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  • Looking for the best BA (Business Analysts) training in Delhi If so, you’ve reached the correct destination! Croma Campus is a leading BA program training institute in Delhi that offers the best BA training to students looking to enhance their skills and stay ahead in their careers.
  • When you choose the right Business Analyst training in Delhi, you will learn how to manage datasets in real-time, learn R programming, data sampling, statistical techniques, data regression, Tableau, data visualization, data manipulation, data analytics, data blending, advanced data analytics, SAS programming, conclude insights, data integration, charts, graphs, dashboard management, etc.
  • Our Business Analyst training in Delhi will help you to understand the important BA tools like SQL querying, MA Visio, or eDraw, etc. We have a dedicated crew of experienced tutors who will help you learn all the fundamental and practical concepts of the discipline to make you the preferred candidate for every IT organization.
  • With our Business Analytics training in Delhi, you will get hands-on experience in dealing with BA tools or techniques, agile methodologies, data analytics techniques, project documentation, and many more. Also, you will be given study materials by our tutors that include white papers, recorded classes, and other similar content.
  • With the top BA training company in Delhi, you can easily opt for various BA certifications and help you get the desired job, and make you the most demanding IT resource too.

Business Analyst Training in Delhi


  • Here are the core objectives of our BA training in Delhi.
    • Our business analyst training in Delhi helps you to learn fundamentals so you can effortlessly manage reporting, documentation, large projects, and improve your data analytics knowledge.

      After the completion of the BA certification course in Delhi, you can harness the innovative solution to make any business successful and let it gain a robust foothold on the market.

      With extensive BA training and certification guidance, you will be hired by top MNCs worldwide.

      Make yourself more eligible to apply for a plethora of jobs with the most prominent Business Analyst training in Delhi.

  • The average salary for BA professionals differs from various roles. Let’s discuss the salary that a fresher can expect.
    • Financial consultant: $74,182

      Business Architect: $125,687

      Domain consultant: $86,222

      Business analyst: $92,071

  • Before you start your career in the BA domain, there is no need to learn the technical basics first. Due to its constant demand, the discipline is now considered one of the most stable career choices. And it couldn’t be wrong to say that BA professionals play an incredibly important role in achieving business goals.
  • With Business analyst training in Delhi, you can get hands-on experience on multiple BA concepts like data analytics basics, reporting tools, R programming, Tableau basics, BA tools or techniques, reporting tools, project management processes, and more.
  • So, what are you waiting for Simply start your journey with the leading IT training company in India today and get a well-paid secure job in a leading MNC.

  • Career Growth after the Course:
    • There are no prerequisites to apply for BA certifications but you must have a basic knowledge of BA fundamentals or project management processes.

      After the completion of Business Analytics training institute in Delhi successfully, you will be awarded BA certifications based on your performance.

      After receiving the certification, you can choose from different BA roles as per your grades in the project.

      Once you are a certified professional, you can start applying for a plethora of BA jobs and get an attractive salary package.

  • A business analyst is hired with the aim to communicate with other departments to manage their core tasks. The professional optimizes existing business processes with the required BA tools or software applications and the management of difficult business activities with utmost efficiency.
  • Here are some of the most impressive stats that you should opt for BA training course in Delhi.
    • It is the most sought-after IT skill.

      Over 1.2 million job options for expert BA professionals.

      A skilled BA professional has an average salary of $94,576 per year.

      There’s a shortage of 160000 business analysts across different sectors.

  • If you want to start a career in the business analytics domain, make sure you choose a BA training course in Delhi. No matter whether you belong to the IT background or not, BA training is incredibly beneficial.
    • Any graduate who wants to start a career in IT.

      Application builders

      Project managers

      Anyone who wants to become a certified business analyst or data scientist.

      System programmers or system managers

  • After the completion of the BA certification course in Delhi, you will be eligible to apply for different roles, including:
    • Data analysts

      Financial consultant

      Business architect

      Data Scientist,

      Data analyst,

      Domain consultant

  • As compared to other profiles, a BA professional usually gets a higher salary package.

  • Here are some major job roles and duties that can learn after the completion of course from Business Analyst training institute in Delhi. Lets’ discuss them!
    • You should know about all fundamental and important core BA concepts and related terminologies that include sampling, documentation, R programming.

      You must know how to implement the most innovative solutions and optimize the business processes by using the relevant BA techniques or tools.

      You should know how to manage tough project requirements, detailed documentation, and improve your overall data analytics knowledge.

      You should know about different BA tools so that you may increase work efficiency without any difficulty.

      With the leading BA training in Delhi, you can easily manage all the roles and responsibilities with ease.

  • We, at Croma Campus, have a team of experienced instructors who can deliver high-quality education to students without breaking their bank. Our experts have experience of more than 5 years and they are consistently updated with the latest terms and tools in the discipline.
  • Before getting hired, each trainer has to go through a multitude of section processes. Each one of them is evaluated at different parameters like communication skills, their passion for delivering classes, and detailed sessions.
  • Some of the top industries in BA are IBM, Pitney Bowes, Apple, Infosys, TCS, and many more. When you have the relevant skills and knowledge, you can easily get a job in any of the leading MNCs without any hassle.

  • Whether you are from an IT background or not, you can easily opt for a Business Analyst training institute in Delhi and kick start your career in the domain of business analytics. If you have a strong zeal and want to learn something, simply join us and turn your dreams into reality.
  • After the completion of your BA training course in Delhi, you will be given a training certificate as solid proof of your skills so you can show it to the company you are willing to work at.
  • So, enroll in the high in-demand Business Analyst training Institute in Delhi today to enhance your skills and get your dream job.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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More Suitable for working professionals who cannot join in weekdays

Get Intensive coaching in less time

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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Business Analyst Certification Training

  • Business Analyst Program is designed to hone your expertise in the latest Business analytics tools and techniques, including planning and monitoring, data analysis and statistics, visualization, Agile Scrum methodologies, and SQL database.
  • Things you will learn:
    • IT Industry Fundamentals for Business Analysts

      Requirements Process – The Core of IT Business Analyst Activity

      Requirement Software Companies - JIRA, Rational Requisite Pro

      UML – Unified Modelling Language

      Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

      Requirements Analysis

      Solution Assessment and Validation

      Enterprise IT Analysis

      Agile Business Analysis

      SQL and Database Concepts for the IT Business Analyst

      Software Test Management & User Acceptance Testing for the IT Business Analyst

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  • Fundamentals for Business Analysts:
    • Software Development Life Cycle

      Software Development Methodologies – Water Fall, Iterative, Agile, etc.

      Types of Software Projects – Greenfield, Migration, Product Customization, Maintenance etc.

      Software Testing, Test Plans, Test Automation, Black Box and White Box Testing

      IT Implementation

      IT Deployment Environments – SAAS, On Premise, Client Server etc.

      Software Licensing, Subscription and Sale Models

      Project Development Vs Product Development

      RUP, DevOps Methodologies

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  • Requirements Process :
    • What is a Requirement

      What is a Requirement

      Attributes of Requirements

      Importance of Requirements for IT Projects

      Types of Requirements: Business, Enterprise, Solution, Stakeholder, Transition

      Functional and Non-Functional Requirements

      Overview of Requirements Engineering and Management

      Requirements Basics: Mapping, Modelling, Traceability Matrix, Tracking

      Business Process Re-Engineering & Re-Design

      Important Requirement Process Steps: Elicitation, Analysis, Documentation, Validation, Management

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  • Requirement Software Companies :
    • Stakeholder Analysis

      Stakeholder Definition

      Importance of Stakeholder

      Stakeholder Identification – Onion Diagram

      Stakeholder Identification – Wheel

      Stakeholder Classification – Power Influence Matrix

      Stakeholder Engagement Techniques – Power/Influence Vs Interest

      Stakeholder RACI Chart, its preparation through Visio

      Stake Holder Persona

      Stakeholder Alignment and Sponsorship

      Managing Internal stakeholders

      Preparing Stakeholder map through Excel

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  • Unified Modelling Language :
    • History of UML, its founding fathers and role of OMG (Object Management Group)

      UML Diagrams –UML Structure and UML Behavior Diagrams

      Important UML Diagrams for IT Business Analysts

      Overview of UML Structure Diagrams

      Class Diagrams

      Activity Diagrams

      Use Case Diagrams

      State Machine Diagrams

      Sequence Diagrams

      Deployment Diagrams

      Other UML Diagrams

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  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring :
    • Plan the Business Analysis Approach

      Plan Stakeholder Engagement

      Plan Business Analysis Governance

      Plan Business Analysis Information Management

      Identify Business Analysis Performance Improvements

      Plan Requirements Management Process

      Manage Business Analysis Performance

      Requirements Elicitation & Collaboration

      Elicitation: What and When

      Elicitation Tasks

      Prepare for Elicitation

      Conduct Elicitation Activity

      Document Elicitation Results

      Confirm Elicitation Results

      Manage Stakeholder Collaboration

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  • Requirements Analysis:
    • Requirements Analysis: What and When

      RA: The Business Analyst Tasks

      Prioritize Requirements

      Specify and Model Requirements

      Define Assumption and Constraints

      Verify Requirements

      Validate Requirements

      Wireframes and Prototypes

      Wireframes. Mockups and Prototypes Essentials

      Preparing Wire-frames through MS Excel

      Wireframe preparation exercise through Balsamiq 3.5

      Prepare mock-up of Android Payments App

      Prepare Apple iPhone home screen mock-up

      Low-fi and Hi-fi Mock-ups

      Prototyping through Power Point

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  • Solution Assessment and Validation:
    • Solution Assessment and Validation: What and When

      Asses Proposed Solution

      Allocate Requirements

      Asses Organizational Readiness

      Define Transition Requirements

      Validate Solution

      Evaluate Solution Performance

      Requirement Management

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  • Enterprise IT Analysis:
    • Analysis Revisited - Industry, Enterprise, Project, Process

      What is an Enterprise

      Enterprise - Mission, Vision, Values, Strategies, Objectives

      Enterprise IT Analysis – What, When, Why, How, By/For Whom

      Enterprise IT Analysis Activities & Task List

      Defining the Business Need

      Assessing Capability Gaps

      Determining Solution Approach

      Define the Solution Scope

      Preparing Business and Enterprise IT Architecture

      Enterprise IT Analysis Useful Techniques – Alfred Chandler’s Strategy Tribology, McFarlan’s IT Grid, Gartner’s Hype curve

      Enterprise IT Analysis Frameworks – Zach man’s, TOGAF

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  • Agile Business Analysis:
    • Agile Software Development – An Overview

      Agile Manifesto and Philosophy

      Agile Methodology

      Agile Software Development Lifecycle


      Managing Sprint Planning, Daily SCRUM, Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospectives

      Three Roles in Scrum: Scum Master, Product Owner and Development Team

      Preparing Product Backlog, Sprint Burn Down Charts

      Preparing Agile Project Charter

      Xterme Programming, Kanban

      Writing User Stories

      Story Points and Estimation on SCRUM projects

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  • SQL and Database Concepts for the IT Business Analyst:
    • Database concepts and the 3rd Normal Form, Primary Key, Foreign Key and Database design

      SQL Data Definition Language Statements: Create, Alter and Drop

      SQL Data Manipulation Language Statements: Insert, Update and Delete

      SQL Data Query Language: Select

      SQL DCL: Grant and Revoke

      SQL TCL Commit, Savepoint, Rollback

      Basic DBA concepts

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  • Software Test Management & User Acceptance Testing for the IT Business Analyst:
    • Software Testing and its importance

      Black Box, Box and Grey Box Testing

      Manual and Automation Testing

      Automation Testing Tools: Silk, Load runner

      Successful User Acceptance Testing for the IT Business Analyst

      Software Testing at the client site for every release

      Managing client / development team relationship under environments where a release has failed.

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Validate your skills and knowledge by working on industry-based projects that includes significant real-time use cases.Gain hands-on expertize in Top IT skills and become industry-ready after completing our project works and assessments.Our projects are perfectly aligned with the modules given in the curriculum and they are picked up based on latest industry standards. Add some meaningful project works in your resume, get noticed by top industries and start earning huge salary lumps right away.
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In the Business Analyst Training Institute in Delhi, you will get the opportunity to work on live projects with industry experts who have more than 10 years of experience, in addition to the recorded video lessons of lectures.

The Business Analyst Training in Delhi will benefit greatly from the well-equipped laboratories and the actual project. As a result, you'll gain more real-world experience and be better prepared to find a wonderful career.

Croma Campus offers Business Analyst Training & Certification in Delhi for you to get enrolled for the purpose of providing comprehensive skillsets. The quality training at the institute will provide you with a wide range of skills and information.

The Business Analyst Training in Delhi is adaptable, which means you may do it on your own time. It will, however, take 30 hours to accomplish.

Visit the Croma Campus website to enroll in the Business Analyst Training Institute in Delhi. You may contact us by WhatsApp at +91-9818014543 or by phone at +91-9711526942.

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