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  • Croma Campus is a world-class training institute that offers the best Oracle RAC training, which is a current business requirement that enables candidates to obtain the greatest jobs in enterprises.
  • Things you will learn:
    • We give candidates a dedicated placement team that assists them and provides them with numerous opportunities.

      With the industry-based Oracle RAC course content and syllabus, you'll gain the most comprehensive knowledge of Oracle RAC.

      You will receive 100% placement aid as one of the leading Oracle RAC training courses.

      For students and professionals wishing to upgrade quickly, we also offer Oracle RAC fast track training packages.

      Gain insightful knowledge about and develop a highly efficient skill set.

Oracle RAC Certification Training


  • This Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Administration course will show you how to administer an Oracle RAC database. Learn about Global Resources, Cache Fusion, and other topics. The Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service will be covered in this course.
    • Set up RMAN in the RAC environment.

      Explain the advantages of Oracle RAC.

      Describe the importance of global resources.

      Set up the ARCHIVELOG mode and the quick recovery area in the RAC database.

      Create RACs from a single-instance Oracle database

      Create a database cluster

      Become familiar with the Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service.

      Describe how clusters work and what they're used for.

      Download and install Oracle Database software.

      In a RAC environment, change the initialization parameter

      Complete duties related to the database after it has been created.

      In a RAC environment, define redo log files.

      In a RAC system, define undo tablespaces.

      Explain how to coordinate global caches.

  • An Oracle RAC associate can earn a large sum of money in exchange for his services. This is because there is a huge demand for Oracle RAC associates in the market while their supply is very low. In short, pursuing your career as a RAC associate can be very advantageous for you.
  • Things you must know:
    • Experience, advanced abilities, and certification at the associate and professional levels can all help you earn a greater salary.

      Oracle RAC - Associate certificate holders earn an average of $130,272.

      The average annual salary for Oracle RAC - Associate credential holders is $130,610.

      The average annual salary for an Oracle RAC IT specialist is $129,868 per year, making it one of the highest-paying certification categories in North America.

      Your pay will increase as you gain knowledge and experience.

  • Once you complete the Oracle RAC training program you can easily get a job as a RAC associate in an IT firm. Additionally, you will get a handsome salary as a RAC associate for your services.
  • Things you should know:
    • Preparing for certification gives you a wide overview of topics, features, and activities that you might not see or know you need on the job.

      Continued learning and certification prove your abilities and knowledge, putting you in a position to assist in strategic decisions.

      Oracle RCA professionals are expected to be in high demand in the future.

      Knowing where things are going and keeping your abilities up to date is essential for staying relevant in a fast-paced environment.

  • Oracle RAC empowers Oracle users to run one particular database on multiple servers for maximizing availability and encouraging horizontal scalability. Besides this, RAC instances can safely replay changes without affecting end-user apps. This is the main reason behind the popularity of RAC among firms.
  • Things you must know:
    • Oracle DB is the most widely used database, accounting for more than half of the database market.

      It can now be used on both cloud and on-premise platforms.

      It is a cross-platform service, which means it works with a wide range of hardware and operating systems.

      Partitioning and memory caching are two key characteristics that developers adore in Oracle.

  • A RAC associate plays a very critical role in an organization. He is responsible for troubleshooting Oracle errors and configuring/managing tablespaces. Besides this, he is also responsible for conducting database auditing. In short, the job of a RAC associate is not kid's play and is very complex.
  • Key responsibilities of an Oracle RAC associate:
    • Oracle Software and Database Installation

      Maintaining a high level of database security.

      Oracle error troubleshooting

      Oracle software and databases are upgraded and patched.

      Strong disaster recovery strategies are deployed following SLAs.

      Performance tuning and proactive database activities are two examples of proactive database chores.

      Maintain up-to-date records for future reference.

      Configure and manage tablespaces and datafiles, as well as redo log files and control files.

      Anticipate storage needs; establish or alter storage structures as needed before files become overburdened and application issues occur.

      Configure and maintain security features, such as database auditing.

      Maintain database software with the most recent patch releases.

  • Demand for Oracle RAC associates is huge in the market. This is because of the benefits that Oracle Real Application Clusters provide to a firm. Moreover, these professionals also make a good amount of money by giving their services to an organization.
  • Things you should know:
    • You'll get the chance to interview for jobs and be placed in well-known sectors.

      Large worldwide organizations such as TCS, IBM, Cognizant Technology, Accenture, and others are always looking for new ways to train their personnel.

      We have a team of experts who can help you write a CV and prepare for an interview.

      Look for a job with a reputed company that offers a competitive salary.

  • Students who complete RAC training from Croma Campus are awarded a shareable training certificate. Using this certificate, you can effortlessly get a job as a RAC associate in some of the most respected companies in the world.
  • Things you must know:
    • Establishing oneself as a skilled professional can help you increase your worth.

      In interviews, you effortlessly surpass the competition.

      Our certification is internationally recognized.

      You have the ability to work from any location.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

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More Suitable for working professionals who cannot join in weekdays

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Oracle RAC Certification Training

  • Croma Campus is a world-class training institute that offers the best Oracle RAC training, which is a current business requirement that enables candidates to obtain the greatest jobs in enterprises.
    • Introduction to RAC 11g/12c

      RAC High Performance and Highly Available Databases

      Database Clusters

      Real Application Cluster Architecture

      RAC Server and Disk Technology

      Real Application Cluster Architecture

      11g/12c RAC Administration

      RAC 11g/12c Backup and Recovery

      Failover and Load Balancing

      RAC Performance Monitoring and Tuning

      Migration to RAC Databases

      Oracle 11g/12c RAC Parallel Upgrades

      Oracle 11g/12c Hot Patching

      Oracle 11g/12c RAC Load Balancing Advisor

      ADDM for RAC 11g/12c

      11g RAC Cache Fusion Protocols

      Optimized 11g/12c RAC Cache Fusion Protocols

      Oracle 11g RAC Grid Provisioning

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  • The Dynamic Business Environment
  • The Explosive Growth of Business Data
    • Online and Real-Time Access to Corporate Data

      Data Warehousing, Packaged Applications, E-Commerce Operations

      Dependence on Database Management Systems

      High Performance Systems

  • Introduction to Cluster Technology
  • Benefits of Real Application Clusters(RAC)
    • What is a DB Cluster

      Architectures of DB Clusters

      What is a Cluster Interconnect

  • Problems with Other Architectures
    • The IBM Shared-Nothing Configuration

      Microsoft Federated Servers Database

  • Seeing the High Availability Spectrum
  • Real Application Clusters
    • Processing Prior to Cache Fusion

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters
    • Attributes of an Oracle RAC Cluster

      Building an Oracle RAC Cluster

      RAC Performance and Scalability

  • RAC High Performance and Highly Available Databases
    • Growth of Powerful Processors

      Why Parallel Processing

      Opportunities for Parallelism


  • Parallel Databases
    • Types of Parallelism

  • High Performance Computing Cluster – HPCC
  • Clusterize Applications
    • How Do You Clusterize Applications

  • Highly Available Databases
    • Need for Highly Available Data

      Failure & Availability

      Reliability and Serviceability

      Fault-tolerant Systems

      Database Availability

  • Clustered Systems
  • Databases Issues
  • Oracle RAC – High Performance and Highly Available Database
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  • Overview of the Cluster Technology
    • How Clusters Differ from Distributed Systems

      Clusters are Different from Fault-tolerant Systems

      Database Clusters & Why Clusters

  • Types of Clusters
    • Failover Clusters

      Scalable High Performance Clusters

      Application Server Clusters & Other Types of Clusters

  • Components of a Cluster
    • Cluster Nodes

      Emerging Server Cluster Architectures

      Cluster Interconnect

      Essentials for Parallel Database Clusters

      Cluster Interconnect Products

      Infiniband Interconnect & ClusterWare and Concurrent Database Access

  • Failover Database Clusters
    • Resources, Resource Type & Resource Groups

      The Concept of a Virtual Server & Failover Process

      Examples & Failover Cluster Architecture

      Oracle Database Service in HA Cluster

      Issues with FO Clusters – Hidden Risks

  • Parallel Database Clusters
    • Shared-Nothing Model & Shared-Disk Model

      Microsoft SQL Server Federated Database

      IBM Offerings & Requirements for Parallel Clusters

      Oracle’s Instance Membership Recovery

      Cache Coherency and Lock Management

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  • Overview of Oracle Real Application Clusters
    • RMAN for RAC & RAC Workload Management

      RAC Scalability & High Availability

  • Architecture
    • Oracle11g/12c Basic Processes

      Oracle11g/12c Basic Internal Structures

      Oracle11g/12c RAC Additional Processes

      Oracle11g/12c RAC Additional SGA Areas

  • RAC Server Components
    • GCS Resource Modes and Roles & Accessing RAC

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  • Overview
    • Oracle11g RAC Disk System

  • Understanding Disks, LUNs, Volumes
    • Raw Volumes & File Systems

  • Storage Technology and Redundancy
    • Disk Systems & Understanding I/O Path

      Host Bus Adapters(HBA) & Storage Redundancy Components

      RAID and RAID Administration & High Availability of Storage

      Logical Volume Managers

  • Storage Areas
    • OCFS/OCFS2 & RAW Volumes

      ASM & Other CFS Solutions

  • Redundancy
    • Understanding RAID Redundancy

  • Capabilities
    • Server Redundancy & Redundancy Types

  • Architecture and Components
    • Servers and Operating System

      Cluster Interconnect and Public Switch

      Oracle Clusterware

      Shared Storage Subsystem

  • Overview of Installation Steps
    • Installation of Oracle Clusterware

      Installation of Oracle for use with ASM

      Installation of Oracle for production database use

  • Oracle RAC Tools
    • crs_stat | olsnodes | srvctl | dbca | netca

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  • Overview of Cache Fusion
    • Evolution of Cache Fusion & Nature of Cache Fusion

      Benefits of Cache Fusion & Concurrency and Consistency

      Cache Coherency & Global Cache Service

  • SGA Components and Locking
    • SGA - System Global Area & Program Global Area

      Buffer Cache Management & What is a Dirty Block

      Multi – Version Consistency Model

  • RAC Components
    • Global Cache Service & Global Enqueque Service

      Row-Level Locks & Global Resource Directory

      RAC Processes

  • Resource Coordination
    • Synchronization & GCS Resource Modes and Roles

      Concept of Past Image & Lock Modes

      Block Access Modes and Buffer States

      Cache Fusion Scenarios & Block transfers using Cache Fusion – Examples

      Block Access, Grants, and Interrupts

  • Cache Fusion and Recovery
    • Recovery Features

      Recovery Methodology and Steps

      Recovery Process – Re-mastering Resources

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  • Parameter Management
    • Overview

      RAC and Initialization Parameters

  • UNDO Management
    • UNDO Management in RAC

      UNDO Tablespace Features

      System Rollback Segment

  • Concept of Thread
    • Thread Features

      Redo Thread Maintenance

  • Segment Space Management
    • Automatic Segment Space Management

      Manual Space Management

      Oracle Managed Files

  • Using SQL*Plus
    • Starting the Database in Cluster Mode

  • Using Oracle DB Control for Clusters
    • Configuration of DB Control w/Rac

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  • Overview of RAC backup and Recovery
    • Export & Cold Backup using Scripts and Hot Backups using Scripts

      RMAN(Recovery Manager) & Third Party Solutions

  • Backup of RAC Database
    • Using RMAN for Backups

      Backup Procedures RMAN and RAC

  • Recovery in the RAC Environment
    • Media Recovery in RAC Instances

      Using RMAN to Recover a RAC Environment

      Recovery in an OCFS Environment

      Recovery in a Raw File System Environment & Parallel Recovery

  • Standby Databases in RAC Configuration
    • Setting up a Standby Database for a RAC Cluster to a Single-Instance (One Node)

      Configuration when the Standby Database is a Single Node System

      Cross-Instance Archival

      Archive Log Gap Resolution and FAL

  • ASM and RMAN
    • Performing advanced backup/ recovery techniques with ASM

      Switch Database To Copy & Keeping ASM Clean

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  • Services In-depth
    • Failover & Load Balancing

      Planning and Configuration

  • Connection Pools and Services
  • The Load Balancing Advisory
  • Monitoring Services
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  • Analysis of Performance Issues
    • Monitoring RAC Cluster Interconnect

      Using performance views

      Using AWR & ADDM for RAC

  • Using DB Control to Monitor RAC
  • RAC Design Consideration
  • Designing equipment for RAC
    • Effects of component failure

      Redundancy at every level

      Choosing Service/Nodes for Work

  • Sequences in RAC
    • Table space Design Considerations

      Solid State Disk Considerations

      Table Locks and Latch Waits

      Scalability and Unpredictable Loads

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  • Overview
  • Migration Methodology
    • Moving from Single Instance to RAC

      Cloning Overview

      Migrating to Oracle 11g

      Rolling Upgrades

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  • Oracle 11g RAC has a rolling upgrade features whereby RAC database can be upgraded without any downtime
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  • Oracle 11g RAC has the ability to apply patches on a node-by-node basis without service interruption.
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  • Starting in 10gr2 we see a RAC load balancing advisorutility. Oracle says that the 11g RAC load balancing advisor is only available with clients who use .NET, ODBC, or the Oracle Call Interface(OCI).
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  • In Oracle 11g, ADDM has been extended to include RAC, and provides information on the entire cluster including latency issues on the cluster interconnect, global cache hot blocks (blocks with concurrency issues across multiple nodes), and general object usage information across multiple nodes.
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  • 11g RAC improves the cache fusion layer for faster and more efficient pinging between nodes
  • 11g RAC ASMCA
  • Oracle 11g offers an ASM configuration assistant allows you to install cluster file systems(ACFS),ASM instances, ASM volumes and disk groups
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  • Extends the general cache fusion protocols in 10g to deal with specific scenarios where the protocols could be further optimized.
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  • The Oracle 11g grid control provisioning pack allows you to "blow-out" a RAC node without the time-consuming install, using a pre-installed "footprint"
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