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  • iOS is a legitimate mobile operating system that has been specially created by Apple-manufactured devices. In fact, iOS gets executed on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. It is, therefore, best known for serving as the underlying software that lets iPhone users interact with their respective phones utilizing gestures like- swiping, tapping, and pinching respectively. Over the years, iOS Training in Delhi application development has made its mark because of its specific features, and specifications.
  • By deep-delving into its topic, you will surely get to know how iOS works faster, and smoother. So, if you are looking for any sort of professional training, then Croma Campus is one of the best iOS Training Institutes in Delhi. Here, you will not only gain theoretical information but will also receive placement assistance.

IOS Training in Delhi


  • iOS might seem to be a very complex course, but it's eventually not that difficult and complex to analyze. By getting started with iOS Training in Delhi, you will end up covering the whole course objectives in a detailed manner.
    • At the initial level of the course, our trainers will help you know its basic fundamentals.

      Further, you will receive sessions regarding iPhone App Development and Mobile Development Design Thinking.

      Our trainers will also help you analyze Swift Programming and iPad App Development.

      They will also help you the know adequate prerequisites of the course.

      In a nutshell, you will end up imbibing every detail of this course in a detailed manner.

  • Presently, iOS Developers are genuinely paid quite well more than Android Developers because there is a reverse relationship between demand and availability. Whereas salary package is concerned, getting acquainted with iPhone/iOS Training in Delhi information, and accurate skills, you will surely end up obtaining a great salary package.
    • At the initial level, you will earn around Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 3.5 Lakh, which is an impressive salary for freshers.

      Likewise, an experienced iOS Developer earns around Rs. 513,053 monthly.

      Moreover, by acquiring more work experience along with the latest skills, and trends your salary structure will expand.

      Turning into a freelancer will also give you loads of opportunities to make a decent amount of money.

      Withholding a proper certification of iOS Training in Delhi in hand, you will always learn a bit higher than normal employees.

  • To be precise, iOS development is one sort of technology that offers numerous opportunities to build and grow your career in the IT domain. In fact, iOS development is genuinely one of the most valuable skills to obtain today that can help you obtain a rewarding job. If your interest lies in this direction, choosing this field will be suitable for your career in numerous ways.
    • By obtaining its legit training from a reputed educational foundation, you will turn into a knowledgeable iOS Developer.

      Well, withholding proper accreditation of iOS Development, you will be offered an excellent salary package right from the beginning of your career.

      Getting to know each side of Developer will also push you forward to come up with craft some excellent applications.

      Knowing this skill will eventually uplift your resume.

      You will always have numerous jobs offers in hand.

  • To be precise, a knowledgeable iOS Developer must know to create functional, attractive applications that adequately meet the requirements of the user iOS Developer. So, if you aspire to turn into a skilled iOS Developer, then getting in touch with an iPhone/iOS Training Institute in Delhi will be appropriate for your career.
  • Some of the major roles are mentioned below.
    • Your foremost duty will be to design and build mobile applications for Apple’s iOS platform.

      In fact, you will also get the chance to corroborate with the design team to define app features.

      Our trainers will also help you assuring the quality and performance of the application to specifications.

      Our trainers will also assist you in solving potential problems and resolving application bottlenecks.

      Well, resolving the application bugs before the final release of the application will also be counted among your main role.

      Often, you will have to publish the application on App Store.

      In fact, you will also end up keeping up with the code and customization of the application.

  • Learning iOS development is worth it because it lets you be creative and turn into a problem-solver. At the same time, learning this whole app-building process will help you in contributing your innovative proposals to Swift’s open-source community.
    • By getting started with this specific course, you will end up strengthening your base knowledge.

      You will know the numerous features and offerings of this technology by getting in touch with a well-established iOS Training Institute in Delhi.

      You will also get the opportunity to know about building a new sort of application and implementing some exceptional latest features.

      You will be able to grab a higher salary package.

      Your knowledge concerning iOS Training in Delhi and its development tools will also expand.

      Learning, and gathering information regarding iOS and Swift Development will always open numerous doors for you.

  • At the moment, you will find numerous companies hiring skilled iOS Developers, yet the grant is low. If you are also wishing to construct your career in this field, getting started with iOS Training in Delhi will be a suitable move for your career. So, getting in touch with a decent iPhone/iOS Training Institute in Delhi will be suitable for you to secure a higher position.
    • GoGrocer, GamePlan, Tuple Technologies, SiteRecon, Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd., etc. are some of the well-established companies hiring skilled iOS Developers.

      By joining Croma Campus, you will get the opportunity to get placed in your choice of companies post enrolling with the iOS training course.

      Our trainers will also help you in building an impressive resume.

      They will also suggest you some effective tips to pass the interviews.

  • For the past few years, Croma Campus has been considered the best provider of iOS Training Institute in Delhi. It aims at delivering qualitative training in various instances. So, if you are also looking to obtain detailed information concerning iOS, getting associated with Croma Campus will be a smarter move toward your career.
    • Getting in touch with us will give you enough chances to obtain the latest information concerning the iOS course.

      Here, you will obtain information regarding its related course.

      Croma Campus will provide you with placement assistance.

      Well, right from the initial level, our professionals will give you suggestive tips to clear the interview process.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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More Suitable for working professionals who cannot join in weekdays

Get Intensive coaching in less time

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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iOS App Development Training

  • The iOS App Development using Swift training course will introduce the participants to the exciting world of iOS application development. Swift is a brand-new programming language for iOS and OS X apps which adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features to make programming easier, more flexible, and more fun. This course will enable participants to design and develop applications for iPhones & iPads.
    • Understanding Swift

      Getting Started with Swift

      iOS Development Basics

      Storyboard Controllers and Layouts

      TableView, CollectionView & Various View Controllers

      Universal App, Size Classes & Camera

      Animation, Location, Maps & Social Sharing

      JSON Handling, Network Operation & Image Caching

      Data Persistence and Storage

      CloudKit, Parse and Submitting Apps to App Store

      Placement Guide

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  • In this module, we will learn the basic building blocks of Swift technology. You will learn all basics principles of Swift Programming language like Loops, Conditions and Structures.
    • Introduction to Swift

      Introduction to XCode IDE

      Structure of Swift program

      Compiling and building a Hello world

      Swift Playground

      Basic Syntax

      Variables and data types

      Structs and Classes

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  • In this module, we will take you through different collections types available in Swift. You will learn to create Classes and Enums along with Protocols & Generics. You will also learn newly introduces Tuples, Closures and Subscripts.
    • Working with collections

      Protocols and Extensions






      Automatic Reference Counting

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  • In this module, we will take you through XCode and iOS SDK Installation. You will learn to create basic iOS Application. You will also learn core pillars of iOS Application Development. We will learn to use iOS simulator to test iOS Applications.
    • Installing XCode and iOS SDK

      Understanding XCode

      Creating a simple iOS app

      Project templates

      Introduction to pillars of iOS app development-Tools-XCode

      iOS Simulator


      Language- Swift

      Design patterns


      Design-Correct UI

      Apple HIG





      Using iOS Simulator

      MVC pattern in iOS app development

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  • In this module, we will take you through iOS Application Lifecycle. You will learn different View Controllers available in iOS SDK to create different types of Applications. This module will enable you to debug any iOS application to analyze in-depth functionality. You will learn Auto Layouts to create Applications for different screen sizes. We will also teach you to effectively use iOS Storyboards to create multiple page iOS applications.
    • Lifecycle of iOS Application

      Understanding Delegation

      iOS View Controllers

      Creating UI

      Introduction to Layout and Views

      Designing responsive interfaces with Auto layout

      Create a sample UI

      Walkthrough of controllers

      Debugging iOS application

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  • This module will concentrate on TableViews & CollectionView which are considered to be heavily used views in any iOS Application. You will learn how to create TableView & CollectionViews and perform various operations on it.
    • Introduction to Table View

      Creating a basic table view and data source

      Loading data into TableView

      Reusing table view cells

      Customizing table views

      UI CollectionView

      UI Refresh Control

      Introduction to multiple-view applications

      Using navigation controller

      Introduction to a master-detail application

      Creating a tab-bar-driven application

      UI PageViewController

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  • In this module, you will learn to create applications which work both on iPhone & iPad. You will learn to use Size Classes to support multiple screens. This module will also teach you to capture images from Camera or Gallery.
    • UISplitViewController

      Master-detail application

      Using Size Classes for Adaptive Layout

      Using Camera & Gallery to Capture Images

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  • In this module, you will learn about iOS Animation framework while working on Core Animation, UIKit Dynamics. You will also learn to use Facebook Pop Animation framework. You will also learn to capture device location and displaying locations on Map. Last but not the least this module will also teach you to share contents right from your iOS Application using UIActivityViewController.
    • Animations - Core Animation

      UIKit Dynamics

      Facebook Pop Animation

      Working with Maps- MKMapItem and MKPlacemark



      UIActivityViewController to perform Social Sharing

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  • Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn to create iOS Applications which can perform network operations using popular Alamofire open source library. You will also learn to handle JSON Data using SwiftJSON Library & Image caching using HanekeSwift.
    • Networking with Alamofire

      SwiftyJSON & HanekeSwift

      Introduction to networking in iOS application

      Adding/Managing frameworks using Carthage

      JSON Handling using SwiftJSON

      Performing Networking using Alamofire

      Downloading & Caching images using HanekeSwift

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  • This module will enable you to work with Core Data database framework. You will perform various CRUD operations on Data. You will also learn to use different storage options available in iOS SDK.
    • iOS data persistence

      Using NS User Defaults to store and read information

      Property Lists-Working with Core data

      Introduction to Core Data

      Creating models with entities

      Saving models

      Fetching model

      Edit and remove models

      Sample application implementing Core data

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  • This module concentrates on teaching you CloudKit and Parse to save and retrieve data to/from Cloud. We will also take you through all the steps involved in submitting an application to Apple App Store.
    • Implementing CloudKit Storage

      Interact with Parse backend

      Localizing Application

      Submitting an App to Apple App Store

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  • This module concentrates on improving your soft skills, once you have acquired all technical skills related to the iOS. It will include mock interview drives, interview tips, certification roadmap, etc.
    • What is an Interview

      Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      iOS Development Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Career roadmap and certifications

      Attempt for related Global Certification Exam, if any

      Start applying for Jobs

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Prepare & Practice for real-life job interviews by joining the Mock Interviews drive at Croma Campus and learn to perform with confidence with our expert team.Not sure of Interview environments? Don’t worry, our team will familiarize you and help you in giving your best shot even under heavy pressures.Our Mock Interviews are conducted by trailblazing industry-experts having years of experience and they will surely help you to improve your chances of getting hired in real.
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Validate your skills and knowledge by working on industry-based projects that includes significant real-time use cases.Gain hands-on expertize in Top IT skills and become industry-ready after completing our project works and assessments.Our projects are perfectly aligned with the modules given in the curriculum and they are picked up based on latest industry standards. Add some meaningful project works in your resume, get noticed by top industries and start earning huge salary lumps right away.
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Croma Campus provides live project-based iPhone/iOS Training in Delhi. We use corporate trainers for this so that students can get an updated practical knowledge regarding iPhone/iOS Training. It will be a complete certification-based training which will be delivered by a certified trainer. In iPhone/iOS Training, Croma Campus offers online tutorials for iPhone/iOS Training to assist their performance.

Croma Campus provides excellent and placement focused iPhone/iOS Training in Delhi. Our iPhone/iOS course includes basic to advanced level and our iPhone/iOS course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in Delhi as quickly as once you complete the iPhone/iOS certification training course.

Croma Campus is the well-known iPhone/iOS Training institute in Delhi with high tech infrastructure and lab facilities. We also provide online access to servers so that candidates will implement the projects at their home easily. Croma Campus in Delhi mentored more than 3000+ candidates with iPhone/iOS Certification Training in Delhi at a very reasonable fee. The course curriculum is customized as per the requirement of candidates/corporates.

Croma Campus is a well-equipped iPhone/iOS Training Institute in Delhi. Candidates will implement the following concepts under iPhone/iOS– Understanding of iOS platform, iOS Application Life Cycle, Understanding of X-Code IDE, How to installed X-Code Environment, Integration of SQLite into Apps, Basics of XML Structure, SQLite Database, Core Data, Basic UITabBar application, Facebook Integration, Run Simple Queries, How to configure the database, on real-time projects along with iOS Placement Training modules like aptitude test preparation etc.

This specific course will hardly take 45-50 days to completely understand its functions.

iOS Developers are genuinely paid hugely well. They earn around $115,359 per year.

Yes, there are two ways of training, online/offline.

Yes, along with study material, you will also get access to our LMS Portal which will help you review your sessions.

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  • Phone number: +91-120-4155255, +91-9711526942
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  • Address: G-21, Sector-03, Noida (201301)

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