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Career In SAP ABAP: Interview Questions Answers For Freshers & Experienced

Starting a career in SAP ABAP can be highly beneficial for you. For this, you need to learn SAP ABAP interview questions and answers before sitting in the interview ses

Career In SAP ABAP: Interview Questions Answers For Freshers & Experienced

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Starting a career in SAP ABAP can be highly beneficial for you. For this, you need to learn SAP ABAP interview questions and answers before sitting in the interview session.

SAP Interview Questions Answers

To begin with, SAP ABAP is the programming language of SAP useful for developing custom programs for various business tasks. Along with this, SAP ABAP is useful for creating user interfaces and web applications and is capable of integrating with other applications. In this post, we are sharing some necessary interview questions for SAP ABAP freshers that will surely help you clear the interview.

Career Opportunities in SAP ABAP

There is a wide career scope in the SAP ABAP domain and learning it can provide you a great career boost. In addition, learning SAP ABAP will help you explore numerous career opportunities and will give you a long-lasting and financially secure future. A career in this domain is intellectually enriching along with being financially rewarding. SAP ABAP is highly popular and is used by numerous companies all across the globe. This SAP module provides users with extensive flexibility to the SAP applications and allows databases to be amalgamated as per user requirements. Companies are on a continuous job lookout for skilled professionals in SAP ABAP. Thus, generating numerous career opportunities in this domain. Many institutes provide SAP ABAP Course and one can enroll in them to start a career in this domain. Always remember to revise SAP ABAP Developer interview questions before going for an interview. Below are some significant and high-paying careers you can explore after learning SAP ABAP.

  • SAP ABAP Developer/Expert - To become an SAP ABAP developer, it is necessary to develop your skills and grow as a developer. Furthermore, their job responsibility consists of working on several SAP systems that their clients use.
  • ABAP Consultant - These professionals have excellent communication skills and they help promote the client's business. Their job includes meeting, and negotiating with clients to use specific software.
  • S/4HANA Developer - S/4HANA developers should also know SAP ABAP. Furthermore, their job responsibility consists of designing and developing features under the ERP system.
  • S/4HANA Consultant - These professionals are responsible for working on the business side of the system. Furthermore, they can even move to business-specific roles like senior consultant, quality manager, tester etc.
  • SAP Application Engineer - As a SAP application engineer, you are responsible for understanding the process of application creation. This, job role requires a technical degree in computer science/information technology.
  • SAP Analyst - As an SAP analyst you are responsible for understanding the design and business requirements. Furthermore, they can even move into business analysis roles, product management, and other tech-management roles.

What is the Future of SAP ABAP?

ABAP has been around for a few decades and it offers a secure and promising career. Along with this, SAP ABAP offers numerous frameworks that can integrate with other languages like Java. Learning SAP ABAP can open up numerous doors of career opportunities for you. This is a highly in-demand technology and learning it can help you in your career in this constantly changing world. Now coming to India, there is a huge market for skilled SAP ABAP developers and one can begin a career in highly successful corporate software integration. Becoming a certified ABAP professional allows you to easily apply for a position as a qualified SAP ABAP Design Developer. The demand for ABAP developers and consultants has increased over time which has made SAP ABAP a highly promising domain. Furthermore, gaining the SAP ABAP Certification improves your career prospects and offers you high-paying jobs.

SAP ABAP Interview Questions For Freshers:

Starting a career in SAP ABAP can be highly beneficial for you. However, it is necessary to clear a job interview to start a career in this domain. For this, you need to learn SAP ABAP interview questions before sitting in the interview session. Below are some common SAP ABAP fresher interview questions that freshers should learn before sitting in an interview.

What is the difference between a table and a structure in a Data Dictionary?

The table permits physical data storage in the table and it consists of a primary key. Furthermore, the Table offers a technical attribute. On the other hand, the structure cannot store data physically in a table. Furthermore, the structure does not have a primary key or any technical attribute.

What do you mean by Smart Forms?

SAP offers smart forms that can support a printer, fax, e-mail, or the Internet. Using them helps in creating and maintaining the forms for mass printing in SAP Systems.

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What are SAP Scripts and what are its components?

SAP scripts are the word-processing tool that offers functions like standard text and layout sets. It consists of five main components which are as follows:

  • An editor for entering and editing the lines of a text.
  • Styles and layout set for print layout.
  • The composer is a central output module.
  • A programming interface.
  • Database tables for storing texts, styles, and layout sets.

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SAP ABAP interview questions for experienced candidates:

How to create a ‘table cluster’?

Follow the below-given steps to create a table cluster.

  • Go to the ABAP dictionary and select object type Table then enter a table name and choose to create.
  • After this, a field management screen will be displayed. Now choose the tab type transparent table and set it as default.
  • Now make the necessary entries in the short description and delivery classified on the Attributes page.
  • Continue the process and save your entries.

What is ALV programming in ABAP?

ALV refers to Application List Viewer and it is useful for enhancing the output of the report. SAP offers numerous ALV function modules which result in improving the functionality and readability of any report output. Furthermore, it acts as an efficient tool used for arranging the columns in a report output.

When do we use End-of-selection?

The end of the selection event is most commonly useful while writing the HR-ABAP code. This code consists of retrieving the data at the start of the selection event.

ABAP is useful for developing the traditional programs in R/3. On the other hand, OOABAP is useful for developing the BSP/ PCUI applications.

What are the different ABAP/4 editors? What are the differences?

There are 2 editors which are SE38 and SE80. The SE38 editor allows users to create programs and view online reports. On the other hand, the SE80 editor comes with numerous additional features such as creating packages, function groups, and module pools. Etc.

What is the difference between a dialogue program and a report?

Report refers to an executable program and dialog is a module pool program.

What are the different types of data dictionary objects?

Below are the types of data dictionary objects available in the SAP ABAP.

  • Tables
  • Views
  • Domain
  • Data Element
  • Type Groups
  • Search Helps/Matchcode Objects
  • Lock Objects
  • Structures
  • Table Types

What methods are useful for modifying the SAP standard tables?

There are two methods useful for modifying the SAP standard tables which are as follows.

  • Append structures
  • Customizing includes

What are the Benefits of the modularization technique?

Using the modularization technique is beneficial for avoiding any chances of redundancy. Modularizing the ABAP/4 programs allows the users to read and improve their structure.

How many types of parameters are there?

There are two different types of parameters which are as follows:

  • Formal Parameters- They are useful for defining the subroutine with the ‘FORM’ statement
  • Actual Parameters- It is specified during the call of a subroutine with the ‘PERFORM’ statement


The SAP programming language, ABAP, helps create unique applications for a range of business functions. In the SAP course, SAP ABAP may be used to integrate with other programs to create web applications and user interfaces. The SAP ABAP field offers a wide range of job opportunities, and mastering it can greatly advance your professional standing. The use of SAP ABAP is widespread, with many businesses using it worldwide. In conclusion, there are numerous career opportunities available for skilled professionals in SAP ABAP.

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