• Full Stack in technology describes a whole set of software products and technologies utilized to establish a platform for applications. This includes components such as the operating system, database software, etc. Presently, it is one of the most highly popular frameworks because it offers an assemblage of tools, technologies, and exceptional features respectively.
  • If you wish to know about this course in a much more detailed manner, associating with Croma Campus will help you in analyzing this subject in a much easier manner. We have also been considered one of the best PHP Full Stack Developer Training Institute in Gurgaon, by our past candidates. So, getting in touch with us will allow you to come across some of the latest information regarding this course, along with having placement assistance as well.

PHP Full Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon


  • Our PHP Full Stack Training in Gurgaon will assist you imbibing lots of skills that will help you in executing tasks smoothly.
  • Let's have a look at the course objectives in a more detailed way.
    • At the initial level of the course, you will receive the basic information concerning this subject.

      Furthermore, you will receive sessions regarding setting up the environment and web basics.

      Under Web Basics, you will come across various sections and sub-sections like-'What is Protocol, TCP/IP Protocol, DNS, HTTP (how it works), etc.

      Our qualified trainers will also help you know about HTML 5, Intermediate HTML 5, Introduction to CSS3, Intermediate CSS3, HTML 5+ CSS3 Projects, JavaScript, and its syntax.

  • By getting started with our PHP Full Stack Developer course, you will end up knowing how to build websites, and imbibe in-depth information concerning Source Code and Projects respectively.

  • Whereas salary structure is concerned, a skilled PHP Full-Stack Developer earns quite well. Moreover, if you want to have an impressive salary package, you must prepare yourself enough by grasping its skills and overview beforehand. To know the accurate salary structure, you must approach a PHP Full Stack Developer Training Institute in Gurgaon from a well-known institution having an experienced faculty as well.
    • In the beginning, you will make around Rs. 2- Rs. 3.5 Lakhs a year.

      Later on, your salary package will get an increase, and you will end up making more than Rs. 15.5 Lakhs annually.

      By acquiring a prestigious accreditation of PHP Full Stack Developer in hand, you will get offers from some well-established big sized companies.

  • Well, there's no doubt that PHP-Full Stack Development has a vibrant scope ahead. In the IT domain, PHP-Full Stack Developers are hugely in demand, so obtaining a certification of PHP Full Stack Developer Course in Gurgaon will be beneficial for your career in various ways.
    • Getting started with the PHP Full Stack Development Course in Gurgaon will eventually help you imbibe quite an impressive salary structure in comparison to other technologies.

      You will come across ample job opportunities.

      Our PHP Full Stack Training Institute in Gurgaon will consecutively assist you in establishing yourself as a certified professional.

      Knowing this technology deeply will help you acquire a higher position in the workplace.

  • As discussed earlier, there are various reasons to get started with PHP Full Stack Web Developer Training in Gurgaon, one of the highlighting ones is its huge demand, exceptional features, and functionalities respectively. So, if you are anytime planning to step in this direction, enrolling in the PHP Full Stack Developer Course in Gurgaon is a must. This way, you will get the chance to know this technology right from the basics.
  • Some of the few reasons are mentioned below.
    • Your basic information concerning PHP Full Stack Training in Gurgaon will get strengthened.

      Your salary package will expand.

      You will never sit idle.

      You will turn into an expert and acquire skills in the development of applications.

      By obtaining a proper certification of PHP Full Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon, you will end up receiving international job opportunities.

  • To be honest, a PHP Full-Stack Developer has to execute a lot of tasks. If you also want to turn into a skilled PHP-Full Stack Developer, enrolling PHP Full Stack Development Course in Gurgaon will surely assist you to know each of its sides, advantages, and roles in a detailed manner. Yes, this way, you will get the chance to examine the PHP Full Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon deeply, and with instances.
  • Here are a few roles you should know that will assist you to examine the basic role of a PHP Full Stack Developer:
    • Firstly, you will have to build front-end website architecture.

      Further, you will also have to design user interactions on web pages.

      Building back-end website applications will also be counted among your main job role.

      You will also have to indulge in creating servers and databases for functionality, and assuring cross-platform optimization for mobile phones.

      Your main role will also consist designing and developing APIs, and fulfilling both technical and consumer needs respectively.

  • If you want to know more about the roles and responsibilities of this designation, getting associated with a decent PHP Full Stack Training in Gurgaon will assist you examine and know the main roles. Moreover, you will end up learning some necessary skills related to this field as well.

  • Presently, you will find various organizations hiring skilled PHP-Full Stack Developers. If you also want to get placed just post the completion of PHP Full Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon, you should immediately get in touch with us, as we will help you get placed in big-sized established companies.
  • Well, some of the leading companies that are hiring skilled Full Stack Developers are as follows:
    • Cognizant, Michael Page, Looper Development Services, etc. are some of the well-known organizations hiring skilled Full-Stack Developers.

      Moreover, at Croma Campus, our trainers will thoroughly help you to pass the interview by suggesting some effective tips.

      You will get the chance to the opportunity some unknown and hidden facts about the PHP Full Stack Web Developer Training in Gurgaon.

      You will get the chance to enhance your communication skills.

  • Over the years, Croma Campus has been considered one of the best PHP Full Stack Training Institute in Gurgaon. It is so because it comprises qualified trainers, and offers 100% placement.
    • Here, you will find courses belonging to various industries.

      You will also get the chance to know about advanced, and higher-level courses.

      Our trainers will thoroughly guide you to choose a proper certification as per your interest, and industry’s trends.

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PHP Full Stack Developer Training

  • PHP is one of the best programming languages used worldwide and helps to create dynamic web apps with ease. Croma Campus offers the best PHP training to students so they can learn everything from fundamental to advanced level.
    • PHP Fundamentals

      Arrays and Functions in PHP

      MySql Database

      Object Oriented PHP

      File Handling & State Management

      Advanced PHP Techniques

      Developing A Dynamic Web Application

      Framework: Laravel

      Framework: CodeIgniter

      WordPress development

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  • PHP language building blocks
    • Dene PHP

      Installation of PHP

      PHP delimiters

      Variable initialization with PHP

      PHP Data types

      PHP Constants

      PHP Operators

  • Conditional Statements
    • If else

      If else if else

      Nested If

      Switch Case

      Jump Statements (Break, Continue, Exit)

  • Looping (Iteration)
    • For loop

      While loop

      Do While Loop

      Nested Loop

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  • Introducing Array
    • Index based arrays

      Associative Array

      Multi-Dimensional Array

  • Manipulation User Input
    • Presenting the user with input

      Retrieving form data with $POST$_GET and $_ REQUEST

      Preserving Data in Form inputs

  • Function
    • Introducing Functions

      Dene functions

      Using parameters

      Returning values

      Call by Value & Call By reference

      Reusing Codes

      Array, String, Math, Date functions

      Super Global Array Variables

      Deleting Cookies

      Implementing Query String

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  • MySql Database
    • Relational Database Concept and technology

      Web Database Design

      Web Database Architecture

      Creating a MySQL Database

      Creating Database

      Tables Column

      Data Types

      Implementing Insert/Delete/Update and select

      Query Aggregate


      Having and Group by Clause Joining Table

      Implementing Primary key, Unique Key, Composite key, foreign key, default constraint

      Joining Table

      Dropping Tables and Databases

      Introduction to Phpmyadmin

      Database Connection

      My SQL Connectivity

      Procedural Connectivity

      Object Oriented Connectivity

      PDO Connectivity

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  • Object oriented concepts
    • Classes, objects and operations

      Class attributes

      Access Modier Constructor & Destructor

      Inheritance Static method Type

      Hinting Object

      Cloning Abstract class

      Final keyword Inheritance

  • Libraries
    • Introduction

      How to load Library

      How to override other Libraries

  • Database
    • Introduction

      How to Congure

      Active Records and Query Builder

      CRUDS operation (Create Insert Update Delete and Search)

      Form Validation, Session, Pagination, Uploading

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  • File Handling & State Management
    • Saving data for later using le system.

      Opening a le

      Creating and Writing to a le

      Creating and Writing to a le

      Using other useful le functions

      Create a directory

      Remove a directory

      File Uploading & Downloading

      File uploading Concepts

      Multiple File Upload

      Session, Cookie, Query String, Hidden Field

      What is Session

      Starting a Session

      Registering Session variables Using Session Variables

      Destroying the variables and Session

      What is a Cookie

      Setting Cookies with PHP Using Cookies with Sessions

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  • Advanced PHP Techniques
    • Implementing Captcha, PDF Generation

      Excel or CSV Generation Email with PHP

      Implementing Pagination

      SQL Injection

      Web Services with JSON

      Payment Gateway

      Integration Error tracking and debugging

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  • Framework: Laravel
    • Introduction of Laravel

      MVC Laravel routing

      Installing Composer and Command line tool

      Blade essentials


      Laravel Route groups and lters

      Working with Database

      Eloquent CRUD

      Laravel Query Builder

      Eloquent relations

      Laravel Migrations

      Laravel Database

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  • Introduction
    • Why Framework

      Introduction to MVC

      Folder Structure

      Conguration Setting

      Routing Controllers

      Introduction to Controller

      CI_ Controller, Request Parameters, Actions Controller

      Methods & Attributes


      Core Controller Class

  • Views
    • Creating Views

      Layouts (Use Image, CSS, Bootstrap, JS)

      Calling in controller

      Helpers (Form Helper, HTML Helpers) in Views

  • Models
    • Creating Model

      How to Load in controller

      Calling in Controller

      Apply the Business logic

      Creating Core Model Class

  • Helpers
    • Introduction

      How to load Helper

      Apply to Controller and Views

      Creating Own Helper

      How to override other Helpers

      Seeding Forms and Validation

      Setting up Laravel form

      Validation a form

      Creating Admin Post

      Creating a Frontend

      Setting up the Blog

      Securing the admin panel

      Handling routing

      Establishing an HTML View

      Establishing an HTML View

      Creating Tables with Schema Builder

      Enabling Version Control with Migrations

      Querying with eloquent

      ORM Displaying

      Laravel Code

      Working with Blade

      Templating Dening

      Conditions Integrating form elements

      Setting up Authentication

      Creating a Registration Form

      Securing Content

      Authenticating users in Laravel Application

      Restful API’s Creation

      Lumen: Micro-framework (API’s and Micro Services

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  • Introduction
    • A brief History

      All About WordPress

      WordPress Blogs vs. Websites vs

      WordPress themes Overview

  • Find a Host for WordPress Website
    • Finding a domain

      Registering a domain

      Choosing a web hosting package

      Know WordPress Features

  • Getting started with WordPress
    • Know the Dashboard

      Install WordPress

      Setup your Prole

      The MySQL database

      Uploading your les

      The install Script

      About WordPress Release Cycles

      Upgrading WordPress

  • Organizing Content in WordPress
    • Archiving content

      The purpose of categories

      Naming a category

      Creating a new category

      About static page parents and children


      Dressing up links

      Customizing links

      Checking Links with Your Server

      Syndicated content (RSS)

      About Feed Readers

      RSS Options

      RSS and Social Media

      WordPress Tags

      Custom Menus in WordPress

  • Creating Content in WordPress
    • WordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages

      Writing Posts in WordPress

      Manage & Edit posts in WordPress

      Using Post Formats

      Publishing Posts

      Create Pages in WordPress

      Manage & Edit pages in WordPress

      Protect Your Work

      All About WordPress SEO

  • Settings in WordPress
    • General Settings

      Writing Settings

      Reading Settings

      Discussion Settings

      Media Settings

      Using Permalinks

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