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Why Use Kotlin In Programming?

Kotlin is a programming language and it is compatible to work with Java and other programming languages. For more details read this blog post.

Why Use Kotlin In Programming?

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Kotlin is a programming language and it is compatible to work with Java and other programming languages. For more details read this blog post.

Use of Use Kotlin in Programming


Kotlin is a programming language that is compatible to work with Java and other languages. Certainly, its primary feature is productive programming. It basically provides various ways to reuse code between multiple platforms. Also, Kotlin’s clean design language and powerful features give an accessible user experience. In spite of introducing new concepts, Kotlin brings together programming language features that are beneficial for large-scale projects for some time now. You can acquire this language, at Kotlin Training in Delhi for a better learning experience. Owing to its adaptable framework, Kotlin has brought together a large community of users worldwide.

What Is Kotlin Used For?

Here are some ways programming professionals are using Kotlin today: 

1. Back-End Web Development

Many programmers use Kotlin/JVM for back-end web development because they write less code than they would with Java, even if it’s the same code. Also, Kotlin reduces most of the vocabulary connecting with Java. Basically, the code you write in Kotlin will certainly be shorter and more direct than code written in Java. Moreover, Kotlin is handy for big projects and teams. However, by sharing this common code on the back-end development with different modules, levels of efficiency are higher.

2.  Server-Side Development

Kotlin allows you to access powerful browser and web APIs, and also makes sure you remain type-safe throughout. 

3. Full-Stack Web Development

Additionally, with Kotlin, full-stack web developers can write front-end code in the same language as back-end code. Kotlin basically combines them both into JavaScript to run in the browser. It makes use of syntax, shared libraries, and programming paradigms to stay consistent on both the front and back end. 

4. Android Development

Kotlin is becoming the ideal programming language for Android development. Kotlin gets support from the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android development. Thus, programmers can conveniently use Kotlin’s code when working on Android development.

5. Cross-Platform Mobile Development 

Kotlin’s Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) enables you to use the capabilities native to both iOS and Android devices. Besides, while working with Kotlin, you do not need to introduce new programming languages to a codebase to make a cross-platform app. Additionally, it simplifies the mobile development process, and both Android and iOS users will be able to get their desired experience as a result.

6. Data Science

Data scientists generally scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract insight and knowledge. To initiate this, they generally turn to Java in their line of work. Now, Kotlin falls to be a perfect alternative as it can use all the standard Java libraries from previous projects but write their code in Kotlin.


However, learning code takes time, effort, dedication, and also practice. Before you think of learning a new programming language, it’s crucial to choose the correct one that fits your requirements. You decide to learn this language at Kotlin Training in Noida. Certainly, Kotlin is popular, secure, efficient, and easy to use. However, it’s worth learning because of how popular it is. Companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix and many more use Kotlin for several high-performing apps. Thus, with its rise in the programming space, Kotlin will stick around and become the future programming language for big projects.

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