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Jira Certification Cost In India

To understand the concepts of Jira, you will need to enroll yourself in Jira Testing Online Training to develop all the conceptual and practical skills to acquire the b

Jira Certification Cost In India

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To understand the concepts of Jira, you will need to enroll yourself in Jira Testing Online Training to develop all the conceptual and practical skills to acquire the best jobs in this field.


In the past few years, Jira has become the most popular suite of agile work management and software testing solutions. With the help of Jira, you can easily communicate and collaborate across all teams and work together. Moreover, Jira also provides users with many unique products and deployment options for specific Software, Ops Team, IT, Business, and many more. 

Introduction to JIRA

Jira has become the most trusted software used for issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management. The primary objective of this tool is to help track all the issues and bugs related to any software or mobile application to make it function properly.  In addition, many enterprises also use Jira as a project management tool. With the help of the Jira Dashboard, users can easily handle issues as it offers many useful features and functions. Thus, Jira helps the team plan, organize, assign, track, and report work and bring the team together for agile software development, customer support, startups, and enterprises. Thus, many enterprises have shifted to the Jira tool for project management and software testing opening great career opportunities. Therefore, to understand the concepts of Jira, you will need to enroll yourself in Jira Testing Online Training to develop all the conceptual and practical skills to acquire the best jobs in this field.

Importance of JIRA Certification and Training

Jira tool training will give you the ability to manage software issues, manage test cycles, bug fixing, and also helps in project management. So if you are an individual who wants to join this field as a professional, you must go for the Jira certification training. With proper training, you will get to understand the Jira screens, issue management, reports, workflows, and other important components. After getting the certification, you can choose the job profile of Jira Application Developer, Admin, Consultant, and Configuration Engineer. Moreover, Jira Testing Training in Delhi has become an essential part to develop all the skills required to test software using Jira. This training course will help you understand how you can set up and organize the working environment. Thus, for those who want to master Jira, there are a lot of courses available at hand to learn and grow. 

What Will You Learn During JIRA Training?

After completing your training, you will learn more about the Jira tool which will help you perform tasks more effectively.  In addition, you can easily opt for any course depending on the Jira Certification Cost of all the suitable courses you want to choose from. 

Let us look at the important things you will learn after receiving the Jira Certification;

  • You will understand the Scrum framework, procedures, assets, and events.
  • In addition, you will use Jira effectively and generate accurate Scrum projects.
  • You will learn to set up the Scrum board with the help of Jira Agile boards.
  • By getting proper training and guidance, you can build and manage backlogs, sprints, and epics on a Scrum board.
  • You will get to learn about creating a Kanban board in Jira.

Certification Courses and Costs for JIRA:

Training courses in Jira certification courses are now available both online and offline and it may take you months to get your Jira certification. In addition, these courses are designed to help aspirants develop additional skills and advance their careers to new heights. Moreover, you don’t need to have any prior experience to enroll in these courses. Further, the Jira Certification Cost has also become much more affordable and the cost depends on the course you want to study. 

Now, moving forwards let us look at the courses and their costs; 

  • Demonstrating Jira with real-life case studies will cost you approx. Rs 3200.
  • The Jira Basics for Users, managers, and Administrator course will cost you around Rs 7500.
  • Jira Crash course will cost you Rs 6500.
  • The Jira certification costs around Rs 20000.

The average cost of Jira Certification ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 in India.

Top Job Profiles After Getting JIRA Certification:

You can select any Jira course of your choice based on the Jira Certification Cost of the courses. Further, you get great career opportunities in this IT field. Here is the list of all the popular job profiles, you can choose from after mastering the skills of Jira:

Jira Administrator

He is a client with the Administer Jira Worldwide Consent. The main responsibility revolves around project authorization for projects. After becoming a Jira Administrator, you will earn around Rs 6 to 8 LPA as your starting salary. In addition, you must have skills such as excellent communication skills, paper management, typing, and bookkeeping. 

Jira Developer

As Jira Developer, you will require to develop and manage the computerization work processes in Jira. Your main responsibility revolves around improving and updating the Jira ventures, archiving the SDLC, and successfully executing the SDLC assignments. Moreover, the starting salary revolves around Rs 5 to 8 LPA. Moreover, you will need to have essential skills like problem-solving skills, mathematical aptitude, knowledge about different programming languages, and organizational and time management skills. You must pay attention to details with full accuracy. 

Jira Engineer

The main responsibility of the Jira Engineer is to assemble and set up lead tests, gear, test items, gather useful information, and make models of new hardware. The average salary package is Rs 5 to 8 LPA advancing your career to new heights. In addition, you will require to have complete knowledge of software development, object-oriented designing, software testing, and debugging. Moreover, you must have extensive knowledge of computer coding and programming.

Essential Skills Required to Become a JIRA Professional

In the present scenario, top-notch companies search for individuals having all the essential skills required to perform tasks effectively using the Jira tool.  Thus, it has become important to have a deep knowledge of Jira courses and skills to get yourself employed within this IT field. 

Some of the most important skills and abilities that you must have to become a Jira professional include; 

  • SDLC (Software Development Cycle)
  • STLS (Software Testing Life Cycle) 
  • Confluence

How Can You Get Admitted to JIRA Certification?

Admission to Jira certification courses is not the same as other courses. To take admission in these courses, you will not require to give any specific selection examinations. Moreover, you can easily fill out an online application by visiting the course provider's website and know about the Jira Certification Cost. In addition, you can join experienced training institutes and universities to become skilled and get great career opportunities. 


Finally, you can see how Jira has completely dominated the IT world and has become the most reliable tool for software testing and project management. It makes monitoring, managing, and controlling large and complex projects. Therefore, to master the advanced concepts of Jira, you must understand the Jira nomenclature, installation process, latest practices, and tools. Furthermore, Jira has become a demanding course as it offers many great IT job opportunities and helps you earn high-salary packages.


Q1. What is the JIRA course?

The JIRA course mainly focuses on lean and agile concepts. In addition, it also provides knowledge of the Kanban and scrum agile processes. The JIRA Software Cloud Servers act as the primary software platform for hand-on learning. 

Q2. What is JIRA Training?

JIRA will help you with Agile projects and JIRA training will equip you with all the essential plans. You can enhance teamwork and enhance performance. 

Q3. Is JIRA Difficult to Learn?

The entire workflow of the JIRA tool is very simple and easy to understand and implement. With a bit of practice and hard work, you can become more proficient in JIRA. 

Q4. Is Jira worth learning?

Jira has become the most trusted and popular tool for software teams following the agile methodology. They use Jira to handle their workflow and keep the projects organized.

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