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Ethical Hacking Certification Cost In India?

An ethical hacker is a skilled and certified professional that is hired by the top organizations as they have proper technical and non-technical skills that help to pro

Ethical Hacking Certification Cost In India?

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An ethical hacker is a skilled and certified professional that is hired by the top organizations as they have proper technical and non-technical skills that help to provide the expertise to identify the flaws.

Ethical Hacking Training

Hacking is a term that is known as an illegal activity that is performed to gain unauthorized access to any computer system to obtain the data and to perform malicious activities. One who performs such a process is known as a hacker and as the hacker gets access to the system it becomes easy to steal the sensitive data and delete the file that can cause a great loss to any organization. Being an illegal activity, the organization need a secured way to perform the functions and to secure the data therefore they look for hackers who can provide safeguard from the illegal hackers. The hackers that any organization hire is known as Ethical Hackers.

What is the Need for an Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hacker performs the functions to safeguard the organization system from any vulnerabilities and security risks. Today many organizations related to finance, hospital, blockchain, and other need ethical hacker to have a perfect secured system. So, if you are looking to learn and grow your career with the same you need to enroll for the Ethical Hacking Training in Delhi as it offers the complete study involved in hacking and helps the organization to determine the weak points and vulnerable activities.

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

An ethical hacker is a skilled and certified professional that is hired by the top organizations as they have proper technical and non-technical skills that help to provide the expertise to identify the flaws and the vulnerable risk that an organization may suffer. They are also known as computer experts with complete knowledge in every operating system along with skills involving hacking techniques and detecting possible threats. They are the essential part of the IT department providing IT security. Other than the private organizations the government agencies also hire ethical hackers for the national security features.

Roles and Responsibilities of Ethical Hacker

  • The main role of the ethical hacker is to meet with the network owners to manage the security system.
  • Conduct the research of the company system that help to determine the possible penetration site and network structure.
  • They are responsible to develop the scripts that are suitable for testing the risks and errors of the network system.
  • They perform the various tests over the network to determine any vulnerability that might affect the network system.
  • Easily be able to identify the network breaches and affect security flaws.
  • Ethical hacker performs penetration tests after implementing the new security features in the organization system.

Eligibility Required to Learn Ethical Hacking

Well, ethical hacking involves intense work experience in handling different operating systems therefore those who have completed their bachelor's degree in computer science and IT can enroll in the course. Those who have a PG degree in software development or cyber security can enroll in the ethical hacking course. Being a lucrative career opportunity, the learner must have knowledge in working with the Linux servers, virtualization, network switches, Citrix, and Microsoft exchange. Well talking about the cost; the Ethical Hacking Course and on average, the Ethical Hacking Certification cost can range from around 30,000* to 45000* Indian Rupees.

Ethical Hacking Training and Certification & Duration
TRACK Week Days Weekend Fast Track
Course Duration 40-60 Days 8 Weekends 7 Days
Hours 2 Hours Per Day 3 Hours Per Day 6+ Hours Per Day
Training Mode Classroom/ Online Classroom/ Online Classroom/ Online
Certification Cost $400* $400* $400*

Why is it Important to Learn Ethical Hacking?

With the rise in digitalization, the thieves have found a way to enter the organization systems that are at complete risk and the organization can suffer a huge loss. Therefore, to have secured access in the organization system the ethical hackers are important. With the increase in the use of online platforms the demand for the ethical hacker is also increasing and today the market for the ethical hacker is growing and is expected to grow at 21% with 2.3 million ethical hacking professionals around the globe.

Future Scope of Ethical Hacking

The job is undoubtedly challenging as there are many breaches and vulnerabilities around the internet platform. With such high importance, the companies are gaining a secured dome that prevents potential threats. With this, the opportunities for hackers are growing. Cybersecurity is a term that is expanding in the entire globe and as more and more businesses are releasing this need the demand is scaling to new heights in the coming future.

How to Learn Ethical Hacking

Well, to learn Ethical hacking you need to enroll in the Ethical Hacking Training Institute in Noida as it offers the perfect way to learn and to understand the need of the organization by learning from the real-time-based projects providing practical exposure in the course. To gain more insights about the course you can also register for free live demo sessions to know the complete in and out of the course and its objective.

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