• Are you looking for Postman Training in Noida If that's the case, your quest is over! Croma Campus is a well-known training center that offers the best Postman training course to students who wish to learn new skills and work for a large global organization. We assist students in progressing to the next level of API Testing and other related IT training initiatives. Our dedicated experts may help them get through the recruitment process.

Postman Training in Noida


  • Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, our professionals will guide you through the Postman training institute in Noida course with ease. Let's have a look at the goals of the course:
    • Understand and implement postman API testing in the real world.

      Postman and API Testing, Android Web Service REST APIs, Rest API with Python, and Android Web Service SOAP APIs are among the topics covered.

      Learn the principles of JavaScript for your tests.

      Create API tests with Postman.

      Data from Excel (CSV) or JSON files can be used.

      Use Postman variables to create processes and scenarios.

      Learn the differences between getting and POST request methods and create GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests.

  • After completing the Postman Training in Noida the salary of a Software Engineer ranges from $15,37,476 per year. However, it can range from $200,000 to $20,43,698 per year. If we check the range of salary then it starts from $20,43,698 for a Software Engineer to around $18,18,198 for a Postman.

  • Postman is one of the most tempting things to study for your career at any time; it may give you a suitable job position in today's competitive market as well as genuine job satisfaction, which is often lacking in such a stressful work environment. Before enrolling in Postman Training Institute in Noida you must follow its career prospects:
    • In contrast, Postman is a graphical interface for sending HTTP requests to a website or API.

      Postman is a terrific tool for deciphering RESTful APIs developed by others or testing ones you've created yourself.

      It has a simple user interface for performing HTML queries, so you don't have to write a lot of code just to test an API's functionality.

      Every month, 6 million developers and 200,000 enterprises use Postman to access 130 million APIs.

  • Every technology has its terms of popularity. If we talk regarding Postman then there are the below-mentioned reasons which will show you its popularity before enrolling in Postman Training in Noida:
    • Postman refers to the standalone software testing API platform for building, testing, designing, modifying as well as documentation of API.

      Simply, it is a GUI(Graphic User Interface) which gets used for sending & viewing HTTP requests as well as responses.

      If you are using Postman for testing purposes individuals don’t need to write HTTP client network code.

      Moreover, we build out the test suites which are known as collections.

      If we talk regarding this tool then all the functionalities are present which are needed by the developers.

      Moreover, the tool has the potential of making various types of requests like getting, POST, PUT, PATCH, and others.

  • After the completion of the course at Postman Training Institute in Noida, you will need to perform a multitude of job roles and responsibilities.
    • Coordinating with the internal stakeholders for API development or resolving other issues.

      Offering out solutions to API queries to the partners.

      Addressing the SQL queries knowledge which is mandatory.

      Maintaining healthy relationships with external partners with a focus on API performance.

  • After completing the Postman Training in Noida Some of the employing organizations in the area include TCS, IBM, Cognizant Technology, Accenture, and other globally famous firms. The institute has educated specialists who can help you write a CV and prepare for interviews.

  • Training certificates offer a competitive edge to professionals in comparison to their competitors. Moreover, these certificates are globally recognized with high standards. Apart from this, you get out of the facility of placement assistance at our training institute. So, it is beneficial for you to enroll in Postman Training Institute in Noida.

Why should you learn Postman API?

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Postman API Certification Training

  • Postman can help if you are developing APIs as well! I have created this course for testing engineers and well as for software developers. Postman can help you during the development of your API as well as after the API is completed, by running tests that make sure your API is still working as intended.
  • In this program you will learn:
    • Introduction

      Creating with API Requests

      Writing Tests and Scripts

      Writing Tests and Scripts using Variables

      Building and Testing an API Workflow using Github and Twilio

      Advanced Assertions

      Automatically Running Tests

      Running Newman with other CI Servers/Tools

      Workflows / Scenarios

      Data-Driven Tests

      Team Collaboration

      Mock Servers

      File Uploads

      Authentication / Authorization

      New Features in Postman

      JavaScript Fundamentals

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  • Introduction
    • Overview

      First steps in Postman

      The postman Landscape

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  • Creating with API Requests
    • How to create a request in Postman

      How to import a request from your browser in Postman

      How to inspect HTTP responses in Postman

      Handling cookies in Postman

      Troubleshooting Postman issues

      Saving requests to a collection in Postman

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  • Writing Tests and Scripts
    • Introduction

      Your first API test in Postman

      Testing an API

      Path parameters vs query parameters

      Refactoring tests

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  • Writing Tests and Scripts using Variables
    • Variables in Postman

      Global variables


      Session variables (new in Postman 6.2!)

      Bulk editing removed (new in Postman 6.2!)

      Pre-request scripts in Postman

      Understanding different variable scopes / types

      How to setup different URLs using environments in Postman

      Debugging tests

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  • Building and Testing an API Workflow using Github and Twilio
    • Introduction to Github API

      Introduction to 2FA

      Setting up 2FA on Github

      Setting up 2FA in Postman

      Automating two-factor authentication (2FA) workflow - overview

      Introducing Twilio

      Get a new Twilio phone number & 2FA setup

      Setting up 2FA on Github with Twilio

      Troubleshooting why Twilio did not receive the SMS

      Using the Twillio API in Postman


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  • Advanced Assertions
    • Section overview

      Postman assertion basics


      Chai Assertion Library

      Assertions on arrays

      Assertions on nested objects

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  • Automatically Running Tests
    • Overview

      Postman collection runner

      Postman Monitors

      Automating with Newman (Overview)

      Installing Newman

      Running a collection with Newman

      Newman v3 to v4 Migration Guide

      3 ways to access your Postman collection from Newman

      Specifying environments with Newman

      Prerequisites for running Newman on Jenkins

      Running a collection with Jenkins and generating a report

      Creating an HTML report in Jenkins

      Generating better HTML reports

      Customizing HTML reports

      Running a collection from a Git repository with Jenkins

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  • Running Newman with other CI Servers/Tools
    • Gitlab CI


      Short introduction to Docker (optional)

      Running Jenkins with Docker

      Running Newman with Docker

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  • Workflows / Scenarios
    • Overview

      Creating a basic workflow / scenario

      Advanced workflows

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  • Data-Driven Tests
    • Using workflows to create data-sets

      Using external data files - Basic usage

      Using external data files - Writing tests

      Using external data files - Advanced usage

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  • Team Collaboration
    • Introduction

      Using the Git version control system - Overview

      Using the Git version control system - Hands on

      Team Workspaces - Creating and sharing a workspace

      Team Workspaces - Understanding users and permissions

      Team Workspaces - Managing user permissions

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  • Mock Servers
    • Introduction to mock servers

      Why use a mock server

      Create your first mock server

      Recording responses from an existing API

      Known Limitations

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  • File Uploads
    • Sending and testing multipart/form-data requests (file upload form)

      Automatic the upload and testing process with Newman

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  • Authentication / Authorization
    • Basic access authentication

      OAuth2 Authorization Flow (Authorization Code Grant)

      Form-based / Session-based authentication

      JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

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  • New Features in Postman
    • Designing APIs with Postman (OpenAPI 3.0.0 / Swagger)

      Sending GraphQL Queries in Postman

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  • JavaScript Fundamentals
    • Overview

      Data Types in JS




      Data Structures – Arrays/Objects


      Modern JS

      Apply what you have learn in Postman


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  • Placement Guide
    • Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      Postman API Testing Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Attempt for the related Global Certification Exam

      Earn Credentials and Start applying for Jobs

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There are different methods get to used in Postman like getting, POST as well as PUT.

It is performed by creating & saving complex HTTP.

Tests or scripts that are generally written out in JavaScript and are executed in response.

  • User-oriented
  • Accessibility
  • Unique functionalities

Postman refers to a command-line collection runner for Postman.

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