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  • Our Automation Software Testing Classes in Pune are meticulously crafted to equip you with comprehensive knowledge of software testing technologies. This program focuses on Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven, Selenium Grid, Appium, and Docker, empowering you to construct a robust testing framework. Upon completion of the Automation Software Testing Course, you'll witness a significant enhancement in your skills, catching the attention of top companies.
  • These Automation Test Courses offer a well-blended and extensive learning experience. The Automation Software Testing Course, in particular, provides several hundred hours of applied learning, covering various in-demand tools and skills. Furthermore, the course includes a company project, allowing you to gain valuable work experience. Join our Automation Classes in Pune for a holistic and practical approach to mastering automation testing.

Automation Testing Classes in Pune


  • In our Automation Testing Course, we commence by covering the fundamental principles of software testing. You'll gain proficiency in testing cases and drafting bug reports. As you progress through the Automation Test Course, the focus will shift to mastering black-box test techniques. Additionally, the training will guide you in crafting test scenarios and implementing the test process using a Test Management Tool.
  • The Automation Testing Courses will impart essential knowledge of agile methodologies and agile testing, along with instructing you on utilizing the Application Lifecycle Management Tool, JIRA. Beyond these, the Automation Software Testing Course aims to achieve the following key objectives:
    • Equip you with the skills to become a Freelance Tester.

      Familiarize you with white-box test techniques.

      Introduce the basics of API testing using Postman.

      Provide an understanding of the fundamentals of performance testing using JMeter.

      Instruct you on crafting a professional QA Resume.

      Prepare you for a QA Interview through the Automation Tester course.

      Guide you on the application process for various certificates in the Software Testing Field.

  • Salary for Freshers:
    • Software Testers, especially Automation testers, are highly sought-after IT professionals in the current technological landscape.

      Upon completion of Automation Testing Courses, the average annual salary can range from 4 lakhs to 15 lakhs.

      Salary expectations are influenced by factors such as experience, location, industry, and project complexity.

      Entry-level positions post Automation Tester training may offer salaries ranging from 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

      Mid-level positions typically come with salaries ranging from 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per year.

      Senior-level positions, with over 5 years of experience after completing Automation Test Courses, can yield salaries beyond 12-15 lakhs.

  • Career Growth After the Automation Testing Course:
    • Automation Software Testing stands as a highly sought-after IT profile, offering numerous lucrative job opportunities.

      Upon enrollment in Automation Test Courses, you unlock pathways for substantial career growth in software testing and quality assurance.

      This comprehensive Automation Software Testing Course refines your technical skills, fostering effective communication and collaboration within teams.

      Crucially, the Automation Tester training equips you to adapt to evolving technologies and methodologies.

      Opting for this course is a wise decision for those seeking to elevate their career prospects in automation testing.

      Explore diverse job roles post-enrollment in Automation Test Courses, including: Automation Tester, Test Automation Architect, Quality Assurance Lead/Manager, DevOps Engineer, Performance Testing Specialist, Security Testing Expert, Automation Consultant/Trainer and more

  • The appeal of automation testing lies in its capacity to improve effectiveness, accuracy, and overall software quality. In contrast to manual testing, which is time-intensive and susceptible to human error, automation testing employs scripts and tools for consistently executing repetitive test cases.
  • Beyond expediting the testing process, Automation Testing mitigates the risk of overlooking critical issues. Additionally, it enables swift execution of regression tests. Employing Automation Testing empowers a company to efficiently and reliably test its software tools with ease.

  • Enroll in Automation Testing Classes to kickstart a career as an Automation Tester. As professionals in this role, you'll design, develop, and implement automated testing solutions to ensure software applications' quality and reliability. Collaborating with the testing team and stakeholders, you'll define the scope of automation and devise a comprehensive test automation strategy.
  • Post-training, your roles and responsibilities as an Automation Tester include creating and maintaining a robust automation framework, scripting automated test scripts, managing required test data, ensuring data integrity, developing tests for functional correctness and module integration, collaborating on automated performance testing, and providing feedback on scripts developed by team members.Top of Form

  • Automation testing professionals are in high demand globally, serving across diverse industries to expedite the delivery of high-quality software. In this technological era, the demand for these experts is expected to continue growing. Recognized for enhancing efficiency and reducing time-to-market, automation testing professionals find opportunities in various industries, including:
    • Information Technology (IT) Services

      E-commerce and Retail

      Finance and Banking

      Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals


      Gaming and Entertainment

      Automotive and Manufacturing

      Aerospace and Defense

      Energy and Utilities

      Travel and Hospitality

      Logistics and Supply Chain

      Media and Entertainment

      Software Development

      Medical Industry

      Education and E-Learning

  • Upon completing the Automation Testing Classes, you will receive a training certificate that serves as validation for your skills in this field. This certificate not only opens doors to promising and high-paying career opportunities but also positions you as a valuable asset to your company.
  • Acting as tangible proof of your skills, the Automation Test Courses training certificate enhances your standing in the corporate job market. It becomes a catalyst for career growth, providing a significant advantage in your professional journey post the completion of Automation Testing Courses.

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API Testing Training Programs

API Testing Training Programs

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60k LearnersWeekend/WeekdayLive Class
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Software Testing
40k LearnersWeekend/WeekdayLive Class
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Software Testing
40k LearnersWeekend/WeekdayLive Class
  • 2 Live Project
  • Self-Paced/ Classroom
  • Certification Pass Guaranteed
4.9 (35987)
Software Testing
40k LearnersWeekend/WeekdayLive Class
  • 2 Live Project
  • Self-Paced/ Classroom
  • Certification Pass Guaranteed
4.9 (63987)
Software Testing
40k LearnersWeekend/WeekdayLive Class
  • 2 Live Project
  • Self-Paced/ Classroom
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Software Testing
40k LearnersWeekend/WeekdayLive Class
  • 2 Live Project
  • Self-Paced/ Classroom
  • Certification Pass Guaranteed
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Essential skills include proficiency in programming languages, knowledge of testing frameworks, expertise in test automation tools, and a strong understanding of software testing principles.

You'll master scripting languages, automation frameworks, test case design, data handling, and tools like Selenium, enhancing your abilities in automated software testing.

The choice depends on preferences and career goals. Automation Testing offers efficiency and scalability, while Manual Testing involves a hands-on approach. Both are valuable, but Automation Testing is in higher demand.

It may take a few weeks to a few months.

Yes, Croma Campus offers comprehensive Automation Testing training, providing practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge, making it a worthwhile investment for your career.

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