• LoadRunner refers to the performance testing tool which gets pioneered by mercury. It supports various development tools, technologies, and communication tools. Moreover, it helps in adapting to a large number of protocols. It is the only tool in the market that helps businesses increase the efficiency of organizations.
  • However, with LoadRunner Training in Noida, you can help with the procedure of performance testing, performance test results, and others. In addition to this, it acts out as a benchmark for prioritizing various things. The functions of LoadRunner help out in organizations adopt new technologies.

LoadRunner Training in Noida


  • After completing the course from LoadRunner Training Institute in Noida you must go through the course curriculum. Go through them carefully:
    • Performing out the LoadRunner testing.

      Understanding the concepts of performance testing as well as points related to them.

      Knowing about regarding different types of performance testing & terminologies.

      Getting insights on what to install and how to use it.

      Identifying the hardware & software needs of the installation.

  • As your LoadRunner Training in Noida gets completed you can get out the salary in the range of 3-6 lakh per annum. Moreover, with increasing salary scope you can get out according to your skills & expertise. With increasing the organizational needs with LoadRunner they prefer the professionals at high salary rates.

  • Once, the course from LoadRunner Training Institute in Noida you get out of the facility of multiple job openings. Moreover, with the increasing demand it is important to check out the career prospects before enrolling in it:
    • If you are exploring the job prospects in IoT(Internet of Things) then the skills of LoadRunner help out you in performing the job.

      This is ideal for people who are looking for job opportunities in the field of manual as well as automation testing.

      Various organizations are looking for professionals getting adapted in Performace Testing & others.

      However, there are opportunities in the domain of automation testing & business analysis.

  • LoadRunner is gaining popularity day by day due to the increasing number of organizations. For completing the projects on time individuals must go through the reasons behind the popularity before enrolling in LoadRunner Training in Noida. Go through the details carefully;
    • LoadRunner is a performance testing tool that gets overtaken by Microfocus.

      Moreover, the tool supports various techniques as well as communication protocols which gets considered an amazing tool by the organizations.

      It supports various types of internet apps like HTML, Silver Light, AJAX, SAP, RTE, and others.

      The tool is looking to get established out its recognition as it saves out time and improvises the performance.

      Moreover, it can get integrated with other HTTP tools based on the subject application, virtual replicates, and others.

      It also assists in increasing organizational efficiency due to the timely completion of projects.

  • It is important to consider the job duties required to follow after completing the course from LoadRunner Training Institute in Noida. Moreover, there are below-mentioned job duties:
    • Contributing & gaining experience in designing, developing & maintaining various applications which are subject to organizational development.

      Performing & analyzing the load tests for enhancing scalability, stability, and development.

      Overseeing the system performance & identifying key metrics for improving product performance & enhancing its credibility.

      Demonstrating as well as making excellent quality designs, engineering, automation as well as delivery skills.

  • Everyone wants a job in a well-renowned organization after the completion of LoadRunner Training in Noida. If you want to get placed out in a reputed organization then you must go through the freelancing work opportunities. Moreover, there are various job opportunities available in the domain of IT with LoadRunner proficiency.

  • By pursuing the course from the brand LoadRunner Training Institute in Noida you get out the 100% globally recognized certificate. It gets provided in both digital as well as a physical formats. With this certificate, you can apply for various jobs in the industry which offers out a competitive edge in comparison to other students.

Why should you learn LoadRunner?

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Loadrunner Certification Training

  • This course will help you to gain in-depth knowledge of various functionalities of JMeter to evaluate the performance of an application. You will be able to check the performance of an application under different workload conditions and understand different methodologies related to the security of an application.
  • This course designed to help you become a certified practitioner through intensified training in the best practices for checking the efficiency of software.
  • In this program you will learn :
    • Performance/Load Testing Fundamentals

      Recording Your First Test

      Submitting Forms

      Managing Sessions

      Resource Monitoring

      Distributed Testing

      Timers and Functions

      Helpful Tips

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  • About Testing
    • Introduction to Non-Functional testing

      Need for Non-Functional testing

      Types of Non-Functional testing

      Introduction to Performance Testing

      Performance Testing components

      Performance testing and tuning


      The incident

      The aftermath

  • Performance Testing Using Jmeter
    • JMeter: The preferred tool for Performance Testing

      Introduction to Apache JMeter

      Elements of JMeter

      Performance testing using JMeter

      Assertions, controllers, and processors in JMeter

      JMeter best practices

      JMeter to the rescue

      Up and running with JMeter


      Installing the Java JDK

      Setting JAVA_HOME

      Running JMeter

      Tracking errors during test execution

      Configuring JMeter

  • Load and Stress Testing
    • What is Load testing

      Need for Load testing

      Objectives of Load testing

      How to perform Load testing using JMeter

      What is Stress testing

      Need for Stress testing

      Purpose of Stress testing

      How to perform Stress testing using JMeter

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  • Recording Your First Test
    • Configuring the JMeter HTTP proxy server

      Setting up your browser to use the proxy server

      Using a browser extension

      Changing the system settings

      Running your first recorded scenario

      Anatomy of a JMeter test

      Test Plan

      Thread Groups



      Logic controllers

      Test fragments




      Configuration elements

      Pre-processor and post-processor elements


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  • Submitting Forms
    • Capturing simple forms

      Handling checkboxes

      Handling radio buttons

      Handling file uploads

      Handling file download

      Handling the XML response


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  • Managing Sessions
    • Managing sessions with cookies

      Managing sessions with URL rewriting


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  • Resource Monitoring
    • Basic server monitoring

      Setting up Apache Tomcat Server

      Configuring Tomcat users

      Setting up a monitor controller in JMeter

      Monitoring the server with a JMeter plugin

      Installing the plugins

      Adding monitor listeners to the test plan


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  • Distributed Testing
    • Remote testing with JMeter

      Configuring JMeter slave nodes

      Configuring one slave per machine

      Configuring the master node to be tested against one slave per machine

      Configuring multiple slave nodes on a single box

      Configuring the master node to be tested against multiple slave nodes on a single box

      Executing the test plan

      Viewing the results from the virtual machines


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  • Timers and Functions
    • JMeter properties and variables

      JMeter functions

      The Regular Expression tester

      The Debug sampler

      Using timers in your test plan

      The Constant timer

      The Gaussian random timer

      The Uniform random timer

      The Constant throughput timer

      The Synchronizing timer

      The Poisson random timer

      The JDBC Request sampler

      Configuring a JDBC Connection Configuration component

      Adding a JDBC Request sampler


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  • Helpful Tips
    • JMeter integration with selenium

      Handling FTP request

      Installing CA certificate in the browser

      Testing REST web services

      Parameterization using CSV File

      Parameterization using Test Plan


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LoadRunner helps out in performing load testing in software development work.

It is a student-friendly course but requires dedication.

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