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  • HP LoadRunner is a software testing tool used for evaluating performance in web applications. Basically, it detects and prevents performance errors in applications. Performance Testing is a process for testing the scalability and stability of data loads, resource usage, speed, etc. It can also detect the kind of output one can expect in terms of network usage statistics, bottlenecks, potential stress points, and so on.
  • LoadRunner is one of the hottest tools in the market for performance testing and a career in it using HP load runner can fetch you high-paying jobs in the QA stream. HP LoadRunner is a load testing product that ascertains application scalability, behavior, and performance.
  • With one of the best LoadRunner online course, you can master the fundamentals of performance testing using LoadRunner. Upon course completion, the learners will be skilled enough to utilize LoadRunner features to automate performance. Besides, certified experts at LoadRunner Online Training offers you cent percent job assurance. LoadRunner is the performance testing tool to detect the performance of web applications under diverse load conditions. Furthermore, the software tool works on Record-Replay mode making it easy for testers.

LoadRunner Online Training


  • The LoadRunner online course intends to incorporate a wide range of knowledge from Recording for the Web, Replay, Transactions, Parameters, Auto Correlation After Recording, Verification, Actions, Introduction to Script View, Advanced Scripting Techniques, Manual Correlation, Auto Correlation During Recording, Introduction to Scenarios, Scenario Execution, Scheduling Scenarios, Performance Monitors, Results Analysis.
  • The primary aim of our LoadRunner certification training online is to help you:
    • Learn to test Web-based performance.

      Acquire in-depth knowledge of HP LoadRunner tool and build expertise in advanced concepts as well.

      Get to learn about the basics of a performance testing tool named the HP LoadRunner tool.

      Master performance testing methods and concepts.

      Analyze the performance testing requirements.

      Learn to prepare scripts for business processes.

      Perform test rounds and evaluate outcomes using the tool.

      Report the performance examined.

      Work with the Test NG framework with Data-Driven framework concepts.

  • The LoadRunner online training course also imparts substantial ideas about introducing Load Runner, Power of Load Runner, Building Scripts, Playing Back the Scripts, Understanding Record time settings, Understanding Run time settings, creating a Load Testing Scenario, Running Load Test, Analyzing Results.

  • Companies are looking for someone who is a certified LoadRunner. So once the learner completes the LoadRunner online certification training course, they will be offered a course completion certificate which will bag them a good job in top-notch companies across the globe. As stated in, the average salary of a performance engineer after LoadRunner online training in India is about 645,833 INR.
  • The LoadRunner online training course intuitively helps its learners to automate load or performance tests using various LoadRunner features. The online LoadRunner training also offers its learners to record for the web, transaction, autocorrelation after recording, actions, advanced scripting techniques, autocorrelation during recording, scenario execution, performance monitors, replay, parameters, verifications, script view, manual correlation, scheduling scenarios, and result analysis in-depth.
  • Furthermore, you will also get the chance to master the power of load runner, understanding the run time and record time settings, running load tests, load runner building scripts, creating a load testing scenario, etc, with the guidance of the LoadRunner online training course. As a part of its acquisition, the LoadRunner certification training online teaches you about the LoadRunner environment, components, and architecture, including its advanced concepts of the VUGEN and VUSER environment.

  • LoadRunner is the number one load testing tool in the market. Hence there is a lot of demand for a certified LoadRunner expert in the market.
  • Once you complete the LoadRunner online course with us, you will be competent enough to handle real -projects all alone whence required. We along with our team of experts guide you throughout the course to provide you a thorough knowledge of performance testing tools in a practical manner.
  • By the end of the LoadRunner Online course, you will be awarded a course completion certificate that will gain you an upper hand over your competitors. The certification proves that you have proper knowledge and skills in Performance Testing.

  • HP LoadRunner is one of the most popular Performance Testing Tool. The main reason for its popularity is because it reduces the time and effort involved in performance testing by using virtual users in place of manual users. Since a number of virtual users can work on a single computer making it less time-consuming, cost-effective, and commutes hardware acceleration. Its automated tests can be programmed and repeated many a time accordingly and thus performance issues are identified and repaired.
  • Due to a huge demand for LoadRunner experts, we at Croma Campus introduce you to an extensive LoadRunner training course that tends to bring out the best in you. After the course conclusion, you will have mastered LoadRunner and can confidently work on LoadRunner projects right away.
  • Hone your skills in performance testing with Croma Campus that offers professionals with expert-level courses that are an amalgamation of both theoretical as well as practical knowledge including courses on Testing such as JUNIT, which is quite popular. We provide you a robust LoadRunner online training experience with our mentor-driven course curriculum and also help you learn to face the challenges of upcoming technologies as well.
  • Our comprehensive training workshop is meticulously designed by our accredited experts who guide you throughout the ongoing training and help you understand various concepts thoroughly. With our LoadRunner online training in India, you will get to learn many code samples, demo exercises, and in-depth courseware that will make you proficient in the subject.

  • Some of the job roles and responsibilities that you have to encounter as a LoadRunner professional are:-
    • You should know how to carry out Performance Testing in various projects that include planning, load test environment analysis, scripting, monitoring, and results analysis using LoadRunner.

      You must be able to identify LoadRunner scenarios for testing.

      You must know to review the VUGen scripts authored by the team to ensure adherence to technical & quality standards.

      You should have sufficient knowledge of enhancing the VUGen scripts using concepts like Manual Correlation, Transaction Check Points and Parameterization, etc.

      With the LoadRunner online training course, administer the Performance testing process for the improvement of the team (component-level performance testing, performance test profile designing, and application Performance baseline and benchmarking).

      Also, learn to provide technical support within the team for VuGen scripting challenge, root cause analysis, and test results interpretation.

      You must be well prepared in preparing various metrics for a project and also know how to prepare the Test plan, Estimate Testing Effort and Helping the Project Manager as well.

      You should know to manage liaisons with client stakeholders and project managers daily.

      You need to learn to understand the scope of work and subsequently allocating, mentoring, tracking and reporting the day-to-day work items.

      Create and maintain the Requirement Traceability Matrix.

      Also, learn to manage defects and Test Data too.

  • With the advancement of technology, the usage of the internet has increased manifolds over the years. This increase in usage has increased the infrastructure and bandwidth of the application hosted on the internet substantially. Before implementing the application as per the plan, it is indeed necessary to test the performance with the allocated infrastructure, bandwidth and configurations so as to ensure not to face any consequences in the future when a plethora of users hit the application.
  • Indeed, Performance testing plays a key role in new applications or in enhancing applications that are quite in-demand in the IT market. Some of the leading names who are on the lookout for LoadRunner professions are HCL, Wipro, IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, etc.

  • Our LoadRunner online training in India at Croma Campus is globally recognized by all major enterprises. By the end of the theoretical and practical training sessions, certificates are issued to the qualifiers. The certification is a valid proof of your potential that helps you to acquire your dream job that you are really passionate about.

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Loadrunner Certification Training

  • This course will help you to gain in-depth knowledge of various functionalities of JMeter to evaluate the performance of an application. You will be able to check the performance of an application under different workload conditions and understand different methodologies related to the security of an application.
  • This course designed to help you become a certified practitioner through intensified training in the best practices for checking the efficiency of software.
  • In this program you will learn :
    • Performance/Load Testing Fundamentals

      Recording Your First Test

      Submitting Forms

      Managing Sessions

      Resource Monitoring

      Distributed Testing

      Timers and Functions

      Helpful Tips

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  • About Testing
    • Introduction to Non-Functional testing

      Need for Non-Functional testing

      Types of Non-Functional testing

      Introduction to Performance Testing

      Performance Testing components

      Performance testing and tuning


      The incident

      The aftermath

  • Performance Testing Using Jmeter
    • JMeter: The preferred tool for Performance Testing

      Introduction to Apache JMeter

      Elements of JMeter

      Performance testing using JMeter

      Assertions, controllers, and processors in JMeter

      JMeter best practices

      JMeter to the rescue

      Up and running with JMeter


      Installing the Java JDK

      Setting JAVA_HOME

      Running JMeter

      Tracking errors during test execution

      Configuring JMeter

  • Load and Stress Testing
    • What is Load testing

      Need for Load testing

      Objectives of Load testing

      How to perform Load testing using JMeter

      What is Stress testing

      Need for Stress testing

      Purpose of Stress testing

      How to perform Stress testing using JMeter

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  • Recording Your First Test
    • Configuring the JMeter HTTP proxy server

      Setting up your browser to use the proxy server

      Using a browser extension

      Changing the system settings

      Running your first recorded scenario

      Anatomy of a JMeter test

      Test Plan

      Thread Groups



      Logic controllers

      Test fragments




      Configuration elements

      Pre-processor and post-processor elements


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  • Submitting Forms
    • Capturing simple forms

      Handling checkboxes

      Handling radio buttons

      Handling file uploads

      Handling file download

      Handling the XML response


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  • Managing Sessions
    • Managing sessions with cookies

      Managing sessions with URL rewriting


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  • Resource Monitoring
    • Basic server monitoring

      Setting up Apache Tomcat Server

      Configuring Tomcat users

      Setting up a monitor controller in JMeter

      Monitoring the server with a JMeter plugin

      Installing the plugins

      Adding monitor listeners to the test plan


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  • Distributed Testing
    • Remote testing with JMeter

      Configuring JMeter slave nodes

      Configuring one slave per machine

      Configuring the master node to be tested against one slave per machine

      Configuring multiple slave nodes on a single box

      Configuring the master node to be tested against multiple slave nodes on a single box

      Executing the test plan

      Viewing the results from the virtual machines


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  • Timers and Functions
    • JMeter properties and variables

      JMeter functions

      The Regular Expression tester

      The Debug sampler

      Using timers in your test plan

      The Constant timer

      The Gaussian random timer

      The Uniform random timer

      The Constant throughput timer

      The Synchronizing timer

      The Poisson random timer

      The JDBC Request sampler

      Configuring a JDBC Connection Configuration component

      Adding a JDBC Request sampler


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  • Helpful Tips
    • JMeter integration with selenium

      Handling FTP request

      Installing CA certificate in the browser

      Testing REST web services

      Parameterization using CSV File

      Parameterization using Test Plan


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Some of the important components of LoadRunner are Load Generator, VuGen, Controller, Agent Process, and Analysis.

Well, relying upon the technology, different sorts of applications, and topology, LoadRunner sets up communication between Vuser and Server. The request has been sent by the Vuser should be understood by the server so that it can send a proper and correct response to the Vuser.

LoadRunner is a legitimate software testing tool from Micro Focus. It is majorly utilized to test applications and measure system behavior, and performance under load. It can eventually also simulate thousands of users concurrently utilizing application software. It assists in examining and preventing application performance problems.

This specific course is genuinely not a very complex one. But yes, you might need guidance to learn every part. In fact, by getting associated with a proper educational provider of LoadRunner, you will end up knowing every part in a detailed way.

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