• Secure your future by choosing the best DevOps Online Course! DevOps is the platform where people, processes, and tools can work together to accelerate the product delivery lifecycle with maximum innovation tactics. Croma Campus offers the best DevOps training to students who are looking to gain the necessary skills and secure their career.
    • Learn about various DevOps tools too like GIT, Docker, Nagios, Jenkins, Puppet, etc.

      Understand various DevOps fundamentals without any difficulty.

      Start a successful career in the IT industry and become eligible to get your dream job.

      Master DevOps ecosystem, configuration management, best programming practices, etc.

      Learn all the concepts by working on real-time case studies, assignments, or projects.

Devops Certification Training


  • At the end of the DevOps placement course, you must be wondering what you can learn and how this training program is will help you gain all the required skills. Let us see some facts that are covered in this DevOps training course.
    • Our course has been designed with an objective to help learners for a successful IT career in DevOps.

      Gain expertise in continuous delivery, agile development, configuration management, and more.

      Understand a multitude of DevOps tools like Nagios, GIT, Docker, Puppet, and Jenkins.

  • Since DevOps is a highly paid skill, you can become a most demanding IT resource worldwide. With the comprehensive DevOps training, you not only get the essential skills but get a chance to apply for various job options worldwide.

  • It does not matter whether you belong to an IT background or not, anyone with a basic graduation degree can join this course. It would be an added advantage for people with an IT background as they will quickly learn the platform.
    • The average salary for DevOps professionals in the USA is $150 K per year.

      For DevOps Architect, it ranges from around $140K to $164K.

      Establish a long-lasting career in the DevOps domain.

  • Anyone can join this course and learn all the required DevOps fundamentals. People with an IT background will quickly learn the platform.

  • Are you excited to know how your career may look alike on the completion of the DevOps training course at Croma Campus As the renowned DevOps training institute, we ensure optimum growth after the course completion, making you recognized across the globe.
    • Become more eligible to apply for companies worldwide.

      Accelerate the overall deployment rate for software products.

      Prepare yourself for the global certification exam in DevOps.

      Get complete career assistance with a 100% passing rate for certifications.

      Get your dream job with attractive salary packages in no time.

  • DevOps is the platform where people, processes, and tools can work together to ensure product must be delivered with maximum innovation tactics. Within DevOps, Digital transformation can be refined on an ongoing basis.
    • There is a 55% percent hike was noticed in DevOps jobs across the world.

      The average salary for DevOps professionals in the USA is $150 K per year.

      More than 40 percent of IT industries have already adopted DevOps.

  • DevOps is one of the most popular IT skills that witness attractive salary packages for learners. Most of the industries are supposed to adopt DevOps shortly in the future.

  • The job duties for a DevOps professional may vary as per the job role. There are some of the common job roles and responsibilities in DevOps. Lets discuss some of the roles that you need to perform on the job.
    • You should know basic terms and terminologies that are usually applied to the workplace.

      You should have hands-on skills in fast deployment, continuous delivery, team collaboration, etc.

      You should know how to use various DevOps tools at the workplace.

      You should know how to design programs in DevOps at the basic or advanced level.

  • Once you complete the course with us, you become capable enough to manage all these job roles and responsibilities efficiently in DevOps.

  • Some of the top hiring companies like SAP, Accenture, Amazon, TCS, IBM, Capgemini, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, and more. With our DevOps training, you become eligible to apply for all these companies worldwide.
    • Apply for different job roles like release manager, automation engineer, DevOps, etc.

      Get hired immediately with the right DevOps skills.

      Get interview tips to help you get placed in a leading MNC.

  • On the successful completion of the course, you can work in IT Sector, Healthcare and Medical Sector, Banking & Finance, Transportation, Travel Industry, eCommerce, Media & Entertainment, Non-Profit Industries, Insurance Sector, etc.

  • After your course, you are given a training certificate that is a valid proof of your skills that you have learned all the concepts theoretically and practically. The training certificate is given only after the project completion.
    • Ensures credibility in IT space.

      Lucrative salary packages and tremendous career growth.

      Leverage a dynamically updated and current Knowledge base.

      Profound Knowledge of the domain/field.

      Increases your chances of getting hired.

Why Should You Learn DevOps?

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Devops Engineering Certification Training

  • DevOps: DevOps is a set of Practices that Combines Software Development and IT Operations. It aims to shorten the Systems Development Life Cycle and provide Continuous Delivery with High Software Quality.
  • In this Training you will Learn
    • Infrastructure Setup

      Overview of DevOps: In this module you will be introduced to DevOps environment.

      Introduction to DevOps on Cloud

      Git, Jenkins & Maven (Version Control, Continuous Integration & Build)

      AWS (Amazon Web Services)

      Docker (Continuous Deployment)

      Puppet (Continuous Deployment)

      Ansible (Configuration Management)

      Kubernetes (Containerization using Kubernetes)

      Nagios (Continuous Monitoring with Nagios)

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  • In this module, you will learn what Cloud Computing is and what are the different models of Cloud Computing along with the key differentiators of different models. We will also introduce you to virtual world of AWS along with AWS key vocabulary, services and concepts.
    • EC2 Walkthroug

      Installation of DevOps Tools in the Cloud

      • Git
        • Docker
          • Selenium
            • Jenkins
              • Puppet
                • Ansible
                  • Kubernetes
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                • In this module you will be introduced to DevOps environment.
                  • Why DevOps

                    What is DevOps

                    DevOps Market Trends

                    DevOps Engineer Skills

                    DevOps Delivery Pipeline

                    DevOps Ecosystem

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                • Learn about various Cloud Services and service providers; also get the brief idea of how to implement DevOps using AWS.
                  • Why Cloud

                    Introduction to Cloud Computing

                    Why DevOps on Cloud

                    Introduction to AWS

                    Various AWS Services

                    DevOps using AWS

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                • In this module, you will learn about the different actions performed through Git and will be introduced to Jenkins and Maven.
                  • Version Control with Git

                    • What is Version Control
                      • What is Git
                        • Why Git for your Organization
                          • Install Git
                            • Common Commands in Git
                              • Working with Remote Repositories

                                Git, Jenkins & Maven Integration

                                • Branching and Merging in Git
                                  • Git Workflows
                                    • Git Cheat Sheet
                                      • What is CI
                                        • Why CI is Required
                                          • Introduction to Jenkins (With Architecture)
                                            • Introduction to Maven
                                              • Branching and Merging, Stashing, Rebasing, Reverting and Resetting
                                                • Build and Automation of Test using Jenkins and Maven

                                                  Jenkins (Continuous Integration)

                                                  • Jenkins Management
                                                    • Adding a Slave Node to Jenkins
                                                      • Building Delivery Pipeline
                                                        • Pipeline as a Code
                                                          • Implementation of Jenkins
                                                            • Build the Pipeline of Jobs using Jenkins
                                                              • Create a Pipeline Script to Deploy an Application over the Tomcat Server
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                                                            • In this module, you will learn about the introduction to compute offering from AWS called EC2. We will cover different instance types and Amazon AMIs. A demo on launching an AWS EC2 instance, connect with an instance and hosting a website on AWS EC2 instance. We will also cover EBS storage Architecture (AWS persistent storage) and the concepts of AMI and snapshots.
                                                              • Introduction to Cloud Computing & AWS

                                                                Elastic Compute and Storage Volumes

                                                                Load Balancing, Autoscaling and DNS

                                                                Virtual Private Cloud

                                                                Storage - Simple Storage Service (S3)

                                                                Databases and In-Memory DataStores

                                                                Management and Application Services

                                                                Access Management and Monitoring Services

                                                                Automation and Configuration management

                                                                AWS Migration

                                                                AWS Architect Interview Questions

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                                                            • This module introduces Docker to Readers, the Core Concepts and Technology behind Docker. Learn in detail about Container and various Operations Performed on it.
                                                              • Shipping Transportation Challenges

                                                                Introducing Docker

                                                                Understanding Images and Containers

                                                                Running Hello World in Docker

                                                                Introduction to Container

                                                                Container Life Cycle

                                                                Sharing and Copying

                                                                Base Image & Docker File

                                                                Working with Containers

                                                                Publishing Image on Docker Hub

                                                                Create and Implement Docker Images and Containers

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                                                            • Configuration Management with Puppet: In this module, you will learn to Install and Configure Puppet. Additionally, understand the Master-Agent Architecture in Puppet.
                                                              • Introduction to Puppet

                                                                Puppet Installation

                                                                Puppet Configuration

                                                                Puppet Master and Agent Setup

                                                                Puppet Module

                                                                Node Classification

                                                                Puppet Environment

                                                                Puppet Classes

                                                                Automation & Reporting

                                                                Install and Configure Puppet

                                                                Configure and Implement Servers using Puppet

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                                                            • Configuration Management with Ansible: In In this module, you will learn to Install Ansible and Configure Ansible Roles. You will also learn to write Playbooks and finally Execute Ad-Commands using Ansible.
                                                              • Introduction to Ansible

                                                                Ansible Installation

                                                                Configuring Ansible Roles

                                                                Write Playbooks

                                                                Executing Adhoc Command & Installing Ansible

                                                                Configuring Ansible Role & Write Playbooks

                                                                Execute Adhoc Commands

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                                                            • Containerization using Kubernetes: In this module, you will learn the basics of Kubernetes and its Integration with Docker.
                                                              • Revisiting Kubernetes Cluster Architecture

                                                                Spinning up a Kubernetes Cluster on Ubuntu VMs

                                                                Exploring your Cluster

                                                                Understanding YAML

                                                                Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML

                                                                Creating a Service in Kubernetes

                                                                Installing Kubernetes Dashboard

                                                                Deploying an App using Dashboard

                                                                Using Rolling Updates in Kubernetes

                                                                Containers and Container Orchestration

                                                                Introduction to Kubernetes

                                                                Setting up the Kubernetes Cluster

                                                                Accessing your application through service

                                                                Deploying an app through Kubernetes Dashboard

                                                                Rolling updates in Kubernetes

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                                                            • Continuous Monitoring with Nagios: In Objective: Learn how to Continuously Monitor your Tasks using Various Plugins and Implementing Nagios Commands.
                                                              • Introduction to Continuous Monitoring

                                                                Introduction to Nagios

                                                                Installing Nagios

                                                                Nagios Plugins(NRPE) and Objects

                                                                Nagios Commands and Notification

                                                                Installing Nagios

                                                                Monitoring of different servers using Nagios

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                                                            Well, anybody can choose this course looking to gain knowledge and get a secure job. Some of the professionals like DevOps Consultants, IT Developers, Testing and Security Professionals can choose the AWS DevOps Certification course to gain knowledge.

                                                            In this DevOps Certification Course, you will understand the principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration, & IT service agility.

                                                            It would be great if you have the knowledge of any scripting Language.

                                                            The following are the job designations you will get:

                                                            • Security Engineer
                                                            • Application Developers
                                                            • Software Tester
                                                            • System Admin
                                                            • Integration Specialist
                                                            • Solution Architect

                                                            Croma Campus can arrange back up classes for you if you have missed your class. To schedule the classes, kindly contact our customer support.

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                                                            DevOps Foundation (Exam Code : DOFD)

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                                                            Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions


                                                            Foundation Level Certification


                                                            $ 200 USD


                                                            60 Minutes

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