

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