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Microsoft Azure


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  • Microsoft Data Engineer is a position that bestows you with an opportunity to validate your expertise in integrating, transforming, and consolidating data from various structured and unstructured data systems into structures respectively. Well, this specific course is part of a specialization intended for Data engineers and developers who want to demonstrate their expertise in designing and implementing data solutions that use Microsoft Azure data services. If you want to establish your career in this direction, then you should immediately get in touch with Croma Campus to acquire detailed training from it by qualified experts.
    • Here, at Croma Campus, you will be explained this subject right from the scratch. 

      Right imbibing theoretical information, you will also get the opportunity to know its practical implementation as well. 

      Post completing your training, you will be assured 100% placements. 

      Here, you will get the opportunity to experience a whole new interactive way of learning. 

      You will find our trainers working on your communication skills as well.

DP 203 Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Training


  • Post getting started with our certification program, you will gradually see our course content comprising of the latest trends and newest features concerning this subject.
    • Our trainers will help you to explore its different sections concerning numerous instances. 

      In fact, by enrolling in our courses, you will get a fair chance to acquire information concerning Azure's Modern Enterprise Data and Analytics Platform. 

      Moreover, our trainers will also assist you to understand the business prospect of the Azure Data Platform respectively. 

      Our highly qualified faculty members will also guide you thoroughly concerning designing and developing data processing and implementing data security intently. 

      By enrolling into this course, you will come across some hidden facts as well.

  • Salary Expectation for Fresher :
    • By obtaining this legitimate accreditation, you will genuinely be able to grab quite a decent salary structure. 

      To be accurate, here in India, you will be able to make 7,69,591 per year, right at the starting of your career, which is eventually good. 

      Further, in your career, your salary will get increased with time and the skills you tend to imbibe. 

      Here, we will thoroughly guide you to imbibe its skills as well. 

      Post the completion of your course, you will find our trainers helping you in preparing for the interview. 

  • By exploring different sides of Azure, you will gradually imbibe detailed information which will encourage you to do better and obtain growth and success as well. So, to remain in the IT field for a long time, you should surely look up to this course.
    • Here, at Croma Campus, our vision is to see you succeed in your direction. 

      In fact, our trainers will thoroughly guide you right from scratch to imbibe its skills, advantages, pros, and consequences respectively. 

      Along with the theoretical training, our trainers will keep on guiding you about the interview procedure as well. 

      Hence, by imbibing its details, and acquiring its accreditation, you will be eligible enough to work as a Microsoft Azure Data Engineer respectively. 

      You will obtain an overall idea of developing the infrastructure and architecture for data purposes as well. 

  • Azure is one of a kind field that has a bright scope ahead. And getting associated with this direction will eventually uplift your career graph.
    • This specific certification will let you know about the integration, transforming procedure. 

      Furthermore, our trainers will thoroughly guide you concerning building analytics solutions.

      Furthermore, you will also be given detailed information regarding Data warehouse, ETL, Data monitoring, data security, analytics, etc. 

      Moreover, our trainers will guide you about the Microsoft Azure Cosmos Database, Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage, Microsoft Azure PostgreSQL Database, and Microsoft Azure Blob respectively. 

      In a way, you will receive qualitative in-depth information regarding this subject from industry experts holding years of experience in this field.

      Another reason to opt this field is its future scope, and higher salary package.

  • Well, a legit Microsoft Azure Data Engineering has to perform loads of tasks. But it also depends upon the kind of projects they are indulging in and what it demands majorly.
    • Your foremost responsibility will be to implement a robust data pipeline by making the utilization of Microsoft Stack

       In fact, you will be also responsible for building reusable and scalable data pipelines respectively.

       Furthermore, your duty will also be to develop and deploy various data platforms. 

      Henceforth, your duties will also include utilizing Azure BI services for the development process of Big Data Platforms

      You will also have to indulge in creating reusable elements for the rapid development of data platforms respectively. 

      In fact, you will also have to execute deploying AI algorithms into the data platform.

      Your job responsibility will also include keeping up with your teammates and taking in their suggestions as well. 

  • Top Hirings for Microsoft Azure Data Engineering :
    • Deloitte, Accenture, TCS, EY are some of the top-most companies hiring skilled candidates. 

      Moreover, post the completion of your course, our team will make you appear in front of the interviews for huge companies. 

      With having this accreditation in hand, you will grab one of the highest salary structures. 

      This training will allow you to acquire some new information. 

      By obtaining this accreditation, you will get the chance to stick to this field in the long run, and will always have numerous opportunities in hand. 

  • Training Certificate :
    • You will find our training certifications quite affordable, and in fact, you will also get the chance to pay it in bits, and pieces. 

      Our accreditations are being widely accepted in numerous fields. 

      In fact, by graduating from our institution, you might get into a well-established company. 

      Croma Campus offers you more than 140+ courses, so apart from this course, you can opt for several other courses as well. 

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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DP 203 Data Engineering on Azure Training

  • Azure Data Engineers also help ensure that data pipelines and data stores are high-performing, efficient, organized, and reliable, given a set of business requirements and constraints. They deal with unanticipated issues swiftly, and they minimize data loss. They also design, implement, monitor, and optimize data platforms to meet the data pipelines needs.
  • In this program you will learn :
    • Design and Implement Data Storage.

      Design and Develop Data Processing.

      Design and Implement Data Security.

      Monitor and Optimize Data Storage and Data Processing.

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  • Design a Data Storage Structure :
    • Design an Azure Data Lake solution

      Recommend file types for storage

      Recommend file types for analytical queries

      Design for efficient querying

      Design for data pruning

      Design a folder structure that represents the levels of data transformation

      Design a distribution strategy

  • Design a Partition Strategy :
    • Design a partition strategy for files

      Design a partition strategy for analytical workloads

      Design a partition strategy for efficiency/performance

      Design a partition strategy for Azure Synapse Analytics

      Identify when partitioning is needed in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

  • Design the Serving Layer :
    • Design star schemas

      Design slowly changing dimensions

      Design a dimensional hierarchy

      Design a solution for temporal data

      Design for incremental loading

      Design analytical stores

      Design meta stores in Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data bricks

  • Implement Physical Data Storage Structures :
    • Implement compression

      Implement partitioning

      Implement sharing

      Implement different table geometries with Azure Synapse Analytics pools

      Implement data redundancy

      Implement distributions

      Implement data archiving

  • Implement Logical Data Structures :
    • Build a temporal data solution

      Build a slowly changing dimension

      Build a logical folder structure

      Build external tables

      Implement file and folder structures for efficient querying and data pruning

  • Implement the Serving Layer :
    • Deliver data in a relational star schema

      Deliver data in Parquet files

      Maintain metadata

      Implement a dimensional hierarchy

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  • Ingest and Transform Data :
    • Transform data by using Apache Spark

      Transform data by using Transact-SQL

      Transform data by using Data Factory

      Transform data by using Azure Synapse Pipelines

      Transform data by using Stream Analytics

      Cleanse data

      Split data

      Shred JSON

      Encode and decode data

      Configure error handling for the transformation

      Normalize and deformalize values

      Transform data by using Scala

      Perform data exploratory analysis

  • Design and Develop a Batch Processing Solution :
    • Develop batch processing solutions by using Data Factory, Data Lake, Spark, Azure

      Synapse Pipelines, Polybasic, and Azure Data bricks

      Create data pipelines

      Design and implement incremental data loads

      Design and develop slowly changing dimensions

      Handle security and compliance requirements

      Scale resources

      Configure the batch size

      Design and create tests for data pipelines

      Integrate Jupyter/Python notebooks into a data pipeline

      Handle duplicate data

      Handle missing data

      Handle late-arriving data

      Upset data

      Regress to a previous state

      Design and configure exception handling

      Configure batch retention

      Design a batch processing solution

      Debug Spark jobs by using the Spark UI

  • Design and Develop a Stream Processing Solution :
    • Develop a stream processing solution by using Stream Analytics, Azure Data bricks, and

      Azure Event Hubs

      Process data by using Spark structured streaming

      Monitor for performance and functional regressions

      Design and create windowed aggregates

      Handle schema drift

      Process time series data

      Process across partitions

      Process within one partition

      Configure checkpoints/watermarking during processing

      Scale resources

      Design and create tests for data pipelines

      Optimize pipelines for analytical or transactional purposes

      Handle interruptions

      Design and configure exception handling

      Upset data

      Replay archived stream data

      Design a stream processing solution

  • Manage Batches and Pipelines :
    • Trigger batches

      Handle failed batch loads

      Validate batch loads

      Manage data pipelines in Data Factory/Synapse Pipelines

      Schedule data pipelines in Data Factory/Synapse Pipelines

      Implement version control for pipeline artefacts

      Manage Spark jobs in a pipeline

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  • Design Security for Data Policies and Standards :
    • Design data encryption for data at rest and in transit

      Design a data auditing strategy

      Design a data masking strategy

      Design for data privacy

      Design a data retention policy

      Design to purge data based on business requirements

      Design Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) and POSIX-like Access Control List

      (ACL) for Data Lake Storage Gen2

      Design row-level and column-level security

  • Implement Data Security :
    • Implement data masking

      Encrypt data at rest and in motion

      Implement row-level and column-level security

      Implement Azure RBAC

      Implement POSIX-like ACLs for Data Lake Storage Gen2

      Implement a data retention policy

      Implement a data auditing strategy

      Manage identities, keys, and secrets across different data platform technologies

      Implement secure endpoints (private and public)

      Implement resource tokens in Azure Data bricks

      Load a Data Frame with sensitive information

      Write encrypted data to tables or Parquet files

      Manage sensitive information

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  • Monitor Data Storage and Data Processing :
    • Implement logging used by Azure Monitor

      Configure monitoring services

      Measure performance of data movement

      Monitor and update statistics about data across a system

      Monitor data pipeline performance

      Measure query performance

      Monitor cluster performance

      Understand custom logging options

      Schedule and monitor pipeline tests

      Interpret Azure Monitor metrics and logs

      Interpret a Spark directed acyclic graph (DAG)

  • Optimize and Troubleshoot Data Storage and Data Processing :
    • Compact small files

      Rewrite user-defined functions (UDFs)

      Handle skew in data

      Handle data spill

      Tune shuffle partitions

      Find shuffling in a pipeline

      Optimize resource management

      Tune queries by using indexers

      Tune queries by using cache

      Optimize pipelines for analytical or transactional purposes

      Optimize pipeline for descriptive versus analytical workloads

      Troubleshoot a failed spark job

      Troubleshoot a failed pipeline run

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Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (DP-203)

The Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (DP-203) is suitable for Data Engineers to integrate, transform, and consolidate data from various structured and unstructured data systems into structures that are suitable for building analytics solutions.


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