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  • The course CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional course. The certifications are recognized worldwide. It will help you to become competent. You will be trained in networking domain. It will help professionals to demonstrate their skills. You will learn to test concepts at the workplace.
  • This foundation-level certification is suitable for one who wants to start a career as a CCNP professional. It can be learned by both fresher and experienced. If you are looking to improve your skills, then CCNP online training will add a new dimension to your career. Our training program provides practical hands-on experience and covers all required topics.
  • After the completion of the CCNP certification training, you will be assigned a training certificate. This certificate is recognized worldwide. CCNP is a global leader in networking methodologies and certifications. After the completion of the foundation level, you have the flexibility to move to the advanced level and expert level.
  • You can see the career progression and start growing tremendously with leading CCNP online course. We at Croma Campus will help to prepare for CCNP certifications at different levels and increase your networking.

CCNP Online Training


  • Course Objectives:
    • CCNP training in India helps to learn all the basic networking concepts and methods.

      You can learn to employ a language and how to communicate with other professionals.

      The CCNP online training helps to learn to carry tests, analyse test reports, and review test cases.

      You will develop an understanding to networking concepts, approaches, principles, and objectives.

      You can analyse functional and non-functional specifications.

      We are the leading CCNP training in India; you will learn to use various testing tools and to select them.

  • CCNP online training are widely accepted worldwide even by networking industries. You can prepare yourself for foundation level, advanced level, or expert level. Our institute will help you to prepare for the future and good career options.
  • Networking is quite important if you want to compete with the outside world. The course is designed according to international quality standards. The scale depends on various factors such as location, company, project, and experience. After the completion of the CCNP training placement course, you can easily earn up to USD 49,485 as a fresher.
  • After the completion of the CCNP online training you will become certified. In this way, you can add a new achievement to your resume. It helps to stand out from the crowd as a skilled professional.

  • We ensure you that you will get good career growth after the completion of the CCNP training in India at Croma Campus. We are discussing certain advantages of doing the course.
    • We prepare you for the CCNP certification exam at various levels.

      You can learn best testing practices and methods for the workplace.

      We are a leading institute that helps you to get expertise in using various networking tools.

      With the certification course, you can learn to manage testing principles and monitoring or controlling network.

      It will give your resume a little more strength and make progress in your career.

      Experts are important assets for many organizations.

  • CCNP online training will help to recognize your advanced skills in installation of LAN/WAN infrastructure and computer networking. This technology helps you to work on CISCO platform. You can clear the exams and handle he responsibility of network engineer. It helps various business processes. You will learn to improve overall operational efficiency.
  • The CCNP certification course enhances your networking skills and makes you more proficient in using the testing tools. Many industries demand to do at least one certification to get hired. So, you can get yourself enrolled for the course. You will become eligible for various roles. After the completion of the certification exam, you can evaluate your skills at different levels. You can allow gaining the expertise to become an expert software tester.
  • Our CCNP certification courses will prepare you for different levels from basic to expert. You will get depth understanding of software testing methodologies, techniques, and procedures.

  • Let us discuss the key job roles and responsibilities that we cover as part of CCNP online training.
    • You must have an understanding of all CCNP skills and how to execute them.

      You must know about various concept related to networking.

      You must have knowledge of installation of WAN/LAN network and routing.

      You must have the leadership and communication skills to work in a team.

      Must have Hands-on advanced CCNP skills.

  • With the leading CCNP online training in India, you can get the required skills for managing all the job roles and responsibilities with confidence.

  • You can be hired by certain leading multi-national companies such as Static Codes, Code Max IT Solutions, BRIDGE Global, and Times World. At Croma Campus, we help you to get placed with leading industries with high salary packages. You will make progress in life after the completion of the CCNP online course.
  • We have designed the course contents after depth research. We make sure that you will get 100 percent passing for all global certifications. We also provide placement assistance so that you can become a certified CCNP professional.
  • Our CCNP certification training is delivered by expert educators with many years of experience. They have also worked in higher positions in leading industries.

  • After the completion of CCNP placement course online, you will get a training certificate. You also have to work on one project and get it evaluated by educators.
  • You must do this training course as many of IT industries prefer trained and certified professionals. After this course, you become more eligible to apply for top industries. Also, you will get a high salary package. Our certification course is accepted worldwide. It will help you to get hired by leading global companies of the world. Also, you will get high salary packages.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

Get regular training by Industry Experts.

Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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More Suitable for working professionals who cannot join in weekdays

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Get Proper guidance on certifications.

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CCNP Certification Training

  • The increased popularity of comprehensive classroom training has led many candidates to go for CCNP training certification course. The training comprises of various options of LIVE sessions along with computer-based assignments, and real-time project works.
    • 350-401 ENCOR: Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR)




      Network Assurance



      300-410 ENARSI: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI)

      Layer 3 Technologies

      VPN Technologies

      Infrastructure Security

      Infrastructure Services

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  • 350-401 ENCOR: Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR)
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  • Explain the different design principles used in an enterprise network
    • Enterprise network design such as Tier 2, Tier 3, and Fabric Capacity planning

      High availability techniques such as redundancy, FHRP, and SSO

  • Analyze design principles of a WLAN deployment
    • Wireless deployment models (centralized, distributed, controller-less, controller based, cloud, remote branch)

      Location services in a WLAN design

  • Differentiate between on-premises and cloud infrastructure deployments
  • Explain the working principles of the Cisco SD-WAN solution
    • SD-WAN control and data planes elements

      Traditional WAN and SD-WAN solutions

  • Explain the working principles of the Cisco SD-Access solution
    • SD-Access control and data planes elements

      Traditional campus interoperating with SD-Access

  • Describe concepts of wired and wireless QoS
    • QoS components

      QoS policy

  • Differentiate hardware and software switching mechanisms
    • Process and CEF

      MAC address table and TCAM

      FIB vs. RIB

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  • Describe device virtualization technologies
    • Hypervisor type 1 and 2

      Virtual machine

      Virtual switching

  • Configure and verify data path virtualization technologies
    • VRF

      GRE and IPsec tunnelling

  • Describe network virtualization concepts
    • LISP


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  • Layer 2
    • Troubleshoot static and dynamic 802.1q trunking protocols

      Troubleshoot static and dynamic Ether Channels

      Configure and verify common Spanning Tree Protocols (RSTP and MST)

  • Layer 3
    • Compare routing concepts of EIGRP and OSPF (advanced distance vector vs. linked state, load balancing, path selection, path operations, metrics)

      Configure and verify simple OSPF environments, including multiple normal areas, summarization, and filtering (Neighbor adjacency, point-to-point and broadcast network types, and passive interface)

      Configure and verify eBGP between directly connected neighbours (best path selection algorithm and Neighbor relationships)

  • Wireless
    • Describe Layer 1 concepts, such as RF power, RSSI, SNR, interference noise, band and channels, and wireless client devices capabilities

      Describe AP modes and antenna types

      Describe access point discovery and join process (discovery algorithms, WLC selection process)

      Describe the main principles and use cases for Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming

      Troubleshoot WLAN configuration and wireless client connectivity issues

  • IP Services
    • Describe Network Time Protocol (NTP)

      Configure and verify NAT/PAT

      Configure first hop redundancy protocols, such as HSRP and VRRP

      Describe multicast protocols, such as PIM and IGMP v2/v3

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  • Network Assurance
    • Diagnose network problems using tools such as debugs, conditional debugs, trace route, ping, SNMP, and syslog

      Configure and verify device monitoring using syslog for remote logging 2019 Cisco Systems, Inc. This document is Cisco Public. Page 3

      Configure and verify NetFlow and Flexible NetFlow

      Configure and verify SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN

      Configure and verify IPSLA

      Describe Cisco DNA Center workflows to apply network configuration, monitoring, and management

      Configure and verify NETCONF and RESTCONF

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  • Configure and verify device access control
    • Lines and password protection

      Authentication and authorization using AAA

  • Configure and verify infrastructure security features
    • ACLs


  • Describe REST API security
  • Configure and verify wireless security features
    • EAP



  • Describe the components of network security design
    • Threat defence

      Endpoint security

      Next-generation firewall

      Trust Sec, MAC sec

      Network access control with 802.1X, MAB, and Web Auth

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  • Automation
    • Interpret basic Python components and scripts

      Construct valid JSON encoded file

      Describe the high-level principles and benefits of a data modeling language, such as YANG

      Describe APIs for Cisco DNA Center and vManage

      Interpret REST API response codes and results in payload using Cisco DNA Center and RESTCONF

      Construct EEM applet to automate configuration, troubleshooting, or data collection

      Compare agent vs. agentless orchestration tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack

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  • 300-410 ENARSI: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI)
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  • Layer 3 Technologies
    • Troubleshoot administrative distance (all routing protocols)

      Troubleshoot route map for any routing protocol (attributes, tagging, filtering)

      Troubleshoot loop prevention mechanisms (filtering, tagging, split horizon, route


      Troubleshoot redistribution between any routing protocols or routing sources

      Troubleshoot manual and auto-summarization with any routing protocol

      Configure and verify policy-based routing

      Configure and verify VRF-Lite

      Describe Bidirectional Forwarding Detection

  • Troubleshoot EIGRP (classic and named mode)
    • Address families (IPv4, IPv6)

      Neighbour relationship and authentication

      Loop-free path selections (RD, FD, FC, successor, feasible successor, stuck in



      Load balancing (equal and unequal cost)


  • Troubleshoot OSPF (v2/v3)
    • Address families (IPv4, IPv6)

      Neighbour relationship and authentication

      Network types, area types, and router types

      Point-to-point, multipoint, broadcast, non-broadcast

      Area type backbone, normal, transit, stub, NSSA, totally stub

      Internal router, backbone router, ABR, ASBR

      Virtual link

      Path preference

  • Troubleshoot BGP (Internal and External)
  • Address families (IPv4, IPv6)
  • Neighbor relationship and authentication (next-hop, mulithop, 4-byte AS, private
  • AS, route refresh, synchronization, operation, peer group, states and timers)
  • Path preference (attributes and best-path)
  • Route reflector (excluding multiple route reflectors, confederations, dynamic
  • peer)
  • Policies (inbound/outbound filtering, path manipulation)
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  • VPN Technologies
    • Describe MPLS operations (LSR, LDP, label switching, LSP)

      Describe MPLS Layer 3 VPN

      Configure and verify DMVPN (single hub)

      • GRE/mGRE
        • NHRP
          • IPsec
            • Dynamic Neighbor
              • Spoke-to-spoke
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            • Infrastructure Services
              • Troubleshoot device security using IOS AAA (TACACS+, RADIUS, local database)

                Troubleshoot router security features

                • IPv4 access control lists (standard, extended, time-based)
                  • IPv6 traffic filter
                    • Unicast reverse path forwarding (uRPF)

                      Troubleshoot control plane policing (CoPP) (Telnet, SSH, HTTP(S), SNMP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP)

                      Describe IPv6 First Hop security features (RA guard, DHCP guard, binding table, ND inspection/snooping, source guard)

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                  • Troubleshoot Device Management
                    • Console and VTY

                      Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SCP


                  • Troubleshoot SNMP (v2c, v3)
                  • Troubleshoot network problems using logging (local, syslog, debugs, conditional debugs, timestamps)
                  • Troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP (DHCP client, IOS DHCP server, DHCP relay, DHCP options)
                  • Troubleshoot network performance issues using IP SLA (jitter, tracking objects, delay, connectivity)
                  • Troubleshoot NetFlow (v5, v9, flexible NetFlow) Troubleshoot network problems using Cisco DNA Center assurance (connectivity, monitoring, device health, network health)
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                  The Cisco CCNP certification, short for Cisco Certified Network Professional, is an intermediate-level certification offered by Cisco Systems.

                  Yes, CCNP certifications typically have recertification requirements to ensure that certified professionals stay current with evolving networking technologies. You can recertify by passing one of the following: a current CCIE written exam. Along with the latest CCDE written or practical exam. Well, earning credits through the Cisco Continuing Education Program, allows you to participate in training activities to earn credits for recertification.

                  Earning a CCNP certification can offer several career benefits that will demonstrate your advanced knowledge and skills in Cisco networking technologies, making you more valuable to employers. In fact, CCNP-certified professionals often qualify for higher-paying roles and increased responsibilities.

                  It is designed for networking professionals who have already acquired foundational knowledge and skills in networking and want to advance their expertise in Cisco technologies. CCNP is suitable for network engineers, administrators, and architects who work with Cisco networking equipment.

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