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Ethical Hacking Certification CEH V12 Syllabus And Cost

As CEH V12 certification is gaining popularity, Lets checkout the CEH V12 Certification cost and CEH V12 syllabus. Here we go!

Ethical Hacking Certification CEH V12 Syllabus And Cost

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As CEH V12 certification is gaining popularity, Lets checkout the CEH V12 Certification cost and CEH V12 syllabus. Here we go!

Ethical Hacking Certification CEH V12 Syllabus And Cost

With the COVID pandemic, a lot of businesses switched to digital. The abrupt transition to digital has opened up opportunities for more skilled network protection and security professionals who can handle vulnerabilities and an increasing volume of attacks. An increasing number of candidates are showing interest in being certified in the upcoming months as more businesses recognize the value of CEH certification. Check out the CEH V12 Certification cost and CEH V12 syllabus. Here we go! 


Introduction to CEH certification 


The Certified Ethical Hacker credential verifies that IT professionals have all the understanding to handle malicious assaults and security threats. It is a popular course on ethical hacking. It teaches all the principles of hacking. After obtaining your CEH V12 Certification, you will be equipped to assess the infrastructure for threats and vulnerabilities. This could endanger the company and implement the appropriate countermeasures.

As CEH certification is gaining popularity, different people are getting ready to sit for the exam in 2022. If you fall into this category, carefully consider the benefits listed below of earning a CEH certification before deciding what to do next.


What is included in CEH v12 Certification?


  • Learn
  • Certify
  • Engage
  • Compete


CEH v12 Elite


  • Learn, Certify, Engage & Compete
  • eCourseware
  • Exam Voucher*
  • Next Version of eCourseware
  • 6 Months of Official Labs
  • C|EH Engage
  • Global C|EH Challenges
  • Exam Preparation
  • C|EH Practical Exam
  • Ethical Hacking Video Library   10
  • Exam Retakes**   Unlimited#


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Advantages of CEH Certification 


  1. It advances your career in security: CEH will help you learn more about IT security if you have a firm grasp of how networks operate within a company. CEH makes reaching new heights in the cybersecurity area and developing your security profession possible. The goal of the CEH is to increase your understanding of the methods and tools that the majority of hackers’ employ so that you can counter them. 
  2. It lets you think like a hacker: All you have to do to catch the burglar is think like them. As such, you have to pretend to be a hacker in order to monitor their activity. The CEH accreditation will be quite beneficial for this. You will discover all of the counterattacks and methodical techniques that hackers frequently employ to breach systems and networks. 
  3. CEH is not just for penetration testers: It is intended for all users. However, that is not entirely accurate. Rather, CEH is also perfect for network and IT security experts. In fact, it provides all the information needed to develop the necessary cyber-security expertise to fortify your network against online thieves.
  4. It increases your awareness of potential risks: Cybercriminals never stop improving their abilities and understanding of various attack techniques. They never stop coming up with new threats, con games, or weaknesses to harm businesses. You encounter a variety of dangers and vulnerabilities that you were previously unaware of when obtaining your CEH certification.
  5. It will increase your pay. It will be possible for you to get paid well for the work you do for the company if you have a high level of knowledge and abilities.
  6. It will increase your understanding of further security tools: Obtaining the CEH certification grants you access to further security tool knowledge.


Ethical Hacking Certification Ceh V12 Syllabus 


Different subjects covered by the Certified Ethical Hacker v12 certification are crucial for experts in the cybersecurity industry. The curriculum focuses on giving people the abilities and information required to recognize and lessen any security risks. Important research topics include:

  • Overview of Ethical Hacking: Gaining knowledge of the ethics, methods, and guiding principles of ethical hacking techniques.
  • Footprinting and Reconnaissance: Methods for learning about target networks and systems to spot any weaknesses.
  • Techniques: Techniques for searching via networks to find open ports, running services, and hosts.
  • Enumeration: Methods for locating and compiling data on network resources, including system configurations, group memberships, and usernames.
  • Finding and evaluating vulnerabilities in target systems and networks is known as vulnerability analysis.
  • Threats posed by malware: Recognizing the many kinds of malware, their habits, and techniques for identifying and countering them.
  • Sniffing: Methods for recording and examining network activity to intercept private data.
  • Comprehending the psychological manipulation strategies employed to take advantage of human behavior and obtain unapproved access to systems and data is known as social engineering.

The Certified Ethical Hacker v12 can run anywhere from $1,199 to $1,699, and it comes with study guides, mock examinations, and online training tools. The exam itself Ceh V12 Certification costs $1,199, plus an extra $100 for remote proctoring.


Wrapping up 


Holders of the CEH certification are eligible for careers that need them to collaborate in the fight against cybercrime and safeguard networks from malware and viruses. Further, they protect against various forms of cyberattacks.

Obtaining the EC-Council ethical hacking certification takes effort on your part. If you complete all the necessary research and preparation, practice enough for the test. Further, maintain your focus until you become a certified ethical hacker; you should have no trouble passing your exam.

If you are also looking for a career-changing move, join the CEH certification course with a leading IT training company like Croma Campus and grow incredibly.

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