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  • Dot Net refers to the open-source platform which gets created by Microsoft. It helps out in building many types of applications. You can easily write out Dot Net apps in C#, F#, Visual C++, or the basics. If you are a programmer, it offers ways to make a reusable design. Moreover, it will also increase the productivity of the organization.
  • However, Dot Net is known for its interactive websites and design purposes. It is initiated out by the XML as well as HTML languages. Many people are unaware of the fact that with the help of illustration you can easily design out the range of computing services and the devices get work together for updating the information. Resultant of these factors demand Dot Net Training in Delhi gaining demand.

Dot Net Training in Delhi


  • Dot Net is basically an open-source web-based framework that offers more performance in comparison to ASP. Net. Moreover, it gets developed & implemented by the community of Microsoft professionals. Additionally, it has a huge collection of class libraries that offer support to simple & complex data. But it is important to see the course curriculum of Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi:
    • Basics of the Dot Net programming with the introduction of multiple frameworks.

      Getting an introduction to different components of visual studio.

      Creating out the base class with inherent requirements.

      Concept of the namespaces with the help of interfaces.

      Troubleshooting the different errors in relation to the process.

      Getting well-adapted with the custom controls for proper validation.

  • After completing the Dot Net Training in Delhi salary generally ranges from Rs 8.6 lakh to Rs 17 lakh. With gaining out skills in this domain you can get out high salary according to the industrial standards. Moreover, people also go for freelancing jobs after completing the training.

  • Dot Net is basically an open-source technology and the organizations are adopting this technology with great force. Moreover, it is becoming popular among youngsters as well as other professionals working in this domain. After completing the Dot Net Training in Delhi you must go through the career perspectives:
    • There are a number of career options available for the Dot Net technology any individual can easily learn this technology for clearing out the international exam.

      With the increasing prospects of the job profiles like Network Analyst, Network Administrator, etc.

      Dot Net experts range from technical or the non-technical experts which are easy to learn.

      According to the current research number of organizations are switched out to platform independence with the help of useful features.

      As per your interests, you can select the career domain as per your preference & choice. We all are aware of the fact that Dot Net offers very low programming with multiple steps.

  • Dot Net framework which gets established by the Microsoft Corporation comes out in the list of most prominent software applications. With the help of C#, C++, VB. NET Shop for multiple programming languages. Before enrolling in Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi you must check out the reasons behind its popularity:
    • Dot Net can be used for creating multiple types of applications with the help of any type of platform. Simply, its independence supports all the platforms. Additionally, supports various operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

      With the help of researching data Dot Net supports out the 44 languages for working on various platforms. Moreover, there are multiple languages that support the applications. If we talk in regard to another advantage it can get easily deployed.

      Dot Net refers to the open-source platform with an effective IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for going throughout the application environment.

      The technology is quite famous in the domain of software development and used to facilitate the process for many days. Moreover, there are many reasons which tend to prove its superiority in comparison to Java.

      As we know that the code written out in Dot Net is basically small, so its maintenance becomes easy. While it can get difficult for the new developers, however, the process is easy for new developers.

      It supports the purpose of multi-platform code development which helps out in improvising the performance. With continuous upgrades and optimizations, it will improve day by day.

  • Dot Net core framework can easily get out used for building different types of applications such as mobile, desktop, web, cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, etc. Moreover, with its presence in multifarious industries it is important to look out the job duties after completing Dot Net Training in Delhi:
    • Conceptual understanding of at least one programming language.

      Advanced understanding of one database as well as the operating system.

      Understanding the process of software engineering.

      Potential of contributing out with the medium of tasks independently.

      Getting exposure to different design principles going throughout the arena.

  • After completing the course from Dot net Training Institute in Delhi there are multiple job openings that we get to consider. Moreover, there are many organizations that demand these types of professionals like Infosys, Nagarro, Virtusa, Qty Staffing, Societe Generale, Sureminds solutions PVT Ltd, etc.

  • As your Dot Net Training in Delhi gets completed you get out the 100% internationally recognized certificate. It will help out in boosting your resume potential & opens out multifarious doors for you. Additionally, you can apply for many jobs.

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Microsoft .Net Certification Training

  • Want to learn .Net with the best industry practitioners and become an expert right away If so, your search ends here! Croma Campus is a leading android training company in India that offers the best android certification training using Dot net to help you learn essential concepts and executing them at the workplace.
    • Placement Guide

      ASP.NET Core Fundamentals

      .NET Programming Techniques

      Programming with VB in .NET

      NET Fundamentals

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  • .NET Fundamentals
    • Strict type checking

      JIT compilation and CLS

      CLR Architecture and its Services

      Common Language Runtime (CLR) basics

      How to add numbers using IDE

      Know about Visual studio IDE

      Different tiers in Dotnet Architecture

      DOT net Architecture

      Usage of .NET

      History of .NET

      Origin of .NET

      What is Microsoft .NET

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  • Accessing a Database
    • Updating Data by Using LINQ

      Querying Data by Using LINQ

      Creating and Using Entity Data Models

  • Reading and Writing Local Data
    • Performing I/O Using Streams

      Serializing and Deserializing Data

      Reading and Writing Files

  • Creating class hierarchies using Inheritance
    • Creating Generic Types

      Using extension methods

      Define Inheritance

      Creating Class Hierarchies

      Extending .NET Framework Classes

      Define abstract classes

  • Classes, interfaces, and type-safe collections
    • Use generics for Implementing Type-safe Collections

      Defining and Implementing Custom Interfaces

      Creating and using custom Classes

  • Develop the code for a graphic app
    • Handling Events

      Organizing Data into Collections

      Implementing Structs and Enums

  • Delegates and Events
    • Creating events using Delegates

      Event Model

      What are events

      Anonymous methods

      Types of Delegates

      What is delegate

  • Methods, exceptional handling and app monitoring
    • Monitoring Applications

      Handling Exceptions

      Using Optional and Output Parameters

      Creating Overloaded Methods

      Creating and Invoking Methods

  • Review Syntax
    • Know about Indexer

      C# Programming Language Constructs

      OOPS concepts: Classes, Objects, Constructors, Inheritance, polymorphism, multithreading, encapsulation, access modifiers, abstraction and interfaces

      Arrays and Strings

      Functions and its types

      Datatypes, Operators, and Expressions

      Overview of Writing Applications using C#

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  • Code Quality and Error Handling
    • Commenting code

      Try...Catch...Finally error handling

      Throwing and handling exceptions

      Ensuring type safety with Enums

  • Object Oriented Program Layout
    • Overriding using virtual functions

      Extending classes using inheritance

      Ensuring proper object creation using constructors

      Encapsulating data

  • Accessing the database with Entity Framework
    • Retrieving existing records

      Updating and saving user information

      Adding and deleting records

      Storing user information

      Connecting to the database

  • Creating a SQL Server database
    • Adding tables, fields and indexes

      Defining primary and foreign key relationships

  • Relational database concepts
    • Employing databases for fast, efficient storage

      Selecting, inserting, updating and deleting query syntax

  • Processing ASP.NET Web Forms
    • Styling using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

      Web Forms with events Maintaining variables with sessions

      Displaying data and gathering user input Activating

  • Constructing ASP.NET websites with Visual Studio
    • Designing pages with ASP.NET controls

      Styling sites with ASP.NET themes

      Maintaining consistency with Master Pages

      Writing HTML pages and forms

  • Controlling program execution
    • Do While...loops

      CASE (switch) statements

      For...Next loops

      IF statements

      Writing complex criteria expressions

  • Working with data types and conversions
    • Converting between data types


      Performing calculations with mathematical operators


      Real numbers

      Dates and time


  • Coding object–oriented applications
    • Instantiating objects

      Defining code layout and limiting scope

      Adding fields, methods and properties

      Dividing code into classes

  • Using Visual Studio
    • Running a console application

      Editing and compiling a program

      Creating projects and solutions

  • .NET Programming Principles
    • Reviewing, compiling and executing a program in Visual Studio

      Coding using fundamental C# or VB syntax and semantics

      Transitioning to the object-oriented philosophy

      Writing a procedural program

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  • Integrating query into Visual Basic with LINQ
    • Deploying Visual Basic Applications

      Harnessing LINQ with collections and Entity Framework

      Working with expression and lambda function LINQ syntax

      Building custom objects from LINQ queries with anonymous classes

      Filtering, sorting, grouping and reshaping data: Where, Order By, Group By and Select

      Constructing LINQ statements

  • Employing polymorphism
    • Persisting an object graph into the database

      Lazy and eager loading-related objects

      Representing associations with foreign key mappings

      Automating object-relational mapping

      Demystifying the database, model and code-first approaches

      Mapping objects to databases with ADO.NET Entity Framework

      Releasing disposable objects

      Calling stored procedures from ADO.NET

      Working with Connection, Command and Data Reader

      Connecting to databases with ADO.NET

      Creating abstractions with Must Inherit classes

  • Applying inheritance
    • Overriding base class functionality with Protected, Overridable and Overrides

      Coding inheritance hierarchies with Inherits

      Identifying when to use inheritance

  • Designing classes with encapsulation
    • Creating shared, overloaded and extension methods

      Crafting classes with Visual Studio class designer

      Linking objects with associations

      Instantiating objects with constructors and initializers

      Coding classes with fields and public properties, methods and events

  • Developing .NET business apps
    • Strong naming assemblies with Visual Studio

      Implementing a Visual Basic solution with Visual Studio

      Preparing an effective layered application architecture

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  • Working with Users
    • Authenticating users

      Managing users and user claims

      Authenticating users declaratively and procedurally

  • What’s New in ASP.NET MVC
    • Path Transversal

      Cross-site Request Forgery

      Malicious Redirects

      Client-side (CSB) and Server-side Blazor (SSB)

      Integrating SSB into ASP.NET Core applications

      Creating Blazor components

      Protecting Your Site from Hacks

      Eliminating JavaScript with Blazor

      Short-circuiting redirects with URL Rewriting

      Changes to Project Structure

      Supporting multiple platforms with .NET standard libraries

      Reusing User Interfaces and workflow logic with View Components

      Sharing resources with Razor Class Libraries

      Leverage Razor Pages

      Improving productivity with Tag Helpers

      New in Views

  • What’s Different in ASP.NET MVC
    • Bundling JavaScript and CSS

      Moving modules and handlers to middleware

      Changes to Authorization

      Implementing Session and Cache

      Handling Infrastructure

      Dealing with configuration

      Modifying Controllers and Views

      Creating ASP.NET MVC Core applications

      Updating server-side code

  • Implementing Services in ASP.NET Core MVC
    • Changes from ASP.NET Web API Adding services

      Retrieving, updating, and creating objects in ASP.NET Core

      Applying Standards

      Incorporating HTTP standards

      Choosing return types

  • Deploying with Docker
    • Defining Containers

      Simplifying deployment and application management with Docker

      Characteristics of Docker containers

      Creating a Docker container

      The container ecosystem

      Debugging with Containers

      Running applications in containers

      Integrating applications, services and databases with Docker Compose

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  • Placement Guide
    • What is an Interview

      Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      .NET Core Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Career roadmap and certifications

      Attempt for related Global Certification Exam, if any

      Start applying for Jobs

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