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  • The software testing using the Selenium training program is for professionals who desire to become an expert in Selenium testing. During the training, you will learn how to set up the Selenium framework and use it for software testing. Furthermore, you will learn about Selenium WebDriver, TestNG features, how to run selenium tests, etc. Besides this, you will learn to recognize and rectify Selenium test failures and acquire all skills a competent Selenium tester must possess.
  • Concepts you will learn:
    • Fundamentals of Selenium testing

      Fundamentals of Selenium WebDriver

      How to run/execute Selenium tests

      TestNG features

      Parallel testing

      How to automate WebDriver tests

      Debugging basic test failures (Selenium test failures)

  • The software testing using the Selenium training program is for aspiring software testers who wish to become experts in Selenium testing and want to become skilled Selenium testers.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Fundamentals of software testing

      Basic knowledge of Selenium

      Passion for learning

      Go-getter attitude

  • This Course is for:
    • Software testers

      Selenium testers

      Developers who wish to become experts in Selenium WebDriver

      Absolute beginners in software testing

Software Testing Using Selenium


  • Course Objectives
    • Provide quality knowledge about Selenium testing

      Make students expert in software testing

      Help students become experts in creating selenium testing automation

      Make students familiar with the responsibilities of a Selenium tester

      Make students proficient in debugging Selenium test failures

  • Our software testing and Selenium testing faculty will help you:
    • Understand fundamentals of Selenium/software testing

      Become familiar with vital concepts of Selenium WebDriver

      Understand the responsibilities of a Selenium tester

      Become a proficient software/Selenium tester

      Learn how to develop Selenium testing automation

      Become an expert in creating Selenium tests

      Become an expert in rectifying Selenium testing failures

  • As per the data of iDataLabs, around 31% of the testing tools market is dominated by Selenium. This is the main reason behind the increasing demand for skilled Selenium testers in the market and why Selenium testers receive hefty salaries for their services. On average, a Selenium tester as a fresher can earn around 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 PA. On the other hand, an experienced Selenium tester can make around 7,00,000 to 14,00,000 PA.
  • In short, becoming a Selenium tester can be very beneficial for you. Furthermore, you will also get decent remuneration as a Selenium tester for your services.

  • Demand for competent Selenium testers is increasing at a very high speed. Thus, pursuing your career in the software testing domain as a Selenium tester can be very beneficial for you. Furthermore, you will also get lots of opportunities for expansion and growth by pursuing your career as a Selenium tester.
  • For example, you may take the job of a:
    • Selenium tester

      Selenium automation engineer

      Senior quality engineer

      Java Selenium automation engineer

      Mobile testing lead

      Senior QA automation engineer

  • There is no shortage of opportunities in the software testing domain, and you can easily get a job as a Selenium tester once you complete the software testing using the Selenium training program. Besides this, you can also earn a good amount of money as a Selenium tester. In other words, pursuing your career in the software testing domain as a Selenium tester can be very advantageous for your career.

  • Selenium dominates 31% of the software testing tools market. This is mainly because of the robust features of Selenium and the advantages that a firm can gain by using Selenium for testing its software and apps. Using the framework, you can effortlessly automate testing across different browsers. Additionally, Selenium is easy to implement and enables developers and testers to develop test automation scripts without any difficulty. This is the main reason why software testers prefer to use Selenium for testing.
  • Here are a few reasons why Selenium is so popular:
    • Easy to implement

      Support various OS

      Selenium is open source

      Supports reusability

  • A Selenium tester plays a major role in an organization. He is responsible for designing testing strategies and testing software for identifying hidden bugs in it. Besides this, he is responsible for developing/executing Selenium test scripts and communicating found results to stakeholders. In short, the job of Selenium tester is not that easy and is very complex in nature.
  • Key responsibilities of a Selenium tester:
    • Analyze business requirements for developing a testing strategy

      Develop Selenium test scripts

      Maintain existing test scripts

      Communicate test results

      Develop automation test scrips

  • Demand for competent Selenium testers is increasing at a very rapid pace. This is mainly because of the fact that around 31% of the software testing tools market is dominated by Selenium. This is why firms are always searching for competent Selenium testers and don’t hesitate to pay a hefty salary to them for their services.
  • Top hiring companies for Selenium Testers
    • TELUS International

      WizCrew Labs

      UnitedHealth Group

      Sage IT India

      Radical technologies

  • After doing the software testing using the Selenium training program, a student can easily get a job as a Selenium tester in some of the most respected IT firms and companies in India. Furthermore, you will receive a training certificate for validating your proficiency as a Selenium tester.
  • Plus, you get services like:
    • 100% placement support

      Interview grooming sessions

      Resume preparation

      Mock interview

  • Advantages of getting certification:
    • Industry recognized certification

      Handsome remuneration

      Proves your expertise as Selenium/software tester

      Lots of job opportunities

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Software Testing Using Selenium Training

  • Software testing is an essential component of software development process. It helps to build complex product solutions with top-quality. The software testing is utilized by every branch of IT industry. Hence, the companies are always looking for skilled and qualified QA testers that can work efficiently.
    • Automation Testing Using Selenium 4.0

      Database Testing

      Core Java

      Mobile Application Testing

      ISTQB Certification

      Quality Assurance and Quality Control

      Dynamic Testing

      Static Testing

      Test Planning Process

      Software Testing Types / Methodology

      Manual Testing

      SDLC & STLC

      Agile Methodology

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  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
    • What is Quality Assurance

      What is Quality Control

      Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

  • Software Testing as a Career
    • Best testing practices used in Software Industry

      Software Tester Roles

      Job Responsibilities of a Software Tester

      Why choose Software Testing as a career

      How training can help you to become a Software Tester

  • Software Testing Terminologies
    • Verification & Validation

      Test Bed/Environment


      Test Scenario

      Mistakes, Faults, Bugs & Failures

      Priority & Severity

      Debugging & Root Cause Analysis

  • Introduction
    • Benefits of Testing

      How to perform the Testing

      Why do we need Testing

      What is Software Testing

  • Software Testing Fundamentalsn
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  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    • Software Testing Models

      • RAD (Rapid Application Development)
        • Agile
          • V-Model
            • Spiral Model
              • Progressive Model
                • Waterfall Model
                  • Iterative Model
                    • Prototyping Model



                      Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

                      • Test Closure Report
                        • Regression Testing
                          • Re-Testing
                            • Test Result Analysis / Defect Analysis
                              • Test Reporting
                                • Test Execution
                                  • Test Development
                                    • Requirements Analysis
                                      • Test Planning


                                        Software Requirement Design

                                        • System Design
                                          • Architecture Design
                                            • Module Design

                                              Software Requirement and Analysis

                                              • Requirement Analysis
                                                • Application Walkthrough
                                                  • Project Kick-off
                                                    • SRS Approval
                                                      • Requirement Validation
                                                        • Feasibility Study
                                                          • SRS Creation
                                                            • Requirement Gathering
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                                                          • Agile Project Management: This module discusses Agile Project Management, ncluding how to update product backlog, identify reasons for change,manage risk, communicate change in requirements and apply best practices for iterative management.
                                                          • User Stories & Agile Testing: In this module you will be introduced to User Stories and Agile Testing as they relate to the Agile Methodology. Topics of discussion will include writing and prioritizing effective User Stories along with identifying differentagile testing methods.
                                                          • Introduction to Agile - Principles & Methodology Overview:This module introduces the Agile Methodology and the differences between traditional and agile development. Key Agile principles are explored along with a step-by-step process on how to develop project teams, including the three roles of Scrum. Sprint planning and Release.
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                                                          • Test Case Designing & Development
                                                            • Test Case Review Process

                                                              Procedure to Write and Execute Test Case

                                                              Integration Test Case

                                                              System Test Case

                                                              Functional Test Case

                                                              Test Case Format

                                                              Introduction to Test Case

                                                              Test Case Design Techniques

                                                              • Experienced Based
                                                                • Specification Based
                                                              • Regression Testing
                                                              • Globalization Testing
                                                                • Localization Testing

                                                                  Internationalization Testing

                                                              • Accessibility Testing
                                                              • Usability Testing
                                                              • Reliability Testing
                                                              • Performance Testing
                                                                • Soak Testing

                                                                  Stress Testing

                                                                  Volume Testing

                                                                  Load Testing

                                                              • Acceptance Testing
                                                                • Compatibility Testing

                                                                  Exploratory Testing

                                                                  Adhoc Testing

                                                                  Smoke Testing/Sanity Testing/Dry Run

                                                                  Beta Testing

                                                                  Alpha Testing

                                                              • System Testing
                                                                • Stand Alone Application

                                                                  Client Server Application

                                                                  Web Application

                                                                  Software Architecture and Testing

                                                                  Continues Integration

                                                                  Incident Management

                                                                  Test Cycle




                                                              • Integration Testing
                                                              • Component Testing
                                                              • Non-Functional Testing
                                                              • Functionality Testing
                                                              • Black Box Testing
                                                                • Graph-Based Testing.

                                                                  Error Guessing Technique

                                                                  Decision Table Testing.

                                                                  State Transition Testing.

                                                                  Equivalence partitioning.

                                                                  Boundary Value Analysis.

                                                              • Grey Box Testing
                                                              • White Box Testing
                                                                • White box Testing from Performance Point of View

                                                                  Condition Testing

                                                                  White box Testing from Memory Point of View

                                                                  Loop Testing

                                                                  Path Testing

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                                                              • Test & Defect Management Tools & Process
                                                                • Defect Tracking Tool:

                                                                  • JIRA
                                                                    • Mantis

                                                                      Defect Report/Incident Report

                                                                      Priority of a Defect

                                                                      Severity of a Defect

                                                                      Status of Defects

                                                                      Defect Life Cycle

                                                                      Introduction to Defects

                                                                  • Test Design Checklist
                                                                  • Test Execution Checklist
                                                                  • Testing Schedule
                                                                    • Completion/Exit Criteria

                                                                      Risk & Mitigation Plan

                                                                      Suspension/Resumption Criteria

                                                                      Task Management

                                                                      Defect Tracking

                                                                      Testing Flow

                                                                      Test Deliverables

                                                                      Entry Criteria

                                                                  • Scope of Testing
                                                                    • Types of Testing

                                                                      Levels of Testing

                                                                      Modules not to be Tested

                                                                      Modules to be Tested

                                                                  • Test Plan
                                                                    • Test Objective

                                                                      Test Environment


                                                                  • Bug/Defect Management
                                                                    • Bug Tracking through Tool (Jira/Bugzilla)

                                                                      Bug/Defect Lifecycle

                                                                  • Review Processes
                                                                    • Inspection


                                                                      Peer Review

                                                                  • Test Cases
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                                                                  • Static Testing
                                                                  Get full course syllabus in your inbox

                                                                  • Dynamic Testing
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                                                                  • Projects
                                                                    • Compatibility Testing Project

                                                                      Mobile Application Project

                                                                      Web Application Project

                                                                  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
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                                                                  • Mobile Testing Scope
                                                                    • System Testing

                                                                      Performance Testing

                                                                      Mobile Browser Compatibility Testing

                                                                      Regression Testing

                                                                      Device Conformance Testing

                                                                      Functional Testing

                                                                      Integration Testing

                                                                      Unit Testing

                                                                  • Mobile Testing Approach
                                                                    • Test Execution and Defect tracking

                                                                      Test Reports and Acceptance

                                                                      Test Design

                                                                      Test Environment Setup

                                                                      Test Planning

                                                                      Test Requirements

                                                                      Mobility Application – Test Approach/Phases

                                                                  • Mobile Testing Strategy
                                                                    • Emulators and its usage

                                                                      Installation and un- installation of Android Emulator

                                                                      Automation Tools

                                                                      Real Time Devices

                                                                      Mobile Cloud Computing (Remote Real Devices)

                                                                      Device Emulator

                                                                  • Mobile Testing Introduction
                                                                    • Introduction to Various Apps, Mobile App, Web based App, Native App, Hybrid App.

                                                                      Introduction to various Mobile platforms

                                                                      Mobile Application Development Process

                                                                      Overview of Mobility Testing

                                                                  • Tool Support for Testing
                                                                    • Effective Use of Tools

                                                                      Test Tool Considerations

                                                                  • Test Management
                                                                    • Risks and Testing

                                                                      Defect Management

                                                                      Configuration Management

                                                                      Test Monitoring and Control

                                                                      Test Planning and Estimation

                                                                      Test Organization

                                                                  • Test Techniques
                                                                    • Experience-based Test Techniques

                                                                      White-box Test Techniques

                                                                      Black-box Test Techniques

                                                                      Categories of Test Techniques

                                                                  • Static Testing
                                                                    • Review Process

                                                                      Static Testing Basics

                                                                  • Testing Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle
                                                                    • Test Types

                                                                      Maintenance Testing

                                                                      Test Levels

                                                                      Software Development Lifecycle Models

                                                                  • Fundamentals of Testing
                                                                    • The Psychology of Testing

                                                                      Test Process

                                                                      Seven Testing Principles

                                                                      Why is Testing Necessary

                                                                      What is Testing

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                                                                  • E R Diagrams
                                                                    • Examples

                                                                      Introduction to ERD

                                                                  • Normalization
                                                                    • Types of Normal Forms


                                                                      Introduction to Normalization

                                                                  • Data Control Language (DCL)
                                                                    • Revoke


                                                                  • Transaction Control Language (TCL)
                                                                    • Rollback

                                                                      Save point


                                                                  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
                                                                    • Delete



                                                                  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
                                                                    • Drop





                                                                  • Co- Related Sub Query
                                                                    • Working and Examples

                                                                  • JOINS
                                                                    • Queries and Examples.


                                                                      Inner Join

                                                                      Outer Join

                                                                      Cartesian Join

                                                                      Types of Joins.

                                                                      What Is Join

                                                                  • Pseudo Columns
                                                                    • ROWNUM

                                                                      Working and Usage


                                                                      Introduction on Pseudo Columns

                                                                  • Sub Query
                                                                    • Nested Sub Query

                                                                      Multi Row Sub Query

                                                                      Single Row Sub Query

                                                                      Types of Sub Query

                                                                      Introduction to Sub Query

                                                                      Working of Sub Query

                                                                      Query Writing and Execution

                                                                      Introduction to Statistics for Analytics

                                                                  • Operators
                                                                    • Count ()

                                                                      Avg ()

                                                                      Sum ()

                                                                      Min ()

                                                                      Max ()

                                                                      Multi Row Functions

                                                                      Single Row Functions

                                                                      Functions in SQL

                                                                      Types and Examples

                                                                  • Data Query Language (DQL)
                                                                    • Order By





                                                                      Group By

                                                                  • Software installation
                                                                    • Working on Oracle 10g.

                                                                      Installing and set up of Software

                                                                  • Statements in SQL
                                                                    • Data Query Language (DQL)

                                                                      Data Control Language (DCL)

                                                                      Transaction Control Language (TCL)

                                                                      Data Manipulation Language (DML)

                                                                      Data Definition Language (DDL)

                                                                  • Datatypes and Constraints
                                                                    • How to use

                                                                      Types and Examples.

                                                                      What are Constraints

                                                                      How to use.

                                                                      Types and Examples.

                                                                      What are Datatypes

                                                                  • Introduction
                                                                    • Introduction to RDBMS

                                                                      What is Database

                                                                      What is Database Management System (DBMS)

                                                                      What is Relational Model

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                                                                  • Java Built-in Packages and API
                                                                    • Serialization

                                                                      Garbage Collector


                                                                      Java Collection Frameworks

                                                                      File Handling

                                                                      Data Structures

                                                                      Threads and multithreading

                                                                      Wrapper Classes

                                                                      Exception Handling

                                                                      String, String Buffer and String Builder

                                                                      Object class

                                                                      Overview of Java API

                                                                  • Introduction to Programming
                                                                    • Access Specifies

                                                                      Java Packages

                                                                      JVM architecture





                                                                      Abstract classes

                                                                      Method Overloading

                                                                      Method Overriding





                                                                      Global and local variables

                                                                      Object creation

                                                                      Reference variable

                                                                      Classes and Objects

                                                                  • Introduction to Programming
                                                                    • Strings

                                                                      Interactive programs in java using Scanner


                                                                      Flow Control Statements



                                                                      JDK Installation

                                                                      Keywords, Identifiers, Variables

                                                                      Introduction to Java

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                                                                  • Hybrid Framework:
                                                                    • Running Framework Automation through Maven

                                                                      Generating Reports

                                                                      Generating Application and Selenium Logs

                                                                      Screenshot Capturing

                                                                      Emailing Test Results

                                                                      Skipping Test Cases

                                                                      Configuration Files

                                                                      Introduction to Maven, GitHub and Jenkins

                                                                      Test Data files

                                                                      TestCore class which loads Xls file, run selenium server through code and do other initialization

                                                                      Object.Properties file to store Xpaths

                                                                      Hybrid Framework Architecture

                                                                      ies file or an Excel file

                                                                      are stored in a separate Java class file and test data can be maintained in a propert

                                                                      Hybrid Driven Framework is a mix of both the Data-Driven and Keyword Driven frame works. In this case, the keywords as well as the test data, are externalized. Keywords

                                                                  • Modular Frameworks:
                                                                    • testing framework to divide an application into multiple modules and create test

                                                                      scripts individually

                                                                      Modular framework is like creation of small, independent scripts that represents

                                                                      modules, sections, and functions of the application under test. Testers use Modular

                                                                  • TestNG
                                                                    • Parallel Execution

                                                                      Distributed Parallel Execution

                                                                      Cross Browser Parallel Execution

                                                                      Data driven through Data Provider

                                                                      Data Parameterisation

                                                                      Batch Execution

                                                                      TestNG Flags and Annotations


                                                                      Grouping Execution

                                                                      Fetching TestNG Report

                                                                  • Automation Framework (Data Driven, Keyword Driven & Method Driven)
                                                                    • Stages and Types of Frameworks

                                                                      Explanation of Hybrid Framework with a Combination of

                                                                      • Data-Driven
                                                                        • Keyword-Driven
                                                                          • Method-Driven
                                                                            • POM (Page Object Model)
                                                                      • Selenium Web Driver:
                                                                        • Basic Selenium Program to Open and close Browser

                                                                          Runtime Polymorphism Program in Selenium

                                                                          WebDriver abstract methods


                                                                          Xpath, its Types and cases

                                                                          • Handling Disabled Element
                                                                            • Performing Scroll down Action
                                                                              • Web Element Interface Methods
                                                                                • Handling Popups (web-based and Window-based)
                                                                                  • Handling Frames
                                                                                    • Handling New Windows/New Tabs
                                                                                      • Handling Multiple Elements
                                                                                        • Handling Synchronisation issue by using implicitly Wait and Explicitly Wait
                                                                                          • Handling Dropdown (static and dynamic)
                                                                                            • Handling Keyboard and Mouse Actions
                                                                                              • Taking Screenshot

                                                                                                WebDriver Architecture

                                                                                                Java-Selenium Architecture

                                                                                                Selenium WebDriver is a collection of open-source APIs which are used to automate the testing of a web application.

                                                                                            • Seleniumv4.0
                                                                                              • What is Selenium

                                                                                                Why Selenium / Advantages

                                                                                                What are its versions

                                                                                                What all OS, Browsers, and Programming Languages it Support

                                                                                            • Automation Testing
                                                                                              • Why Automation testing /Advantages


                                                                                                Automation Testing Tools

                                                                                                What is Automation Testing

                                                                                                When we Switch to Automation Testing

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                                                                                            • Fundamentals of software testing
                                                                                            • Basic knowledge of Selenium
                                                                                            • Passion for learning
                                                                                            • Go-getter attitude

                                                                                            The software testing using the Selenium training program can be finished in 30 to 45 days.

                                                                                            An expert selenium tester will give you training.

                                                                                            As a Selenium tester, you can earn around ₹ 3,00,000 to ₹ 14,00,000 PA

                                                                                            As a Selenium tester, you can earn around $92,320 in the US and £117,271 in the UK.

                                                                                            All the study material for the software testing using the Selenium training program can be accessed on the LMS portal.

                                                                                            After doing the software testing using the Selenium training program, you can take the role of an:

                                                                                            • Selenium Tester
                                                                                            • Selenium Automation Engineer
                                                                                            • Senior Quality Engineer
                                                                                            • Java Selenium Automation Engineer
                                                                                            • Mobile Testing Lead
                                                                                            • Senior QA Automation Engineer

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