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Pega CCSA Certification Cost And Course Details For Beginners

Pega CCSA certification offers comprehensive training in customer service, pricing varies, so inquire for current costs. For more, read this blog.

Pega CCSA Certification Cost And Course Details For Beginners

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Pega CCSA certification offers comprehensive training in customer service, pricing varies, so inquire for current costs. For more, read this blog.

Pega CCSA Certification Cost And Course Details For Beginners

Pega Certified Senior System Architect, abbreviated as Pega CCSA, is a certification exam conducted for CSA certificate holders. This certification is like an added skill taken to enhance their career. Students who are eager to learn about Pega Application designing and development should opt for the Pega CCSA certification. Getting a Pega CCSA Certification is like adding more feathers to your hat, which improves your resume. 


Pega CSSA Exam and Modules


You must complete several modules that aid in understanding the fundamentals of a CSSA to pass the exam. The Pega CSSA exam has 60 questions total and lasts for one hour and thirty minutes. Additionally, a score of 70% would be required to pass this exam.

Compared to the CSA exam, the Pega CSSA exam requires a little more preparation. In addition to the technical component, this exam assesses your theoretical, practical, and administrative skills. It won't be difficult at all if you prepare ahead and devote enough time to the subject. You may rely on Pega modules so that you can prepare more easily. Once you have all these things in one place, it becomes easier to crack the CSSA exam! 


Pega Certification Cost 


The Pega Certified Senior System Architect is an intermediate-level course for all application developers. This course is designed and developed for app developers to improve their skills and understanding of app development. The overall cost of the Pega Certification Cost includes: 

  • Code of exam: PCSSA
  • Fee/price of exam: USD 175
  • Exam Duration/Time: 90 Minutes
  • Total Questions to Attempt: 60
  • Passing criteria: 70% of total marks
  • Format of exam: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Once you have passed the examination, you can easily do the following successfully: 

  • Manage configuration and settings 
  • Build and improve Pega applications. 
  • Manage all the data paths between different external systems and the Pega platform applications. 
  • Manage different rules and related rulesets within Pega 
  • Create and implement various Pega Platform apps for mobile devices.
  • Effectively handle the specialization of the rules and their reuse.
  • Able to set user permissions and application security to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Additionally, control appropriate data access within an application to prevent abuse. 

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Pega Certification list 


Pega Certified System Architect

The Pega Certified System Architect or PCSA career is an exceptional path for all technical experts and developers looking to scale. If you are planning to learn about Pega applications development at ease, this will be of great help! This basic certification includes: 

  • Examination Code: PCSA
  • Pega CSA Certification Cost of exam: USD 175
  • Timing/Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Total questions to attempt: 60
  • Passing criteria: 65
  • Format of Qs: (MCQs) Multiple Choice Questions


Pega Certified Business Architect Certification

The Pega CCSA certificate majorly focuses on developing the workability in designing and developing the Pega application. It features various important skills and fundamentals required to analyze, build, and develop all business requirements. 

Additionally, the PCBA credential is intended for BAs who wish to become proficient in Pega app development.

The following will be possible for you to accomplish once you pass the certification.

  • Create and maintain reference data so that apps may adapt to evolving business requirements.
  • Describe Pega's direct capture of objectives strategy, which aims to increase application delivery productivity and speed.
  • Describe the advantages of utilizing the application blueprint and development start based on the Pega paradigm.
  • Verify that user entries precisely follow the required patterns by approving case data.
  • Create a case life cycle that illustrates how to design business people to finish the job.
  • Find the top-level duties associated with the Pega platform. 


Pega Certified Lead System Architect

The Pega Certified Lead System Architect or PCLSA certification is the ultimate aim for the Certified Senior System Architects (CSSA). If you are looking to develop enhanced skills and want to be an integral part of an elite group, Pega Certified Senior System Architect certification is an excellent choice! 


Pega Certified Robotics System Architect

The Pega Certified Robotics System Architect or PCRSA is an additional certification offered by Pega. If you want to learn about workforce intelligence and robotic automation in detail, this is a career path for software developers and system engineers. As a result, in this hectic setting, this qualification will offer the greatest return on investment.

Every industry needs automation and robots, which means that there is a growing demand for specific expertise. Therefore, any IT enthusiast has a plethora of opportunities in this area.

These certifications' test formats could resemble those of the aforementioned certificate exams. Thus, don't panic and be well-prepared. Enroll in the exams to see how capable you are.


Wrapping Up 


Pega CCSA Certification holds great importance in the lives of professionals. Once you have enrolled for the certification, you must sit for different modules based on your experience and expertise. To clear the examination, one should know Pega course details and Pega course duration in advance! Moreover, you can also explore different preparation tips that can help you to know about it in detail. Why wait longer? Contact Croma Campus today to learn everything in-depth.

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