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  • MuleSoft refers to the integration platform which helps out in the combination of enterprise with SaaS applications. It offers support to the external business operations by connecting our devices & applications. Moreover, it is a java-based platform which mostly use in Java-based enterprises and communicates different designs to different platforms. Resultantly, MuleSoft Training in Gurgaon gaining momentum.
  • However, MuleSoft offers our most widely used integration platform for the connection of SaaS as well as enterprise applications. Its integration systems help out in unlocking data across multiple legacy systems, cloud apps, and devices. Moreover, it unifies data to deliver a view to the customer, automate business as well building connected experiences. Resultantly, MuleSoft Training in Gurgaon is gaining acceleration in demand.

MuleSoft Training in Gurgaon


  • A MuleSoft software developer is the first role in climbing the ladder of success in this domain. Moreover, the course objectives of the MuleSoft training institute in Gurgaon are essential to consider before pursuing the MuleSoft course:
    • Discovering & deploying multiple platforms with increasing applications.

      Constructing out the application network with the help of API connectivity.

      Leveraging out the knowledge of MuleSoft integration technologies.

      Organizing the apps for maintaining the development process.

      Connecting to the databases, saas applications, and web services.

      Use of applying out the advanced scripts.

  • After completing the course from MuleSoft Training Institute in Gurgaon you can get out a salary in the range starting at 7.3 lakh per annum. According to the reports of Glassdoor, the salary of a MuleSoft developer is 1.5 lakh. By getting simultaneous experience in the field, you can get out an increase in salary and career prospects.

  • MuleSoft is the leader among the organizations which aim to connect various systems as well as technologies. Its mission is to connect applications as well as data devices in the company with the help of building out an innovative approach. After completing our MuleSoft course in Gurgaon you get to know the main reasons behind its popularity:
    • MuleSoft developer refers to designing & connecting the APIs (Application Programming Interface) which enables various applications for communicating without one another.

      Moreover, the MuleSoft developer uses the Anypoint platform to create scalable, reusable & convenient APIs as well as integration.

      This greatly simplifies the process with the help of libraries with large lists of connecting the application.

      As you know that the position of MuleSoft Developer is demanding especially when the matter comes out for skills & expertise.

      The ever-growing fast & changing industrial environments lead to organizational benefits.

  • As we talked about earlier that MuleSoft is a vendor which offers multiple integration platforms to assist businesses, connecting the applications and making out data services easily available. Moreover, after completing the MuleSoft Training in Gurgaon you get to think about the reasons behind its popularity:
    • MuleSoft is not only easy to implement as well as utilizes the best delivery. Moreover, the platform has pre-built assets as well as connectors enabling the integration.

      The AnyPoint platform which is the main component of MuleSoft helps out in running seamless operations & governance.

      Regarding the operations, speed, scalable as well as efficiency for maintaining a reliable platform. Moreover, with the resilience to the infrastructural needs of businesses.

      Moreover, with the inflexible adaptive environment, MuleSoft doesn’t thrive for excellence. It’s well-adapt and needs changes for organizational efficiency.

      At the very core of all the innovations is to identify the needs & requirements of clients from multiple industries.

  • After completing MuleSoft Training in Gurgaon you have to follow the below-mentioned responsibilities in an organizational structure. Go throughout the below-mentioned responsibilities of a MuleSoft Developer in an organization:
    • Working with different types of the agile matrix in the environment.

      Developing the technical specifications by the organization.

      Evaluating the current system of organizational working.

      Creating out the detailed service for cloud hubs.

      Ability to work on projects on the agile development structure to deliver out necessary designs.

  • After completing the MuleSoft course in Gurgaon multiple organizations hire developers. Moreover, these organizations are Aspire Recruitment Solutions, Enquero, Optum, TCS, HCL, Ani calls, and others.

  • As the course is completed from MuleSoft Training institute in Gurgaon you get out a training certificate in both print as well as digital format. Moreover, the certificate is 100% internationally recognized which assists in fulfilling the job requirement of multiple organizations.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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MuleSoft Certification Training

  • Looking for the best Mulesoft training If that's the case, you've arrived at the right place! Croma Campus offers the best Mulesoft training course.
    • Mule ESB Introduction

      Mule Basics

      Using Java Module

      Deploying applications Standalone Mule Server and using Run-time Manager

      Understanding Http Listener and Http Request Configuration in detail and Consuming SOAP web service

      File Endpoint

      Database Endpoint and externalization of properties

      Water-Marking and Object Stores

      Introduction to Domains


      JMS Endpoint


      Handling Errors


      Batch Processing

      Cloud hub deployment

      Designing APIs

      Managing APIs

      Placement Guide

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  • Mule ESB Introduction
    • Problems of Point to Point Integration

      What is an ESB

      How an ESB helps in solving problems with P2P Integration

      Idea behind an ESB How it works

      What is Orchestration

      What is Mule

      What is Any-point Platform for Mule

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  • Mule Basics
    • What is a mule Flow

      What is Event Processor

      How a Mule Event does looks like

      What is a Transformer, Endpoint

      Introduction to Any-point Studio

      Describe the structure of new Mule 4 projects and deploy-able archives

      Debugging a mule flow

      Structure of a Mule-Event in detail

      Track event data as it moves in and out of a Mule application

      Introduction to Data-Weave 2 as Mule Expression Language

      Lab: Implementing a Basic flow and debugging it

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  • Using Java Module
    • Understanding modules in Mule

      Call static and non-static Java methods using the new Java module

      Lab: Using Java Module

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  • Deploying applications Standalone Mule Server and using Run-time Manager
    • Starting Standalone mule Server

      Understanding various configurations in Standalone Server

      Deploying applications manually to standalone server

      Registering a standalone server in Any-point Run-time Manager

      Deploying Application to standalone server using Run-time Manager

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  • Understanding Http Listener and Http Request Configuration in detail and Consuming SOAP web service
    • Consuming a Restful Web-service

      Passing arguments to Restful Web-service

      LAB: Consuming Restful Web-service

      LAB: Consuming SOAP Web-services Using Web-service Consumer

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  • File Endpoint
    • Configuring file connector

      Trigger a flow when a new file is added to a directory

      Writing a file to file system

      Enrich Mule messages directly in a connector instead of using the Mule 3 Message

      Enricher scope

      Lab: Reading and writing files

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  • Database Endpoint and externalization of properties
    • Configuring Database Connector

      Configure the Database Select operation

      Externalizing configuration to YAML file

      Add secure properties to Mule4 applications

      Migrating between environments

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  • Water-Marking and Object Stores
    • Trigger a flow when a new record is added to a database and use automatic Watermarking

      What are Object Stores

      Schedule a flow and use manual watermarking using Object Stores

      Lab: Using Database Select Operation, Watermarking and Object Stores

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  • Introduction to Domains
    • Understanding about Mule Domains

      Sharing Global configurations across multiple projects using domains

      Create Mule 4 domains using Maven coordinates and use them to inherit all dependencies

      Lab: Creating and using Mule domains

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  • Routing
    • Scatter-Gather router

      Choice Router

      First Successful

      Until Successful

      Lab: Implementing Scatter-Gather router

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  • JMS Endpoint
    • Configuring JMS Connector

      Sending JMS Message to a queue using Publish endpoint of JMS Module

      Receiving JMS Message from a queue using JMS Listener endpoint of JMS Module

      Using JMS Selectors

      Using Publish Consume to send JMS message and receive JMS reply

      Setting JMS Headers

      Lab: Using JMS Module

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  • Transformers
    • Introduction to Data Weave data transformation Language

      Writing Data-Weave expressions

      Adding Sample data to view

      Previewing transformations in studio

      Externalizing Data weave expressions into DWL file

      LAB: First Data-Weave Transformation

      Writing Expressions for XML, JSON and JAVA

      Writing Expressions for transforming XML to JSON and vice-versa

      Using Message Variables in DWL

      Creating multiple transformations to create Flow variables, Session variables, Outbound

      Properties in Transform Message transformer

      LAB: Transformations for JSON, XML and Java

      Transforming complex data structures using DWL

      Working with collections in DWL using map operator

      Using $$ and $

      LAB: Transforming Complex Data-Structures

      Using Various Data-Weave Operators

      Custom Data-Types in DWL

      Formatting in DWL

      Conditional Logic Operators in DWL

      Using Group-BY, distinct, replace, regex , etc

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  • Handling Errors
    • What happens when exception happens in a flow

      How to handle System Exceptions

      Difference between Mule 4 OnErrorContinue and OnErrorPropaget Scopes

      Handling Errors at application level

      Handle specific types of errors

      Handle errors at the flow level

      Handle errors at the processor level using try scope

      Map an error to a custom error type

      Set a reconnection strategy for a connector

      Use Validations to throw Mule 4 errors instead of Java exceptions

      Lab: Handling errors

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    • Functional testing of Mule flows using MUNIT

      Generating MUNIT flows from existing flows

      Writing various asserts

      Setup and Tear down

      Lab: Writing a sample test case using MUNIT

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  • Batch Processing
    • Process items in a collection using the for Each scope

      Process records using the Batch Job scope

      Use filtering and aggregation in a batch step

      Lab: Processing records using a batch job

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  • Cloud hub deployment
    • Understanding about iPass and Cloud hub

      Deploying mule application to Cloud Hub Runtime manager

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  • Designing APIs
    • Use API designer to define an API with RAML

      Use the mocking service to test an API

      Add request and response details

      Add an API to Any Point Exchange

      Share an API

      Lab: Designing a RAML using API designer on Any point platform

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  • Managing APIs
    • Deploy an application to Cloud Hub

      Create and deploy an API proxy

      Restrict API access with policies and SLAs

      Request and grant access to a managed API

      Add client ID enforcement to an API specification

      Lab: Deploying a proxy and managing policies using API Manager

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  • Placement Guide
    • Tips to clear an Interview

      Common Interview questions and answers

      MULESOFT Interview Questions and Answers

      Resume Building Guide

      Career roadmap and certifications

      Attempt for the Global Certification Exam

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