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  • R is a legit and simple effective programming language that comprises conditionals, loops, user-defined recursive functions, and input and output facilities respectively. Moreover, R programming has an effective data handling and accumulation facility, R offers an assemblage of operators for calculations on arrays, lists, vectors, and matrices.
  • This specific course will assist you to know each side in detail. You will find this language offers a wide series of statistics-related libraries and offers a preferred environment for statistical computing and design.
  • If you genuinely want to pursue this field and looking for an institution to get started, then Croma Campus. Yes, it’s being considered as one of the best R Programming Training Institute in Delhi so far, where you will not only end up imbibing a detailed insight into this subject but placement assistance as well.

R Programming Training in Delhi


  • After enrolling in R Programming, you will get the chance to examine each part of this subject in a much more explained manner. Our trainers will also help you to understand every section more easily. By getting in touch with R Programming Training in Delhi, you will get the chance to know each section and sub-sections respectively.
    • In the beginning, you will first know its fundamentals.

      Further, you will receive sessions concerning how to install R and R Studio

      You will also get to know about how to manipulate R Data Frames, plotting Data Using R, analyzing Real Datasets using R, organizing your Code in R, and building your own Functions in R.

      Moreover, you will also get the chance to know how to load Excel Files with R

      You will also know how to aggregate and sort Data

      Our trainers will also let you know how to install External Libraries to Power up R.

      You will also end up plotting Data Using R.

      Moreover, you will end up acquiring detailed information on R Programming in an explained manner post getting started with R Programming Training in Delhi.

  • R Programming is genuine of a well-paid direction. There has been a lot of talks concerning the salary package in this field. But it really pays well. Yet, if you want to know about the exact salary slabs, getting started with R Programming Training in Delhi will be useful for your career.
    • A fresher R Programmer earns around Rs 3,92,000 per annum.

      Likewise, an experienced R Programmer will earn Rs 5,00,000 per annually.

      By imbibing more skills, and work experience in this specific direction, your salary structure will eventually get better.

      With this valuable accreditation in hand, you will get the chance to enter a good workplace.

      By turning into a freelancer as well, you will end up making more additional income.

  • Well, in the present scenario, R programming is one of the most common tools utilized for data science which is a worth-pursuing direction. Well, numerous high-profile organizations are utilizing the R language and are hiring R programmers across the globe. If your interest lies in this direction, opting R Programming Training in Delhi will be preferrable for your career.
    • By getting started with this course, you will turn into a knowledgeable R Programmer.

      Enrolling in this course will allow you to analyze this subject right from the scratch.

      By knowing its every side, you will end up acquiring a higher position.

      Your basic R Programming knowledge will get strengthened.

      You will have several international jobs offers in hand as well.

  • There is a wide range of tasks that an R Programmer has to execute. If you also aspire to turn into a skilled R Programmer, you must know some of these roles. To analyze the job roles in a detailed manner, you must get associated with a proper R Programming Training Institute in Delhi respectively.
    • Firstly, you will have to create simulations and graphical representations.

      You will also have to execute data analysis procedures.

      Your main job role will indulge into coding, troubleshooting, and visualization proceedings.

      Further, you will have to design statistical models and procedures

      In fact, you might also have to build machine learning and statistical analysis tools for the business.

      Often, you will have to take in your teammate's suggestions, and solve their query as well.

  • Well, at the moment, you will find numerous highlighting reasons to get started with this specific course. Moreover, by acquainting information concerning R Programming Training in Delhi, you will grow in this field a bit quicker and obtain a higher position as well. By associating with a legitimate R Programming Training Institute in Delhi, you will get to know some of the main reasons to learn this course.
    • One of the main reasons is its hugely increasing demand for skilled professionals in R Programming.

      Moreover, it has a wide bright future ahead.

      By knowing this technology, you will be able to execute coding without the need of compiler.

      You will get a series of job roles in this field as well.

      Immense openings for skilled developers in huge companies.

  • Moreover, you will find various organizations hiring skilled R Programmers. So, if you are aim is to obtain a job post completing the course, then you genuinely don't have to worry at all as you will surely end up getting into a well-established setup. So, getting started with R Programming Training in Delhi will be appropriate for your career.
    • Gauge Data Solutions Pvt Ltd, Tech Align Pvt. Ltd., Mott MacDonald, etc. are well-established companies hiring skilled R Programmers.

      Our faculty members will help you in clearing the interview by often conducting a mock test.

      The main agenda of R Programming Training in Delhi is to assist you to get settled in a well-established workplace.

  • From past few years, Croma Campus has been considered the best R Programming Training in Delhi. It targets delivering qualitative training in numerous instances. So, if you are also looking to obtain detailed information concerning Tableau, getting associated with a proper R Programming Training Institute in Delhi will be an ideal move toward your career.
    • Getting in touch with us will give you ample chances to obtain the latest information concerning the R Programming course.

      Here, you will obtain information regarding its related course.

      Croma Campus will offer you with placement assistance.

      Well, right from the beginning, our faculty members will give you suggestive tips to clear the interview process.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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R Programming Training

  • This course is suggested for all those novices and specialists who are keen on working in the analytics industry. R is suitable for all IT professionals like Big data analytics, Business analytics, scientific research, statistical reporting, Econometrics, social science, business intelligence, and business development. Researchers who perform data analysis with higher dimensional graphs. Students who need R for their courses. Prerequisite It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of R. R is now well thought out to be not just the most popular open-source analytic tool but the most popular analytics tool in the world
  • In this program you will learn:
    • Overview :

      R Programming Basics.

      Variable types and data structures in base R.

      Getting data into the R environment.

      Data frame manipulation.

      Handling dates in R.

      Exploratory Data Analysis (Descriptive Statistics).

      Working with text data.

      Control flow & functions.

      Graphics in R Overview.

      Advanced R graphics.

      Inferential Statistics.

      General Linear Regression Models in R.

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  • Overview:
    • History of R

      Advantages and disadvantages

      Downloading and installing

      How to find documentation

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  • R Programming Basics:
    • Using the R console and R Studio

      Getting help

      Learning about the environment

      Writing and executing scripts

      Object oriented programming

      Introduction to vectorised calculations

      Introduction to data frames

      Installing and loading packages

      Working directory

      Saving your work

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  • Variable types and data structures in base R:
    • Variables and assignment

      Data types

      Numeric, character, Boolean, and factors

      Data structures

      Vectors, matrices, arrays, data frames, lists

      Indexing, sub-setting

      Assigning new values

      Viewing data and summaries

      Naming conventions


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  • Getting data into the R environment:
    • Built-in data

      Reading data from structured text files

      Reading data using ODBC

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  • Data frame manipulation:
    • Introduction to tables, enhanced data frames

      Renaming columns

      Adding new columns

      Binning data (continuous to categorical)

      Combining categorical values

      Transforming variables

      Handling missing data

      Merging datasets together

      Stacking datasets together (concatenation)

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  • Handling dates in R:
    • Date and date-time classes in R

      Formatting dates for modeling

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  • Exploratory Data Analysis (Descriptive Statistics):
    • Continuous data


      Quantiles, mean

      Bi-modal distributions

      Histograms, box-plots

      Categorical data


      Bar plots

      Group by calculations


      Reshaping and pivoting data in R (long to wide with aggregation)

      Melt and cast

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  • Working with text data:
    • Finding and matching patterns in text

      Stringer package for text manipulation

      Introduction to regular expressions in R

      Categorical data wrangling with forcats

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  • Control flow & functions:
    • Truth testing





      Return values

      Variable scope

      Exception handling

      Applying functions across dimensions

      Sapply, lapply, apply

      Programming with map and purr

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  • Graphics in R Overview:
    • Base graphics system in R

      Scatterplots, histograms, bar charts, box and whiskers, dot plots

      Labels, legends, titles, axes

      Exporting graphics to different formats

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  • Advanced R graphics:
    • Understanding the grammar of graphics

      Quick plots (qplot function)

      Building graphics by pieces (ggplot function)

      Understanding geoms (geometries)

      Linking chart elements to variable values

      Controlling legends and axes

      Exporting graphics

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  • Inferential Statistics:
    • Bivariate correlation

      T-test and non-parametric equivalents

      Chi-squared test

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  • General Linear Regression Models in R:
    • Understanding formulas

      Linear and logistic regression models

      Regression plots

      Confounding / interaction in regression

      Evaluating residuals

      Scoring new data from models (prediction)

      Useful plots from regression models

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  • Placement Guide:
    • Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      R programming Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Attempt for the related Global Certification Exam

      Earn Credentials and Start applying for Jobs

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Croma Campus provides Best R Programming Training in Delhi as per the current industry standards, our training programs will enable professionals to secure placements in MNCs. The R programming language is used for data analysis, data manipulation, graphics, statistical computing, and statistical analysis. In short, R helps you analyze data sets beyond basic Excel file analysis. R is a free software environment that runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Our strong associations with top organizations like HCL, Wipro, Dell, Birla soft, Tech-Mahindra, TCS, IBM, etc. make us capable to place our students in top MNCs across the globe.

Learn R Programming through our Data Science Certification Course. We will help you master R tool for statistical computing and graphics, Certifications can be done directly from the website.

You will get study material in the form of E-Books, Online Videos, Certification Handbooks, Certification Dumps and 500 Interview Questions along with Project Source material.

Well, R Programming is neither an easy nor a complex course. But by acquiring adequate guidance, you will finish this course in just a few days.

R Programming is quite a bit costly but worth it course. It genuinely has a bright scope ahead, and acquainting its details will help you grow in this field.

Yes, you can surely get started with our Online R Programming course.

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