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  • The Salesforce Marketing Cloud training course at Croma Campus is designed and taught by industry specialists. You can grasp the Marketing Cloud tools and launch custom email and social campaigns on your own by participating in this online instructor-led training class. This Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant training in India main goal is to turn you into a savvy Marketing Cloud expert, even if you've never dealt with a marketing automation platform before. You will be able to work as a Digital Marketer or Automation Specialist after completing the course and receiving certification.
  • This Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification course will teach you how to configure Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as well as Content Builder, Email Studio, Journey Builder, Social Studio, and other features. You'd be able to configure and implement Marketing Cloud tools successfully, as well as give options for operating tactical email and social campaigns. You will work on a few real-world projects as part of this Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification course to help you evaluate your knowledge in a real-world business setting. You will receive a Croma Campus course completion certificate, which is recognised globally, once you have completed the course.

SalesForce Marketing Cloud Consultant Online Training


  • This Salesforce Marketing Cloud training course will teach you how to plan and manage marketing operations, campaigns, and client interactions. This training programme will teach you the following:
    • Overview of the Marketing Cloud.

      Configuration and access to the Marketing Cloud.

      FTP sites, data extensions, lists and groups, profile administration, publication lists, and more are all available.

      Email and Social Studio are two of the most popular options.

      Configure the trigger send, content generator, Mobile Studio, Automation Studio, and other features.

      Journey Builder.

      Marketing Cloud Connect, etc.

  • In the United States, after completing the SalesForce Marketing cloud consultant online course the average income is $117,000 per year or $60 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level occupations start at $95,063 per year, with the highest-paid professionals earning up to $146,738 per year.
  • In India, the average annual compensation for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud is $9,17,263 per year. After the completion of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud online certification course, you will bag a higher salary package.

  • Many multinational organisations, like Spotify, Toyota, Amazon Web Services, US Bank, and others, use this service to gather client information and run marketing campaigns. They urgently require skilled professionals to assist them in developing a marketing strategy. By participating in the Croma Campus Salesforce Marketing Cloud training programme, you will obtain a comprehensive understanding of the platform and, as a result, profitable employment.
  • It's all about developing new prospects and restoring the lost confidence of the previous year in 2021 and beyond. Learning Salesforce will provide you with a thorough understanding of one of the most dynamic CRM platforms available, which has helped businesses save time and money while dealing with complex client databases. Salesforce positions range from technical (architects, developers, and implementation professionals) to marketing and sales-related.
  • By 2025, SaaS CRM systems are expected to have an implementation rate of 80 to 85 percent. In the short term, the CRM software industry is expected to increase at a rate of around 14 percent each year. Salesforce developers, administrators, and analysts are in higher demand than ever before, with more jobs requiring expertise and experience with the service.

  • Salesforce's Marketing Cloud is a tool for creating relevant, personalised experiences for your target audiences across the correct channels and devices.
  • Throughout a campaign's timeline and the relationship, the product assists marketers in delivering the correct messages to the right users at the right time.
  • Customer Journey Management, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, web customization, advertising, content management and development, and data analysis are just a few of the integrated tools available in Marketing Cloud. It also enables the integration of data with the Einstein tool, allowing AI to organise interactions. As a result, the platform allows for tailored consumer communication based on their connection with the brand. With our Salesforce Marketing Cloud training course, students may easily get placed in a leading MNC with a decent package.
  • Marketing Cloud has services for both B2B (when the customer is another firm) and B2C (when the customer is a consumer) (when the product or service goes directly to the end consumer or customer). Unification of data sources, channel customization, capacity to interact at any point in the customer relationship, and campaign performance measurement would be the genuine benefits.

  • Upon the completion of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification course, you will need to perform a range of job roles. Let’s discuss them!
    • To make data-driven decisions to optimise email campaigns, incorporate several technologies like segmentation, automation, tracking, and analytics.

      Troubleshoot and resolve issues ranging from simple to sophisticated platform concerns.

      Basic SQL, including join statements, should be written.

      Set up the Contact Builder.

      Create and activate a simple (entry-level) Journey Builder Interaction.

      Scripting can be used to personalise email messages (AMPscript, Guide Template Language, Server-Side Javascript).

      Defining and carrying out email data interactions (import, data extracts, file transfers).

      Using Automation Studio, create automation.

      Create a Triggered Send Definition and configure it.

      Become familiar with the Web Service offerings.

  • You will be prepared to participate in interviews and be recruited in a number of sectors after completing your Salesforce Marketing Cloud online training course. Among the top employers are Google, Cognizant Technology, TCS, IBM, Accenture, and other well-known design firms from around the world.
  • We also have a dedicated team of experts that can assist you with resume writing, interview preparation, and help you get placed in a reputable organisation with a good salary package.

  • Take your career to new heights! Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud online training course can increase your efficiency for professional progress and leave a positive and lasting impact on your organisation, whether you're a rising star, a seasoned CEO, or an ambitious manager.
  • So, what are you waiting for Simply choose the best Salesforce Marketing Cloud online training to become a certified pro and earn a significant salary package.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Training

  • In this program you will learn:
    • Discovery

      Conceptual Design

      Marketing Cloud Connect

      Account Configuration


      Data Design


      Email Build

      Contact Builder

      Journey Builder

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  • Discovery
    • Provided with a set of business requirements, determine what additional information is needed to design the recommended solution.

      Provided with a list of branding and creative strategies, probe for additional information that is needed to recommend an appropriate solution.

      Provided a customer environment and goals, determine the viability of external systems that need to be included in the solution (I.e. POS, CRM, ecommerce, data warehouse, data source inputs).

      Demonstrate how to gather requirements in order to put together the data and segmentation strategy for the customer (I.e. frequency, complexity, volume of sending).

      Given a scenario that includes customer information about subscriber acquisition, management, and attrition, utilizes this information to select solution components.

      Given a solution, recommend the appropriate customer skill sets required to utilize the Marketing Cloud application

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  • Conceptual Design
    • Analyze customer data to determine the appropriate data model (I.e. List model, Data Extensions).

      In a given scenario, determine appropriate solution for given requirements considering technical expertise of personas (I.e. Automation Studio vs. Journey Builder).

      In a given narrative data flow, select the correct data flow diagram that depicts that data flow.

      In a given customer scenario, identify which User Stories are appropriate to use for accessing Marketing Cloud.

      In a given customer scenario, determine factors to consider when scaling the solution.

      Articulate how data construct will drive one-to-one messaging and content.

      Explain the purpose of IP Warming and make a recommendation based on customer needs.

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  • Marketing Cloud Connect
    • Understand the prerequisites to consider prior to starting a Marketing Cloud Connect configuration (I.e. Salesforce edition, list of integration users, scope user, administrator credentials).

      Understand how to send an email to a contact, lead, campaign, and report via the Sales / Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud (I.e. sending, triggered, automated).

      Understand how Sales / Service Cloud data in the Marketing Cloud can be segmented.

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  • Account Configuration
    • Given a customer scenario, recommend the appropriate Marketing Cloud role based on User Stories.

      Determine which type of customer scenario warrants the creation of a business unit (I.e. publication types, demographic, workflow processes, and organizational structure).

      In a given scenario, troubleshoot issues regarding Reply Mail Management.

      Analyze the impact of applying Sender Authentication Package (SAP) to a business unit (I.e. link wrapping, Landing Pages, image URLs).

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  • Reporting
    • Explain how the information in data views and tracking extracts are accessed.

      Compare and contrast standard reports, data views, and tracking extracts.

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  • Data Design
    • Explain the various data objects in the Marketing Cloud (I.e. data extensions, list model, data retention model, publication lists, suppression lists).

      Understand available data types, retention and template options when building a data extension.

      Understand how data is retrieved within a Relational Data Model (I.e. basic SQL).

      Given a customer scenario, recommend appropriate import method with lists or data extensions.

      Understand the implications of a system being database of record.

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  • Automation
    • Given a customer scenario, select the appropriate workflow that meets the business requirement (I.e. import, segmentation, email send).

      Compare and contrast triggered and scheduled interactions

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  • Email Build
    • Understand the required steps to build, test, and deploy an email based on customer requirements.

      Explain the various ways to individualize email content (I.e. AMPscript, personalization strings, Dynamic Content, Guide Template Language).

      Compare and contrast the ways to individualize content, such as: SSJS vs AMPscript, Dynamic Content Wizard vs. AMPscript/LookupRows function.

      Explain various Marketing Cloud Email technologies (I.e. Link Alias tags, Impression regions, Web Analytics Connector).

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  • Contact Builder
    • Explain the role and capabilities within Contact Builder.

      Understand how cardinality impacts data modeling.

      Summarize how to use Data Designer to incorporate data source into Contact Builder.

      Given a customer scenario, know how to build an Attribute Group to be used for a simple interaction.

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  • Journey Builder
    • Compare and contrast automation tools, such as Journey Builder and Automation Studio.

      Given a customer scenario that includes Journey Builder, evaluate the requirements, activities, and steps.

      Explain the requirements for and the methods by which a contact can enter a Journey.

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A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant course is a training program designed to teach individuals how to effectively use Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a comprehensive marketing automation platform. This course is typically intended for professionals who want to become experts in using Marketing Cloud to create and execute marketing campaigns, manage customer data, and optimize marketing strategies. It is suitable for marketing professionals, consultants, administrators, or anyone interested in marketing automation.

Completing a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant course offers several benefits: you gain in-depth knowledge of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enabling you to effectively utilize its features and capabilities. Certification as a Marketing Cloud Consultant can enhance your career prospects, as it demonstrates your expertise to potential employers or clients. You'll be equipped to create more effective marketing campaigns, leading to better engagement and ROI.

In the present scenario, you will find numerous educational foundations offering training concerning this course. However only a few institutions succeed in fulfilling their promises, and Croma Campus is one such institution. Here, you will not only acquire theoretical but placement assistance as well.

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The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant exam has been built for candidates having experience in configuring Marketing Cloud solutions. Also, the candidate should have proven experience with the administration and configuration of Marketing Cloud, as demonstrated through the successful completion of the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator exam.


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