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  • Informatica is a bona-fide data processing tool that is widely utilized for ETL to extract transform and load processing. In fact, this specific tool is considered to be one of the most demanded software in the field of data processing and data governance. In the past few years, Informatica Training in Gurgaon has genuinely grabbed a lot of attention because of its high performance, error handling feature, and easy maintenance nature.
  • Knowing this technology will help you acquire a higher job role in this field. Moreover, if you have an interest in knowing about this subject in a detailed manner, getting associated with Croma Campus will be the suitable decision for your career. This way, you will gain adequate information and get placement assistance post the completion of your course.

Informatica Training in Gurgaon


  • A lot of candidates consider this specific course a bit complex one's, but it's eventually not that difficult to understand. Well, the course content of Informatica Training in Gurgaon is quite simple and interesting.
    • In the beginning, you will get to know about its basic information.

      You will further receive sessions regarding Data Warehouse Concepts and ETL Concepts in detail.

      You will also get the chance to know how to use PowerCenter 10x/9.x components to build Mappings, Tasks, and Workflows.

      Our qualified experts will also help you examine workflow tasks and job handling, execute debugging, troubleshooting, error handling, and recovery, and execute tuning and Optimization.

      By getting started with Informatica Online Training in Gurgaon, you will also analyze how to manage offerings in the Administration Console.

      Our trainers will also impart a detailed session regarding ETL best practices using Informatica.

      In fact, you will also end up knowing to describe the Mapping Parameter and Variables.

      You will also grasp some latest skills concerning the Informatica Course.

      In fact, you will obtain every detail regarding Informatica most easily.

  • Informatica is one of the evolving fields and has been implemented by numerous companies to accelerate their work process smoothly. If your interest also lies in this direction, getting in touch with a good Informatica Training Institute in Gurgaon will be suitable for your career life.
    • By acquiring a valuable accreditation of Informatica Training in Gurgaon, you will be able to turn into a knowledgeable skillful Informatica Developer.

      Post acquiring a licit certification of Informatica, you will be offered a great salary package.

      You will also get the opportunity to know some untold and hidden facts about Informatica.

      Further, in your career, you will also be able to turn into a freelancer and make much more decent money post obtaining a certification in Informatica in hand.

  • People always consider this field as not a well-paid field, which is absolutely not true. It in fact pays quite well. By getting started with Informatica Training in Gurgaon, you will get the opportunity to know its various salary slabs respectively.
    • Post acquiring this certification in hand, you will earn around 4 Lakhs as a fresher.

      On the other hand, an experienced Data Warehouse Developer on the other hand makes around 15.5 Lakhs annually.

      This salary bracket will eventually increase as you imbibe more skills concerning Informatica training along with work experience in this field.

      By working as a freelancer also, you will get the opportunity to charge as per project.

      By having a proper attested certification of Informatica Training in Gurgaon, you will get various international job offers as well.

  • An Informatica Developer is accountable for executing various tasks. So, if you also wish to turn into a knowledgeable Informatica Developer, then you must know some of their main job roles. By getting in touch with a decent Informatica Training Institute in Gurgaon will be fruitful for your career.
    • Your duty will be to handle the proper data storage of your organization.

      Further, you will have to utilize Informatica software to design, and maintain data storage systems respectively.

      Your job role will also include you in assessing the data needs that an organization must have.

      You might also have to test the existing data.

      Analyzing data warehouse systems will also be counted among your main job role.

      In fact, you will have to resolve and offer solutions to any issue that might arise.

  • In the present scenario, you will find numerous valid reasons to learn this specific course. One of the highlighting reasons why candidates and companies prefer grasping Informatica functionalities is that it assures concepts and offers the best data integration process and offerings for numerous businesses. By getting started with Informatica Training in Gurgaon, you will get the chance to acquire in-depth information.
    • By enrolling with its legit course, you will end up strengthening your base knowledge.

      Your concepts regarding data integration, and its effective implementation will also get broadened.

      You will end up obtaining the latest information.

      Our trainers will also help you in obtaining detailed training on its sub-sections, which will help you analyze the whole Informatica easily.

      You will further be able to imply its strategies and help your company rise.

  • Presently, you will find Informatica Developers extensively in demand amongst various candidates belonging to different fields. Moreover, it comprises various effective strategies like no other module and thats why it's so much in demand. If you are also planning to construct your career in this field, getting associated with Informatica Training Institute in Gurgaon will be an ideal move for you.
    • ANI Calls India Private Limited, TELUS International, Tata Consultancy Services, etc. are some of the reputed companies hiring skilled candidates.

      By joining Croma Campus, you will get the opportunity to get placed in your choice of companies.

      Our trainers will also help you in building an impressive resume.

      They will also suggest you some effective tips to pass the interviews.

  • Over the past few years, Croma Campus has been considered the best institution for offering qualitative sort of training in the Informatica Training in Gurgaon. So, if you are also looking to obtain a detailed sort of training, getting in touch with Croma Campus will be a smarter move towards your career.
    • Getting in touch with us will give you ample opportunities to obtain the latest information regarding Informatica.

      Here, you will accumulate information regarding its related course.

      Croma Campus will also offer you placement assistance.

      Well, right from the initial level, our professionals will give you effective tips to clear the interview process.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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Informatica Certification Training

  • Informatica training helps you to master in Power Centre ETL tool, data integration, and Data Warehousing. This course helps you clear the Informatica PowerCenter Developer Certification exam.
    • SQL – PL/SQL –Oracle

      Unix – Basics of Shell Scripting

      Interview Preparation

      Dataware Housing Fundamentals

      Introduction to Informatica

      Informatica Designer -Introduction

      Informatica Designer


      Informatica - Workflow Manager

      Informatica Advanced Features

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  • SQL – PL/SQL –Oracle
    • DDL, DML, DCL (Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Rollback, Commit, Savepoint)

      Primary Key, Foreign Key relationship,

      Oracle commands and Functions used in Informatica.

      Joins (Inner and Outer)

      Self join


      Corelated subquery,

      Group by, Having, aggregate functions,

      Delete duplicate records,

      Create and drop indexes,

      Constraints, Indexes


      SUBSTR and INSTR()


      PL/SQL Basics -ORACLE

      Stored Procedures,



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  • Unix – Basics of Shell Scripting
    • What is UNIX

      Looking into files,

      Ownerships and Permissions

      Creating, Moving, Renaming, and Deleting Files and Directories

      Wildcards and Regular Expressions

      Move to Another Location with cd

      Change the Owner of a File or Directory

      Creating New Directories Using mkdir

      Moving, renaming files

      Head & Tail

      More and Cat

      Counting Words and Lines Using wc

      Filters and Pipings

      Vi Editor

      Shell Programming

      Stream Editor – SED



      Connecting DB through Unix

      Use of Unix in Informatica

      Informatica Workflow scheduling through Unix

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  • Interview Preparation
    • Scenario based questions discussion - Everyday


      Telephonic/ Face to Face interview preparation

      Live Project description / Architecture

      Doubt Sessions

      More than 500+ interview questions will be discussed during training sessions

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  • Dataware Housing Fundamentals
    • What is Database

      What is Data Warehousing

      Need of Data Warehouse

      Data Warehouse Architecture

      Introduction to OLTP, ETL and OLAP Systems

      Difference between OLTP Database and DWH

  • ETL Fundamentals
    • Data Extraction

      Data Transformation

      Data Loading

      Data Mart


      Star Schema

      Snow Flake Schema

      Galaxy Schema


      Types of Facts

      Additive, Non-Additive, Semi-Additive Facts


      Types of dimensions

      Conformed, degenerate, Junk Dimensions

      OLAP and Types of OLAPs

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  • Introduction to Informatica
    • Basic Definitions

      Informatica Products

      Informatica Architecture

      Tools and their roles

      Folders -sub Folders

      Power Center I Power Malt

      Introduction to Mapping designer

      Introduction to Workflow Manager

      Introduction to Workflow Monitor

      Introduction to Repository Manager

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  • Informatica Designer -Introduction
    • Designer interfaces

      Designer tools

      Defining Sources

      Database as a source

      Flat Flies sources

      Defining Targets

      Importing from database

      Creating a new target

      Creating target database objects

      Mapping Introduction

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  • Informatica Designer
    • Source Qualifier


      Mapping -Table to Table

      Mapping flat File to Table

      Connected/Unconnected Transformations

      Active and Passive Transformation

      Source Qualifier Transformation

      SQL Override-Source Qualifier Transformation

      Mapping Source Qualifier as Filter

      Source qualifier to join Data

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  • Active Transformations
    • Filter Transformation

      Router Transformation

      Aggregator Transformation

      Joiner Transformation

      Union Transformation

      Sorter Transformation

      Rank Transformation

      Transaction Control Transformation

      Update Strategy Transformation

      Normalizer Transformation

      Source Qualifier Transformation

      SQL Transformation

  • Passive Transformations
    • Expression Transformation

      Sequence Generator Transformation

      Stored Procedure Transformation

      Look Up Transformation

      Xml Source Qualifier Transformation

  • Mapping Wizards
  • Implementing Type-I, Type-II, Type-III
  • Mappings
  • Workflow Introduction
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  • Informatica - Workflow Manager
    • Workflow tools


      Defining tasks

      Command Task

      Email Task

      Session Task

      Link Conditions

      Event Wait & Event Raise

      Setting Properties of Session Task

      Creating Workflow

      Starting Workflow

      Monitoring Workflow

      Incremental Aggregation

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  • Informatica Advanced Features
    • Unconnected lookup Transformation

      Unconnected Stored Procedure to Create and Drop Index

      Mapplet And Types Of Mapplets

      Defining Reusable Transformations.

      User Defined Functions.

      Tasks And Types Of Tasks.

      Worklet and Types of Worklets

      Scheduling Work flow

      Constraint Based Load Ordering

      Target Load Plan

      Types Of Batch Processing

      Link conditions

      Mapping Parameters

      Mapping Variables

      Defining Session Parameters

      Session Recovery

      Difference between Normal and Bulk Loading

      Push Down Optimization.

      PMCMD Utility

      PMREP Utility

      Incremental Aggregation

  • Types of LookUp Caches
    • Static LookUp Cache

      Dynamic LookUp Cache

      Perisistance lookup Cache

      Shared LookUp Cache

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An experienced Informatica Developer earns Rs. 15 Lakh yearly.

By getting started with its course, you will get the overall idea of the integration process, and your knowledge concerning database deadlock resilience will get broadened as well. Moreover, by having an attested certification of this course, you will get a good salary package.

Here, you will receive training from experienced faculty members holding numerous years of experience in the same industry.

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