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  • Advancements in the current IT tech industry have revolutionized the way we deal with databases. Database management has been simplified with the advent of modern tools and techniques. Job opportunities as a professional software tester have been on the rise due to growing demands in the IT market. Thus, the database testing training institute in India is offering you online training to cater to your needs. With our pioneering QA software training and advanced techniques, we have been successful in delivering qualitative QA testers with our professional software testing training. Our Database testing online training courses are accessible from anywhere across the world.
  • Verification of the authenticity of Databases is crucial for any enterprise and thus it is created a huge demand for database testing professionals with technical skills. Through our data basé online testing training, QA testers are polishing their skills and enhancing them further by applying them in practical assignments. Not to mention, Database testing is implemented to verify many issues such as Data mapping, Validation of atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, Data integration, Validation of business complex performing rules, etc.
  • The accredited trainers of Database testing online training its learners on backend testing and analysis of the upshot as anticipated. Prerequisite knowledge of SQL testing is highly appreciated as it adds up to easy learning of Database testing. If you want to consolidate your basics of database testing, SQL queries, and different types of database testing, then database testing training online is the perfect choice for you. Our course curriculum is a perfect amalgamation of the theoretical and practical framework. Every learner of our training institute is provided with SQL features to write effective test cases for database maintenance so as to avoid data corruption. Our training program also includes interactive sessions with instructors and the technical support team to clarify doubts in training methods and methodologies.

Database Testing Online Training


  • At the end of the Database Testing Online Course, you will have acquired a thorough knowledge on defining Databases, define database objects, Explain Database Objects, Define SQL Commands and their uses, Define Testing related to Database Testing, Perform Structural Databases Testing, Perform Functional Database Testing.
    • You will have a basic idea of the Testing tools and Software, Mobile testing, Database Testing, and more.

      Get to know all about functional Back-end testing, Structural back-end testing, etc.

      With our Database testing online training, procure functional knowledge of Testing the interfaces to the transaction APIs.

      Also, our online training will introduce you to the other database testing tools and issues.

  • After the end of Database Testing Online Training, you will be endowed with enough knowledge about the desired field and thereby assure your recruiters that you are the best candidate for the database test engineer job. Our Database testing online course helps to tailor your resume by choosing relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. Moreover, this is the best way you can grab the attention of the potential recruiters and get hired right away.
  • Database Tester salary in India ranges something between 1.8 Lakhs to 10.2 Lakhs rupees with an average annual salary of Rs. 4.3 Lakhs.
  • Generally, the salary depends upon the experience you have gained over the years, your SQL skills and it might also depend on the location. Certification and advanced level training will definitely fetch you the highest-paying database testing jobs. So, pull up your socks and just get started.

  • In Database testing, there are in fact many opportunities and better salaries than you have ever imagined. Since almost all applications depend on the database so companies are always on the lookout for good Database testers.
  • An error-free database increases the overall performance of the software application. Hence our Database testing online training course is customized to guide you through all the steps that are involved in database testing so that you perform the task efficiently and with utmost ease to get an edge over your competitors.

  • Unquestionably, databases are a valuable resource for an organization. It reserves all the desired pieces of information of any application for a longer duration. However, applications utilize interconnected databases to store their data. A database comprises tables, views, triggers, functions, and stored procedures. RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) databases like Oracle, DB2, SQL SERVER, or MYSQL are in general used by most users for their applications.
  • Database Testing is a type of testing that checks data basés for their data integrity, data validity and, data reliability. It also incorporates testing of database objects like stored procedures, views, functions, and tables.
  • Structural testing, functional testing, and non-functional testing are the three important types of Database Testing. Structural testing deals with the validation of data in the repository whereas Functional testing ensures consistent performance of transactions, and non-functional testing checks the readiness of a system.

  • Why database testing important to an organization:
    • The data are the raw materials of an organization and thus a precious asset.

      To run an organization smoothly, a strong and powerful Database system is vital. So incessant Database Testing is carried out before executing any other database operations.

      To obtain an impeccable application, it is crucial for any organization to update and maintain the data of databases more frequently.

      Database testing generates useful feedback about the defects present in an application.

      To attain the best results of the applications, companies perform Database testing more often.

  • Since all the data are stored in databases, proper safety and good-quality Databases are crucial. Hence we Database testing online training provides you proper training to connect to a database, write queries and procedures on how to retrieve data from a database.

  • You must take the responsibility of analyzing current programs including performance, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of problem programs.
    • You should be able to develop new solutions and support existing solutions using HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and/or Bootstrap.

      You must know how to develop new solutions.

      Also, you must be well versed in developing databases for the electronics manufacturing environment.

      You should be able to administer the design and quality delivery of solutions.

      You must know to manage ongoing communication and escalation of status and issues.

      You are responsible for identifying and documenting issues found in web applications to assist with easy recreation.

      You need to have a functional idea so as to drive high-quality development via acceptance criteria.

      You have to work closely with the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence teams to test data load processes.

      As a Database tester, you need to perform test regression scenarios to find unexpected issues for weekly releases.

      You should also have to work with Functional QA and Automate QA team members to achieve department goals.

      You must have previous knowledge of UI/DB compatibility testing, data transaction, and load test.

      You need to have some knowledge of schema changes, store procedures, and database reporting.

  • Databases are basically a collection of files that are interconnected to each other. Various servers also have databases that are completely different. A software library consists of four layers of the database system such as the User Interface (UI) layer, the business layer, the database, and the data access layer. All these layers are required to be tested for maintaining a database system. The Database tester should be proficient in checking tables, writing queries and procedures, SQL or Oracle applications that are used in a web application or desktop and database system.
  • Data is the most integral part of any business especially in the sectors such as banking, finance, health insurance, etc., and therefore there is an indispensable requirement for Data basé Testers. That is where our database testing training institute in India comes into play. After you successfully complete the database testing training online course, you would have the pliability to work in different fields according to your interest. Some top-notch industries where you can play the role of a Database tester are PNB, HDFC, TCS, IBM, Infosys, etc.

  • Training is without a doubt a key step in starting a successful career, especially in the Database testing field. So this is the opportune time to enroll in our Database testing training in India and get a certification. Upon acquiring a valid certification, you will be able to showcase it to your potential employees and get hired right away.

Why Should You Learn Database Testing?

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Database Testing Certification Training

  • Today’s technology environment is critical and applications all complex with technology arrivals. It affects the whole functionally and database in a great way.
    • Introduction

      Datatypes and Constraints

      Statements in SQL

      Software installation

      Data Query Language (DQL)


      Functions in SQL

      Sub Query

      Pseudo Columns


      Co- Related Sub Query

      Data Definition Language (DDL)

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  • Introduction
    • What is Database

      What is Database Management System (DBMS)

      What is Relational Model

      Introduction to RDBMS

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  • Datatypes and Constraints
    • What are Datatypes

      Types and Examples.

      How to use.

      What are Constraints

      Types and Examples.

      How to use.

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  • Statements in SQL
    • Data Definition Language (DDL)

      Data Manipulation Language (DML)

      Transaction Control Language (TCL)

      Data Control Language (DCL)

      Data Query Language (DQL)

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  • Software installation
    • Installing and set up of Software

      Working on Oracle 10g.

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  • Data Query Language (DQL)
    • Select



      Group By


      Order By

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  • Operators
    • Types and Examples

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  • Functions in SQL
    • Single Row Functions

      Multi Row Functions

      Max ()

      Min ()

      Sum ()

      Avg ()

      Count ()

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  • Sub Query
    • Introduction to Sub Query

      Working of Sub Query

      Query Writing and Execution

      Types of Sub Query

      Single Row Sub Query

      Multi Row Sub Query

      Nested Sub Query.

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  • Pseudo Columns
    • Introduction on Pseudo Columns



      Working and Usage.

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    • What Is Join

      Types of Joins.

      Cartesian Join

      Inner Join

      Outer Join


      Queries and Examples.

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  • Co- Related Sub Query
    • Working and Examples

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  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
    • Create





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DataBase Testing is a process of validating the data stored in a database to ensure its accuracy, integrity, and reliability. It is essential because databases are a critical part of most software applications, and any errors or inconsistencies in the data can lead to serious issues, including data corruption and security breaches.

Some popular database testing tools include:

  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS): For Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Oracle SQL Developer: For Oracle databases.
  • MySQL Workbench: For MySQL databases.
  • Postman: For API-based database testing.
  • Selenium: For web application database testing.
  • In the present scenario, you will find various Database testing institutions in the capital. One of the best institutions offering Database testing courses is Croma Campus. Here, you will get study material as per the latest trends, in-depth information from experienced faculty members, and placement assistance as well.

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