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  • Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud popularly known as “CloudCraze” is the horizon of Salesforce commerce cloud which assists businesses following the B2B marketing approach. It helps out in tracking, recording & maintaining valuable data. Cloudcraze assist out the businesses with varieties of discount structures & complex prize books.
  • The shift towards the Cloud Computing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) offering out comprehensive solutions to variety of businesses. Moreover, it gets designed for businesses that generally deal with larger & complex purchases. Thus, if the size of the organization is big then you must use the features of CloudCraze. Many organizations also assist people in Salesforce B2B Commerce (CloudCraze) Training in Delhi for adapting to the new industrial challenges.

Salesforce B2B Commerce (CloudCraze) Training in Delhi


  • Undoubtedly, salesforce gets turned out in the top CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform evolving across the world. So, if you pursue our Salesforce B2B Commerce CloudCraze Training Institute in Delhi then you get to learn out below-mentioned course curriculum:
    • Identifying out the events where the code extension is needed out.

      Effectively navigating and configuring out the CC admin.

      Implementing the UI. logic class, service class overrides along with the integration of subscription code integration.

      Describing out the benefits of computing with the help of CRM data.

      Identifying, troubleshooting & managing out the account groups and the price lists.

  • After completing the Salesforce B2B Commerce (CloudCraze) Training in Delhi you can get out the annual salary of 15 lakh if get hired out by the IT (Information Technology) giants. Besides top organizations, if you get hired out from the startups & small organizations then your annual salary gets out in the range of 3 to 5 lakh per annum.

  • If you complete the Salesforce B2B Commerce CloudCraze Training institute in Delhi then you have the below-mentioned detailed career options. Go through them carefully;
    • Authentication of sites which included out the logins of the visitor.

      Shopping carts which can easily accommodate out with hundreds of items.

      You can involve out in maintaining rapid orders for making out the large, frequent orders & the faster payments.

      Customizing out the storefront themes for special books in maintaining account.

      Making out the product catalogues for the selected subsets of products.

      Initializing & finalizing out the dynamic & variant products.

      Negotiating & contracting out the account with the help of customer segment.

      Handling out the complex shipping functionality which allows out the delivery of multiple goods.

      Getting out hands-on-experience with multiple payment types like credit cards, purchase orders as well as automated clearing.

  • It is essential to check out the craze of Salesforce B2B Commerce (CloudCraze) Training in Delhi is gathering momentum. Moreover, the platform of CloudCraze is the best combination of e-commerce & CRM (Customer Relationship Management):
    • It comes out in software category which has a bright future. According to the recent researches global business-to-business eCommerce sales are going to increase out at the rate of $6.6 billion.

      With the help of CloudCraze, Salesforce customers can still track out the interactions as well as transactions evolving across the organizations.

      In case you are working for other business organizations, it becomes important that you perform any single activity by interacting with others. Salesforce CloudCraze has a process of undertaking with the help of analytics in creating reports.

      CloudCraze assists out in fulfilling out the needs & requirements of businesses which are changing out due to the need of technology.

      With the increasing need to handle the large volume of products & sales, the role of B2B marketing becomes important. In the case of CloudCraze Developers, they help out in simplifying the complexities of business by adapting to newer technologies.

      Salesforce B2B CloudCraze also assists in the process of content marketing as well as improving the ability to prove out the right services at the right time and right place.

  • For any business adopting the salesforce B2B model is not so easy. After completing your Salesforce B2B Commerce CloudCraze Training institute in Delhi you need to fulfil the below-mentioned organizational duties:
    • Developing & delivering out the salesforce applications which are in line with pre-defined purposes.

      Ideally these professionals require out to work with different projects going through the organizational structure.

      Hands-on-experience on various coding technologies & handling out effectively.

      Customizing out salesforce B2B commerce according to the needs of their desired customers.

      Communicating out with other members of organizations for disseminating out the essential information.

  • Organizations like TCS, IBM, Tesla, TCS, Infosys, BirlaSoft, EXL Services, Google, Accenture, Capgemini, Concentrix, and others. Moreover, after completing your Salesforce B2B Commerce (CloudCraze) Training in Delhi there are various startups & small organizations that hire these professionals.

  • After completing our Salesforce B2B Commerce CloudCraze Training institute in Delhi you get out 100% globally recognized certificates. The certificates get out available in both physical & digital formats. These certificates act out as a value addition to your resume.

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Salesforce B2B Commerce (CloudCraze)

  • Our B2B Commerce (formerly Cloud Craze) Technical Training course includes the fundamental concepts plus added technical topics. It is designed to provide an orientation of the B2B Commerce components as well as hands-on exploration of the platform across architectural functional and technical topics.
  • In this program you will learn:
    • Salesforce B2B Commerce Overview


      Pricing Strategies

      REST APIs

      Back-End - Global Extension Points

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  • Salesforce B2B Commerce Overview
    • What is Commerce Cloud - B2B Commerce

      Managed package installation & Setup Processes


      • CC Admin
        • Anonymous Checkout
          • User Checkout
            • CSR Checkout
              • Account
                • Contacts
                  • Users
                    • Related Lists

                      Accounts & Pricing

                      • Account Groups and Price Lists


                        • Standard Products
                          • Categories
                            • Product Specs
                              • Filters and
                                • Product Relationships
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                              • Introduction
                                • Types of Products



                                  Kit and

                                  Dynamic Kit

                              • Marketing and User Interface Configuration
                                • Promotions


                                  Featured/Spotlight Products

                                  Page Sections

                                  Page Labels and


                              • Pricing Strategies
                                • Tiered Pricing

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                              • Pricing Strategies
                                • Attribute Driven Commerce

                                  Subscriptions and

                                  Contract Pricing

                                  Complex Configurations

                                  • Effective Accounts and
                                    • Line Level Independence


                                      • Review the technical exercise topics and
                                        • Introduce the class

                                          Administrative Overview

                                          • Review Key Terms
                                            • B2B Commerce Architecture and
                                              • Technology Stack
                                                • User Interface Demo


                                                  • CC Admin Configuration vs. Code Extension
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                                                • User Interface
                                                  • Layout Overrides

                                                    Subscriber Templates

                                                    Page Includes

                                                    Subscriber Pages

                                                    Handlebar Overrides

                                                    CloudCraze UI Properties

                                                    Extending My Account

                                                    Extending the CloudCraze Checkout Flow

                                                    Global JavaScript Functions

                                                    CloudCraze Event Handling

                                                    Handlebars Functions

                                                    Localization Functions and

                                                    Utility Functions and Objects

                                                • Back-end
                                                  • Full API review and

                                                    Extension instruction

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                                                • Global Extension Points
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                                                • Placement Guide
                                                  • Tips to clear an Interview

                                                    Common Interview questions and answers

                                                    Salesforce B2B Commerce Interview Questions and Answers

                                                    Resume Building Guide

                                                    Career roadmap and certifications

                                                    Attempt for related Global Certification Exam if any

                                                    Start applying for Jobs

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                                                According to the latest data released out in 2018 commerce cloud gets expanding out at an increasing rate.

                                                It enables out the creation of customer-friendly environment with B2B & B2C commerce.

                                                B2B fulfils out the process of shipping batch orders to the businesses.

                                                If we take out the example then there are two giants Apple & Samsung.

                                                • An ISO Certified Institute.
                                                • Offering end-to-end support.
                                                • Specialized instructional guidelines.

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                                                Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator

                                                The Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator program is designed for individuals who have experience with the B2B Product from an Administration perspective. The Salesforce B2B Commerce accreditation program encompasses the breadth of applications, the features and functions available to an end-user, and the configuration and management options available to an administrator across B2B Commerce.


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