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  • This Tableau course is for anyone who wants to become a professional in this field regardless of having any technical or analytical background. With the help of this extensive Tableau course, you can create interactive and accurate dashboards. Croma Campuses online classes are mainly designed to help you prepare for the Tableau certification examination by providing you with the best hands-on training from industry-based experts and trainers. Throughout this course, you will get an opportunity to work on real- projects based on industries most demanding curriculum. In recent times, Tableau has emerged as one of the hottest trends in the Business Intelligence and data visualization market.
  • This Tableau certification course will help you master essential components such as Tableau Desktop, data visualization, reporting, and business intelligence tools and help you become an expert in this technology. You can get proper training and grow your career by enrolling for the best Tableau Online Training in Kuwait and receiving excellent placement opportunities to advance your career and earn high-salary packages. In addition, the demand for professionals with Tableau certification has increased recently and many top-notch companies recruit trained and skilled candidates for jobs.
  • Tableau has become the most popular and excellent data visualization and business intelligence tool used for reporting and analyzing large data sets. It is an American company that started in 2003 and in June 2019, Salesforce acquired Tableau. It will help you create different charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards, for visualizing and analyzing data. Furthermore, the Tableau Online Course in Kuwait will also teach you how to make effective use of Tableau tools to manage and handle the required data, create interactive dashboards, and add different dimensions to the framework. Data visualization has become an important aspect today and it has become the most popular and promising career path in today’s world.
  • Tableau is a leading data visualization tool used for data analysis and business intelligence. This Tableau training course will cover a wide syllabus, including how to create different charts and graphs. In addition, you can visualize data through reports and dashboards in Tableau to derive meaningful information. Therefore, you need to enroll in the best training institute to become an expert and receive the Tableau Online Certification in Kuwait without any doubts as they will provide you with the best learning experience and help you advance your career.

Tableau Online Training in Kuwait


  • Students must know about and understand the course objectives to get familiar with the advanced concepts of Tableau and data visualization methods. The Tableau Online Training in Kuwait will offer you professional trainers and teach you how to build data visualization solutions, organize and manage data, and design effective dashboards to make accurate business decisions. Therefore, the main objective of this course is to help you understand the concepts of statistics, data mapping, and other essential components like data connections. Moreover, this course will also help you develop all the demanding skills required to become a professional. 
    • This course will teach you how to manage and handle the data within the Tableau framework.

      This training course will teach you how to use row-level and aggregate calculations to deliver desired results and manage the required data.

      The Tableau Online Course in Kuwait will help you create an understanding of all the advanced data visualization concepts and practices.

      You will know more about the advanced techniques, tips, and tricks after completing the Tableau course.

  • In the present scenario, Tableau professionals and experts are in great demand and numerous new doors of career opportunities have opened up in this field. Thus, you can turn into an expert and have the opportunity to procure significant salary packages and make an effective profession in this field. The Tableau Online Certification in Kuwait will provide you with proper guidance and an introduction to Tableau basics for both beginners and professionals. You will comprehend the fundamental procedures expected to make successful data visualization and become a professional in this growing field. With a legitimate certificate, you will be able to procure incredible job profiles and get the chance to earn high-salary packages in this field.
    • The average salary for a professional in this field revolves around $58.71 per hour in the US. 

      You can earn annual salaries as high as $168,500 and as low as $53,000 after receiving the certification. 

      Tableau Professional's salaries currently range between $90,000 to $127,500 across the United States.

      Tableau Professional salary ranges between 4.0 Lakhs to 9.0 Lakhs in India. 

      Professionals with certification can earn an average annual salary of 5.5 Lakhs in India.

  • Tableau career opportunities are rising within the industry and have made this platform the most popular career path in today's modern times. Hence, Tableau Online Training in Kuwait will provide you with the best training experience within the business intelligence and data analytics fields. Hence, this extensive training course will help you get excellent career opportunities and earn high-salary packages. Many established and startup enterprises nowadays search for skilled and trained candidates and have started using the Tableau system, which has opened many great career opportunities. So, to become a professional in this domain, you should join the best Tableau Online Course in Kuwait to learn from professional trainers and increase your credibility by making you an expert in data visualization.
    • After getting certified, you can advance your career in this promising field and perform effective data visualization and business intelligence strategies to become more credible. 

      You can get the chance to earn high-salary packages and choose from many excellent job profiles after completing the training and receiving the certification. 

      As a professional, you will become more credible and can get quick promotions within an industry ad many market leaders recruit Tableau developers and data analysts to improve their data visualization. 

      Many enterprises have understood the value of business intelligence and data visualization and hence they require trained professionals to perform given tasks accurately.

      Data visualization is the future and it will continue to grow with time; hence it has proven to be a promising career path and can earn high-salary packages.

  • As an expert in Tableau, you will expect to work with different engineers and colleagues to make exact Business Insight reports and arrangements. You are likewise expected to partake in criticism meetings and significant gatherings to work on the association's exhibition. Moreover, the essential obligation of Scene experts is to make wanted information representations and viable introductions. Thus, you are required to receive the certification by enrolling for the Tableau Online Certification in Kuwait and getting guidance from experienced trainers for completing this extensive course. 
    • As a tableau professional, you must know how to identify and create technical solutions for various business problems. 

      These professionals can create innovative solutions using various essential data visualization techniques with the help of Tableau.

      You must have proper experience and knowledge to effectively use and work with Tableau's unique tools and features. 

      After completing the training and becoming a professional, you must know how to write test queries and perform different tests to analyze the performance of various data sets. 

      As a professional, you must work effectively and deliver desired results to enhance the performance of any organization.

  • In recent times, Tableau has become the most popular and demanding skill, as a result, many top-notch companies want to recruit trained professionals to enhance their data visualization processes. You can earn high salary packages by becoming a professional in this field and get the chance to make a successful career. Hence, you are required to join the best Tableau Online Training in Kuwait by enrolling at the Croma Campus Training Institute to get professional guidance from industry-based trainers having years of experience in this field to help you develop all the essential skills and knowledge.
    • Tableau training will impart all the essential skills and knowledge to help you enable many business advantages like creating different data models and customizing them using the Tableau user interface.

      Nowadays, many top-notch companies use Tableau to effectively manage a large number of data sets and integrate them with various other data sources.

      The main reason to learn more about Tableau is that these professionals are in great demand within the industry recently and companies recruit them with high-salary packages.

      You can become a professional in this field by choosing job profiles like Software Engineer, Tableau Developer, Data Analyst, or Tableau Consultant.

  • Many leading companies search for trained and certified candidates with proper experience in this field and offer many great career opportunities. There are many new and exciting career opportunities in this field, hence you can join the best Tableau Online Course in Kuwait to get excellent placement opportunities and increase your credibility. 
    • In the wake of finishing the preparation, you can join organizations like Hinduja Worldwide Arrangements, Capgemini Innovation Administrations, Pathfinder The executives Counseling India Restricted, Brickwork India Private Restricted, and a lot more to make an effective profession.

      Well-known companies like Facebook, Dell, Applied Frameworks, and General Engines look for up-and-comers with legitimate confirmation.

      You can turn into an expert by getting the credential and later joining large organizations like Sony Gadgets, Verizon, KPMG, Deloitte, and more.

      Numerous businesses like Vodafone, Accenture, and even government associations enroll in this field.

  • Tableau certifications will allow you to validate your skills and also teach you how to create effective analyses using data visualization practices and accurate dashboards. After finishing the Tableau Online Training in Kuwait, you can enhance your resume become more credible, and get excellent career opportunities in this field. 
    • You should have the certification as it will assist you with every application and implication of Tableau and can help you understand what it can do.

      You will get the chance to develop all the essential abilities and skills that will further develop your Tableau training experience and assist you to become an expert in this technology.

      After finishing the Tableau Online Course in Kuwait, you will get an upper hand over other candidates during any interview or assessment as this certification will help you validate their abilities and skills in this field.

      You can turn into a Visual Expert, Information Researcher, Business Examiner, or Scene Investigator, and get more significant compensation bundles inside this worthwhile vocation way.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Tableau Certification Training

  • This Tableau course is for anyone who works with data regardless of technical or analytical background. Users can create and distribute interactive and shareable dashboards, that depict large volumes of data into easily readable graphs and charts.
  • Our Tableau Training is designed to help you prepare for the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Certification examination by providing you rich hands-on training on various Tableau tools.
  • In this program you will learn :
    • Data Preparation using Tableau Prep.

      Data Connection with Tableau Desktop.

      Basic Visual Analytics.

      Calculations in Tableau.

      Advanced Visual Analytics.

      Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions in Tableau.

      Geographic Visualizations in Tableau.

      Advanced charts in Tableau.

      Dashboards and Stories.

      Get Industry Ready.

      Exploring Tableau Online.

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  • Data Preparation using Tableau Prep:
    • Data Visualization

      Business Intelligence tools

      Introduction to Tableau

      Tableau Architecture

      Tableau Server Architecture

      VizQL Fundamentals

      Introduction to Tableau Prep

      Tableau Prep Builder User Interface

      Data Preparation techniques using Tableau Prep Builder tool

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  • Data Connection with Tableau Desktop:
    • Features of Tableau Desktop

      Connect to data from File and Database

      Types of Connections

      Joins and Unions

      Data Blending

      Tableau Desktop User Interface

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  • Basic Visual Analytics:
    • Visual Analytics

      Basic Charts Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Pie Chart


      Data Granularity






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  • Calculations in Tableau:
    • Types of Calculations

      Built-in Functions (Number, String, Date, Logical and Aggregate)

      Operators and Syntax Conventions

      Table Calculations

      Level of Detail (LOD) Calculations

      Using R within Tableau for Calculations

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  • Advanced Visual Analytics:
    • Parameters

      Tool tips

      Trend lines

      Reference lines



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  • Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions in Tableau:
    • Count Customer by Order

      Profit per Business Day

      Comparative Sales

      Profit Vs Target

      Finding the second order date

      Cohort Analysis

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  • Geographic Visualizations in Tableau:
    • Introduction to Geographic Visualizations

      Manually assigning Geographical Locations

      Types of Maps

      Spatial Files

      Custom Geocoding

      Polygon Maps

      Web Map Services

      Background Images

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  • Advanced charts in Tableau:
    • Box and Whisker’s Plot

      Bullet Chart

      Bar in Bar Chart

      Gantt Chart

      Waterfall Chart

      Pareto Chart

      Control Chart

      Funnel Chart

      Bump Chart

      Step and Jump Lines

      Word Cloud

      Donut Chart

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  • Dashboards and Stories:
    • Introduction to Dashboards

      The Dashboard Interface

      Dashboard Objects

      Building a Dashboard

      Dashboard Layouts and Formatting

      Interactive Dashboards with actions

      Designing Dashboards for devices

      Story Points

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  • Get Industry Ready:
    • Tableau Tips and Tricks

      Choosing the right type of Chart

      Format Style

      Data Visualization best practices

      Prepare for Tableau Interview

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  • Exploring Tableau Online:
    • Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Online

      Interacting with Content on Tableau Online

      Data Management through Tableau Catalog

      AI-Powered features in Tableau Online (Ask Data and Explain Data)

      Understand Scheduling

      Managing Permissions on Tableau Online

      Data Security with Filters in Tableau Online

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  • Placement Guide:
    • Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      Tableau Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Attempt for the related Global Certification Exam

      Earn Credentials and Start applying for Jobs

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Tableau is easy to learn and is a very user-friendly data visualization tool that needs minimal technical knowledge. With the Tableau course from Croma Campus, you can make your learning journey simple and comfortable.

Tableau is on the most promising career path for business intelligence and data analytics. This Tableau certification training will enable you to start your career as a Tableau professional and earn high-salary packages.

Tableau is one of the hottest and most emerging data visualization tools. Hence, gaining Tableau certification will validate your skills and also be beneficial for your career.

Our Tableau certification course is mainly designed to help you develop all the essential skills and validate your knowledge. Some of the most popular job roles in this field include Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Tableau Consultant, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Engineer, and so on.

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