• Are you looking for the best Oracle DBA training If that's the case, your quest is over! Croma Campus provides the best Oracle DBA certification training, allowing you to advance in your career and earn a position with a prominent MNC or corporate giant.
  • Things you will learn:
    • We offer specialist Oracle DBA training, ranging from basic to advanced.

      Our Oracle DBA specialists will guide and assist you in understanding how to manage solitary Oracle databases.

      In addition, our team has tailored the Oracle DBA Course curriculum to meet current industry standards.

      Our Oracle DBA Admin experts are well-known corporate professionals that will provide you with corporate-style training to assist you land MNC positions.

      To make Oracle DBA training more understandable, we provide audio and video recordings that aid learners in gaining a better understanding of the material.

Oracle DBA Certification Training


  • By joining the Oracle DBA training program, you will get opportunity to become expert in configuring and managing Oracle database. Furthermore, our Oracle DBA faculty will help you:
    • Learn Oracle database Architecture

      Understand Oracle databases

      Work with Oracle database parameters

      Configure backups and perform recovery

      Manage Users/Schemas

      Manage profiles

      Roles and grantswork with recovery catalog

      Query data using structured query language and perform DDL, DML and DCL operations

      Learn to install Oracle database/client binaries

      Work with tablespaces, database objects etc.

  • You will be offered a real-time project once you have completed your Oracle DBA training. Our experts will issue a PL/SQL certificate in your name once you have successfully finished the allocated assignment.

  • An Oracle database administrator can make a lot of money by providing his services. This is because of the increase in demand for Oracle database administrators in the market and the benefits that an Oracle database administrator provides to a firm or its clients.
  • Things you should know:
    • An Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) with less than 5 years of experience can expect to earn Rs 405,000 in total salary.

      You will receive a greater wage package if you do our Oracle DBA certification course.

      With 10 to 20 years of experience, an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) can earn Rs 1,456,000.

      As you gain knowledge and experience, your compensation will rise.

  • Students who pursue their careers as Oracle database administrators are presented with hundreds of opportunities for growth and boosting their careers. Besides this, an Oracle database administrator also earns good money as remuneration. Thus, it can be very advantageous for students to pursue their careers as Oracle database administrators.
  • Things you must know:
    • In the current market, the Oracle database administrator job is becoming increasingly scarce day by day.

      According to current market rumours, database administration jobs, specifically in Oracle, have surged by 11%.

      Salaries often range from $90000 to $180000, depending on the oracle's variety certificate.

      Oracle certifications for professional, master, and specialist will be developed for various types of pay depending on their future standing.

  • Demand for skilled Oracle database administrators is increasing in the market. This is because of the increase in the number of companies adopting Oracle databases for storing their data and the value that an Oracle database administrator adds to an organization.
  • Here’s why Oracle database administrators are so popular:
    • Oracle Database Administrator is one of the most important and appealing jobs for any engineer who wants to advance their career as an administrator.

      Oracle is really delighted to provide one unique training and attractive certification with several crucial examinations for all candidates who are serious about changing careers in this industry.

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, DBA jobs at cloud service providers will expand by 26% in the decade ending in 2024.

      Database administrators have a bright future in the workplace, performing difficult responsibilities.

  • After the completion of your Oracle DBA training course, you will then need to perform a range of job roles and opportunities. Let’s discuss them in detail!
    • Installing Oracle software

      Creating Oracle databases

      Performing upgrades of the database and software to new release levels

      Starting up and shutting down the database

      Managing the database's storage structures

      Managing users and security

      Managing schema objects, such as tables, indexes, and views

      Making database backups and performing recovery when necessary

      Proactively monitoring the database's health and taking preventive or corrective action as required

      Monitoring and tuning performance

  • There is a huge demand for expert Oracle database administrators in the market. This is because of the increase in the number of companies using the Oracle database for storing their data. As a result, all the firms that use Oracle database for storing their data are on a constant search of competent Oracle database administrators who can help them in configuring/managing their database more efficiently.
  • Top hiring companies for Oracle DBA:
    • You'll get the opportunity to interview for employment and work in a variety of well-known businesses.

      Google, TCS, IBM, Cognizant Technology, Accenture, and other major organizations around the world are among the hiring industries.

      With our job placement training, you'll be prepared to excel in your new work.

      We'll even help you get employed by worldwide organizations and commercial behemoths by providing 100 percent placement support.

  • Once you complete the Oracle DBA training program, you will get an oracle training certificate from Croma Campus. Using this certificate, you can easily secure a job as an Oracle database administrator in any reputed IT company in India.
  • Advantages of getting Certification:
    • You'll be able to establish yourself as an internationally sought-after expert in a short amount of time.

      If you attend our certification training course, you'll be able to effortlessly outperform other applicants in interviews.

      In today's tech-dominated industry, you may establish yourself as a skilled professional and increase your value.

      Our certification is internationally recognized.

      You will be compensated more generously than others.

Why Should You Choose Oracle DBA Training Course?

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Oracle DBA Certification Training

  • Are you looking for the best Oracle DBA training If that's the case, your quest is over! Croma Campus provides the best Oracle DBA certification training.
    • Architecture Overview

      SQL Fundamentals

      Installing Oracle 12c Database Server

      Creating Oracle Databases using DBCA

      Oracle Database Management Tools

      Oracle Database Files Management

      Database Storage Structure Management

      Database Instance Management

      Oracle Network Environment Configuration

      Administering User Security and Database Links

      Data Concurrency and Space Management

      Database Auditing Implementation in Oracle DBA 12c

      Backup and Recovery Concepts in Oracle DBA 12c

      Database Maintenance and Performance Basics

      ORACLE Multitenant Architecture

      Miscellaneous Concepts

      Placement Guide

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  • Introduction
    • What are Databases

      Why do you need Databases

      Major Databases and Database Vendors

      Relational Databases

      The Oracle 12c RDBMS and related products

      Role and responsibilities of Oracle DBA

  • Oracle Database Architecture
    • Database and Instance

      Memory Structures – SGA, PGA

      Background Processes

      Server Processes

      Database Files

      Physical & Logical Structures

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  • SQL Fundamentals
    • Learn SQL SELECT Statement

      Restricting and Sorting Data

      Single-row and Multiple-row Functions

      Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output

      Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions

      Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions

      Introduction to Joins and its Types

      Displaying Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins

      Introduction to Subqueries, Single Row & Multiple Row Subqueries

      Using Subqueries to Solve Queries

      Using the SET Operators

      Using ORDER BY clause in set operations

      Introduction to DML (Data Manipulation Language)

      Managing Tables using DML statements

      Introduction to DDL (Data Definition Language)

      Introduction to Data Dictionary Views

      Introduction to Data Dictionary

      Describe the Data Dictionary Structure

      Using and querying the Data Dictionary views

      Overview of sequences, synonyms, indexes

      Creating Sequences, Synonyms, Indexes

      Introduction to Views

      Creating Views

      Managing Schema Objects

      Retrieving Data by Using Subqueries

      Controlling User Access

      Manipulating Data

      Managing Data in Different Time Zones

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  • Oracle Software Installation Basics
    • Planning Your Installation

      Configuring Oracle Linux with Oracle RDBMS Pre-Install RPM

      Operating System Groups and Users

      Environment Variables

      Configuring the Oracle Software Owner Environment

      Using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)

      Installation Option: Silent Mode

  • Installing Oracle Database 12c
    • System Requirements for Oracle Database

      Creating Operating System Groups and Users

      Types of Installations

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  • Creating Oracle Database
    • Planning the Database

      Creating Database


      Command line

  • Starting & Stopping Database
    • Startup & Shutdown modes

      Starting & Stopping the database

      Read-only & Restricted modes

  • Create Oracle Databases using DBCA
    • Planning the Database Storage Structure

      Types of Databases (based on workload)

      Choosing the Appropriate Character Set

      Understanding How Character Sets are Used

      Setting the NLS_LANG Initialization Parameter

      Using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)

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  • Oracle Database Management Tools
    • Introducing Oracle Database Management Tools

      Using SQL*Plus

      Using SQL Developer

      Logging in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express

      Using the Enterprise Manager Database Express Home Page

      Understanding the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Framework

      Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

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  • Parameters & Parameter Files
    • Initialization Parameters

      Static and Dynamic parameters

      Parameter Files

      Text & Server Parameter Files

      System & Session Level Parameters

      Changing Parameter values

  • Managing Data Files & Tablespaces
    • Tablespace and Data Files Concepts

      Blocks, Extents, Segments

      Understanding Space Management

      Creating & Managing Tablespaces

      Big file Tablespaces

      Tablespace Quotas

      Configuring Multi-Block Support

  • Managing Temporary Tablespaces
    • Understanding Temporary Tablespaces

      Managing Temporary Tablespaces

      Temporary Tablespace Groups

      Managing Control Files

      Understanding Control Files

      Multiplexing Control Files

      Backing up Control Files

  • Redo Log Files & Archiving
    • Online & Archived Redo Log Files

      Managing Online Redo Log Files

      Fast Recovery Area (FRA)

      Configuring Database Archive mode

  • Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
    • OMF Concepts and Use

      File Naming Conventions using OMF

      Creating Tablespaces with OMF

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  • Managing Data Storage
    • Learn about Data Storage

      Database Block contents

      Exploring database structure

      Create a new Tablespace

      Managing Tablespace

      Displaying Tablespace Data

      Using OMF

  • Managing Diagnostic data
    • Diagnostic files

      Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)

      Viewing Diagnostic data

  • Managing Undo Data
    • Transactions and Undo Data

      Managing Undo data

      Storing Undo Information

      Creating Undo Tablespaces

      Comparing Undo Data and Redo Data

      Configuring Undo Retention

      Guaranteeing Undo Retention

      Changing an Undo tablespace to a Fixed Size

  • Moving Data
    • Moving Data: General Architecture

      Oracle Data Pump


      External Tables

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  • Database Instance Management
    • Initialization Parameter Files

      Starting an Oracle Database Instance

      Shutting Down an Oracle Database Instance

      Viewing Log Files

      Using Trace Files

      Using the Dynamic Performance Views

      Data Dictionary

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  • Oracle Network Environment Configuration
    • Oracle Net Services Overview

      Oracle Net Listener Overview

      Establishing Oracle Network Connections

      Connecting to a Server

      Tools for Configuring and Managing the Oracle Network

      Using the Listener Control Utility

      Using Oracle Net Configuration Assistant

      Using Oracle Net Manager

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  • User Administration
    • Creating Users Accounts

      Account management

      Schema, Session, Killing Sessions

      Using profiles to implement complex passwords and resource limits

  • Privileges & Roles
    • Understanding Privileges

      Managing Privileges

      Understanding Roles

      Managing Roles

  • Database Links
    • Distributed Databases

      Creating Database Links

      Managing Database Links

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  • Data Concurrency Management
    • Overview of Locks

      Locking Mechanism

      Data Concurrency

      DML Locks

      Enqueue Mechanism

      Lock Conflicts

  • Space Management
    • Space Management Overview

      Block Space Management

      Row Chaining and Migration

      Free Space Management Within Segments

      Types of Segments

      Allocating Extents

      Allocating Space

      Creating Tables Without Segments

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  • Database Auditing Implementation in Oracle DBA 12c
    • Separation of Responsibilities

      Database Security

      Monitoring for Compliance

      Standard Database Auditing

      Unified Audit Data Trail

      Separation for Duties for Audit Administration

      Configuring the Audit Trail

      Specifying Audit Options

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  • Backup and Recovery Basics
    • Categories of Failures

      Flashback Technology

      Understanding Instance Recovery

      Phases of Instance Recovery

      Tuning Instance Recovery

      Using the MTTR Advisor

      Comparing Complete and Incomplete Recovery

      Oracle Data Protection Solutions

  • Backup and Recovery Configuration
    • Configuring for Recoverability

      Configuring the Fast Recovery Area

      Multiplexing the Control File

      Online Redo Log File

      Multiplexing the Online Redo Log File

      Archived Redo Log Files

      Archiver Process

      Archived Redo Log File Naming and Destinations

  • Performing Database Backups
    • Backup Solutions Overview

      Oracle Secure Backup (overview)

      User Managed Backup (overview)

      Backup Terminology and Types of Backups

      Using Recovery Manager (RMAN)

      Configuring Backup Settings

      Oracle-Suggested Backup

      Backing Up the Control File to a Trace File

  • Performing Database Recovery
    • Data Recovery Advisor

      Loss of a Control File

      Loss of a Redo Log File

      Loss of a Datafile in NOARCHIVELOG Mode

      Loss of a Noncritical Datafile in ARCHIVELOG Mode

      Loss of a System-Critical Datafile in ARCHIVELOG Mode

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  • Performing Database Maintenance
    • Database Maintenance (overview)

      Viewing the Alert History


      Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)

      Statistic Levels

      Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)

      Advisory Framework

      Enterprise Manager and Advisors

  • Managing Performance
    • Performance Monitoring

      Tuning Activities

      Performance Planning

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  • ORACLE Multitenant Architecture
    • Multitenant Architecture

      Pluggable Databases (PDB) & Container Database (CDB)

      Creating & Managing CDBs & PDBs

      Users, Roles, Privileges in CDB

      Parameters in CDB

      Backup, Recovery of CDBs & PDBs

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  • Flashback Technologies
    • Oracle Flashback Technologies

      Flashback Database

      Flashback Table

      Flashback Drop Table

  • Oracle Data Pump
    • Concepts of Logical backups & Refresh

      Data Pump Exports & Imports

  • Transportable Tablespaces
    • Concepts of Transportable Tablespaces

      Transporting Tablespaces across Databases

  • Database Cloning
    • Cloning Concepts and Considerations

      Cloning Techniques

      Cloning Oracle Home and Database

      Manual Cloning

      Cloning using RMAN

  • Data Guard
    • Overview of Data Guard

      Benefits of Implementing Data Guard

      Standby Database Concepts

      Implementing Physical Standby database

  • Database Patching
    • Patching Concepts

      Interim Patches, CPU, PSU patches

      Patch Sets

      Downloading & Analysing Patches

      Applying Patches

  • Database Upgrade
    • Understanding the upgrade process

      Upgrade methods

      Upgrading Oracle11g to Oracle 12c

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  • Placement Guide
    • Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      Oracle DBA 12c Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Attempt for Oracle DBA Global Certification Exam

      Start applying for Job


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