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  • SQL Server Database refers to the relational database management system (RDBMS) which supports a wide range of IT (Information Technology) services. It helps out in increasing business intelligence as well as analytics applications in the corporate IT environments. However, it gets tied out with Transact-SQL in different environments. Resultantly, SQL Server Database Training in Gurgaon gaining continuously.
  • Learn SQL Server DBA program online and explore wider job options with tailored course content. Understand SQL to effectively use a server-side scripting language, transactions processes, data flow transformations, etc. You will get various hands-on assignments and projects to gain practical knowledge of different concepts. With the SQL Server Database Training Institute in Gurgaon, database administrators would know how to manage, store, retrieve, analyze or filter data more accurately without any errors.

SQL Server Database Training in Gurgaon


  • Our SQL Server Database training online begins with the introduction and basic concepts that are necessary to learn to start a career in SQL. Let’s discuss the course objectives of SQL Server Database Training in Gurgaon:
    • Building as well as managing SQL Server Databases.

      Retrieving as well as manipulating out SQL queries.

      Integrating out SQL Server with Dot Net.

      Replacing out data with multiple servers.

      Transforming out data over multiple servers.

  • Database organization is one of those fields where it pays to stick to it over a long course of years. The normal compensation for somebody with a Microsoft certification and ten years in a senior position in this industry is over $200,000. After completing the course from SQL Server Database Training Institute in Gurgaon Entry-level DBA Professional (0-2 years of experience) - $ 70,192 per year. Intermediate-level DBA Professional (2-5 years of experience) - $ 99,000 per year.

  • Being the most popular open-source database, the Microsoft SQL Server Database Training in Gurgaon will help your workforce to build a strong foundation and gain hands-on experience in understanding relational databases.
    • SQL refers to the fundamental data analysis job. We require out for exploratory regarding cleaning as well as maintaining data.

      It refers to getting deriving insights from data sources in achieving lesser-known facts for generating new proceedings.

      These professionals are responsible for writing out the queries as well as codes for the server-side. Moreover, they make sure that it is ready to make the server work 24*7.

      As data is quickly becoming one of the most prominent portions of growth for industrial growth. Moreover, the Dot Net Developers have a unique methodology in SQL.

      These professionals deal with huge volumes of data moreover, it helps out in drawing out new insights.

  • SQL means Structured Query Language, and this is a Microsoft product used to store or manages information within a database. In technical terms, SQL the best is an RDBMS "relational database management system" whose theory revolves around two terms – Relational Database and the Management System. After looking out SQL Server Database Training Institute in Gurgaon you get to know regards the popularity:
    • Microsoft SQL is really easy to install in comparison to the other databases. It provides user-friendly installations and comes up with a readable GUI (Graphical User Interface) with multiple instructions.

      With the continuous built-in performance and several encryption features that enable effective organizational performance.

      The SQL Server helps out in securing sophisticated encryption throughout the organizational structure.

      It can be done with the help of disabling outgrowth. Besides growing out with the technology scenario to the industrial networks.

      Moreover, it assists in restoring the data loss throughout the maintenance of log files as well as eliminating the risk.

  • With our SQL Server DBA certification course, you will learn skills and implement them in the workplace. Let’s discuss some of the job responsibilities after completing SQL Server Database Training in Gurgaon:
    • Strong understanding of the DBA resource proceedings.

      Performing out the DBA activities as the creation of schema & offering access.

      Helps out in fostering the engineering services.

      Able to adapt to new technologies.

      Easily work with multiple teams.

  • All the instructors are certified industry experts, who know what the companies are looking forward to in candidates for SQL DBA-related jobs. Let’s discuss the top hiring industries in SQL server databases. We help you in preparing for your interviews. Our SQL DBA course instructor will give you tips for your job interviews. After completing a course from SQL Server Database Training Institute in Gurgaon top hiring industries include Oracle, VMware, IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, etc.

  • Our SQL DBA certification course has been specially designed to help you clear the certification exam and gain credentials that are accepted worldwide. This will add more strength to your resume and let you bag higher salary packages.
  • We offer comprehensive training that let you learn skills from basic to advanced levels. You will work on different real-time projects and assignments. Our SQL Server training is well recognized in top MNCs like Cisco, IBM, Infosys, Sony, TCS, etc. At the end of your course, you will be awarded a course completion of SQL Server Database Training in Gurgaon.

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Microsoft SQL Server DBA Training

  • MS SQL Server DBA is normally referring to a specific job role as an IT professional who handles Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases, MySQL, IBM DB2 respectively. In fact, this specific accreditation will help you to know what you will have to indulge in.
    • SQL Server 2017 Overview

      Starting with SQL Server 2019

      Installing and Configuring

      Working with Databases

      Security in SQL Server

      Data Backups and Restoration

      Pivoting and Grouping Sets

      High Availability and Log Shipping

      Introduction to Always-On and Replication

      Clustering SQL Server

      Automate Administrative Tasks

      Advanced Administration Concepts

      Placement Guide

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  • SQL Server 2017 Overview
    • Overview of SQL Server 2017

      Functionality across versions

      Release of latest SQL version 2019

      SQL Server Performance, Scalability, and Availability in 2017

      SQL Server Data Access and SQL graphs in 2017

      SQL Server Reporting and BI Services in 2017

      New and Enhanced Features in SQL Server Analysis Services

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  • Starting with SQL Server 2019
    • Responsibilities of Database Administrator

      Types of DBA’s

      History of SQL Server – Versions

      What’s new in SQL Server 2019 for Administrators

      Editions of SQL Server

      Differences between Enterprise and Standard Editions

      Requirements, Hardware, Software

      Instances & its advantages

      Types, Default Instance, Named Instances

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  • Installing and Configuring
    • Installing SQL Server 2019

      Pre –Installation Steps


      Viewing the Installation process with Log files

      Common issues

      Adding or removing components

      Installing Service Packs


      Configuration of Various Services

      Startup Parameters

      Configuring data files and log file paths

      Memory Configuration

      Remote Connections

      Configuring network protocols, Ports

      Configuring Services

      Configuring default backup folder.

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  • Working with Databases
    • Working with Databases

      System Defined databases

      Moving System Databases

      Handling Temp DB database

      Database Architecture

      Data Files

      Log Files

      File groups


      Pages –Types

      Page Architecture

      Tracking Free Space

      Log file full – How to troubleshoot.

      Creating Databases

      Adding files, File groups

      SQL Server Architecture

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  • Security in SQL Server
    • Security Enhancements

      Types of Authentications.

      Windows Authentication

      Creating logins from windows users and groups

      Orphan logins

      SQL Server Authentication

      Creating SQL logins and testing logins

      Setting Authentication Mode

      Security Auditing

      Understanding Server roles

      Working with users

      Resolving Orphan users

      Understanding database roles

      Understanding permissions

      Major Issues

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  • Data Backups and Restoration
    • Recovery Models Setting

      Full, Bulk Logged, Simple

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  • Pivoting and Grouping Sets
    • Database Backups

      Why we need backups

      Backup Types Copy-Only, Mirrored and Tail log backups

      Full and Differential

      Transaction Log

      File or File group

      Backup Devices

      Performing Restoration

      Backup System Databases

      Point-in-time Recovery

      Viewing complete details of the backup process

      Issues related to backups

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  • High Availability and Log Shipping
    • Working with Log Shipping

      Features, Jobs

      Requirements to implement Log Shipping

      Configuring Log Shipping

      Monitoring Log Shipping

      Manually performing Fail Over

      Transferring Logins

      Log Shipping tables and stored procedures

      Handling Issues

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  • Always-ON
    • HADR Internals & advantages

      Setting up HADR

      Adding a DB to the AG

      Patching in Always on

      Adding a Replica in AG

      Setting up Listener & read-only Replicas in AG

      Troubleshooting & maintenance

  • Replication
    • Replication and Advantages

      Replication Entities

      Replication Architecture

      Replication Agents

      Types of Replications

      Configuring Replication

      Snapshot Replication

      Transactional Replication

      Merge Replication

      Peer to Peer replication

      Managing Replication

      Monitoring and Tuning Replication

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  • Clustering SQL Server
    • Overview of Windows Clustering


      Installation and configuration of SQL Server Clustering

      Applying Service packs and fixes

      Moving groups

      Adding node on a SQL Server Failover Cluster

      Troubleshooting Cluster issues.

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  • Automate Administrative Tasks
    • Maintenance Plans

      Working with Database Mail Configuring

      Mail Architecture

      Configuring Profiles and Accounts

      Sending Mails

      Implementing Automation

      Configuring SQL Server Agent

      Creating Operators, Alerts, Jobs

      Managing jobs and resolving errors

      Monitoring Jobs

      Auto alert when jobs are enabled, disabled, or failed

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  • Advanced Administration Concepts
    • Database indexes understanding

      Checking index defragmentation & Maintenance

      Database Health Check

      Understanding SQL Server Profiler

      Creating & Running Traces

      Understanding Extended Events

      Creating & configuring Extended Events

      Monitoring Tools

      System Monitor

      SQL Server Profiler

      Database Engine Tuning Advisor

      Dynamic Management Views

      SQL Server and Windows Error Logs

      Troubleshooting Locks

      Physical Server Performance

      Connectivity to SQL Server

      Database Performance

      Dead Locks

      Transaction Isolation Levels

      Understanding Blocking

      Terminating Processes

      Using the DAC

      Managing Databases

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  • Placement Guide
    • Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      MS SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Attempt for the related Global Certification Exam

      Earn Credentials and Start applying for Jobs

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  • Master Database.
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  • TempDB Database.

  • It helps in increasing efficiency.
  • Assist in data analysis.
  • Moving out the organizational potential.

The key constraint helps out in the identification of new records in a table.

An index helps out in building new columns in the table as well as the view.

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