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  • Soap UI certification course helps both pro users and Soap UI open source to measure proficiency with the online exam. You can pass the exam and you will become certified Soap UI user. As a certified professional, you can master the world’s most used testing tool. Become a certified professional and recognized all across the globe.
  • Things you will learn:
    • Attain all the skills that are necessary to kick start your career.

      Through real-life use cases and project-based learning.

      We train our students to learn basic to advanced topics.

      Either you are a fresher or experienced professional, you will be certified with our training.

Soap UI Certification Training


  • With our Soap UI training course, you will get a deep introduction to different concepts and understand the role and responsibilities of a Soap UI professional. Here are some of the prime objectives of our course:
    • Learn about testing tools and how to implement and validate them.

      You will design and implement Soap UI skills and expertise.

      Get a sound idea of supervised learning in AI.

  • You can learn to Ready API, component analysis, API testing, etc. You can get the high salary in various leading companies.

  • The salary of an individual depends on a multitude of factors, including location, experience, skillset, knowledge, etc. And the best part is that you have the option to join different domains as a Soap UI expert and you can choose any one that seems to you the most suitable.
    • Salaries of different profiles have different salary structures.

      The average salary of an expert can go up to more than INR 608K.

      Soap UI is in an emerging state and it is expected to grow in the future.

  • Most of the industries are adopting soap UI to enjoy more powerful solutions. Get hired by leading MNCs and corporate giants.

  • Our expert trainers believe that you should always start from the basics. If your basics are not strong then it is not easy for you to understand advanced concepts and complete project works moving ahead. This is the reason we focus on theory more in the beginning stage and later we switch to the practical concepts.
    • Our advanced Soap UI certification training will make you an amazing expert.

      You will learn how to design and implement algorithms successfully.

      You will also get hands-on proficiency in various concepts.

      We will award you a certification and you are also eligible to apply for various roles.

  • Let us see why Soap UI is so much appreciated by businesses and why to choose it as a career option. Here are some knowledgeable facts for YOU.
    • Why Soap UI:

      • It is an open source API testing application for representational state transfers.
        • You can create and execute automated regression, compliance, functional and load tests.
          • It offers complete test coverage and supports standard protocols.
            • It helps businesses in updating their processes.

              Why choose Soap UI as a career option:

              • The demand for Soap UI Professionals is increasing day by day.
                • The professionals are taking highest salaries in the IT world.
                  • The average salary of professionals is than INR 608K.per annum.
                    • Also, all companies industries are using this software today.

                  • Soap UI has various roles and job profiles to obey on the completion of certification course. Let us see a few common job duties that usually remain the same for all profiles.
                    • Understand the business logic and develop models to achieve business goals.

                      Manage resources and personnel so that the deadlines are met.

                      Know how to design and implement tests.

                      Learn how to analyze the data and then preparing the best data models.

                      Learn to coordinate with various people in the company.

                  • Our Soap UI training course will make you industry-ready and step-by-step assignments having high relevance in the corporate world. Also, you can apply for multiple jobs at top salaries get instant access to video content, constant support, amazing course materials, etc.
                    • IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, American Express, User, Oracle, etc.

                      Due to immense career growth, demand for experts.

                      Hundreds of students have qualified for Soap UI certification.

                      Master the concepts that are mostly utilized at the workplace.

                  • Croma Campus is a leading Soap UI training institute that offers comprehensive training through case studies and projects. You will receive a training certificate after the completion of your Soap UI training course.
                    • You will get hands-on expertise on various concepts.

                      In the end, you will be given a Training Certificate as per your learning and experiences.

                      Let you get attractive salary packages.

                      Increases credibility.

                      Add professional to your image.

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                  Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

                  Get regular training by Industry Experts.

                  Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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                  Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

                  Get regular training by Industry Experts.

                  Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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                  More Suitable for working professionals who cannot join in weekdays

                  Get Intensive coaching in less time

                  Get Proper guidance on certifications.

                  Register for Best Training Program.

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                  CURRICULUM & PROJECTS

                  Soap UI Certification Training

                  • this course you will be familiar in testing web services (both SOAP based and REST Services) manually and automate with Groovy scripting.The course has been prepared in such a way that you can learn this course starting from basics to advanced topics in a progressive way.
                  • In this program you will learn:
                    • Introduction - SoapUI WebServices Testing Tool

                      Exploring WSDL

                      Soap Messaging

                      Started with Soap UI


                      Groovy Scripting

                      Restfull Webservices

                      Webservice Extensions

                      Testing Databases with SoapUI

                      File Reading

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                  • SoapUI WebServices Testing Tool
                    • What is Webservice

                      Why Webservice

                      Significance of Webservice

                      WebServices Description Language

                      Webservice Architecture

                      Xml Messaging

                      Overview on Soap Protocol

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                  • Exploring WSDL
                    • WSDL Introduction

                      WSDL Elements

                      WSDL Definition

                      WSDL Types

                      WSDL Message

                      WSDL Port type

                      WSDL Binding

                      WSDL Ports

                      WSDL Service

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                  • Soap Messaging
                    • Simple Access Object Protocol

                      Soap Messages

                      Soap Envelope

                      Soap Header

                      Soap Body

                      Soap Fault

                      Soap Encoding

                      Soap Transport

                      Soap Standards

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                  • Started with Soap UI
                    • Creating the Project

                      Adding WSDL

                      Project Operations

                      Request Pane &Response Pane

                      Invoking and getting results

                      Creation of Test Suites

                      Creation of Test Case

                      Running testcases from project level

                      TestSteps explanation

                      Cloning the TestCase/suite

                      Brief explanation of the local Webservice

                      Reading SoapUI Logs, Error Logs, Memory Logs and Other Logs

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                  • Assertions
                    • Why Assertions

                      Types of Assertions

                      Soap UI pro Assertions

                      AssertionXpath,XQuery Match Assertion

                      Point and click xpathAssertion with Soap Ui pro

                      Writing own xpath

                      Assert dropdown

                      Count,exist Xpath Asertions

                      Message Content Assertion

                      Contains Assertion

                      SLA Assertion

                      Not Contains Assertion

                      Soap Faults Assertions

                      Security Assertions

                      HTTP Status Codes

                      Compliance, status and standards

                      Challenges/drawbacks of SoapUI open source in Assertions


                      Properties Usage with SoapUI Features

                      Property Levels

                      Defining properties

                      Project Level Properties

                      Test Suite level Properties

                      Test Case Level Properties

                      Accessing properties from different levels

                      Writing own step for Accessing Properties

                      Accessing Properties from External file

                      Properties Transfer step

                      Usage of Properties Transfer step

                      Examples using above methods

                      Moving the test steps across each other

                      Properties Step

                      End to end Example using properties from all levels

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                  • Groovy Scripting
                    • What is Groovy Scripting

                      Similar to JVM

                      Printing logs

                      Defining Variable


                      Loosely Coupled Data types

                      if else Simulator

                      For loop

                      For enhanced loop

                      While loop












                      Context TestCase

                      SetProperty Method

                      GetProperty Method

                      Accessing properties from Context

                      Accessing request and response from Context variable

                      Xml Holder

                      Accessing nodevalues with Xml Holder

                      Exercises on above functionalities

                      Parsing Xml With XmlHolder

                      Groovy Utils Xml Holder|

                      SetNodeValue property

                      getXml Method

                      Update the XML


                      Scope of testRunner

                      Traverse to Project level using TestRunner

                      Traverse to Test Suite level using TestRunner

                      Accessing the project level properties from TestRunner

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                  • Restfull Webservices
                    • Introduction to Rest

                      Overview of Rest Architecure

                      Rest Advantages

                      Difference between SoapProtocol/Rest

                      Http Methods Get,Post

                      Crud Operations

                      Rest Services Exposed by Google/Twitter

                      Rest Resources

                      Multiple Representations

                      Rest methods/Requests

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                  • Webservice Extensions
                    • Soap Protocol Standards

                      WS Schema

                      WS Addressing

                      WS Security

                      WS Adressing in Soap requests

                      WS Security in Soap requests

                      Validating WS Specifications in response

                      Checking WS Compliance

                      Validating SOAP Services

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                  • Testing Databases with SoapUI
                    • Testing data in isolation

                      Setting up SoapUI to connect to the database

                      JDBC Request TestStep

                      JDBC Request properties

                      JDBC test assertions

                      Stored procedures with JDBC Request TestStep

                      Accessing SoapUI properties from SQL query

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                  • File Reading
                    • Reading Properties File

                      Advantages of Properties File

                      Reading/Writing Xls Files

                      Storing data in Xls Files

                      Importing Custom Jars in Soap UI

                      Using Log Object inside the Groovy Class

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                  No, there is no need to have previous experience. You are not required to be from IT background even.

                  Yes, all the training modules are updated as per the international standards and requirements. We make sure that students must get the latest knowledge and information.

                  The Soap UI is being used by many global companies. Also, the demand is increasing day by day.

                  • If you are not from an IT background and want to upgrade the skills
                  • If you are a graduate or a professional looking for high-income in leading companies.

                  You must have the basic knowledge of operating computers. Even a non-It guy can also learn this certification course.

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                  Adding the scope of improvement and fostering the analytical abilities and skills through the perfect piece of academic work.

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