• Register for the Selenium training in Noida with Croma Campus and advance your career in automation testing space by mastering basic and advanced concepts thoroughly. We have designed our course content in such a way that you could prepare for the global certification exam too and clear it in the first attempt.
  • Selenium is one of the most popular automated testing tool available so far and helps to execute scripts quickly and reduces overall project costs too. The tool helps to speed up the project execution too after continuous quality checks.
  • With the Selenium certification course in Noida, we help you to strengthen your basic knowledge and get hands-on expertise in various Selenium topics like Selenium IDE, frameworks, writing test scripts, Selenium WebDriver, and more.
  • There is no doubt that selenium is one of the best automates testing tool available so far. And if you are planning to start a career in the automation testing field, it is just the potent time to give a jumpstart to your career right away and explore wider job options like never before with the best Selenium Testing Training Institute in Noida.

Selenium Training in Noida


  • Course Objectives
    • The core objective of Selenium training in Noida is to help you learn basic and fundamental concepts related to Selenium.

      Know what is scope of automation and how it can help your career. Learn about writing testing scripts using Selenium and Selenium Web Driver too.

      With the Selenium placement course, learn using Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, and Selenium Grid, etc.

      Know about the Selenium architecture and how it interacts with different layers, scenarios, workflows, etc.

      Learn to execute projects from scratch and how to automate frameworks and various test scenarios too.

      As the leading Selenium training institute in Noida, we help you to learn how to setup Selenium environment and know how to complete your first project successfully.

  • You must be wondering how much can you earn as a skilled Selenium expert and what is future scope in Selenium domain ahead. At the entry level once you complete the selenium training in Noida, you can earn between $70K to $90K and this range will become higher as you start growing in your career.
  • According to experts, job options are really lucrative in automation testing space and it will remain relevant for many years ahead where every industry looking to automate their tasks using similar tools.
  • The best part is that if you are certified, you could claim up to 30 percent extra or even extra while working with leading industries. With the top Selenium testing training institute in Noida, acquire all the related skills and get a chance to grow tremendously.

  • Career Growth after the Selenium Training in Noida
    • Companies are hiring skilled selenium testing experts frequently that could help them to cut down overall project cost and speed up the project execution too.

      There is no doubt that Selenium is one of the best testing tools available so far and top-most software skills too in the automation industry.

      If we look at the job options, then you can apply for hundreds of jobs and get a chance to work with leading industries across the world.

      On the completion of Selenium certification course in Noida, make them realized them you are just the right fit for the company.

      Being a trained professional, increase your hiring rate 7 times more when compared to non-trained or certified professionals.

      As the most prominent Selenium training institute in Noida, we help you to take away attractive salary packages with an assurance of greater job stability and attractive career graph too.

  • Selenium is a popular web-based automation testing tool that works amazing for different web platforms. This framework was started to automate the testing process for web apps. The continuous improvement and technological advancements have taken the platform to a different level today. once you will use this tool, you can realize how it accelerates the testing process and enhances the overall performance of a software application.
  • Let us see a few common objectives that you will master during Selenium testing training in Noida at Croma Campus.
    • It supports different web browsers, programming languages, operating systems, etc.

      It has the capability to control different testing frameworks too.

      The tool can automate web-based automation tasks too.

      Selenium WebDriver is one of the high demanding skills in the IT industry and skilled professionals are getting higher salary packages than usual.

  • Selenium was designed with an objective to give wonderful support to dynamic web pages where certain elements keep on changing frequently. Selenium WebDriver is compatible with almost all web browsers available so far. It can automate test scripts in minutes.
  • Two popular types of Selenium are – Selenium WebDriver and Selenium IDE. Selenium IDE is a platform that helps in producing test scripts for automating the test processes. It helps in a quick fix of bugs without putting much pressure on developers. On the other hand, WebDriver is a tool that helps in scaling or distributing scripts across different web browsers and helps in generating web-based automation scripts too.

  • As a Selenium expert, you have the flexibility to work on various profiles and you could all of them as you complete Selenium training in Noida.
    • You must have the basic and fundamental knowledge of all concepts related to Selenium.

      You must know about the scope of automation and how it can help an industry to grow. Also, you should know about writing testing scripts using Selenium and Selenium Web Driver too.

      You should know using Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium IDE, and Selenium Grid, etc.

      You must know about the Selenium architecture and how it interacts with different layers, scenarios, workflows, etc.

      You should know how to execute projects from scratch and how to automate frameworks and various test scenarios too.

      You should know how to learn how to setup Selenium environment and know how to complete your first project successfully.

  • With the top Selenium testing training institute in India, we make you enough capable to manage all these roles and responsibilities with utmost grace.

  • We help you to practice frequently asked interview questions and know how to highlight your skills in your resume so that they can be noticed by employers quickly. Also, add relevant certifications in your resume, if any. It will increase your overall chances of getting hired by top industries across the world.
  • With Croma Campus, we help you to complete your Selenium Training course first then attempt for the global certification and start applying for various jobs right away. Some of the top industries that are actively recruiting selenium testing experts include Infosys, TCS, IBM, Wipro, Accenture, etc.

  • There is no doubt that IT industry is growing rapidly through leaps and bounds and salaries are really amazing even at the entry level. This is the major reason why Selenium is a promising career choice for learners at various levels. Testing is not done after software development only but it is performed at various levels throughout the testing lifecycle.
  • Quality software testers or engineers usually get higher especially when they are skilled and knowledgeable. So, register for our Selenium testing course in Noida and earn a training certificate with us that is valid worldwide.

Why should you learn Selenium?

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Selenium Certification Training

  • In this program you will learn:
    • Java Course Contents

      Selenium WebDriver3.0

      TestNG Framework

      ReportNG Framework

      Selenium Grid - Cross Plateform & Parallel Execution

      Robot Classs

      Integration of Selenium with Jenkins

      Data Driven & Hybrid Test Automation Framework

      Database Testing - Java DataBase Connectivity JDBC

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  • Introduction to java
    • What is java

      Programming language hierarchy

      Java files

      Camel casing


      Java Components naming standards

      Java source file declaration rules

      First Java program

  • Classes and Objects
    • Introduction to Classes and objects

      Understanding Java Heap

      Creating first Class and Object

  • Variables and Operators
    • Introduction to Variables and their data types

      Primitive and Non-primitive variables

      Variable Casting

      Object references

      Java Operators

  • Java Methods and their communication
    • Introduction to methods

      Method arguments and return types

      Pass by Value


      Getters and Setters

  • Loops and Arrays
    • If-else statement

      While loop

      Do-while loop

      For loop

      Enhanced for loop

      Arrays – 1D and 2D

      Reference in an array

  • Understanding Java-API
    • Understanding API using ArrayList

      ArrayList fundamentals

      Using Java Library

      Using Packages

      Using HTML- API docs

  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Understanding inheritance and inheritance tree

      Methods overriding and the rules

      IS-A and HAS-A relationship

      Super class Vs Subclass

      Method Overloading

      Access Modifiers

  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces
    • Abstract classes and methods

      Mother of all classes – “Object class”

      Polymorphic reference

      Object reference casting

      Deadly Diamond of Death

      Interfaces and it’s implementation

  • Garbage Collection and Constructors
    • Concept of Stack and Heap

      Methods and classes on Stack and Heap


      Constructor Overloading

      Constructor chaining and this() keyword

      Garbage collection eligibility

  • Statics and data formatting
    • Static methods, variables and constants

      Math class and methods

      Wrapper classes

      Auto boxing

      Data formatting and static imports

  • Exception handling
    • Risky java codes

      Introduction to Java Exceptions

      Catching exceptions using try/catch block

      The finally block

      Catching multiple exceptions

      Handle or Declare law of exceptions

  • Serialization and file I/O
    • Saving objects state

      Writing serialized object

      I/O streams

      Serializable interface


      Java IO file

      Reading/Writing a text file

  • Collections
    • Introduction to Java collections

      Concept of generics





  • JDBC
    • JDBC concepts and terminology

      JDBC package

      Creating connection to a DataBase

      Accessing and manipulating tables using JDBC

      Sql statements

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  • Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
    • What is WebDriver

      Exploring Webdriver java docs

      Downloading Webdriver jar files

      Open Google home page through WebDriver

      Exploring more features of WebDriver

      WebDriver Features & Examples

      Handling HTML Elements such as: Text box, Hyperlinks, Submit buttons,

      Radio buttons, Check boxes, Dropdown etc

      Finding Elements & text on a Webpage

      Printing all links and other values from a webpage and HTML Elements

      Using By class to find elements using different methods

      Implement global wait

      Running test in multiple browsers

      Firefox profile

      Running test in multiple profiles

  • Advance WebDriver Features
    • Simulating keypress events such as buttons such as Enter, page up, pagedown, backspace

      Handling java script messages

      Working with online captchas

      Running the test with HTMLUnit driver

      Online Webtables

      Downloading and configuring chrome driver

      How to find Xpaths through Chrome developer tool

      Generating your own Xpaths

      What if you don’t have firebug or firepath

      Handling multiple pop ups/tabs in Chrome

      Handling Mouse over Menus and Iframes

  • Ajax & Listeners
    • How to handle Ajax based applications

      Browser navigate methods


      Mouse movements

      Explore action class mouseover method

      Working with Javascriptexecutor

      • Drag and Drop
        • Resizable
          • Handling Sliders
        • Flash Testing with Selenium WebDriver
          • What is flash/flex testing

            Downloading and installing flash jar file

            Automating flash player

            Using different call methods of YouTube flash player

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        • Integration and Execution of Test Suite using TestNG Framework
          • What is TestNg

            Installing TestNg in Eclipse

            TestNg Annotations

            Understanding usage of annotations

            Running a Test in TestNg

            Batch Running of tests in TestNg

            Skipping Tests

            Parameterizing Tests – DataProvider

            Assertions/Reporting Errors

            TestNg Reports

            Advantages over Junit

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        • ReportNG Framework
          • ReportNG is a simple plug-in for the TestNG unit-testing framework to generate HTML reports as a replacement for the default TestNG HTML reports.

            Configuring ReportNG with TestNG for HTML Reports

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        • Cross Browser and Cross Platform Testing using Web Driver
          • What is Selenium-Grid

            How Selenium-Grid Works–With a Hub and Nodes

            Configuring Selenium-Grid

            Default Configuration

            JSON Configuration File

            Configuring Via the Command-Line Options

            Node Configuration

            Timing Parameters

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        • This class is used to generate native system input events for the purposes of test automation, self-running demos, and other applications where control of the mouse and keyboard is needed. The primary purpose of Robot is to facilitate automated testing of Java platform implementations. Using the class to generate input events differs from posting events to the AWT event queue or AWT components in that the events are generated in the platform's native input queue. For example, Robot.mouseMove will actually move the mouse cursor instead of just generating mouse move events.
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        • In Selenium Training, Croma Campus will include the latest implementation of automation concepts like: Integration of Jenkins and Selenium Automation testing. Jenkins is a powerful and highly configurable continuous integration tool (CI) tool that is commonly used on IT projects to manage builds and releases. Selenium is a powerful suite of tools that automates web browser testing. Our training will guide you through the steps required to get you started with Jenkins and Selenium from an automation tester’s perspective.
        • During our training we will cover the following aspects:
          • Installation and setup of Jenkins & Selenium project on your laptop.

            Jenkins Overview.

            Jenkins Plugins.

            Jenkins Configuration for a Java-based Project.

            Integration of Selenium and Jenkins CI.

            Reporting and Validation in Jenkins.

            Continuous integration and continuous testing

            Test Execution.

            SVN, Junit, Source Control, Ant, Maven Java integration.

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        • Covers end to end steps followed while creating the framework:
          • Test Data files

            TestCore class which loads Xls file, run selenium server through code and do other initialization

            Object.Properties file to store Xpaths

            Configuration Files

            Skipping Test Cases

            Screenshot Capturing

            Emailing Test Results

            Generating Reports

            Generating Application and Selenium logs

            Running framework automation through Maven

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        • Database Testing - Java DataBase Connectivity JDBC
          • Installing MySQL Database

            Java.Sql Package|JDBC Drivers

            Connection Interface

            Statement and Prepared Statement Interfaces

            ResultSet Interface

            Firing Select, Insert, Update and Delete queries with database using Java JDBC

            Looping the ResultSet

            Using Annotations of Junit/TestNg to establish connection with database when Using Selenium

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