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What Is A Cloud Architect?

In this post, we will discuss what is Cloud Architect. To know more about it read this blog post carefully.

What Is A Cloud Architect?

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In this post, we will discuss what is Cloud Architect. To know more about it read this blog post carefully.

Cloud Architect


A Cloud Architect is primarily an IT professional in the enterprise who performs the task of monitoring the cloud computing strategy of the company. The tasks of the professionals include cloud application design, cloud adoption plans, monitoring, and cloud management. The professionals manage the application architecture as well as the deployment in a cloud ecosystem including private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. Furthermore, they also work as a consultant in their present company and need to be aware of the newest issues and trends. Now, the enterprises that employ these cloud architects are either cloud-driven organizations or are planning to migrate their services to the cloud. Therefore, there are more job opportunities in developing enterprises and Cloud Computing Online Training allows you to leverage proliferating opportunities. Hence, it is a preferable profession if you wish to earn a job in a prominent or developing organization.

Now, let us take a glance at a few skills that will aid you in developing a progressing career in the Cloud Architect profession.

Top Skills to Develop as a Cloud Architect:

The relevancy and utilization of cloud solutions have proliferated in recent times. Therefore, naturally, there has been a surge of opportunities in this field. Furthermore, experts have estimated that currently, Cloud Architect has emerged as the most in-demand job in the entire IT domain. Now, let us observe a few skills that you must hone to grow phenomenally in this field.

  • Programming Languages

Professionals in this field must gain a background in software development. A developer with proficiency to develop codes in programming languages such as Python, Java, or C excel in this field. Having a rigorous knowledge of the coding principles is significant. It is specifically significant for developing logical and viable solutions that would function as per the plan. Furthermore, a Cloud Architect with proficiency in coding can generate demos or proof of concept to know how they can implement the newest technologies.

  • Networking

Gaining knowledge about networking and inculcating an in-depth understanding of the concepts greatly helps professionals. It helps professionals in creating scalable, secure, and cloud-driven solutions. You must understand the meaning and functionalities of the term TCP/IP, CDN, HTTP, DNS, and VPN. Furthermore, you must also possess knowledge regarding the utilization of CloudFront, Route 53, Virtual Private Cloud, private and public subnets, VPC peering, and internet access.

  • Data Storage Fundamentals

In-depth knowledge of the database is crucial for professionals and Architects should how and when they should access the database. For Cloud Architects, there are a plethora of cloud options available in the database. Therefore, clear knowledge about how and when they should use the database is very important. Additional skills include knowing how to execute robust and simple bucket storage utilizing S3. Furthermore, it also includes implementing a Relational Database (RDS), and the entire Hadoop Clusters. You must know how to compare distinct performance and price, capabilities, and select the correct way to register the core data of the company.


Cloud Architect is a coveted and important professionals in the enterprise. The professional monitors the distinct cloud computing strategy of the enterprise. The professional perform varying tasks such as monitoring, cloud application design, cloud management, and monitoring. The profession is high in demand in well-established companies employing cloud solutions. Moreover, it is also in demand in the scaling-up companies migrating their infrastructure to the cloud. Therefore, you can deduce the fact that Cloud Computing Online Training in India provides a flourishing career opportunity both in the domestic as well as in the international market.

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